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The Fourth Wish

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You awaken with a high pitched ringing in your ears. Gradually, the sound becomes softer, like the humming from your refrigerator, and eventually, it stops completely. Even after a peaceful night’s rest, your eyes are not ready to open. Your instincts urge you to KEEP THEM CLOSED, but you find no reason not to open them.

The florescent lights blind you as your eyes are adjusting to the brightness. You are in a perfectly square, white room with one door. One door. There is nothing strange about the door, yet you find it strange how the door seems so ordinary. You are now sitting up in your own bed, in an unfamiliar room. You are not surprised. You don’t know why. But you are not surprised. Your gut is telling you to go back to sleep, telling you not to be so curious, telling you not to….. too late. You notice an elderly man, possibly in his late 70’s, sitting in the corner of the room. He is wearing a cheap brown suit and a pair of sunglasses. There are several pieces of cardboard signs, resting on his lap. He opens his mouth and begins to speak… he makes no sound. After a few moments, his lips stop moving and he grins. He grins. It reminds you of the smile of a mischievous little boy, stealing toys from his siblings. The man lifts up the first sign, it is written by hand. “Hello, my name is Micheal, do not be afraid of me. I will not hurt you.” He continues to smile, showing his decaying teeth. He switches to the second sign. “I will grant you three wishes, if you want them. Any information I reveal will count as a wish. I will not hurt you.” He waits. You nod your head. He switches to the third sign. “If you use up all three wishes, I will give you another three, but once you start to use the next set of wishes, you will have to give me something… valuable. I will not hurt you.” You immediately want to know, “Tell me why I’m in this room.” Before your lips begin to produce any sound, his mouth begins to move. You notice his crooked yellow teeth. It keeps moving as though he is talking, yet he makes no sound. You feel somewhat frustrated and cheated by the mute man. You get up and walk towards the plain white door. The man gets up, slowly feeling for the corners of the bed, he crawls under it, it is obvious that he cannot see. You approach the door, turn the knob, and open it. After opening the door, you find that the door is still closed, and you are holding a piece of cardboard with your own writing on it. You read it. “You have one wish left, don’t open the door” You check on the old man, he is still under the bed. He is grinning again, this time, the grin stretches across his face. His decaying mouth begins to laugh. A soundless laugh. You start to realize that the situation is hopeless. You want to go home. You want to wake up and realize that it was all just a dream. You say to the old man, “I wish this was all just a dream and I won’t remember it when I wake up.” How stupid, you notice it only now. You are deaf. You will never notice this, but you used four wishes.

You awaken with a stinging sensation in your eyes. Gradually, the pain becomes less intense, like a wound starting to scab, and eventually, it stops completely. Even after a peaceful night’s rest, your eyes are not ready to open. Your instincts urge you to KEEP THEM CLOSED, but you find no reason not to open them.


Your gut is telling you to go back to sleep, telling you not to be so curious, telling you not to notice the old man with the rotting smile, staring intently at you.


-Brian Chua

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128 thoughts on “The Fourth Wish”

  1. This was great (if you understand it) 8.5/10
    My explanation from the story is that it’s going in a cycle. The person in the story asks the old man to forget, and loses something valuable (e.g his hearing) since he did the same thing before asking why he was in the room, making it his 4th wish, and it starts over again. Well, that’s what I got from it, anyway.

  2. Deadlynightshade

    “You approach the door, turn the knob, and open it. After opening the door, you find that the door is still closed, and you are holding a piece of cardboard with your own writing on it”. After opening it, it’s still closed? What?! I think the idea was great but the way IT was executed wasn’t good at all, in my opinion. Also, how could the man know what his wishes are if he’s deaf? He couldn’t have written em down bc the man wouldn’t see what they were. 4/10

  3. He didn’t seem to put any thought to the wishes. Use the “any wish” and change the terms. Or 1 wish could restore his senses. I feel like the narrator may have been at this a while. Notice he wakes up in this place in his own bed. But none of his stuff or his room is around. He could’ve been teleported there I guess. I think the guy has taken a lot of our narrator’s stuff and possibly his life or freedom from the first set. Landing him in hell or purgatory making wishes for his senses back but not leaving enough to escape if he keeps wishing for information. Needs an escape clause to get out of that infinite loop.

  4. I actually thought this story was amazing. Maybe the writing style could be considered a little “sloppy” by some people, but I think in a way it’s what the author wanted to do. I mean, it’s obviously not a classic horror story where the whole thing is just served to you on a plate; you actually have to think a little about it until you understand, and THAT’s when the chills come in… Kinda like a mindfuck thing that keeps you thinking.

    Maybe it is a bit short: if it had more details and was longer, maybe I would’ve understood it earlier… As it is, I only really got what happened by reading other people’s comments, but maybe that’s just me being an idiot. But I also think this works fine as a short story, kinda like a riddle or something… And all the things that are left unsaid and that remain uncertain for the reader (like the boy writing “don’t open the door”, the man crawling under the bed, not to mention where and how the f**k he got there) only serve to make the story scarier and even more mind-boggling. Personally, I couldn’t have written such a story, so props to the author!

  5. I actually really enjoyed the pasta. I love when you have to use a bit of logic to come to the conclusion of a story. I found the jumping around to be really interesting and different from what I’m used to reading, and the structure of the entire story altogether illustrates the thought process of the protagonist (or should I say ‘you’).
    From the ending I was a bit confused, but maybe I figured it out? This person is on the second wish of the third set, now blind and deaf, and had mentally wished to remember what exactly was going on (what with being impaired) or could have possibly felt a presence and wondered who exactly it was. He gained the memories of the old man and his instincts tell him to go back to sleep so as to not repeat what had happened prior.
    10/10, one of the more interesting ones I have read.

  6. It’s all about repetition, the man can’t escape the room……the man isn’t mute it’s that the first 3 signs were wishes, so when he was going to ask the man why he’s in the room, he suddenly goes deaf……the old man is blind so after the fourth wish he steal the guys vision, and that’s why the old man is able to stare at him intently

  7. But if the first time it happened, if he wished it to be a dream, how did he become deaf? If it was a dream, then it didnt REALLY happen, right? So how did he physically become deaf? The only concept I have to this is that after he wished that it was just a dream, he also woke up in a dream, becoming trapped in a neverending dream.

  8. This is actually one of the smartest stories ive ever read. I had to think for a second, but I figuresd it out. If you would have elaborated more about how he got there, what was going on, and who the old man was, it wouldve ruined the story, but it makes me wonder. Great job friend. 8/10

  9. Awesome pasta. I think it has huge potential for sequels and prequels. It could have been written more clearly, nonetheless I gave it 10/10.

  10. I think he’s deaf because he used a fourth wish the first time, and since he did, the old guy took his hearing away… he did say that he wouldn’t hurt him but that he would take something valuable away.

  11. This was probably in my top 10 because it takes a while to figure out. And once i did, i was blown away.

    Pasta was delicious.

  12. If the man was deaf in the beginning, as you can assume for he took \"Your\" hearing, how did \"You\" make your wishes in the first place?

    I understand everything but that from reading it.

  13. If you\’re going to name a character Michael, at least SPELL THE FUCKING SHIT RIGHT.

    I would hate to be named Michael, retards spelling my name wrong and whatnot.

  14. I get it now!

    Before the story, he [you] wakes up in a bed, and you ask him why you’re hear, he answers, and you find out about the wishes, that’s wish one. then your past self finds out what’s behind the door. Finally, your past self wishes; That this was a dream, that you would wake up from the dream and that you would forget everything when you woke up. after writing “You have one wish left, don’t open the door.” You wake up, because that was your wish, and you have one more wish left, but he first took your hearing, so you waste a wish, then you re-wish the same thing your past self wished. Basically you are screwed.

  15. Explanation:
    When narrator wakes up, he has actually used a wish in a set of wishes. This wish was “I wish it were all a dream and I don’t remember it.”. Earlier, the character had used three wished, and did something wrong, so he wished it were all a dream at the expense of his hearing. He wakes up, having already used 1 wish of the second set. His second wish from the set is :”Tell me why I’m in this room.”. Not “Why am I in this room?”, so the man tells him. Not realizing that he’s deaf, the character walks for the door. There is something on the other side of the door that is bad, so the old man starts to crawl under the bed. We dont know whats on the other side, because the character, after opening it wishes it away and not to remember it. He writes himself a note saying he only has one wish left (but he really has none). His first wish of the NEXT set is to have it be a dream, which costs him his hearing.

  16. He wishes it was a dream, so it should not have happened.

    And yet in the continuity of this story, it obviously did happen.

    Explain to me before I herp derp my house apart

  17. If the boy doesn’t hear the information, is it in fact being “revealed?” If I think information at you, and claim that I revealed it to anyone with ESP, would it still be revealing information if you don’t have ESP?

  18. If the boy doesn’t hear the information, is it in fact being “revealed?” If I think information at you, and claim that I revealed it anyone with ESP, would it still be revealing information if you don’t have ESP?

  19. I was almost hoping for another idea to the amazing title. In my opinion, you could’ve done so much with the 4th wish concept. Your choice of how to interpret the “4th” wish surprised me.

    When i first read through it, it had a solid line and good sentence structures. However, if you leave that much up to interpretation, it ruins the story. Creepy pastas are supposed to have an “unknown element” that keeps the reader guessing as well as imagining up their own horror, but a pasta that leaves so much unknown gives the average person no foundation to start imagining. It just leaves them confused and wide-eyed. Which i will admit, was me. I only grasped the wisp of what was happening but didn’t thoroughly understand it until i skimmed by Dooreatoe’s comment.

    Now that i’ve read his/her comment, I’ve gained a more appreciative perspective of the story and i’ve realized its cleverness.

    However, this confused-reader-syndrome may only apply to me. Who knows? I just wish you had made it less vague. It would then have easily topped one of the best pastas on this site.

  20. It took me a little while to get it, but now I really like it. Though it would be even cooler if you’d add a little more details.

  21. I, honestly, thought this was a good story, though perhaps “scary” is a bad term for it. But that doesn’t change it being good.

    It’s interesting that few readers think about that you used four wishes before you woke up, and that regardless of the fact that you could hear before, you couldn’t hear the man anyway. He’s not capable of speech.

  22. Wow. Some of the posters on here aren’t exactly the brightest of bulbs. Perhaps this concept was a bit too…. thought intensive… to creep the majority out? I know I shat brix. And then, when I finished, I shat brix again.

    A++, Mr. Chua. Nice to see a truly creepy pasta that doesn’t have to spell things out to scare you.

  23. holy shit, this was fucking brilliant in every sense of the word

    my new favorite story, hands down. holy fuck. holy shit.

  24. It seems reasonable to assume that whatever is on the other side of the door is what orchestrated the entire situation in the room. I guessing that whatever it was imprisoned the old man and the only way that the man can escape is if he tricks another to take his place. I’m guessing that by the time he’s finished, he will have stolen everything from the narrator, who will then take the man’s place in the room.

    There he will remain, tormented by the thing on the other side of the door, until he can trick another intrepid dreamer into replacing him in the evil room.

    Awesome story, and I think the type that you have to understand almost immediately in order to be scared of it (similar to how a joke is not as funny if someone else has to explain it to you).

  25. It seems reasonable to assume that whatever is on the other side of the door is what orchestrated the entire situation in the room. I guessing that whatever it was imprisoned the old man and the only way that the man can escape is if he tricks another to take his place. I’m guessing that by the time he’s finished, he will have stolen everything from the narrator, who will then take the man’s place in the room.

    There he will remain, tormented by the thing on the other side of the door, until he can trick another intrepid dreamer into replacing him in the evil room.

    Awesome story, and I think the type that you have to understand almost immediately in order to be scared of it (similar to how a joke is not as funny if someone else has to explain it to you).

  26. following up on miktar and dooreatoe, i actually believe that his ‘tell me why…’ wish was his second wish. the ‘omg, cancel my opening the door’ wish was the third one.

    he’d never know this, and the reason why the old guy smiled, was that when he used his third wish (that one sentence counted as one) he was actually using his fourth wish, i.e. his first wish of his next set.

    when he wakes up in the next round, he’ll begin with wish two, set three.

    well thought-out, i’d say.

  27. Really liked this one. Perpetiual evil? Very niiice. n.n Especially liked how the writter touched base on just how much no one ever listened to their gut instincts anymore. It’s what those little feelers are there for. Humanity just might be a doomed species after all.

  28. This is one of the best ones on this whole site. Everyone who said anything about it was poorly written is a fool. Also, Dooreatoe really did do an excellent job explaining it to anyone who might not have gotten it. I find it a spoiler, but obviously so few were smart enough to get it on their own that it was necessary.

  29. Death is a Postman

    Outstanding Pasta,
    Well thought out, relized what was happening as soon as they story wraped up and i loved it.
    Very Reminicent of Stephen King, and great props to the author!
    Keep them Coming!

  30. dont you get it? he wished he would wake up and not remember it, which means he did it once before. losing his hearing and explaining the buzzing then waking up and not remembering it, and this time he lost his eyes.

  31. Foolish mortals! Jack got it right away. Dooreatoe, thank you for explaining it to all the piddley little commoners.

  32. I got it! The reason this is more tricky to understand than other stories is most likely because we aren’t directly told what happens to the second wish, or why he is deaf in the first place. A good horror story always leave room for interpretation.

    Wish one: When he asks in his head why he is there and gets an answer, but doesn’t hear it due to his deafness. He gets extra information that wasn’t readily provided on the cards, so that’s one wish.

    Wish two: When he opened the door, something bad was behind it. We know this because the old man went to hide under the bed. Whatever was behind it must have been wished away. There is a wish gone and he wrote himself a note as a reminder of that, as well as to not open the door again.

    Wishes three and four: All used in one sentence, where he wishes it was all a dream AND he didn’t remember it. This is when he notices he is deaf, because he doesn’t hear his own voice when he says the wishes. The reason he’ll “never know” he used four wishes is because the last wish was to erase his memory. He was deaf before these wishes started. He probably screwed this up before in the exact same way just a second ago, hence not noticing the newfound deafness. We can assume this because he wakes up with a ringing in his ears, similar to waking up with the pain in his eyes at the end. At the beginning, the vague urge to keep his eyes closed is probably due to wishing before that he would have no memory of that situation, so he only is left with an inkling of caution. He wakes up with the same vague feeling at the end of the story. I’m guessing he doesn’t get to “go home” if he uses too many wishes.

    The last paragraph gives you all the info you need. He wakes up with pain in his eyes, “like a wound starting to scab”. Read closely, the person never opens his eyes. He has yet to notice the old man “staring intently”. Don’t you remember, the old man was blind and wearing dark glasses in the white room! He’s no longer blind, and guess why. :)

  33. VERSION FOR PEOPLE THAT AREN’T SMART:”Tell me why I’m in this room.” Seems to be his first wish. The second is a mystery, but involves closing the door, and the kid writes to not repeat the act, meaning that what was behind the door is still there waiting. His third AND fourth wishes are all in one sentence, where he wishes it was a dream, and he won’t remember it WHEN HE WAKES UP. Remember the beginning when he has the urge not to open his eyes? it’s because he’s been through the loop before and remembers enough not to open them, so he will be left alone. Dunno what the guy took last time, but I’d imagine taste or something, something he wouldn’t notice. Whatever hurts before he wakes up seems to be what will be taken away before he inevitably fucks up and gets it taken away by the old man. He still has his sense of hearing when he starts off, or he wouldn’t have the ringing in his ears, nor be able to hear his own answers. Also, the term ‘this’ is relative, allowing the old man to bend it to his will. How he got there in the first place, who gives a fuck, and maybe the hearing was the first of his senses to go, but that wouldn’t explain why his instincts tell him not to open his eyes.
    The rest, feel free to interpret. :P

  34. I did like this pasta.
    Good, good pasta.
    I love the concept of this story- very intriguing, and I believe it is well written.
    I agree with many others- that this was his second set of wishes.

  35. It was written like shit but the point still got across. I liked it, it reminded me of the old man who used his last wish to know who he was.

  36. Umm…
    It took me a minute or two but, i get it. Could’ve been written better but, it’s really good otherwise. My take on it is that the old man didn’t have any senses so took the kids in this never-ending dream-mabob. I got this from the fact it said “The man gets up, slowly feeling for the corners of the bed, he crawls under it, it is obvious that he cannot see.”
    Therefore in the next dream-mabob he took his sight and, can now see.
    Lol i’m not very good at explaining, am I? ‘Course there is other points to the story but, you can read other people’s comments for that.
    I liked this story though, because it had an interesting idea. Not uber scary but, not -ALL- pastas are.
    All-in-all, GOOD JOB C:

    ~Peace ‘n Love

  37. Nice concept, but rather difficult to read. Took me a few reads to get the story straight. I think this would play out better as, say, a comic or a video much better than it would as a story. That way, chronology would be more easily established, and visualization would help it deciphering the harder to understand parts.

  38. the man crawled under the bed to avoid, the ‘creature’ if that’s what it really is, cause he expects the main character to open the door cause he wants to get out.

  39. Yeah, chalk me up on the author’s side for this pasta. It could use some editing (and more paragraph breaks), but I actually think it’s a great example of the succinct, self-contained-event-and-evocative-twist format that separates creepypasta from ordinary short horror. With this and last week’s sentient zombie pasta, I’ve really been enjoying the output here lately.

  40. So it had happened before and he accidentally gave the old man his hearing, and because he couldn’t remember, it happened AGAIN and his sight is about to go to the man too. And then it’ll just keep on going…

  41. I didn’t get anything about this. Why didn’t he just wish for his sences back (it’s obviouse he would’ve figured out that we has blind/deaf)? Why would the old man go under his bead (it seems too out of place and pointless)? Why didn’t he just wish to be at a specific location in the real world (like a supermarket) with all of his sences intact? Either the guy’s stupid or put himself there.

  42. maybe he’s blind to all the other things in the room exept the old man since he seems like he want’s to play with you more so, he can’t just let you deaf and blind so your next set of wishes

  43. But surely by wishing it was all a dream, he negates all the previous actions? So his first two wishes are undone (because things in a dream aren’t real). Similarly, if he made the same wish before, if it was ‘all a dream’, why does he wake up deaf?

  44. Sigh. ‘You’ are in a cycle. In the last cycle, the old man took your hearing. At the end of the cycle we are reading, he took your sight. By the time he’s done you’ll probably be senseless or dead. Not creepy, not confusing.

  45. Though I like the concept, I think it could have been executed better…formatting was a big thing with me — that giant second paragraph just contributes to the difficulty in figuring out just what is going on in the story.

    The twists are interesting and it makes me wonder just how long things will go on…I appreciate that it made me think.

  46. Honestly. You people need to let up on the author a bit. I actually enjoyed the story, poorly written or not. I was entertained and thats honestly all that matters to me. Concept wise: It was okay too (although it reminds me of another pasta)

  47. I agree with the comment mentioning the fact that he should’ve noticed something was up when there was no sound at all. When you walk you make noise.

    I wonder how the guy got into this situation in the first place.

    By the way why would the old man be sitting in a room with some kind of creature that could potientially harm him next door? and seeing as the guy would be right by the door how did the monster not trash his ass before he got a chance to close it?

  48. since his eyesight is gone how is who was old man going to communicate with him? is he going to make a tasty message? maybe if he lost his other senses first it would be more brix shatting.
    good concept but all the extraneous information made it confusing. trim it up and this could be some delicious pasta.

  49. Really a great concept. Most of the people trashing were probably just too stupid to understand it. It could have been written more clearly, but altogether I liked it.

  50. Chalk me up as one of the non-haters, because to me this was a grand ol’ mini-labyrinth of cyclical narrative. I too am not sure how the protagonist knew about his tormenor at the end…maybe the old man imprints on reality so much that it’s impossible not too notice.

  51. @adsf’s comment, just because you don’t get it doesn’t mean what was written was a mistake.

    1) the first time he opened the door, something happened, which is unknown to the reader.
    2) the main character must have wished whatever came out of the door away, which explains why when he opened the door, he finds the door still closed.
    3) he wrote the sign to himself so that he would not open the door again, and to notify himself that he only has one wish left, because he used his second one.
    4) the man had crawled under the bed to protect himself from whatever was behind the door, because he knew the main character would open it because he had done so during his first set of wishes.
    5) he realized the man was blind because he had a difficulty getting under the bed, not because he ‘crawled under the bed by mistake.’

    however, one criticism is if the main character lost sight after the second set of wishes, he wouldn’t be able to see the man, or ‘notice’ him.

  52. now that I look at it again… there’s a LOT of little things that are easy to miss… and not noticing the little things cripples the entire pasta as a whole. it will be better next time =)

  53. The Person ZFormerly Known as 'Noneya'

    I liked this one.

    How could you all not understand it? He didnt notice he was deaf because he figured the old man was cheating him out of wishes (by “giving information”, but at the same time making sure the guy couldnt use it, I.E. making the room quiet.)

    the old guy brought the guy there, and is one by one stealing a sense from him with the wish scam.

    Bravo, Brian.

  54. I feel an endless paradox in this pasta.
    What happens then, after the man removed all of the poor guy’s senses? His skin? Lungs? Heart? Liver?

    Blah. Basically I grasp the concept, but it doesn’t scare me. Unless I happen to wake up in a white room with a old man sitting in the corner….

  55. Allie is probably right, actually, that makes sense. Only, the first thing he said, ‘what am I doing in this room’ was the fourth.

    The information he gave him counted as wishes.

    I don’t think he’s blind when he starts over, it says that he opened his eyes and tried not to notice the old man…

  56. Agh! My brain hurt just trying to follow it.

    Ok, so it’s like a repetitive dream that you can’t wake up from? Hmm.Original, but still strange.

    I grasped the concept, but since my brain was too busy imploding from the confusion, thats all I really got.

  57. When I first read this story I didn’t understand it at all. After a couple of reads and reading the comments, I find that I really like this story and its concepts. It’s an interesting take on a typical story and makes you think. The fact that the reader is put in the position of the protagonist personalizes the horrible things behind the door, I thought that was genius.

    Positives aside, this pasta definitely could have been written better, however as stated above, the author admits to this own faults. If this was a carefully planned and written(ie. given a few paragraphs) it would be one of the better entries on creepypasta.

  58. Rationalize the rest of it all you want, why the hell did the old guy crawl under his bed and how does that indicate that he’s blind?

    I don’t know about you, but I’d find it difficult to crawl under a bed by mistake, even if I were blind.

  59. I happen to think this story was very well-written and interesting. Don’t put down the author just because you don’t immediately understand where the story is going.

    I prefer stories that make me think, and this pasta certainly fits that description.

    Great job!

  60. Hey, this is the author.

    I just want to apologize about the confusingness… i have no experience in writing. i recently started reading pastas and came up with a spinoff of the wish concept. old, common, yes… but i tried to make it interesting.

  61. I think the wishes are the cards of information the old man is holding up.

    “I will grant you three wishes, if you want them. Any information I reveal will count as a wish. I will not hurt you.”

    Any information. That was the second wish, and the third was that he’d have to give him something valuable.
    Without knowing it, every piece of information he got was a wish.
    So by asking for it to be a dream and to not remember it was the fourth.

  62. I appreciate the effort, but this story was really poorly written. I couldn’t follow it at all. I mean, I got little bits and pieces of it, but towards the end I didn’t understand a thing that the person was trying to say

  63. I dont really get it much, but i figured it ran along the same line as the pasta about the 3 wishes and how when the guy awoke, he’d already used 2 of them, and his final one was to know who he was (which was actually his first wish). =/

    i dont really appreciate pasta like this. i know its supposed to be some sort of mindfuck thing, but.. i just find it a bit confusing and sloppily written =(

  64. Ok I get it after having read it twice. he’s basically going to have to keep doing this scenario until the old man takes all the senses from the guy that he’s lacking. the first time he wakes up he’s probably already been through this and he just gave the man his sense of hearing which is why he thinks the man isn’t making any sound. The guy actually does ask the man why he’s in there but since he’s deaf, the man’s answer doesn’t get through to him. so then the guy goes to the door to leave and he notices it’s still closed because he probably wanted to forget whatever was on the other side, which would explain why he wrote “don’t open the door” so he wouldn’t have to go through it again and not be able to forget it since he had no more wishes. and THEN, his eyes are hurting the next time because the man took his sense of sight so now he’s blind and deaf. so i dont understand how he can notice the man the 2nd time. this was very clever though. the poor boy really is being cheated, though

  65. So, he has been in this room before…the man has already stolen his ability to hear and now also his ability to see. The guy always wanted to forget about it all and awakes again in the room…where the man steals another sense…right?

  66. It was well written, except for the refrain sentences strewn about the entire pasta, but the point was unclear. The pasta was bearable because the rhetoric used was fresh, and not recycled every couple of sentences. It was hard to understand, though, which was a bit frustrating, so I didn’t particularly like it.

  67. In a Mr. Welldone-esque fashion, I’ll sum this up in a short and sweet comment: this story was garbage. Where’s entropyblues when you need him :(

  68. No, I’m wrong. The second wish wasn’t opening the door. The first wish of this story (which is the second set of wishes the boy made) is the second wish of the second set. Therefor, wishing it were all a dream was his third wish of this set, and wishing he did not remember when he woke up was the first wish of a third set.

    This leads me to believe that the first wish of the second set of wishes is the same as the first wish of the third set. He didn’t want to remember.

    1. Christine Byars

      and he didn’t want to remember when he first woke up so that had to been the first set to begin with then it started up with the second set.

  69. First wish. He wants to know why he’s in the room. He doesn’t hear why.
    Second ‘wish’, he opens the door.
    Third wish, he wants it all to be a dream.
    Fourth wish, he wants to not remember it when he wakes up.

    The man grants all the wishes, but because the boy started his ‘second’ set of wishes, the man steals something from him. This time it was his eyesight, I imagine. He’s deaf at the start of the story, therefor this wasn’t his first set of wishes. It was his second. Thus, he made the same mistakes the first time around and lost his hearing for it.

    1. Nope.
      “Any information I give will count as a wish.”
      Wanting to know why he’s in the room already accounts for the fourth wish. That’s why he was already not able to hear the response.

      Also, I don’t think the last part is the crucial part. You’re supposed to catch up on what’s happening in the middle then just kind of confirm it in the end.

    2. Christine Byars

      Exactly. It might of been hard to understand the point of his second wish though. As he was walking towards the door and opens it, it closes, but it was always closed to begin with, so he wanted it to be opened and thinking it to be opened, counting as his second wish. Also, I believe that with the boy or man loosing his hearing, there had to of been wishes that he wished for at the very very beginning of the story that we do not know about to be more of a shortened story, but at the end, the old man could of took away his sight for the sake of something ‘valuable’ he wanted.

  70. perhaps before that he wished that it was a dream and he wont remember anything after that… 4 wishes and he lost one valuable thing (his hearing, thus the buzzing sound)

    since he doesnt remember anything… the thing repeats itself? his eyes hurt… i’ll suppose he lost his sight? that’s just my guess =D


    1. you already use one wish before the beginning of the story to forget what happened and the you used on to get information and thenyou used another one to forget what happened again

  71. What? This story is cluttered from beginning to end. (well, there wasnt even really a true end, which is supposed to be creative i guess.)

    The big trick is that the old man is using wishes by explaining things or that the kid is thinking out loud? How could he not notice that hes deaf, he gets out of the bed and walks, around, obviously making noise.

    Not even really a good concept, oh look, another ominous figure here trick you into mortal harm or purgatory, this stuff is getting old.

    PHONE, You should up the standard when you pick the stories, if the people cant even create readable sentences then dont post it and encourage others to throw junk together and send it in, in hopes of making the front page.

    Well, im off to re-read Josef K’s stories.

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