Madness, Paranoia, and Mental Illness

Patient #0017983

FACILITY ARCHIVE RECORDS SEARCH – SEARCHING… SEARCHING… SEARCHING… COMPLETE – FOUND 19 RESULTS FOR SEARCH TERMS “Patient #0017983″ CHRONOLOGICAL LISTINGS FOLLOW: 1.) ADMISSION FORM, PATIENT #0017983 – 11/18/05 15:12 Involuntary admittance requested by patient’s relatives in response to apparent self-destructive behavior cycle. Self-harm evident in physical exam: signs of past …

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The Rake

As the sun begins to set and the trees huddle together in small dark groups as if shielding themselves against the coming of night, you step quietly and quickly through the carpet of fallen leaves and stray twigs, recognising and noting as you do every rustle, every snap of a …

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Sometime during the third consecutive night spent huddled over the toilet, insides heaving and shuddering as I vomit forth seemingly everything I’d ever eaten, I realize what’s happening: He’s trying to poison me. It’s all so elegant, so perfect, and so clear, that I almost laugh, but another barrage of …

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The Dionaea House

10.7.2004 Jennifer, friends and family of Mark, As promised, here are copies of the correspondence I received from Mark over the course of the last month. For the most part, I have merely copied and pasted them from my email application. As you’ll read, he requested this, in hopes that …

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