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A Normal Restaurant

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I smiled as the waiter came up to me. I heard some stories about this restaurant being disturbing, but everything was fine.

Until this point.

I felt my grin slip off my face as I heard her utter a string of forbidden words.


“I’m sorry, sir. We’re all out of garlic bread.”


CREDIT: Anonymous

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12 thoughts on “A Normal Restaurant”

  1. I came onto this site looking for some creepy adrenaline. I clicked this post and i started to read.
    The ending’s disturbing nature activated my gag reflex as i ran to the bathroom retching.
    My mental state has decreased drasticly ever since.
    Im seeing shadows.
    Help me.

  2. An Unwitting Accomplice

    I’m writing this from a mental ward, and my therapist says I won’t recover for as long as I live. Look what this did to me, dear jesus I can’t even sleep anymore this was so horrific

  3. Haha this is soooo horrible! You can’t run out of GARLIC BREAD!
    Only thing more scary would be if there was garlic bread and it wasn’t garlicy.

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