Ever since I can remember, the moment I fall asleep, I ‘wake up’ stuck in my body, unable to move, unable to sleep. The only thing I know that will wake my body up is my alarm clock in the morning, which is set to a ridiculously loud volume and, …

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The first thing Jenny noticed about the new house wasn’t the Jacuzzi, or the wrap around porch, or even her new room. It was the moths. The first one flew out the door when they unlocked the house for the first time. It wasn’t a big deal, and the family …

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December Discussion Post: How Did You Discover Creepypasta?

This month’s topic was suggested by TVATR, and I’m very interested to hear everyone’s responses. How did you first discover creepypasta? Not just this specific site (though of course, I am curious to hear how you ended up here as well, if you remember and would like to share), but …

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Miracle City

I’ve never been a fan of watching the news. Usually, if the news anchors aren’t being overly dramatic about the weather or sports, they’re reporting on depressing things like car crashes, animal abuse, and child abuse. I find none of this entertaining, and typically flip the channel to an episode …

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Country Roads

Holy shit. I don’t trust roads anymore. Fuck driving. I’m getting a hotel. My heart is racing, but here’s why: A couple days ago, I was driving down a long residential shortcut in Georgia back to my house. I was driving back from seeing my family members in Tennessee. When …

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