Dreams and Nightmares

The leaves told her so

The Leaves Told Her So

Charlotte woke early in the morning on April 25th, 1678. She rose from bed, brushed her usual mess of blonde hair, and put on her favorite red dress and matching red shoes. She had always loved the beauty of the color red, the vivid hue of roses and red cardinal

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The ghost of Levi Johnson

The Ghost of Levi Johnson

It was a stormy night on Welkes Street. The street sign creaked back and forth as the wind blew past it. Heavy rain water flowed into drains on every corner as debris from trees was picked up and whisked away. Toby Forest sat on his bed, watching the rain beat

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My New Neighbor Might Be Satan

My New Neighbor Might Be Satan

For as far back as I can remember, my family has always lived in and around Innsbrook. This peaceful little suburb outside of Richmond has a lot of history and charm. With a population of less than 10,000, this is a place where you are only a degree or two

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Danny Cockroft

I Used to Have Two Bodies

Have you ever had a dream where- hold on. Scratch that. That’s not what this is about… dreams. Dreams aren’t real. Memories are real. I used to think that dreams were just memories we hadn’t made yet. I don’t think that anymore. The reason is because the particular dream I’d

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I've been dreaming things I shouldn't

I’ve been dreaming things I shouldn’t

Dreams are a wholly different experience depending on who you ask. Some claim to have bizarre and vivid experiences every night; others say they don’t dream at all. If you were to ask me, I’d say it’s not so black-and-white. That, I’m somewhere between the two extremes – though I

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Alabaster Angel

Alabaster Angel

“This is a matchmaking service?” asked the doctor, a concerned look on his face. “This is the Garden of Eden,” replied his host with a smile. The doctor looked around the room with a raised eyebrow and growing discomfort. The elaborate advertisement for the service promising to “find your perfect

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The mysterious christmas tape

The Mysterious Christmas Tape

Do you remember those home videos from back in the day? You know, when every special moment of your life was recorded on a video camera before smartphones existed? Well, I certainly remember them. My mom used to own a video camera, and she recorded some videos when me and

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Tim hadn’t been to the town he was born in in years. His parents moved away from the small town in the Midwest when Tim was very young, after his father got a job offer at a major law firm in Chicago. Tim was sure proud of that man. He

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Night terrors

Night Terrors

“I saw him again last night.”“Who?”“The Man”.“Oh yeah,” James chuckled. “Same.”“Oh really?” I nervously giggled in response. “What did you see?”“Just the usual, he was just having a good look round, not doing anyone any harm.”This had become a running joke between James and I ever since we moved in

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“Herman! HERMAN!” A hoarse voice called from down the hall. A young man, only just recently considered an adult in the legal sense, looked over his shoulder down the exquisite hallway he was just walking down. He was tall and lean, with dark eyes and hair, and a tan complexion

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Dr Ophelia

Dr. Ophelia

The bell in the antique grandfather clock of the rec room of the psych ward struck twelve. It was time for your appointment. That was good. You actually liked your visits with Dr. Ophelia (officially, she was Dr. Ophelia Garten, but she preferred “Dr. Ophelia”). She was a very attentive

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nighty night

Nighty Night

For the past five years, it’s just been Ian and me. My wife’s pregnancy with him wasn’t easy. There were a number of scares and close calls due to health issues that she had experienced all her life. Every doctor she had ever been to had told her that she

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