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Water is the cornerstone of life. It nourishes us, irrigates our crops and waters our livestock. Water is vital for all known forms of life. We rely on it to wash our cars, clean our food and produce our power. It has an effect on almost every activity in everyday life. Without it, civilisation would cease to function. Governments would collapse, crippled by an undefeatable enemy – drought. It would be a matter of days – no longer than a week – before every living being on Earth perished. In short, we cannot live without water.

Two days ago, we were forced to begin doing just that.

I don’t know how it began. Nobody left alive does. During the initial hours of it, theories ranged from the barely plausible, like a new form of greenhouse gas, to the ridiculous, such as a new type of light, one that only evaporated water. I remember those hours fondly – the true enormity of what had happened had not yet sunk in and hysteria had not yet clutched the human race.

What happened?

I’ll put it simply.

The first was that every single drop of freshwater on the entire planet evaporated instantly.

I don’t think I can do this event justice, but I’ll try.

Can you imagine every single river, every single lake, every single natural source of water drying up instantly, without rational explanation? I doubt you can, but that’s exactly what happened. It wasn’t restricted to natural sources, either. As far as I can tell, all the bottled water in the world also evaporated, as did that in water tanks and other similar sources. It also disappeared from other substances, including soft drinks, creating foul sugar compounds that would make those that consumed it quite ill. There was not a single drop of freshwater left anywhere on Earth for anybody to drink.

But by far the worst result of the lack of water was the nuclear reactors.

Without pressurised water, most of the nuclear reactors in the entire world – those that utilise purified water as coolant – had no available sources of coolant, and just under half of these had poor or untested failsafe plans. The resulting effect of this led to catastrophic nuclear meltdown in roughly 46% of water-cooled reactors. The world, already reeling from the unprecedented situation, fell into total anarchy.
International communication ceased after almost exactly twenty-four hours after it began.

But there was a second effect.

The saltwater poisoning.

Many people flocked to desalination plants in the first few hours, hoping for salvation.

They found none.

At approximately the same time as the worldwide evaporation, saline increased by fivefold in every sea or ocean on Earth. Desalination plants were able to cope with this load for approximately twenty hours. Then, fuel began to run low – and with the imminent collapse of civilisation thanks to the multiple nuclear catastrophes, no more was delivered. Thus, the last ever drop of freshwater on Earth was pumped out no later than midnight yesterday.

After the drought came the collapse.

With no water available, civilisation soon descended into anarchy. Governments, typical of authority to the very end, tried maintaining order. It didn’t work. Soldiers rebelled, shooting rioters and runners alike. Those who didn’t die were brutally executed moments after. They turned on each other soon enough, with only a few militaries intact from the carnage. The deserters fled, unwilling to stay and watch the extinction of Earth.

But then came the worst, far worse than anything before it.

There was, in fact, one source of water that hadn’t been touched.

I’m so lucky I realised before anyone else in my town.

It was blood.

Blood, which is over 90% water, was the only remaining liquid fit to drink.

And so some did.


At first, I didn’t believe it. It was too horrific.

Animals went first. The desperate drank the blood of cats, dogs, pets and feral animals of all kinds. Many offered too little blood to be of any value. The situation was made worse by the fact that I live in a rather large metropolitan city and beyond domesticated pets and the odd feral animal, there was no animals to catch and drink from. Perhaps those in the country fared better – I have no way of finding out, and frankly I don’t really care.

I knew then that humans were the only other option.

I first saw it twelve hours ago.

An elderly man, dressed in nothing but a torn dressing gown, slowly made his way down the street that ran in front of my house. He called for help desperately, croaking out that his entire nursing home was dead or dying, that the nurses had fled and that he was looking for help. He was so pitiful that I almost opened my door, if only to offer him some respite from the midday sun, and some of my sparse rations.

If I had been a second faster, I would not be writing this.

Before I could open the door, three people – two men and a woman – pounced from the shadow of a nearby tree. The poor old bastard had no chance. They leapt upon him, frenzied in their dehydration, and set on him with makeshift tools. It was the most terrifying spectacle of my entire life. One of the men had a hammer – he set about bashing the man’s joints in, one by one. Crack. Crack. Crack. I retched bile each time the hammer slammed into bone, so sickening was the crunch. The other had a gardening hoe. He hovered above the elderly man, bringing the makeshift weapon down once, twice. The tool cut through the man’s ankles like a knife through a steak.

The metaphor made me vomit. After I did, I looked back, if only to satisfy my own growing horror.

Oh, how I wish I hadn’t.

The woman, who was weaponless save for her own two hands, had straddled the man’s chest. Her hands were spread on the screaming man’s face as her own companions butchered him. Then, even as I watched, she dug her thumbs into his eyes. He howled like nothing I had ever heard before. She dug harder, pushing inwards and outwards simultaneously. When they were pulled free, blood and some even less discernible liquid splattered all over her. She grabbed them and ate them like fruit. I could hear the chewing sounds from my door. They bent to consume the precious blood and I turned away.

I call them the Drinkers.


There’s one thing I want to make very clear about them. They aren’t zombies. Nor are they affected by some external force that forces them to drink the blood of humans, such as a virus or disease. They are entirely human. I suspect that dehydration affects them worse than it does others and this forces them to drink from humans in a form of pseudo-cannibalism or perish. They represent the dark side of humanity. The Drinkers also seem to recognise each other through some subtle signal. Not being a Drinker, I wouldn’t know it.

As fast as I possibly could, I took my meagre supplies, some small comforts, this journal and my .357 Desert Eagle up into my bedroom. I pushed the bed against the door with my rapidly fading strength and piled furniture on it. The Desert Eagle has a full clip of seven, and I have one spare. Enough for thirteen Drinkers and – well, I’m sure you can imagine.

Another six hours have passed. I can really feel the dehydration now. My tongue feels numb and my skin feels like sandpaper. I tried to eat some bread before and I almost choked, with no saliva to moisten my throat. Now I’m hungry as well as thirsty. I don’t even know why I’ve kept writing this. Maybe it’s something to occupy me during the final hours of mankind. Maybe I hold some hope that a solution will be found and somebody in the future will read this and remember what it was like. Maybe I’m just delusional.

It’s getting worse. I’m breathing heavily and becoming more and more lethargic. This room feels like a sauna. I can almost see the heatwaves bouncing across the room, becoming more and more intense until I am literally cooked alive. It’s not a pleasant vision. My pen keeps slipping from the page as I suffer random bursts of weakness. I’m scared I won’t even be able to pull the trigger if the time comes.

I’m so terribly thirsty. The last time I urinated it burned. I haven’t defecated for a long time now. My vision’s fading in and out and my head feels like it’s going to split open from the intense pressure inside. My skin is so dry and leathery. I know I’m dying, but I’ve still got the Desert Eagle. Maybe I should kill myself before I lose the strength to do so. God knows it’s better than dehydrating to death or letting the Drinkers get me.

so thirsty
its dark and i’ve lost the gun
vision almost gone
i’m going mad
i’m dying
what’s that
so thirsty
somebody’s knocking at the door
they want to be let in
they say the drinkers are coming
should i
i don’t know
maybe i’ll go get a drink.
i’m so thirsty.

Credited to Archfeared.

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210 thoughts on “Evaporation”

  1. Jarvis Bottledrop

    You live in a town.. You live in a rather large metropolitan city.. You live in a world of inconsistencies!

  2. Immortal Dragoneye

    Please, explain to me how there was blood left if water evaporated from all substances. As said in the story, even water from soft drinks evaporated, therefore leaving a substance that would leave anyone ill after drinking it. So, since you proved water evaporated from ALL substances containing and using water, and that Blood is 90% water, how was there blood left over? Clearly, if the ‘new light’ explained in the beginning evaporated all water, then it would take the water from blood, as well as humans. Humans are mostly water (75%). So, please I would love someone to explain this one thing to me; If water had evaporated from EVERY substance containing and using water, how did a living person survive, and how was blood existing?

    Second, please check your spelling. Nothing bothers me more than someone who can write over at least ten paragraphs and can’t spell ‘civilization’, or use correct grammar.

  3. Um, isnt blood indigestible? Like, if you actually consume any significant amount, you will vomit, like an evolutionary safeguard against cannibalism? I dont mean vomit as in “omg this is gross” I mean “ohhh, I dont feel well”

  4. When I read this pasta the advert that came up underneath it was ‘Thirst Relief’!

    How ironic!

    (Dunno if it was meant to be there and I’m just being dim though :S)

  5. uhmm… one question after reading all the comments, why is the pasta rated 8.9/10 if everyone says it’s so bad? I read it and it was ok… ish.

  6. Wow, good story. XD I liked the little bit at the end.

    I am favouriting this and rate it 7/10!

    Grim Gamer


  7. i have only one serious problem with this story human blood at least to other humans is an emetic meaning that it causes the drinker to vomit which would lose the person more water than could be gained in the brief time the blood would spend in the drinkers stomach

  8. A marvelous story . Beautifully written , although it’s contents were far from beautiful . One of my favorite stories by far on creepypasta .

  9. Hi there.
    I really enjoyed the premise of the story.
    I was going to say you could have expanded a bit more, but I don’t think that would lend the same urgency to the situation. Well done author.

    Just one tiny nitpick. The .357 Desert Eagle has a 9 round capacity. It’s the .50 with the 7 round clip. [Sorry, I know this doesn’t affect the story in any way. I just like research :D ]

    But again, well done.

  10. No One Flies Around the Sun

    Imagining the enormity of all the water everywhere was horrifying on its own. It’s something so big, so ubiquitous, that you never even consider the vague possibility of it being gone, completely, permanently. One hell of a premise with writing to match.

    However, a couple of things. Like I said that one time at lunch (you know who I am, Archfeared), it’s quite easy to desalinate your own water. Not in large amounts, but with a little carpentry and some plastic you can get relatively useful water. Also, like someone in the comments said, it was a little short. You could totally have gone farther with this without stretching the premise at all, and maybe even fixed some holes along the way. For example, the narrator mentions being the first to realize that blood was still available. He could have gone on a vampiric adventure for a while, outrunning Drinkers and general murderers, and then died of thirst like a badass. Still, it was a great story. It just could have been expanded.

  11. All you just stfu and open your damn minds for a second instead of bashing every pasta on here. I swear asshats everywhere. Your spelling is wrong, your grammar is wrong, the story sucked, yadda yadda yadda. Fuck you, the author wrote this for all of us to enjoy. It seems like you all forgot the purpose of this website. It’s called entertainment, and if you were to really comment on a story, be constructive. So maybe in the future if said author posts another story it’ll be much improved. Fuckin swear, assholes everywhere

  12. hmmmm… Well I think this story was pretty good. I think if it was tweaked the right way it would be more realistic. Maybe drag out how long it took for all the water to start evaporating. Have all rations virtually be used up by the population. Have it take more time for people to become “drinkers” and start to go crazy with thirst. Have the main character take longer to become dehydrated and more delirious with everything going on. All in all I really enjoyed it. Everyone has an opinion and this one is mine.

  13. im sorry but, DAFUQ is a .357 desert eagle? i’m a bit of a gun freak, and the .357 round is WAY too big for a deagle. ive seen one that was a 50 caliber, but thats it…357 is for magnums, revolvers, and such.

  14. Ok story, but it’s riddled with plot holes. When water evaporates it doesn’t dissapear, it is collected in the atmosphere, thus making it possible for aircraft to be modified to collect water. Also, water is comprised of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, which are abundent in the Earth, so it is possible to create water artificially. And if water in sealed containers like bottles and reactors are evaporated, then why isent the water sealed within living organisms evaportated? Original idea, but not very practical.

    1. There really aren’t practical reasons why all of the fresh water on Earth would evaporate, leaving only salt water. I’m willing to fill in the plot holes by assuming that the cause of the sudden “evaporation” could be something supernatural, or something related to an extraterrestrial society so advanced that its devices fall squarely under Clarke’s Third Law (any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic).

  15. This story was a complete rip off of Chasers which is a published book. The whole thing about being thirsty and going after blood

  16. Intruiging story, but it could not possibly go on for very long. Evaporation of all water on earth is something inconcievable and would end everything. There would be no way in hell this oculd go on for longer than the length of this story.

  17. blabla shut the fuck up

    lol at all the people protecting the author. It is horridly written, very dry, predictable…etc. Reading should be immersion and enjoyable. This was more like a chore.

    And then telling people not to read to ofar into it? It’s a fucking story, that’s the point of a story. To read it, test it, immerse yourself into it.

    This reads more like a 7th grade English project.


  18. Lol @ pseudo-intellectuals speaking about how the author needs to learn physics and then moving on to electromagnetism for more possible scenarios that would actually not work. Desperate attempts to seem smart to increase tiny ego (and equally sized penis) are desperate; I get it, you took grade 11 Physics in High School, or you opened up WIkipedia, you are now all in the league of Stephen Hawkings.

    The story could have been good, had it not been so bizarre and unrealistic. Usually simply being realistic is boring, since most creepy pastas would cease to exist in this manner, but one should try to achieve a certain amount of realism since most people have basic logic (and not much else), and with the story’s illogical events it causes people to disconnect too much from the story, destroying the feeling of immersion and making the story sound like a 10 year old wrote it. I would mention the ways in which alternatives for water could be found, but they have already been mentioned.

  19. i liked this story, just one question, if the water from soda and lakes and such evaporated, why not the water already in a human being? or other animals? all in all still a fairly good read, 8/10

  20. This is quite good, and if people could stop posting f*cking comments about \’hurr durr water doesn\’t just evaporate\’ it\’d be better. I mean, I come on creepypasta to read creepy stuff, not to get into a debate over the contents of blood and why people didn\’t evaporate.FFS, people, it\’s just a story! But honestly, a Deagle would be a little impractical. Nine rounds in a mag, less if you have the .44 or the .50 version, is a little on the short side for me. Even considering the stopping power of the Deagle, I\’d choose something like a Sig-Sauer or a Glock. Other than that, nice pasta! 9/10, 1 off for gun.

  21. hey guys guess what?! last time i checked, its called a STORY, say it with me a STORY. Its not suppose to be all true. I thought it was rather amusing. 9/10

    9 because it was kind of a rip off from the other one.

  22. not bad but not good eather started out stong but second half was weak
    was post aptopic scary but flawed logic broke the depth and the blood drinkers were corny

    also I am surprised no one mentioned the drinking of ones own pee within the comment section

  23. Plenty of loopholes and contradictions, but it was still a fairly enjoyable read with what I felt was a pretty cool premise.

  24. “…some external force that forces them to…”
    “…dehydration … forces them to…”


    And are they being forced or not? The paragraph says both things.

  25. It was good up until he mentioned Desert Eagles. That was like having Jason Vorhees appear with a double bladed lightsaber doing backflips and shit instead of hacking people up with his trademark machette, the kind of thing a teen would draw on their spiral notebook in math class. It made it cornball 5th grader material instantly, and I simply didn’t read it any further.

    Note that it was good UP UNTIL this point.

    Who has a desert eagle sitting around in their house? How many of you have even seen one in your local gunshop? Hell, an S & W Model 500, arguably the most powerful magnum in the world is easier to find and purchase than a desert eagle. I myself have seen one from time to time on display at my local bass pro shop (lol redneck lol). The desert eagle is a Hollywood gun, nothing more.

  26. “I call them the Drinkers.”

    I started laughing when I read that part… then I realized how ridiculous it was and cried.

  27. Ok, people- animals and plants can NOT MAKE WATER. the water within them is what they got through drinking. If they cant drink, there is no water. Milk is not produced by dehydrated cows. Dehydrated plants WHITHER. Its a creepypasta, not a Stephen Hawking novel, and get your facts right before bitching about the AUTHORS inconcistencies.

  28. This story is good with the exception of the plot holes. It gets really corny to the point where I don’t want to read it anymore when he starts to

    Other then that, Nice story that kept my attention.

  29. Not a bad concept and some very good moments (Particularly the old man being attacked and the narrators final moments), though there’s some little glitches and plotholes that need ironing out.

    As previously mentioned most types of food contain water (Especially fruits and vegetables) and I feel this should be addressed in the story. Also, personal nitpick, but I feel the narrator having a desert eagle, of all guns, lying around to be a little far fetched. Maybe make it a more common/generic handgun though this is just a minor personal nitpick

  30. Anonymous Stranger

    What about camels? Or cacti? DId the water they contain disappear? Or cows? They produce milk. As do goats. I liked it, except for those points, and the ending. /expected.

    7/10 (the imagery was beautiful. Crack. Crack. Crack.)

  31. 1. You stole the ending from a Resident Evil journal entry, but yours was far less compelling.
    2. Blood is not, in fact 90% water. Blood is 55% plasma, which is 90% water. So blood is less than 50% water.

  32. Oh yeah, this so much reminds me of a RuneQuest (it’s a fantasy role playing boardgame) scenario I played once with my brother and a couple of friends. Well written, even though there are a lot of holes in it, I’ll give it a 9/10.

  33. People can’t drink the blood of living things for sustenance. Drinking more than about half a pint of human blood is highly toxic.

  34. DickCheeseCuntBallsTurd

    I agree with Bob to an extent. But that was pretty facken mad otherwise. It’s a bit like zombies. If you can find an excuse as to why the water disappeared then that would sound like a very plausible apocalypse.

  35. People are really overthinking this and picking holes here and there, however I have to ask, what happened to ice and snow? Because Ekimos, Inuits, mountain dwelling peoples etc would be just fine assuming the ice remained.

  36. Guys. It\’s not SUPPOSED to make sense. Perhaps it was all the prank of a malicious, sadistic god that the only water left on earth was in human blood. Don\’t overthink it too much, jesus christ.

    9/10, really liked this one.

  37. theguywhoreadsthisstuff

    change it, from the world in to a town or some isolated area, wouldn’t have to explain it then and wouldn’t have so many people going on the google to search up the science behind this , then feel smug correcting you.
    Also he fucking said the only water somehow avalible is in blood he doesn’t know how and plus i doubt from a normal civilians point of veiw he isn’t going to, read the fucking pasta first before you bash your fingers on that keyboard of yours.(to commentors)
    good pasta though , not great 5.5/10

  38. it isn’t just our blood that is 90% water.
    Our skin contains water and a bunch of other stuff, we would have evaporated too. :[

  39. This is good, yes. But if all the water in the world disappeared, then human blood should have evaporated also. You said soft drinks evaporated and is left with the sugars on the bottle that would make you sick if you try and taste it right? Well human blood should’ve also worked that way, along with plants.

    But that would make the story not interesting anymore now would it? You’re breeding new types of zombies here, and that was cool.

    Also, one bad thing was the lack of explanation on how all the water disappeared.

  40. I won’t bother responding directly to any of the (implied or otherwise) plagarism comments. I did not in any way plagarise this from any other written work, so saying that I did is pointless.

  41. It was okay. There was one thing that bugged me, though:

    “My pen keeps slipping from the page as I suffer random bursts of weakness.”

    The ink used in pens contains a certain portion of water in them. It would have been more believable if you had written “pencil”.

    Simple mistake, but it kinda ruined it a little. Very nice, otherwise.

  42. I actually liked the fact that the Narrator doesn’t know why all the water dried up or anything. It makes her/him seem like one of the general public, not really knowing what happens except for what affects them.

  43. Damn it, who broke the water crystal?
    I know it lets you become a Mystic knight, a Time mage, a Summoner, a Red mage, and a Berserker, but you don’t need to break it and ruin the world’s water.

  44. Like’d it… but if the water evaporated it would have came down as rain- and with that much water evaporated it sounds like it would have been a flood.

  45. There are some very big similarities between this and Alone: Chasers.

    The only minor are that the “mutants” are called Drinkers instead of Chasers.

  46. Lol @ the people who think their critique matters at this point. Register on the forums if you want to critique it, IMO.

  47. @Archfeared: Except that its fourth paragraph mentions “scientific explanations”… and actually treats some of them as being semi-plausible — even though none of them fit the evidence, and would not be offered by any scientist in this situation.

    Another problem is specifically using the term “evaporation.” It constantly and consistently refers to the water as having “evaporated”. This is a scientific, non-paranormal phenomenon, and if you’re going to use such a term, it’s not unreasonable to expect that the things shown follow the rules of the phenomenon. If you just used “disappeared” instead, a great deal of these complaints would go away, but you chose to use a scientific term to describe a phenomenon that it does not apply to. It being a “Creepypasta” does not excuse that.

    Nor does the water disappearing being paranormal excuse other horrible scientific errors, as you specified that only the water was behaving oddly, yet nuclear reactors fail left and right in a way they would not and could not, and people are able to sustain themselves on blood when it has too much other stuff in it — some of which would be dreadfully toxic if ingested — to be useful for handling dehydration. Once again, this would not be a problem if you came up with some paranormal explanation for either, but you offered none for the nuclear disaster, and actually stressed that there was nothing paranormal about the “drinkers”.

    It being a “paranormal” story can justify some breaks with reality, but it’s not carte blanche to completely break with reality without good cause. It didn’t work for Twilight or numerous B-Movies, and it won’t work here. The sooner you just admit you messed up with this story, the less pathetic you’ll seem.

  48. i wish i was good enough at writing that i could take a cool story and change a few details and the beginning and then call it a new story like this guy.

  49. One point:

    The story is a CREEPYPASTA. Ergo, it often deals with the paranormal. All the water vanishing when it is impossible is PARANORMAL. I did not once give any indication that there was a rational explanation for the Evaporation. Of course there’s fucking not.

  50. I find your story flawed in many ways. If every drop of water just evaporated one day, wouldn’t it be logical to assume that every human would die instantly? And for that matter wouldn’t all the trees and plants on earth cripple? They have water in them too.

  51. Two problems with this story.

    1) If all the water in the world disappeared, the narrator wouldn’t be writing this, as most of the human body is water. Everybody would already be dead.

    2) Even if people didn’t immediately die, they wouldn’t need to kill others for their blood. The human body replenishes blood, so if you just remove some of your own and drink that.

    1. Uh, if you drank your own blood there wouldn’t be any net increase of water in your body, you’d just be replenishing the water that you yourself lost in the act of removing it from your body. You’re not actually getting water that you yourself didn’t remove. Also, drinking blood (instead of having it injected) makes you sick, so it’s really not a good plan.

  52. wow, what a dumbass. i mean, a .357? really? if your gonna have a gun, you want to have a practical gun. like a glock 21. it holds 13 bullets thanks to its double stacked clip. thats 26 bullets if you have a spare, and thats just a standard clip! The extended clips could hold more. desert eagles have a terrible clip size, and the only real excused desert eagle gun to get would be a .50 ae.

  53. 4/10

    Biologically and scientifically unsound. Not a bad concept, the idea of all the water vanishing is fairly creepy, but it was predictably executed and very similar to earlier pasta Self Preservation. Just substitute water evaporation crisis with pandemic and blood with flesh and it’s the same story.

  54. @Julian: The principle of “willing suspension of disbelief” means that there’s only so much you can “bend” things before the story becomes impossible to take seriously. As the giant inventory of its many errors shows, this story goes far beyond that point for many, many people. I’m… not sure how it doesn’t manage to for you. There’s a lot more problems than just the one you mentioned — in fact, nearly every aspect of the story contains at least one horrifyingly glaring error. It using the harmful misconception that modern nuclear reactors are painfully unstable and will explode if you so much poke them too hard is a particular sticking point for me. Modern reactors are remarkably stable, and it’s impossible for a reactor to explode. It can melt down and release lots of radiation, but modern reactors are built with heavy concrete containment buildings specifically to contain the radiation release and eliminate or minimize its effects on the surrounding environment.

  55. @ You Get An F: Do you not know your grade 2 science? You can’t go more than a week without water before dying, not in roughly 25 degrees or less.

    Now, I didn’t really didn’t get sucked in, and yes it was predictable, and not the best written story ever. However, I guess it was good enough for me to finish it… (eventually) And if I had to like one thing, I guess it would be how the writing was awful at the end, and in short hand… Cos, you know, he/she was kinda dying.

  56. Beside the obvious scientific errors, that is a horribly inefficient way to get as much blood as possible out of an animal. Wtf, his eyeballs?

  57. Awesome-o: Actually, in a pinch, you can drink urine to delay death by dehydration for a little longer. It is recommended to use it only as a last resort, however, as, well, like you said, there is a reason why your body doesn\’t want it


    Also, read some comments before you post, as a rule of thumb. And MAKE SURE, if you have any questions, you go back and read. If you have any questions, its either going to be answered in the story, or answered by another commenter.

    Just… common courtesy.


    Also, read some comments before you post, as a rule of thumb. And MAKE SURE, if you have any questions, you go back and read. If you have any questions, its either going to be answered in the story, or answered by another commenter.

    Just… common courtesy.

  60. @SomeDude: Drinking your urine doesn’t hydrate you, it just makes things worse. There’s a reason your body kindly asked it to leave in the first place, you know.

  61. How the fuck does anyone even consider giving this a 10? Do you assholes understand basic science?
    Oh apparently not since you think this was a good story. And no, it wasn\’t even a good effort. There was zero effort. There was \"lol some shit happened but I\’m not going to explain why or how\" which is a bullshit cop out.

  62. Truncheon you are a god XD, but good story i liked it. technically its impossible to drink over a pint of blood without becoming intensly stick but hey, this isnt realpasta its creepypasta, reality is naturally bent here. once again, i liked it, 8/10, it kept me entertained

  63. I like the idea behind the story, but the way it is written… Bleh

    I wonder if the author would mind me rewriting it? For example, all exposed water would evaporate (including the ocean), all water in clear containers would evaporate and rupture the container, and anything in an opaque container – flesh counting as a container – would be safe. And the world would be covered by a massive cloud that has an odd colour…

  64. Wow. Predictable. Boring. I skipped about four paragraphs my first time throught, then went back and re-read it. It had the exact same story, only with more inane details, contradictions, and redundancies. It wasn\’t well-written. The lack of proper use of conventions made me want to cry a little.

  65. I only think pastas that can very well happen in reality are the most scariest. I’m sorry.
    2/10 for the most fairy tale pasta ever.

  66. You can’t drink blood as a water substitute. It is able to nourish you somewhat, but it contains too much solute to provide hydration. You’d be no better off than if you drank saltwater… which kills you fairly quickly.

  67. Charlotte Mander

    I rather liked this story up until the end.

    No one writes like that.

    If he was really so mad and thirsty he wouldn’t have written it.

  68. Jesus, people. I thought that the writing style was damned riveting, and this genuinely creeped me out like nothing else has in the past few months.
    While the idea of all of the water evaporating is impossible, I took it more as the slightly less-then-average Joe trying to explain something that really they had no explanation for. All in all, it would’ve been better if water had simply, say, dissapeared instead of evaporating, and have ocean water poisoned instead of x4 salt, but cut the guy some slack.
    I find the idea of humans not being driven by mind-altering diseases to inhuman deeds, but instead some aspect of own their mind highly disturbing.

    9/10, and kudos.

  69. as others said before, way too many plot holes to make this truly enjoyable. Just an unrealistic reason to try and turn everyone into vampires. There are too many holes, too many loose ends and I couldn’t even finish this pasta.

  70. It’s a neat idea, but I’m unable to get past this part: if ALL water evaporated, then it evaporated out of humans as well, making the whole story nil. Also, why does international communication break down all of a sudden?

    All in all, I get it. Mother Earth punishes the decadent humans. With a little retooling, this could be a great story.

    I give it 1 of 4 turds.

  71. Still trying to figure out how every molecule of fresh water could turn into vapor all at once, also the water in soda is carbonated not fresh, and also WHERE WAS WATER CYCLE?

  72. Guh. Stale, dry, predictable, and made no sense whatsoever. There was nothing enjoyable about this pasta at all.

  73. this was ok. could’ve been like 10 times better. definitely think he should’ve turned on himself and drank his own. but anyways was nicely written

  74. the concept of the world losing water was definitely a great idea, but poorly executed to say the least.
    I wonder what happened to glaciers and snow?

  75. Oh, I forgot to mention the best part. Evaporation doesn\’t work that way. Evaporation is water becoming vapor. Vapor is less dense than liquid water, so it expands as it happens. If all the water in a bottle or can of soda evaporated, it wouldn\’t simply become an undrinkable sludge — the container would likely rupture from the pressure… and even if it managed to hold, there would obviously be something wrong with it due to the strain involved. Similar principles would apply to other closed containers.

    So, what the story describes is not so much all the water evaporating, as all the water magically disappearing, and scientists would kind of notice the difference.

  76. Terrible, Terrible. Where to start:

    The idea of water disappearing in this way is too absurd to consider. If there were even an attempt at a real explanation, I might be able to buy it, but no, not here.

    Due to the proliferation of pebble bed reactors and numerous failsafes designed to prevent just such an occurence, far less than 46% of the reactors in the world would suffer catastrophic meltdown if deprived of water. Even if they did, the large containment buildings reactors have would leave the surrounding areas largely untouched. The sort of civilization-destroying nuclear disaster you describe could not and would not happen.

    Blood could not serve as a useful replacement for fresh water. Yes, blood is 55% plasma, which is 90% water… but the other 10% is loaded with nasty stuff like cholesterol, zinc, ionic chlorine, urea, uric acid, bilirubin… it might keep you going for a little longer, but you\’d ultimately get sick and die. And that\’s not even going into blood-borne diseases.

    Suspension of disbelief only goes so far, and anyone with the slightest grounding in science will find this story laughable.

  77. It felt like the author was trying to hard to close up the loopholes.
    \"all the water disappeared. Yeah even bottled. Oh, and the ocean is undrinkable. Actually except for the water in blood!! oh no you gotta eat eachother! THERE\’S NO OTHER WAY, YOU SEE BECAUSE ALL THE WATER IS GONE.\"
    And they didn\’t even close up the all the holes; all living organisms contain water.

  78. Too full of scientific impossibilities to even finish. Literally made my brain bleed. Ironic huh? Evaporated water would collect in the atmosphere making concentrations too great and it would rain. Period. Would have been more believeable to say \’all the water disappeared\’, and even that is awful. What about vegetation as a source of water though huh? How many desert dwelling people survive on cactus reservoirs?

    …sigh,…this was horrible

  79. You explored the concept well, but it wasn’t really set up plausibly enough to get on board at the start. There isn’t so much nuclear power that civilization would “collapse” after two days. And they don’t need nuclear power to deliver fuel? I hate to be a realist on a creepypasta site, but trying to offer constructive criticism.

    Why don’t you have the sea evaporate too? That covers that whole desalinatio bit which isn’t really integral to he plot. You mentioned soda evaporated, so it fits with the world you’re setting up.

  80. It was a good story, and I liked reading it, so 10/10. Though I expect CREEPY when I go to *shrug*

  81. @Truncheon: nah…we need Captain Planet.

    eh….this story was so-so. the only good part was the old guy getting killed and the lady eating his eyes lol.
    7/10 from me.

  82. The war tore a hole in the sky. The sun came down, burnt everything, everyone. I wandered; I didn\’t really know what I should do or where I was going. I was just moving from place to place trying to stay alive. And then one day I heard this voice. I don\’t know how to explain it. It\’s like it was coming from inside me. But I could hear it clear as day. Clear as I can hear you talking to me now. It told me to carry the book west; it told me that a path would be laid out before me; that I\’d be led to a place where the book would be safe; it told me I\’d be protected against anyone or anything that tried to stand in my way, if only I would have faith. That was thirty years ago and I\’ve been walking ever since.

  83. This story was a bit predictable, but it did contain the sort of primal horror of something so valuable, yet so unappreciated suddenly dissappearing.

    You did well to try and capture the absoloute enormity of such a catastrohpe, but it was a difficult task, and you partially succeeded.

    Aside from a bit of flatness, predictability, and a few plot holes (there are numerous other ways to distill freshwater) Good story, would gladly nom again

    with a glass of water this time, seriously, reading this made me thirsty.


  84. That. Was. Terrible.

    Why? One, it ripped off of the other pasta about the Comet causing everyone to drink blood or something. (scroll down the main page). Two, HORRIBLE STORY ripoff with the cliche: Day 1, fine, Day 2, Not fine, Day 3, Going to die, Day 4, can barely write.


  85. Shitty story….the premise is just so far fetched that it’s really hard to get into. I was literally eye rolling and face palming while reading it. I think I was ok when the water was just evaporating, but suddenly the ocean gains 4x as much salt? What the fuck, where did it come from? Did Neptune get a case of diarrhea after binging on too much fast food?

    The middle section was mediocre…oh no, people are eating each other to survive. I mean that’s basically what it boils down to. It’s like you’re trying to cover up the fact that you’re story is 100% cliche cannibalism by saying “Oh, but they’re drinking their BLOOD to survive, not their flesh!! ITS DIFFERENT OK!!”

    Ending was….there’s just not adequate words for it. I’m not saying it’s not plausible for him to eventually be driven to drink blood too (Most people would given the situation) but the whole “He becomes that which he fears the most” shit is WAY WAY WAY OVERDONE. It doesn’t have to happen in EVERY story guys. Here’s a spoiler alert for you authors: It’s not a shock. It’s not a twist. It gives the reader no other feeling than disgust for having read yet another tale where the protagonist becomes the villian. The rest could have been pure Shakespearean gold and that kind of ending will turn it into “The Dead Skull”. The ending is your final, closing note. Whatever impression it makes is going to be the last, most recent feeling the reader gets from the story. STOP FUCKING IT UP!!

  86. Nice effort, terrible physics. Never write again until you take the audience’s opinions and actual physics into account for your stories. This is some shit that only a mother would love.

  87. Okay, so in the end if he could barely write how was he gonna get up, move all that junk he put in front of his door, then go all the way down stairs, then answer the door get them inside and shoot them? This story wasn’t that good.

  88. I rather liked it. It has some holes, but the general concept of \’no usable water\’ still hits home. Not necessarily terrifying, but the idea of slowly wasting away, coupled with cannibalism strikes an unnerving primal chord. Ending hit a little soft, but overall still a tasty pasta.

  89. “They represent the dark side of humanity.”

    Really? People who consume the helpless alive for their own gain represent the dark side of humanity? Thank god you told us, I never would have gotten the subtlety.

  90. This is a dam (pardon the pun) good story. Never really thought about water in such a way.

    Also cant camels live for like 2 weeks without water because they store it in their hump or something lol.

  91. The fact that even bottled water evaporated (which is quite impossible, since sealed containers would not allow the vapor to go anywhere) makes it evident that some cruel, outside force was involved in this horribly delicious event.

    I bet the aliens are up there like, \"Lulz.\"

  92. This story left me with way too many questions, and I don’t think that’s a good thing.

    Though it was well-written enough, I found it to be a little too distracting, and no where near creepy enough to make up for it.

    But maybe I’m just personally getting really fucking tired of these “end of humanity” pastas.

  93. Kinda meh. The ending on it felt kind of….out of place. Good writing though. I cringed when that woman ate the old man\’s eyes.


    Also, stereotypical cannibal plot twist is stereotypical.
    Pasta is delicious and very well done, however, unlike some of the others. If this had poor grammar and misspellings, it would be shit. It isn\’t.

    8/10, and only 8 because the plot is very overused. Very good overall, though.

  95. The only thing I liked was the description of the murdering of the old man. Everything was just. Shit. It didn’t flow well nor was it creepy.

  96. This story fucking sucked. Not only was is choppy as hell and full of cliches, but it made no sense whatsoever. “All of it just evaporated. Don’t ask how. It just did” What the hell? Why didn’t blood evaporate? What about the person writing this? He’s 75% water >_>

    The writing itself was absolutely awful. It had too many grammar/usage errors to be as monotonously long as it was.

    1/10 Horrible pasta :/

  97. I thought it was a great story, really well written, but the ending was a little too sudden and altogether way too predictable. Still, I enjoyed it, 7/10 from me.

  98. I can’t help but feel that if our protagonist had resorted to drinking his own urine things would have turned out much better for him. It IS sterile after all.

  99. I\’d like this kind of story more if the narrator, or the subject, whoever, didn\’t lose their sanity at the end and just faded away, it always just seems kind of goofy to me to just hear them say things like \"now I\’m one of them\" or something. It seems like in all of these pastas there\’s not one person that\’s able to keep his sanity to the end and just fade away peacefully, so the story can just be about the horror of the sight of the downfall of man or a society or whatever, by adding on the \"I guess I\’ll just\" and stuff, it becomes about one person in particular, rather than a first person view of a bigger picture.

  100. Well… IIIII LIKED IT! Kudos. I liked the other story too, where an alien virus makes you need to eat living animals. I think I like that story a little more because they still had their humanity, and were actively apologizing while feeding. That concept is really creative.

  101. Not very well written, not scary, and the introduction to the vampirism was neither suspenseful nor unexpected. Bad pasta.

  102. Impossible to get immersed in, since the science fiction aspects are completely unfounded in reality. Science is plentiful and full of so many phenomena and more creative plot devices, that resorting to something so incredulous ruined the story.
    Water simply evaporated all the world, yet left no trace of existence; to be trapped by the atmosphere, to become water vapor in the air, somehow escaping bottles with no concern for the fact that they physically prevent it from doing so. And coincidentally enough, though water seems to be able to vanish from this dimension all over the world through all the types of matter, the fluids of living organisms are simply left in tact when we’re composed of a majority of water.
    Even if one were to suspend disbelief of such childish methods of setting up a story, the writing itself isn’t all too good. It’s not attention-grabbing, it’s not relateable, and it’s not unexpected. It’s a very overused cookie-cutter theme, simply adjusted with a short explanation of how even though it appears to be the same old crap, it’s really not.

    for effort.

  103. Ehh, it was decent but I find most creepy pasta starts off with a huge GRIMDARK SO DEEP explanation of things.

  104. Oh wow, where to begin?
    The story was pure shit. The over usage of a thesaurus for making big words was your first downfall. The idea of water being gone from all the rivers, lakes, water towers, and other main sources of water was a decent idea, but to say it was just completely gone from everything was stupid. Lets look at this then, the story says water bottles are all dried up, soft drinks became these foul sugary compounds that would “make you ill”, hell even nuclear reactors lost their water. But somehow, humans retained the water in their bodies, because as everyone knows, the human body is much more water retaining than a nuclear facility.
    Also, a human can go roughly 8 days without water in the temperatures that your story seems to be set in (Roughly 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Longer if its colder)
    Can you imagine reading a story that doesn’t know what it’s talking about half the time, then insults you? I doubt you can, but that’s exactly what happened.

  105. 2/10

    Story completely defies the laws of physics. rivers and lakes evaporating, possible but not plausable. Water evaporating out of sealed containers? that’s just down right impossible and stupid. Not to mention it takes more that 2 days to become fully dehydrated.

  106. Jazzy the Man (who is actually a woman)

    My only issue is if all the water in the world vanished, including that which was mixed in soft drinks, what was keeping the water inside living beings from vanishing and therefore leaving everyone dead since the majority of our bodies are made from water?

  107. nice job. i like the writing style. however, in the end i think the guy should have turned to his own blood to drink. that would have been coooooool

  108. The blue stain on the wall

    first of all, alixe tiir, there was a bulliten posted by the moderator of this website banning the use of BUT WHO WAS comments, secondly, the story was pretty good 8/10, and oddly enough, I wrote a story that shares alot of these same concepts, I guess i can\’t post it now.

  109. Ugh. So predictable. Boring. Lame. Not good. It was so corny and I was waiting for a twist at the end because I thought “No one would write a story this boring…” Guess I was wrong. Although, it was written well. ^civiliZation^

  110. \"During the initial hours of it, theories ranged from the barely plausible, like a new form of greenhouse gas, to the ridiculous, such as a new type of light, one that only evaporated water.\"

    Wouldn\’t a different form of electromagnetic waves be the more plausible of the two?
    The microwaves used in microwaves only heat water, and yeah, they\’d kill us, but if somehow bottles of water and other sealed containers evaporated, then it would have evaporated inside humans too.

  111. Water.

    Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. THEN, EVERYTHING CHANGED WHEN THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED. Only the avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years past, and me and my brother discovered the new Avatar, an Airbender named Aang. Although his Airbending skills are great, he still has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone. But I believe, Aang can save the world.

  112. President Obama

    This pasta was awesome! Definitely better than a lot of stories that have been on the front page lately.

  113. Couldn’t get into it on account of all the holes. I know I shouldn’t nitpick, but I just couldn’t force myself to become immersed in the story because these contradictions were so jarring.

    All the fresh water disappeared, including in things like soda and juice, but what about foods? Near the end the man ate some bread, but you need water or some sort of liquid to bake bread. Did the water in things like milk evaporate, too? What about inside fruits, vegetables, and most importantly meat? It doesn’t contain enough water to keep you alive indefinitely since animals and crops require water to grow, but surely they could drink water that’s not quite fit for human consumptions.

    Furthermore, it only takes a pot, a fire and a glass to make seawater drinkable since the salt gets left behind when the boiling water becomes vapor, so you can boil away the salt, theoretically. Even if you don’t use this water for drinking (boiled water tastes pretty nasty) you can certainly use it to keep crops alive this ensuring we stay hydrated.

    And if there is still water in the oceans, why is there no rain? The water in the oceans still evaporates, still condensates, it would still rain. People could drink puddle water or morning dew.

    In short, there are numerous ways to stay alive without resorting to drinking human blood. Nice story, just a lot of holes.

    1. bread: he already had it.
      meat: i dont understand what you mean with that
      seawater: there is no seawater
      no rain: see seawater

  114. That was great. At first i was like, “this is corny”. Right when i thought that though, the story sucked me in. Great job!!

    1. Well, water evaporates after time. You see, I think at the end all the water in his body evaporated, and he was dying of thirst.

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