The Hist Sap Hallucination

I was a temporary project director for Bethesda’s game development department for a short period of time during the launch of their fourth installment to The Elder Scrolls saga, Oblivion. From early 2004 until its release in the spring of 2006, my team and I were responsible for quest story-boarding …

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Don’t Knock Back

The following excerpt is from the personal journal of Walter Harris Junior collected after his disappearance which took place on June 7th, 1946. This documentation is only for the personal witness, study and possession of Walter’s parents, Los Angele’s local law enforcement and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. 6-6-46 To …

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The Tulpa

Last year I spent six months participating in what I was told was a psychological experiment. I found an ad in my local paper looking for imaginative people looking to make good money, and since it was the only ad that week that I was remotely qualified for, I gave …

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The Hunter

My name is David Nelson, I am a bounty hunter. But not human bounty, no. I hunt something much less predictable. I hunt animals, ones that have attacked people, I track them down and either capture them or kill them. But sometimes people pay me to hunt things that aren’t …

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