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It’s been 2 weeks since this whole thing started.

It all started with a tanker accident. It was all over the news. Everyone thought it was just another oil spill. There were plenty of volunteers. Plenty of people wanting to help the poor defenseless animals. Plenty of victims. Within hours of the tanker accident, it started happening. The animals had gone crazy, they were scratching and biting the clean up volunteers. They said that it was an adverse effect to whatever was in that tanker.

Rescue workers were still trying to get the crew out of the ship. They could hear screaming inside. Screams to open the doors. But that’s when it all went to hell. As soon as they cut the door out.

There was 6 minutes of broadcast before it went silent. 6 minutes of screaming and agony. The ship crew attacked the rescue workers like rabid baboons. Breaking bones and tearing flesh. The people on the shore weren’t fairing any better. Those that had been attacked by animals were attacking everyone else. It was worse than any war zone report, it was sheer brutality, and yet the broadcast still went on for 6 minutes. 6 minutes and then blank faces. Nobody could explain what was happening. They tried to continue with regular news, the economy, the weather, a cute human interest story, but they couldn’t make us unsee what we saw.

I tried to continue with my regular existence but every time I switched on the news or walked by a news stand it was there. This big mystery. They had some explanations, some kind of infection, brain parasites, but it didn’t matter. It wasn’t an infection we were afraid of, it was them.

4 days after the initial report, a state of emergency was raised. And yet we’d all seen this before. Every zombie movie ever. People didn’t know who to trust. People were stockpiling food and weapons. Some tried to flee but it seems every zombie movie was right. They didn’t make it. 3 days later they arrived in my town.

I expected moans, shuffling corpses, dismemberment, but that’s where the movies lied. They ran through the streets, screaming. I remember running to my front door as fast as I could, locking, barricading, doing anything to make sure it would stay shut, and then I headed for the window. I was on the second story and I could see the carnage. They were unstoppable. They were aware.

A group of them made there way through a building across the street. They jumped straight through plate glass windows. Even the shards slicing through them made no difference, they just kept coming. My barricade wasn’t going to hold. I rushed around my flat, grabbing supplies and jamming them into the most secure room of the flat. I went back for one last look across the street, and I wish I hadn’t. In a second story window, my face met one of theirs. They knew where I was. I quickly dashed into the room and locked the door.


I don’t have any kind of panic room, or a secure basement, so the safest place I could think of was my bathroom. No windows, one door with a lock. I had filled my sink and bathtub full of water, So I could stay for a while. So I sat there in the dark room, with the distant screams in my ears.

I began to feel like I may have over-reacted, it had been 2 hours and no sign of them. It actually got quieter and I thought they had moved on. Maybe I could leave the room, get to the kitchen. Grab more food to wait it out. A crash came from the front door. The sound of someone running full force into the door and knocking down the barrier behind it. There was a couple more crashes before I knew they were inside. Rapid footsteps moving around the flat, a couple screams and then a bang on the wall beside me. My eyes were open to their widest, even in the pitch black darkness of the room. Another bang, and another. They knew I was there and they knew I was scared.

This was the zombie nightmare I had been expecting from the start. I had nowhere to run. There was only so much time before they would break in. I sat with my back to the door, hoping my extra weight would make it harder for them to get in. And then it got worse.
“why don’t you open the door?”

A voice on the opposite side of the door. No screams or moans, just a quiet, whispery voice. And then more of them.


“we’ve come for you.”
“you’ll be happier if you open the door”
“it’s not so bad…”

The whispery voices, became a cacophony of noise trying to persuade me, to break me, to fool me. I had heard that the moaning of zombies would drive people insane but this was worse, a siren call. I sat in the darkness and hoped and prayed that they’d get bored. But they don’t get bored and they don’t leave. I managed to use the mirror to peak under the door, only to be greeted by horrible unblinking eyes, blood smeared faces, screams and more horrible whispers. That was two days ago…

I don’t know what to do anymore… maybe it won’t be so bad…

Credited to Chris Stewart.

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232 thoughts on “Persuaded”

  1. TheTheoryBuster

    To be honest, I don’t think any of this is impossible. There are so many diseases and freaky fungi out there, a zombie infection is bound to happen. But to imply that zombies would attempt to lure people into a false sense of security is absolutely terrifying.

    And this is why I personally prefer my G36-C Compact Assault Rifle, as I like to call it. Although your good old bolt action SMLE can do in a pinch for sniping.

    10/10. First zombie pasta I’ve read and genuinely freaked out.

  2. Fear the Greatwhite

    I would love to narrate this for a future video on my YouTube channel, I would credit you of course. Either way awesome story. Thanks

  3. Jesus, dude, this was hands-down the best zombie story I’ve ever read. I don’t really like the whole zombie aspect; I feel like it’s really been overplayed. But these zombies, being aware and intelligent, not shuffling, mindless corpses, really got under my skin. 10/10!!!

  4. This could have been better if they had given more on these “sentient zombies” such as what was their limit of intelligence? Were they a hive mind? Did they use tools or teamwork in order to overrun the uninfected populace so quickly?

  5. Serious question: Does anyone know how to get in contact with the author? I would like to make a short film adaptation of this story, and despite the fact that I am using the story mostly for inspiration, I would still like to ask the author before moving forward, so I can give proper credit.

  6. Nicola Marie Jackson

    Brilliant! But just one thing, when he said, after two hours in the bathroom, that he may have Overreacted. The place is overrun with flesh ripping zombies so I front think it’s possible to overreact. Under? Yes. Over? Nope!

  7. I feel like more details, especially at the end, could have made this really horrifying. Maybe some more of the taunting. But maybe the fact that its short and simple, letting my imagination take over, is what makes it so scary. Very well done.

  8. Others have mentioned this already but your zombies really did remind me of the ones from the “I am Legend” novel. Loved the way you describe their movements, and love the dread the ending left in the pit of my stomach. Definitely the way I should feel after reading a creepypasta! There were a few minor grammatical errors, but nothing too terrible and it didn’t distract from the overall enjoyment of the pasta. 9/10, you left me wanting more.

  9. I was a bit disappointed. I had heard it was a very good story and it has good ratings but I didn’t like it.

  10. This is the best CreepyPasta ever. Seriously. It’s extremely well written, and gives us a new and actually horrifying take on zombies. As for how the protagonist is telling his story, who the f*ck cares? The story is just awesome. Bravo to mister Stewart. Now for me to write my own story heavily inspired by this…..

  11. wow … very good.
    This would be a box office hit !!
    I hope universal comes across this story and makes a movie !!

  12. The creepy whispers, description of the zombies, and the concept of the story were great. My only issue is, I wish we could have seen the slow wearing on his willpower rather than jumping straight from dead-set on not opening the door to being persuaded. I know it had been two days, but I feel it would’ve made more of an impact had we been able to see him slowly succumbing to the horrors outside. Other than that, very good! Keep writing!

  13. He/She writes this 2 weeks after the incident right? So it took four days after the incident for it to be declared a national emergency. He said 3 days later they arrived at his town. He locks himself in the bathroom and two hours later (Most likely) Gives up to the monsters(There not zombies) so that’s only 7 days. He says it’s been two weeks. Holy shit.

  14. Here’s what you do: load a backpack with supplies, grab the shotgun under yo…

    What? You don’t keep a shotgun in every room in you’r house? What’s wrong with you?

  15. I don’t know if I’m the only one on here that has read the book that “I Am Legend” is based on, but in the book, it is exactly like this. They are sentient and talk and everything else. Or am I just crazy? They even try to coax him out of the house. Not gonna say any more for fear of spoiling the book, but they seem remarkably similar.

  16. This concept of ‘aware zombies’ has well and truly creeped me out… Just imagine that the zombies outside the door were loved ones.

  17. holy shit, horrifying, seven days and everyone is dead, theyre like looters, but for your flesh and blood, god, theyd be like, hey, a lock, (open) hey a family, (crunch) hey a child, (slurp) oooohh a baby(mash)

  18. Then he weighs his other option.

    After what felt like an eternity of contemplation, he cries, “CANDLEJACK!”, to which he is gre

  19. I HATE zombies. Not because they frighten me, but because they are annoyingly implausible and overhyped. Even the mention of the word makes me growl. Thankfully, you broke that pattern. A virus makes sense as to how the madness begins. But a lot of zombie stories do that. What you did was make the “zombies” aware and not decrepit. Seriously, mindless, bumbling zombies lumbering about, limbs falling off, is lame. How the hell would they stay “alive” (as in physically able to control their bodies)? These guys actually maintain bodily functions, with their “zombie” characteristic being messed up mental faculties. Basically sociopaths. Sociopaths that can infect you with sociopathy. By persuasion itself. that’s some disconcerting shit. Thanks, dude, you eased my distaste for the zombie culture. Cool portrayal of how stress effects the human minds and eventually gives up and rationalizes what previously it avoided. It really made me contemplate what I’d do in an analogous situation. Cognitive dissonance at its finest.

    1. zombies in the movie idealist is illogical anyway, ever heard of rigamortis, the stiffining disease, the dark blue that creeps into the bones of dead flesh

  20. ….but according to this… he’s not human.

    any more.

    BUT yeah… creepy. Good pasta. Since, intelligent zombies can figure out how to track and probably eventually outsmart you. I think these zombies were trying to wait the guy out, knowing he had no escape. Zombies couldn’t get in, but he couldn’t get out through anything BUT the door.

    Plus, they probably thought fear-hormones in the brain taste delicious.

  21. Really good but I’m just an average guy and not that strong but I could still break through a regular bathroom door myself in a minute or two.

  22. Very good. I enjoyed this. I love the self-aware zombies. It made it even more delicious when the coaxing bit was added.

  23. that was great! I just kinda wish the zombies’ dialogue was a but more drawn out. like 15 lines instead of just 3. you could’ve made em sound extremely maddening.

  24. There\’s no way to say this and cover it all, but GODDAMMIT THIS WAS AWESOME!

    However, thanks a lot, as now I\’m terrified of the coming zombie invasion as I have in no way prepared for sentient zombies… The brick I just shat\’s probably gonna be used to bash my own skull in when they come a talkin\’…

  25. There’s no way to say this and cover it all, but GODDAMMIT THIS WAS AWESOME!

    However, thanks a lot, as now I’m terrified of the coming zombie invasion as I have in no way prepared for sentient zombies… The brick I just shat’s probably gonna be used to bash my own skull in when they come a talkin’…

  26. @135 you should know not to give your email to ppl you don’t know. Porn subscribing time.[/sarcasm]

    On-topic: minus everthing after the zombies came to town, this could be used as a backstory to L4D’s infection. 5 star pasta is delicious.

  27. To: Chris Stewart,
    I really enjoyed this piece and I was thinking about reading it at my school as a lead up to Halloween. I hope you read this and respond!!! E-mail me if you get this message! [email protected]

  28. 1: Build secret Trap door in bathroom and insulate walls with explosives (button to time delay explode the house in bathroom)
    2: Wait for sentient fast zombie outbreak
    3: ????
    4: Profit!

  29. I liked everything from the 4th paragraph to the end, it was written fantastically, though it was not very graphic or descriptive, I read it like I was there myself, sort of. I thought of the times in zombie movies where the protagonist panicks and wildly stuffs a duffel bag full of stuff to go hide out somewhere, it was refreshing.

  30. OMG! This is the 1st Pasta I’ve read that has been mostly excellent comments! I like the idea of the zombies being fast, aware, and evvviiilll (well we already knew that) Persasive fast, zombies= DEATH! I <3 it!

  31. What I find really creepy about this is that I had a dream very similar to this. I was hiding under my bed with zombies bashing against the door to my room. Then I realized that there was no way to escape, so I figured being a zombie wouldn’t be that bad, and I crawled out from under the bed. Then I woke up, and figured that shit would make a good movie.

  32. You know what I’d do? I’d make a wall out of all the bricks I shat. Why don’t you try and persuade the zombies ‘Come out’ ‘No… go away. Really, you should, it’s really fun.’

  33. I appear to be the only one to realise that the title is ‘Persuaded’. As in past tense.

    Fear the Darkness


  34. I loved it, especially how you could turn such an over-used concept into another story that truly was capable of being scary. Fast, and aware zombies. Yup, brix were indeed shat.

    I loved how it all fell together too. How he looked out the window – oops there – and hid in a logical place. You didn’t make him live in a barricade castle ma-sorts which gave it more realism. Very well done.

  35. Very good but I remember seeing something similair in an old episode of ‘Monsters’. Wasn’t exactly the same though.

  36. This is probably one of my favorite pastas. Scared the ever-loving shit out of me when I first read it.

  37. OMG dude forget the zombies just jump out the fuckin window DO IT theyll get froo no mata wat im tellin ya IM A ZOMBIE NERD dey will kill yoooooooo eventually theyll mess wid ya hed

    1. but WHAT window… apparently, this bathroom doesn’t have a window. Those bathrooms exist, btw… there’s one at this shelter that’s like that.

  38. Yet another one of my favorites I neglected to comment on. I enjoyed it the whole way through. Great pasta.

  39. Umm….an oil tanker split and leaked oil all along the queensland coastline…now people are over there trying to clean it up…

    OH SHI-

  40. Oo that is really, honestly scary. That made me think of Stephan King’s “Cell”. Yeah, no, this had me shitting my pants. Wow, I’m very impressed with that. And who cares if they can’t get through the bathroom door? Making them be outside there, just be watching . . . waiting . . . whispering . . .

    Stroke of genious, well done.

  41. Think maybe the reason they were able to get through glass, bust down doors, mawl people and anything else in their paths was that it was in clear sight. Perhaps after invading the main characters home and getting into all the rooms except that one bathroom proves a very unnerving point. Why should they break the bathroom door down when they know their in there? The crazies have all the time in the world to wait for the main character’s will to give out or to just die. It would be easier though if the main character did give in some would say. A fast moving zombie horde is one thing. But a talking, coaxing zombie horde? Pretty damn scary man. >_<

  42. Stephen king – Cell

    There’s a reason Cell rhymes with Hell….

    But this is even on-par with the storyline of Cell. Just not quite as compelling.

  43. So much for Resident Evil’s new Slightly Faster zombie model, these zombies are pursuasive! I wasn’t expecting much from another zombie story, but this was great. It was creepy and well written, a perfect pasta.


  45. Death is a Postman

    Its very derivative and the concept has been explored into oblivian, but i liked it. It was well executed so I can’t take any points off.
    I would like to read more and see you explore your own concepts

  46. I’m a little confused about how it spread. Tanker contaminates animals with substance, animals go apeshit. Fair enough. Animals bite people. Realistically, people go ‘oww’ and shoot the little bastard. But instead, they go apeshit too and appear capable of contaminating other people. Unless the substance contains a virus which is passed on, or is otherwise capable of self-replicating and affecting the victim.
    That aside, awesome pasta. Fast, sentient zombies seriously beat the ‘oh no, it’s shuffling towards me! I’ll just have to move a little faster and then hide somewhere it can’t smell me because that’s all it goes on being incapable of thought’.

  47. Horrifying. It was enjoyable, I, Captain Horror, found it nice.

    It is abnormal for a zombie to be talking, but I “personally” have experiences. Have a nice sleep.

  48. Whoa, whoa! Brix were definately shat!

    My one true fear is zombies. Probably because when you’re a little kid, you’re afraid of the dark, and you think that turning the light on makes the monsters go away.

    Monster + light = Bye bye, monster.

    Zombies, however.. can come in the day time, too. Which is fucking scary.

    Fast, sentient, persuasive zombies?

    My one idea is that if they were sentient, if you killed enough of them, they’d wise up and leave you alone.

  49. Don’t you people know? Barricades cannot stop zombies. Only doors can, since the door is a zombie’s natural enemy. Door-based barricades cancel each other out, become neutral in strength and weakness if you will, so the zombies could knock it down. Doors though… Yeah, tough shit zombie.

  50. AGH, awesome. Love survival horror stories. Kinda reminds me of Quarantine…I think it’s only because of how savage the people became…

    Excellent pasta, kind sir.

  51. Really, really great pasta. I got scared! (I keep glancing over my shoulder expecting to see one smiling invitingly at me with blood drenched teeth.)

    But one question was left unanswered…

  52. Kira Jesus Yamato


    It’s a good thing that I have a custom made eight-shot revolver, which is always loaded with the following; two incindery rounds, two armor-peircing rounds, two silver bullets, and two SABOT rounds, as if that isn’t enough I also have a 12 gauge automatic shotgun.

    In short, if anything even tried to attack me, whether it be supernatural or not, it’s royally screwed.

  53. @64

    As it has been mentioned by others, “I Am Legend” the book (or comic, if you prefer) do flesh out the “vampires” a bit more. They are not just sentient there, they DO talk and try to tempt the protagonist out.

    However, unlike this story, they don’t try to convince him it will be nice. This one guy tries to get Neville (the protagonist) to come out by baggering him every night, and the females ones just try to tempt him with… well… you get the idea.

  54. Okay,this was a good one.

    A really REALLY good one. I’m a HUGE zombie person(though they are my WORST fear!) so this Pasta really hit the spot! It was well written,had an interesting twist and a perfect ending. Well done, whoever wrote this is a master chef!

  55. I think this is more like Return of the Living Dead, where the dead were sentient, ran around screaming, and wanted to eat brains.

    They actually asked an almost immobile corpse why it wanted to eat brains, and its response was that it makes the pain of being dead go away.

  56. Organize BEFORE they rise.

    Or get your dumb ass persuaded out to become zombie chow. XD

    I’m thinking that maybe they started talking to him instead of busting down the bathroom door because THESE zombies are aware, violent, and probably like fucking around with people’s heads…straight-out kills and munching probably got boring for them after a while. Awesome pasta.

  57. @ 32: Epic win!

    But if they’re aware, then they can totally be killed, so shoot ’em in the head, buddy. For real, it’s just people without restraint and coupled with violent tendencies. Kill them. The big game hunters would make it through this one, easy.

  58. This reminds me of the scene in “Return of the Living Dead 2” when the one zombie convices his still alive girlfriend to let him eat her brains…

  59. This is absolutely fantastic :D I love the build up to it. Very well written, very interesting story, very enjoyable read. I want to see the film :D

  60. #64: If you haven’t already, then I recommend reading ‘I Am Legend’, as the movie and the earlier film based on it (Charlton Heston’s ‘The Omega Man’), took some significant liberties from the original story, especially the ending, as it makes you view the whole work in a completely different light.

  61. I really liked this pasta

    Finally, we’re breaking away from the same old stuff

    This really did remind me of something like I Am Legend, except the zombies actually knew what they were doing

  62. If they could break down the barracaded front door, why not just bust down the bathroom door? Surely the weight of the guy was no match for those zombies..

  63. Dude man if it came down to opening the door or dying id kill myself because id be scared into insanity.
    Thats just my opinion, if you guys would rather open the door than kill yourself thats perfectly fine because
    your going to die anyway you look at it.

  64. Dude man if it came down to opening the door or dying id kill myself because id be scared into insanity.
    Thats just my opinion, if you guys would rather open the door than kill yourself thats perfectly fine because
    your going to die anyway you look at it

  65. Now one of my fav zombie pastas.
    Well written and the fact that they can think and speak and still act out human emotion scares the hell out of me. : D

  66. Damn! That was well described, a bit creepy describing the zombies, at first, the thing about the people on the ship reminded me of I am legend, it has that feel to it doesn’t it? Screams.

  67. You know, zombies are possibly the most awesome thing we’ve managed to come up with as a species.

    When the apocalypse comes, in whatever form it chooses to present itself, there better fucking well be some form of zombie. Then, at long last, we can all proclaim Max Brooks to be the savior we already know him to be.

    Oh, right. The pasta was a nice homage/twist on the classic Night of the Living Dead. I dig.

  68. “brix shat” means…”shat bricks”. Shat being the past tense of shit. “Shitting bricks” is a slang term for being scared/nervous/paranoid. Therefore, if a pasta made you shit bricks, it’s a good one.

  69. Guy With The Face

    I know this is gonna sound retarded and I’ve heard this everywhere (but hey, you can’t learn without asking) but what does brix shat mean? It’s killing me inside.

  70. This would be scarier, only I know zombies are pretty stupid. Me and this crazy Japanese chick Hitomi had to escape a city that had been infected a while back, and she’s like a professional zombie hunter so that might have really helped. But for the most part they were all pretty dumb.

    A lot faster than in the movies though, I’ll say that. I mean, they don’t really sprint at you but they can move along pretty efficiently. It wasn’t until the virus reached complications that they got really fucked up. I think it was all the nuclear radiation in that area, from back when I bombed it, because some of them started mutating past the normal ‘zombie movie’ stages.

    I don’t know how it happened exactly but I ended up getting dragged into the ground by a giant 80 story zombie parasite worm thing, with like fifty million teeth and all these weird tentacles on its head.

    Man that was a fucking trip…

  71. Gehrin: According to the last entry of the Holder’s series, they all come from the same person, who languishes in hell with a computer (that premise, along with a lot of other Holders, could do with some editing methinks). On consideration, the narrator could’ve written it, though with what materials I dread to think…

  72. At first I was like, GDammit, another effin’ ZombiePasta.

    But I read it anyways, and I’m WOW’D!

    This was a great one!
    My favorite ZombiePasta yet!!

  73. i really liked this one.
    the begining remined me a lot of Dawn of the Dead.
    the fact that they could talk scared me.
    the scariest part was the part where they were looking under the door


  74. @12: Just at a guess, I suspect there’s a whole roll of paper to write on in the bathroom, if you’re desperate enough to try.

  75. Very fun to read. I’d like to know what the FUCK could have been in that tanker to start all this, but nevertheless.

  76. Ooh me likey :D

    It’s different from other zombie stories out there in that the zombies actually move/think like normal humans do (only in a much more bloodthirsty, barbaric way). But yeah, I still thought of “I Am Legend” :P

    Not so much creepy as it is intriguing though.

  77. They THINK?

    Even that alone scares me.

    Well, what would I do?

    As soon as I hear the screaming and ripping flesh on the live broadcast, I would call my airline company and get the next ticket to a place that was not here.

  78. “This was a triumph…”
    “I’m making a note here…”
    “We just made zombies that can reason”

    Maybe they aren’t really zombies, just Kenyans that are angry.

  79. shortys roc my sox

    this pasta was good … knowing about people going insane is kinda funny unless it was my sister she would drive me crazy and i would probably kill myself =P

  80. Kind of an odd style, but overall fantastic. A really nice take on the classic zombie class… much more terrifying, as well.

    I agree with Jaimie on the issue, though. That’s a bit strange.

  81. my one issue, is how were the zombies able to get through windows, and the front door barricade and not get through a measly little bathroom door.

  82. This was really really good! Had me hooked till the very last sentence. What did he do!!!??? Did he stay?? Did he break down and open the door and let the zombies devour him?? So many possibilities it was great :D

  83. If he was on the Second story, why would it matter if there was a window or not? It’s not like they can fly. Plus, the window could provide a “back door” for escape in case they did what they did to the protagonist of the story by blocking the door.

  84. So they bust down his lightly barricaded front door, and jump through plate glass windows, but when it comes to bathroom doors, they just wait for days until they can coax their target out? A bit hard to believe.

  85. What kind of stupid person would walk out into a crowd of zombies just because they sound nice?
    Also, have you been fighting the Robobrains in Fallout 3? “Would you prefer the laser or the flamethrower? I hope after this we can still be friends…”

    1. Imagine knowing everyone you care about is trying to convince you to do something. Imagine be the only one alive, wishing you weren’t. Death can be better than madness.

  86. Very good! I like this pasta! Very well written and the zombi8es are trying to convince you to become one of them! How scary!

  87. A fairly spectacular pasta. I think the concept for this one would make a fairly creepy movie, if not a shit-castle-walls videogame.

  88. This was realllllly good. Very well done, it really drew out the tension until the very last sentence, and the revamp on the zombie idea was really nice as well.

  89. *claps* Very well done, I read it first in the forums, and now here. I’ll take a break from reading the forums, just not to see incoming pastas.

  90. @Lachesis

    Well… who knows. Maybe he liked to write while he was on his porcelain throne?

    At any rate, it isn’t really supposed to make sense how the message got through. It’s just like the Holder’s series: who the hell wrote the instruction manual for that one?

    1. Those kinda seem like the Holder’s, or someone with them, wrote the stories down and uploaded them to get people to try it. That’s what I think, anyways :P

  91. Rather good, though there is one issue…having taken refuge in the bathroom, without taking any writing materials or a laptop inside, how would the protagonist have sent this story in the first place?

    1. Since when are stories supposed to be written accounts by the main character? It gives no hint that the main character is writing down his thoughts.

    2. Clearly, the author transcribed the story from one of the zombies. He managed to capture a zombie. Not only was it able to send out it’s siren’s call, but was able to relate the story of what had happened during the first week or so of the infection’s start, from his own perspective. There would have been more, but the author’s pencil broke under tight grip he had upon it as the horror unfolded. This was all he managed to write down. You can even see the line at the bottom where the pencil snapped. So stop jumping to conclusions.

    3. He’s going to be killed by SENTIENT ZOMBIES. Obviously he can tell his story somehow being sentient and all.

    4. I dont know about you but i dont know anyone who would leave their phone behind. Its so common to take your phone with you he didnt need to add it in the story.

  92. Wow, it’s like 28 days later, or Dawn of the Dead (remake) or Stephen King’s Cell. Not so much an original concept of aware zombies, but at the end it took an unexpected twist. I liked it for the ending more than anything else.

  93. Agree with #3. Aware zombies makes it even more terrifying than regular zombies. The fact that they are trying to convince him it isn’t so bad is just beyond disturbing to me. It’s like zombie cultists or something. Very freaky.

    Zombie = bad
    Fast Zombie = very bad
    Sentient Fast Zombie = incredibly bad
    PERSUASIVE Sentient Fast Zombie = OH SHI-

    1. thats a nice list heres mine

      1.zombie=dafuq is this crap zombie=run bitch
      3.strong zombie=momma! strong zombies that can talk=help man!
      5zombies with weapons=bam headshot
      6mutated zombies=AH! SHI!

    1. Actually the book “The Rising” started the aware zombies fad many years ago. Most of zombie pop culture as we see it today — in movies, shows, video games, other books — was inspired directly by this one. Check it out :D

      1. Actually, I am Legend by Richard Mathewson was written way back in 1954, but The Rising by Brian Keene was written in 2003.

      1. I think the only thing left for me to do would be to break the mirror somehow, then use the larger shards of broken glass as weapons and try to fight my way out. I’d almost certainly perish instantaneously, but hey. Better to go down fighting, and all that.

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