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The clock stared at me with its red eyes, shouting to me that he would arrive soon. He always comes at the witching hour. Of course I didn’t know that the witching hour was three in the morning till I told my friend about my night time wanderer. The witching hour is the time of night when God is at his weakest and all the imps and minions come out. This man was obviously not a three horned demon, nor was he an evil servant of the devil. He looked old, and lonely. I felt bad for him. He was probably homeless with no family or friends to speak of.

Every night he’s there, just sitting in our backyard. Every night I want to go outside and talk to him, but I can’t seem to work up the courage. He just sits on the tire swing, muttering to himself. He looks so lonely. Luckily I have no trees near my window, or anything that could block my view of him. My friend says it’s a trap to lure me outside. He says that a little kid like me isn’t thinking straight this late at night, so obviously; this prince of darkness wants an easy meal. He just wants me to come outside and, wham, I’m a nighttime snack.

Maybe he has a point though. Not about the evil part, but about the unsafe part. The old man might be crazy. I’m sure being homeless takes its toll on your body. I can’t see him that well from window either. I’ll sleep on it, maybe tomorrow night I’ll go and see if he’s harmless or not.

The bed looked so comfortable I couldn’t help but to flop down onto it. I lay there, waiting for the sand man to put his special dust in my eyes to carry me off to dream land. The wind was blowing really hard outside. I could here a tree branch tapping on my window. I bet the man was cold. I wonder if he is smart enough to find shelter. My eyes began to become extremely heavy, but the tree branch’s tapping kept drawing me out of my inner peace. I stared blankly into the cold darkness, when a sudden chill traced its way down my spine. I don’t have a tree anywhere near my window.

I continued to lie in my bed, and stare at window at the far end of room. I didn’t know what it could be. A werewolf? Dracula? Demon? All my childhood fears ran through my mind. There was a full moon out tonight. What did my friend say about the witching hour? When all the evils of the night came out? AND it was full moon? This is doubly bad.

The shadows of the room started to gather around my bed, ready to carry me to whatever terrible cave they called home. A thought occurred to me…Shadows. I looked to the window where the moon was shining its light from, my vision followed to where the light met the ground, and my heart sank. There on the ground was the dark outline of a man’s upper body. A new fear ran through me. One that wasn’t as ridiculous as creatures of the dark. The crazy man outside. Maybe he was the Prince of Darkness like my friend said. No, now I was acting like an eight year old, instead of the teenager that I was. My senses came back to me. He probably just wanted to get away from the wind, and saw me up in my window. So he climbed up the side of the house to the third story to tap on my window to get my attention.

My heart was beating out of control .Its rhythmic pace was thrown into chaos. Fear held me paralyzed, but I needed to know what was on the other side of that curtain. A battle between survival and curiosity was raging inside of me. Survival won. I merely took a step back from the window, and slowly made my way back, never taking my eyes off the window. When I finally reached my bed, I threw my covers over my head, and prayed. Prayed with all my might that I was just dreaming. I asked for a sign that I was going to live through the night. God let me know he was listening by making a knocking sound on the door to my room. A slow rhythm, a constant tempo. It never slowed, nor quickened. I sat and listened for a few minutes. It seemed the more I waited, the louder the knocking became. It almost reminded me of the tapping on the window. Then a terrifying thought donned on me.


I threw the covers back over my head, and shut my eyes as tight as I could, and kept trying to make them tighter. I covered my ears with my pillow trying to block out the knocking. I sat there in my cocoon for what seemed a life time. My body finally started to relax, and my mind began to wander off into dream land, but something wouldn’t let me go to sleep. It wasn’t the knocking. It was the silence. The knocking had stopped. Maybe it went away. I hoped it went away. I sat in silence, wrapped in my cocoon, trying to fade off to sleep.


A new noise started, it was not rhythmic like the last two sounds. It was the sound of someone walking, someone who was quickening their pace with every step, someone in my room. The footsteps stopped at the edge of my bed, and I felt eyes boring holes into the back of my head. I could hear the rain drops dripping onto the floor. I could smell the dirt on his shoes. Taste the mustiness of his clothes. Feel his breathing on the back of my neck. I knew then, that I would not survive the night.
Then I heard a deep voice, maybe multiple voices speaking together: “Come with me.”

I was staring at the man the whole time, and his lips did not move, but I knew the words came from him. They rang loudly inside my head. I didn’t want to move. I just wanted to hide under my covers until he went away. Then he, or they, said the words that would forever change my life, “We are not the ones you should hide from, but if you wait here, they might find you”. The use of the plural coming from this man with many voices frightened and confused me. I had so many questions, but first I had to confront my current fear and follow this thing.


I rose from my bed and looked at the man. He stared back into my eyes, no, through my eyes. Again the voices spoke, “Do not fear us, we shall make you see, follow us.” With that, the man turned, and jumped out the window. I felt compelled to follow. I closed my eyes and leaped after Him.

Down and down I fell. Three stories is a long way for a person of my size. As the ground neared, I expected the fall to slow, till I landed perfectly on my feet. I waited for the man to reach out his arms and catch me. I waited for something magical to happen. The cracking noise of my bones hitting the ground was not what I expected. I laid there on my back, I could feel the blood running through my head, and dripping out my ear. My vision started to blur, and the cold started to set in.

I saw a figure standing over me. The voices said their final words to me, “This was the least painful way we could help you, please forgive us. The only true place you can hide and never be found is death.”

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117 thoughts on “Hide”

  1. i think that overall it was good. the ending could have been a bit more suspensefull, but i liked the writing style. it was well written.

  2. The_Amazing SAF

    I thought the ending would be the stranger laughing and saying that he lied, so I was pretty surprised. I would like to know what you had to die to get away from, though. And wouldn’t the least painful way to kill the speaker be waiting until they feel asleep and smothering them, or snapping their neck? You know, anything OTHER than jumping out a window?

  3. I like the fact that the entity you initially suspect isn’t the ‘bad guy ‘ at all, he was just trying to save the kid from a far worse fate. That’s what I took away from it.. Really liked this one, gave it an 8 simply because I think it could have been a little more drawn out but other then that it was a really good story.

  4. Well, the help attempt apparently failed, since the guy is narrating his story in the past tense, so either he survived the fall (not that hard, it is possible to fall from three stories and survive, though it’s not a pleasant experience I guess) or became a ghost or something, which is probably not safe enough if some demonic force is out to get you…
    But anyway the story is pretty dumb (the character too, but that is excusable, no one said all characters have to be geniuses)

  5. You know… The original myth that inspired slenderman was actually a creature that killed people to spare them a horrific death…

    Just sayin’. \_(“/)_/


    Caps gets attention.

  7. I was expecting the end to be something like, “Why the hell did you jump out the window? You have stairs, idiot.”

  8. I took the being in the room to be a manifestation of God per the narrator’s request despite the creepiness and use of “we” which made me think of Legion at first.

    In any case, if only the narration was coherent as to what and where the narrator was, I would call this pretty damn good.

  9. why the hell would you jump out a window with a guy you dont even know? he said to follow him, so go out your door down the stairs and meet him outside, geez stupid kid.

  10. For once PaperPasta, I agree with you. I also agree with a previous statement; there are much, MUCH worse things than death.

    Fear the Darkness


  11. 1. This is one SLOW teenager. Even i figured out there was no tree outside his window BEFORE him and i don’t. even. live. there.

    2. Too much demon, devil, childhood fear mentioning. Once or twice might be okay to get the point across but repetitiveness took away from the story.

    3. But it got so good at the middle to the end. Very good pasta. I really liked it, criticisms aside. Well done.

  12. a fall from the 3rd floor wouldnt kill you unless you landed on your neck, believe me, i’ve fallen out of a 3rd floor window >_<

  13. “I stared blankly into the cold darkness, when a sudden chill traced its way down my spine. I don’t have a tree anywhere near my window.”

    Was the scariest part. Holy fuck.

  14. @Ralion

    I think all the narrator was doing was trying to soothe his mind. Maybe it was a stupid thought, but if you were that scared, don’t you think you would think of anything to make yourself less scared?

  15. “He probably just wanted to get away from the wind, and saw me up in my window. So he climbed up the side of the house to the third story to tap on my window to get my attention.”

    Really? Narrator was an idiot.

  16. *Male’s horrified scream from Flapjack*

    I love this. I truly do. My god.. That was good.
    Of course, it could’ve been written a bit better, but, hell, I still loved it! :D

    Thanks, author! :3

  17. The only reason this slightly scared me was because some homeless dude broke into my parents house when I was like 9. Other than that its really tame, long, and boring.
    The end is original, but for a good reason: Its not that great.
    Usually if you are going to insert a dead-pan end like “the kid got hit by a truck” you follow up with something even creepier that ties all the useless details up like if he became part of the man and his friend was there too and it was a conglomerate of souls collecting more people of a certain type for something.
    Nope, just a plain old end with no big truth revealed or mind fucked or bricks shat.

  18. Could have saved the kid. Could have damned the kid. The world will never know. Great story, will there be anymore written in the future?

  19. Actually, the Witching Hour is midnight, the transition between days. The demonic hour is 3am to essentially make fun of the miracle hour, 3pm, which is when Jesus reputably died on the cross :p

  20. One, wouldn’t he be intelligent enough to land on his feet so he could atleast TRY and run away?

    He could have survived if he hadn’t relied on the guy to catch him, heh.

  21. Haha, “so where’s your god now?”

    No, I think I understand the story. I’ve read the Bible and got the impression that God’s the evil character.

  22. Azrael (Archangel of Death)



    Although I rather enjoyed that one. I love getting creative with my job. : D

  23. The kid’s reaction to most of what’s going on in this story just annoyed me. Old man in the backyard? Tell your parents. Someone tapping on your bedroom window? Get the hell out of there and call the cops. Why would you go back to bed?

  24. Huh. I liked it, for the most part, but I think I would like it more if it stopped after “I don’t have a tree anywhere near my window.”

  25. Lol, *is scarred for life*
    I liked it though, kept my attention, and it’s very interesting, in a creepy way! :D

  26. I thought it was… ok
    The inconsistancies would have remained unnoticed if it wasn’t for reading other peoples’ comments.
    I tend to skip some words, meaning stories flow together oddly for me, so, I thought this one was ok.

    I liked the ending, as Miss Betterdone aid, it was “lolwut”

  27. This was stupid. Not only did the inconsistencies bug me, but the overall idea of some old man sitting outside in the backyard, this kid knowing about it, and being too stupid to tell the parents anything.

    Not only that, but the kid stays silent, even after this strange man is in his/her room. Then she trusts this guy even though he’s probably trying to kill him. (which he does)



  28. I’m sorry, I just had to LOL at this.

  29. The ending was the ONLY good part of this story. The writing was a bore for the rest of it. Inconsistant, repetitive, boring, etc.

    But decent ending.

  30. shortys roc my sox

    my cusine fell out of a two story window when she was 3 but she landed in a bush so she lived ya

    i liked this story alot and the end isnt really suckish because if you think bout it that could be the begining of some horror movie or he could of servived and been parinoid for the rest of his lif

  31. maybe there really was something much worse coming. like something that would torture the kid and keep him alive for awhile. a simple quick death would have then therefore been the best thing.

  32. Lasers Pew Pew Pew

    I’m kind of surprised at the responses. I was disappointed as the protagonist ends up somewhat safe, albeit dead. I was expecting him to wake up in Hell. Instead this was anticlimatic and not that creepy.

  33. I liked it, but it sounded like it should have been the beginning of something alot bigger. Something more epic. And the ending kind of turned me off, I was hoping the narrator would get sent to hell, but no.

  34. I liked the idea, and the ending was half-decent, but man, the writing annoyed me. It was just… inconsistent. One minute the narrator is already in bed, and then it says he’s standing by the window and proceeds to go to bed; he’s supposed to have his eyes shut as he hears the old man walking around in his room and then in fact, he’s been staring at the man the whole time and notices the man’s lips don’t move when he speaks. Minor details, but annoying.

  35. It’s been quite a while since a pasta has scared me like that.

    The ending kind lessened the fear, but it was still excellent.

  36. yeaaah, this one was totally worth it. hate reading the long ones (always do neways). wasnt too creepy, but the ending made it a nice scary story.

  37. i actually liked this
    i liked the not knowing, that was really good
    well written pasta…but i never trusted that old man
    it was probably a ploy…but…yay…he saved her from death by killing her.

    for some sick and evil reason i kinda laughed at the end…i dunno why =\

  38. The Person Formerly Known as 'Noneya'

    I’dve beeen royally PISSED OFF.

    Shit, this one pissed me off anyway, where does that guy get off on killing that kid? For his own good? BEING DEAD DOESNT HELP MUCH EITHER, PAL!

    And why the hell did that kid go with him? He shouldve called the cops.


    1. Yeah, because the creepy, mentally-disturbed guy / the mysterious, supernatural stalker who just broke into a stranger’s house would be cool with calmly waiting while that person called the cops. You’d be awesome to have around in an emergency.

  39. Ok, I feel weird because I honestly didn’t like this creepypasta. It just seemed to…. well imagine seeing creepy pasta from like 1940 (if such a thing existed). I’ll relate this one to it. Modern day pasta would be much more severe, mindfuckier (I realize I just made up that word), and altogether grimmer than one from sixty years ago. Compared to most other pastas on this site, this just seems like an incredibly mild, almost childish pstory.

  40. I really do like this one, it seems kind of sad at the end. The only way to be saved was to be killed. Unless it was actually the devil, lying to the end.

    : D

  41. Wow, this was really long. I enjoyed the ending, although tightening it up some would probably help the overall effect.

    That, and correcting the tense changes.

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