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The Doll

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I gave her the doll on her birthday.
She loved it at first, told me it was so beautiful. That it’s hair was so soft and the dress was so pretty. She wouldn’t let it out of her sight for days. During the day she set it on the table, so she could see it while cleaning the house. During the night it sat next to the bed, looking at us sleep with big blue unmoving eyes.
But my wife’s love for the doll soon changed. Soon I noticed something was bothering here. I asked of course, but she wouldn’t tell me at first, said she was just being silly. But day after day she closed herself more and more for me. Until I couldn’t take it anymore. I pressed her, told her she would tell me what was going on right now or I would drag her to a doctor.

She finally broke and crying words came spilling out.
She then told me it was the doll. It scared her. She told me she had the feeling it was constantly watching her. Sometimes it even seemed like it moved.
This worried me and I went to take a look at the doll.
It sat motionless on the little table in the bedroom. The big blue eyes unchanged. I couldn’t help but sigh from relief a bit. Of course she’s not moving, she couldn’t have been.
I went to turn away, but then saw a tiny movement from the corner of my eye.
I turned back to the doll, picking it up from the table. I held my face close to the doll’s, staring into the eyes.
Something was moving.
I tried to concentrate, tried to look closer.
Yes, there it definately was, movement. But not from the eye itself, it was behind the eye.
Before I could register this the eye burst and out of it spilled at least ten wriggling maggots.
I dropped the doll in shock, backing away instinctively.

My wife yelled from the other room, asking me what was going on. I yelled back at her not to worry. I picked up the doll again, using a tissue to wipe away the maggots. Inside I saw more, pressing against the skin and the plastic outer layer.


So soon already. I had hoped she would have lasted longer.
I will have to get a new one for her, maybe keep it alive at first. That way it’ll last longer for sure.
While I throw away the old doll, I think about how my wife always says she loves the thick blonde curls of little Katie down the block.
Doesn’t she also have blue eyes?


Credited to Boudica.

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122 thoughts on “The Doll”

  1. Good story, but the writing bothered me. Gave me the impression that English isnt your first language, perhaps? The sentences were really short, and not as descriptive as I personally like. I rate soft 6 out of 10.

  2. I haven’t read very many of these stories, this was only my third ever creepy pasta, but I have to tell you I re-read it three times not because it was bad but because I was so utterly creeped out by the twist. Huge horror fan, you got me! good job!

  3. This reminds me of a video I made when two girls find a doll on the street and decide to leave it there. Then when they go to the backyard and see the dolls. They just go inside. The youngest one sees the doll on the tabs and runs away. At first the older one doesn’t believe her. They see one of the dolls and lock themselves in a bedroom. They have to make a run for it. The older locks herself in a pantry but the other is locked outside. The girl is dragged away by the dolls and the last thing you see is a doll with her hair and cloths in a box for selling. The video is called how your dolls were made. Its not on youtube or anything. Really creepy Althea the maggots btw. Yummy!!!

  4. Uh…. AH! My name is Katie… and I have blue eyes and blonde curly hair… and that dude at the end of the street has been eyeing me creepily lately. That is a scary coincidence… it had better be a coincidence.

  5. Ooh the doll is a dead body? That is kinda creepy… 5/5 I wonder who the husband got the doll from, or if he killed the “doll”.

  6. Some girl you'll never know...

    Okay, my friend showed this to me and i didn’t get it for a while, then it dawned on me. I freaked out completely, and i couldn’t stop thinking about it. But i still don’t get a part of it, if his wife was creeped out my the maggots, why would he be oh so retarded and get (ahem, “make”) her a new one? Why not go to a doll store? I mean, there’s one in my town that makes the prettiest porcelain dolls ever – they’re world renowned. But i guess that’s the twist, the brain-teasing, gut-twisting, shutter-making, twisted ending.

    ————————–Yummy Pasta——————————


  7. My name is Talky Tina.
    And I’m not sure I like you.


    I was expecting a ‘Walk-away-doll-speaks-turn-around-same-position’ thing. Seeing as there was none, I became very happy =)


  8. So they Husband is a crazy fuck who kills little girls and makes them into dolls. The next doll will be the little girl Katie. Sick :D

  9. Man in the Mailbox

    Wow, her husband’s a sick creep.

    Fairly good pasta. At first I was expecting one of those pastas like Polly the Staring Dolly. But it wasn’t, and that’s good. Pretty well done, the writing and all. Not my favorite, but very tasty…

  10. I enjoyed this, I didn’t see the twist coming and thought it was just another generic “creepy-ass doll” story – I was pleasantly surprised.

  11. I thought this pasta was great. I really enjoyed it. I always enjoy pasta where the narrator is the bad guy and is very nonchalant and blissfully unaware of how creepy/evil they really are. But I thought it was stupid as shit that when his wife said she thought the doll was moving, he was worried so he checked the doll… he wasn’t worried that his wife was insane or something, lol.

  12. @61 I don’t think he was acting like he didn’t know that doll was kid/kid was doll, I think he was acting like he didn’t know that the ‘doll’ had decomposed so quickly.

    I’d kill to have a good ‘demon doll’ story…
    Good pasta though. *Waves waiter over* There’s a MAGGOT in my ‘pasta! >_>

  13. ….Am I the only one who remembers all the other creepy pastas on here where the twist is that the dolls are dead human children? The idea was done too many times, and the last one I read was written better. I would have thought it much better if I hadn’t already read the same twist fifteen times.

  14. I like this one! Really short, but very powerful. And it creeps me out that MY name is Katie, and I have curly blonde hair and blue eyes. D:

  15. Very good!!! 5 stars. It’s simple, but it worked. After all, a pasta doesn’t have to be some flowery shakespearean bullshit compo. It did not betray the ending, unlike so many others. Congratulations.

  16. Look, the whole doll-thing is just plain boring by now and–
    wait… what?
    It was…? Ooooooohhhhhhhhh………

    Awesome! Did not see that coming! 5/5 for you, sir.

  17. Another one that’s a decent idea, but poorly executed. The length was fine for a pasta, but kind of hurt the story; if a bit more time had been spent on building the narrator’s insanity, and building on the nature of the doll(s), the whole thing probably would’ve been easier to digest.

    Still, it’s okay.

  18. Eh….I feel like the ending was unexpected, but not very good. I kinda would have preferred the typical doll story.

  19. This was a better pasta than the last few. I was expecting another “OMG. DEMON DOLL EATEZ UR SOUL WHILE U SLEEP.” Having it be an acutal child was a nice change of pace.

  20. The Creepy Guy Next Door

    I can forgive the screw-ups in the first few paragraphs thanks to the ending. Very nice.

  21. Crap another fo thsoe boring doll stories, you always knwo how they end. Either the doll itself is evil or tryign to kill the owner, or the owner of the doll goes insane. I mea… OH SH-

    That was much, much better than I expected. Still prefer The Lilies Are Bleeding, but it was extremely well executed.

  22. Klara Dragonblood

    I’m with Midnightgirl and Comment Leaver on this one. Gotta love a good doll pasta. Those are the creepiest. Also, they remind me of a doll I once had named Julia…

  23. NO….more…dolls…

    I already hate those kind of dolls. Now I can’t stand them. Great…At least I like fire….

  24. nice twist! i thought it would be a stupidly long ‘oh the doll is evil’ story, and i’m glad it wasn’t!

  25. horribly written.
    or maybe it’s just me.
    but i had to read the first few paragraphs over again to understand them.

  26. I am very relieved. At first I thought it was going to be another one of those darn dried up evil doll stories.. You know, like Chucky. Thank you, I really enjoyed this one.

  27. So the doll was Katie? xD Eww…
    I liked it though. When I read the title, I was like “Oh, great…another dumb doll story. Everyone’s going to be complaining now.”
    But it turned out better than I expected ^_^ Great work.

      1. The Broken Tales

        Yes… and actually, the ‘doll’ was not a doll in the first place…It was made out of a real girl. Now the narrator is planning to make ‘Katie’ her wife’s new doll.

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