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The Story of Her Holding an Orange: Part One

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Okay guys, before I begin, I gotta give you a fair warning. This story is absolutely true unfortunately. It is also very long. It goes back to my childhood, but it wasn’t as terrifying until very recently. Now I am completely lost in fear. I am an adult man, logical and intelligent (or I’d like to believe so) sitting in my bed, scared shitless right now, goosebumps all over my body and tears of horror in my eyes. I ask for your help in explaining this fucking horrifying thing. Caution: you’ll notice that I curse quite a bit.

I want you to know that what you read from now on is the situation perceived by my mind. I like to think that I am a very rational person and I haven’t been able to explain these occurrences in any natural way.

Since my mom got a new job, she started making new friends. It is common in our country that friends come to each other’s houses for a cup of coffee, cake, gossip and whatnot. Few weeks into her new job, my mom made friends with this woman, Rose. She would come maybe twice a week and they’d sit around the coffee table on our balcony and just talk. One day, when I was 17, I was at the balcony with them. I’m not sure why I was there, but knowing me, I probably ran out of internet hours (back in a day we bought internet monthly per hour in my country) and was bored as fuck. So we’re sitting there, they’re gossiping about who knows what, and mom gets up to go get some cake she had baked recently. I remained sitting at the table with Rose and that’s when my life changed forever. Rose was a good looking woman. She was about 5’6”, skinny, long black hair, pearly white teeth. Attractive woman overall. So anyways, I am sitting there with her, and she turns to me. She has this creepy grin on her face; bright red lipstick with bright white teeth underneath are just making it look more scary. Her head is moving slowly, almost as if she became a puppet. She says something in the lowest tone possible, certainly not loud enough for me to understand. “Excuse me?” I say, still not being scared, just a bit weirded out.

“You ready to go now?” She said this in a voice of a child, I kid you not. Like maybe an 8 year old girl.

Grin is still there. She mustered those words through her teeth, never opening the jaw.

“What?” I ask, starting to get scared.

“You ready?” The same thing again. Only this time, she pulls out an orange out of her purse. That’s it, she just took the orange out, and held it there. Didn’t offer it, didn’t eat it herself, just held the fucking thing.

At that point, I was getting scared as fuck. Thankfully, my mom came with the cake. Rose, almost as if someone pushed a button on a remote control, switched back to her normal self, putting the orange back into her purse without my mom noticing. I left the balcony creeped out, but I was 17 so I brushed it off quickly.

That night, I had trouble sleeping. My room is on the first floor and my window is at a maybe 5’ height, so I kept looking at it praying not to see some scary monster. I would turn in my bed constantly and look at the window maybe every 5 minutes. It was getting late and I started to doze off, but decided to look into the window one last time. And there she fucking was. Standing in the fucking window. Rose. Just standing, looking directly at me (moonlight was bright enough for me to see), with the same grin on her face. Lipstick was red as ever, and teeth were whither than ever. I was paralyzed with fear. I often imagined what I’d do in situations like these, and I always had an escape plan for any hypothetical I threw at myself. But now, when this friend of my mother’s was staring at me through my window at 4am, just smiling, I was motionless. My mouth got dry, I got goosebumps (have them now as I type this), and I swear it became freezing in my room, probably just the way the body reacts to shock. I finally gathered the courage to get up. I started walking towards the door. Hear head was turning with me. Slowly. With the grin still there. Again, it was as if she were a puppet. I wanted to scream for my parents, but knowing how tense they are, I decided not to cause panic just yet. There had to be some rational explanation, right? For fuck knows what reason, I decided to walk to the window and ask her what the fuck her problem was. I made two slow steps towards it and froze. I froze because she moved. You know what her movement was? Taking the orange out of her purse. Does anyone know what the record time is for having goosebumps? Because they sure as shit aren’t going away. Anyways, after being terrified for a minute, I decide to go on. I am a big guy and figured I’d be able to fight her off if push comes to shove. My windows pull up in order to open. I pull it open maybe some 10 inches and stop. She’s not moving, just holding the fucking orange and looking at me with the scariest grin you’ll ever see. I stand there. She stands there. Then, she starts bending. But every move she makes is so slow, so mechanical. She’s bending so she can reach the open part of the window. I’m horrified. She pushes her head through it (just enough space for her head to go through).

“You go with me now?” As she’s saying that, in her 8 year old voice, her hand is making its way through the crack, holding an orange. What do I to? What you’d do. Fucking run. I run out of my room, screaming for my dad. My dad being a light sleeper, he jumps out of his bed and screams back at me asking what the hell is going on. All I can muster to say is “Rose…window.” While dad is putting his pants on, I run back to my room, wanting Rose to be there so he can see that I am not crazy. You know how in horror movies the person you saw is gone by the time witnesses come? Yea well similar thing happened, except I caught Rose leaving. There is a house some 100 yards away from mine, and it had one of those motion activated lights (lots of crime back home). I saw the light turn on, and a glimpse of Rose disappearing behind that house. By the time dad ran into my room, she was gone. After much talking, he decided that it was just a nightmare and told me to call him only if someone physically comes into my room. “You and your fucking imagination” he said walking away. Needless to say, I got exactly zero hours of sleep that night.

Nothing happened in the next few months. Rose would still come to visit my mom, but I’d make sure I wasn’t there. Fuck that. As in every teenager’s life, so many things were happening around me and I forgot about the Rose incident. Then one day, I was spending my afternoon browsing internet (years before Reddit unfortunately). I got pretty hungry so as any spoiled child, I yelled from my room to see if my mom would come. She didn’t. Oh well tough luck, I have to go to the kitchen and make myself a sandwich. Kitchen in our house is connected to the living room, but you can’t see the living room until you’re at least in the middle of the kitchen. So I open the kitchen and walk in. I freeze. There it is, right there on the kitchen table. An orange. Immediate thought of that creepy night. Rose is here. I am still motionless in my spot. Few seconds later, I realize how stupid I am for relating a common piece of fruit to a crazy window stalker. So I walk towards the table, wanting to put the orange back in the fruit cabinet. I grab the thing and hear the voice behind me: “You will have to come with me soon, you know.” Child’s voice. It’s Rose. I produce some kind of noise resembling scared pig about to get slaughtered. Lightning fast, I turn around and there she is, standing in the middle of the living room. Just standing there, same grin on her face, same lipstick on her lips, teeth white as ever. Only she started tilting her head to the left a bit, in slow motion. I remember it as if it happened yesterday: her long black hair falling down her shoulders, white summer dress, bright red shoes to match her lipstick. I forgot to mention that she was very pale. Even in the summer, she seemed to not be friends with the sun. This added to creepiness. There’s this woman who already scared the shit out of me once, standing alone in the middle of my living room, pale as a ghost, bright red lipstick and shoes, tilting her head to the side, speaking in child’s voice. And then, and fucking then, she takes an orange out of her purse. Takes it out slowly, and looks at me, as if she wants me to have it. Just as my self-defense mode is about to take over and I either run away or tackle the crazy bitch, my mom walks in. I know it didn’t happen, but it seemed like my mom brought the light into the room. I released a breath of relief. Rose, of course, went back to her “normal” self. They were about to go for a walk and my mom was getting ready in her room while she was pulling her grudge shit on me.

Since my parents wouldn’t believe anything I was saying about her, I wasn’t sure what to do. Only thing I could do at that age is nothing, I suppose. But I swore I’d punch that woman should she ever come close to me again.

A year or so had passed without any incidents and I was getting ready to go to the United States to study in college. Since I was going to play basketball there, I had to prepare for it. I spent summer away from home, working out in a training camp in a town about 40 miles from my city. During the last night of the camp, the last incident happened. My roommate had left the camp the day before and I had the room to myself. I was very excited about going to America in few days and had trouble sleeping. My room had a beautiful balcony (I was on the third floor of a hotel). Since it was warm, I decided to sit in the chair on the balcony for a while. I walked out, sat down, and immediately regretted it.

“It is really time to come now.”

I nearly shit myself. I mean, it’s been a while since I last heard that voice, but something like that stays with you forever. I turned my head to the right, and Rose was standing on the fence of a balcony of the room next to mine. Mind you, not standing on the balcony, or sitting at the table, but standing on the fence. How she was balancing I don’t know. Balcony was at least 50 feet from the ground. And she was holding the orange. Fucking orange. Only this time, orange seemed to have been somewhat rotten, not nearly as bright as the first three times. I was scared that she would attempt to jump over to my balcony, as there was only few feet distance between them. I was also scared she’d die in attempt to do so and I’d be blamed somehow. I had no idea what the fuck was going on.

“It really is time, you know.” She said it in that child like voice, never opening her jaw, her teeth forever clenched together, and lipstick the color of fresh blood. She seemed even paler this time, and her head was tilted to the left even more. She wore red shoes.

“What the fuck do you want from me?” I screamed in desperation, angry that this woman is causing me so much distress, but also hoping that someone would hear me and come witness this crazy bitch’s harassment.


“I only want you to go where you belong.” She said that, and again, never opened her teeth. She only sprang her hand more towards me, almost offering me that semi rotten orange.

“Fuck you, you crazy bitch.” I opened the door of my room, and as I was walking in, I heard: “You will come.”

I slammed the door, deciding this woman was schizophrenic. I would’ve probably flipped out more, but I was leaving the continent in few days, at which point I was safe. Wrong.

I know I have a wall of fucking text but this is the shortest version of these creepy events. I came to the US, and have been here for 7 years now. I forgot about the incidents and went on with my life. Only time I ever thought about Rose was when talking to my mom who said that since I left, her friendship with the crazy bitch fell apart. I was glad. Last 7 years were the best of my life. I got bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I got a wonderful girlfriend, you know, life’s good, man. But then. But fucking then. I am a big technology geek, and I love Apple (don’t shoot me down for this please). So, it was Last Friday, September 21st, the release of iPhone 5. I am in front of the store with about 50 other people. I am maybe 15th in line. It’s raining. It’s cold. I’ve been there for about 4 hours now. Doors finally open. We start moving in slowly. I look across the street and instantly stop. People run into my back, I can hear complaining. But it’s all bouncing off of me. Across the street, I see a woman in a white dress, head tilted, holding something orange-ish. Grin on her face. Lipstick so bright red, I can see it from across the street. I can’t move. Someone from far in the back pushes, causing me to fall. While I gather myself, I see the woman disappearing behind the corner. I remain sitting on the ground. It was Rose. It was her, I swear. I sit there for few minutes, get myself together, and walk in the store. No phones left. I decide to walk across the street. And there it was. At the place where she was standing now only sits a mushed, terribly rotten orange. That’s it. Just a rotten orange. I started crying. All memories came back. I thought that my whole life would constitute of being stalked by some maniac. And how did she find me anyways? I spent next few hours in a nearby coffee shop, drinking tea and reasoning how this could be logically possible. I kept no secret from my friends and family about my whereabouts. Did she stalk my Facebook? My friends? Did she travel here to harm me? What the fuck is her deal? Answering no questions I asked myself, I went home, deciding to keep it all to myself. My girlfriend noticed something was wrong with me for the next few days, but didn’t push it. I figured it was all a fluke, my mind playing tricks because I was up all night before that morning. Plus, it was raining. How could I see that well? And that orange, well that was just a coincidence. I convinced myself that I was just making it all up.

So today, a letter came. I get a lot of mail, so it’s not that out of the ordinary. But there was this envelope with no return address. I opened it and was immediately shocked. I was holding a Polaroid picture. In it, there was me, standing in line in front of the store last Friday. Only the picture was taken by a person behind me. It was taken at the moment I was looking across the street. I can tell because I could see the horror on my face. On the back of the photo, there were few words written with a black pen:

“you come with me, NOW.”

I dropped the picture and started crying like a baby. Like really crying my ass off. My girlfriend found me in our room, curled up on bed, still crying. She was terrified that maybe someone close to us had died, as she’s never seen me let a single tear before. I had to tell her. I started telling her the story, leaving most details out, so I can get to the point quicker. As I was talking, she was getting more and more pale. She never said a word. I finished my story and she was pale as ghost, not moving. Then she asked. She asked a fucking question that honestly caused me to almost faint. She said: “This woman, did she happen, to… um, hold an orange?” I froze, she started crying like I’ve never seen her cry before.

We had a long talk that night, and her story would require another wall of text. Honestly, I am fucking tired from typing this much and am pretty sure nobody will be willing to read this much. I am also lost. Terrified. Confused. But if someone does read this, I’ll write the rest. I’ll write in hope that someone can offer a solution, and an answer maybe. Currently, we are both scared as fuck, not knowing what to do next. Police is an option, but what do we tell them? I don’t know man, I am fucking scared for mine and her well being. Help me.


Update: Well guys, shit. Don’t know what to tell you. It happened again today. Except I didn’t see her. Let me give you a quick rundown of events:

  • 9:00 am – I go to the local police station with my girlfriend. We tell them all that we know and show them the Polaroid. Although quite friendly, they say they really can’t do much other than maybe file a restraining order against the person who probably (their words) isn’t even in the country. They think I mistook her for someone else and the picture, well they said it was probably a prank. They did take the photo and open a file about it, just in case it escalates. It did.
  • 1:00 pm – We arrived in town where I saw her. Went to the location, there was nothing there. Don’t know what the hell I expected anyways. We stayed there for a while.
  • 6:30 pm – Arriving home. Front door of the house is open, but this is not uncommon as we live with 5 other roommates. We go upstairs to our room. Our room is open. That is unheard of as we always make sure we lock it. And our landlord is the only other person who has the key. I yell asking if someone is there, no response. Also, no roommates are in the house, it seems. We walk in. We freeze. Our room is decently small, constitutes of two queen size beds put together and a little dresser and that’s about it. So what did we see? Pillows are all on our dresser. Towels on the bed.Our sheet is taken off the bed and put on the floor. It is spread out. In the center of it is an orange cut in two halves with a little peel next to it. My laptop is facing the door and is playing the same song on repeat. My laptop was turned off before I left and was also password protected. The song playing is my favorite from childhood, “Africa” by Toto. My desktop background was changed to one picture from my childhood that I didn’t even have in the computer.
  • 7:00 pm – We call the police, they arrive 15 minutes later. I take about 5 pics of the mess just before they come. They say they’ll start an investigation, but claim that it’s still not “serious enough” for fingerprints and stuff.
  • 8:30 pm – They leave and tell us to call should anything happen again, and also advise us to stay with friends if possible.

We spent next few hours just talking, man. Trying to figure it out. We’re exhausted both mentally and physically. I am going to Skype with my mom tomorrow and see if she knows anything. I will type up my gf’s story tonight, but may post it in the morning if I don’t finish it all in time. I will include photos I took, I promise you that much.

Holy fuck, this shit is happening to me.

Credit To – Milos Bogetic

NOTE: This is the first in a series of several popular Reddit posts documenting some seriously creepy experiences. We are publishing them here with express permission of Milos Bogetic aka inaaace, the original poster. The story is in multiple parts, and will be published completely over the next few days – much like what I did with the ‘Bedtime’ series earlier this year. After the stories have all gone up, I’ll edit each post with links to the other parts.

The OP has finished the book that he promised during his successful kickstarter project.

You can find the paperback and Kindle e-book versions here: The Story of Her Holding an Orange by Milos Bogetic  – full disclosure: our referral link is included.

I know that this will not be new material for all of you, but for those of you who – like myself – don’t use Reddit, I wanted to post it so that you guys could enjoy it as much as I did after having it brought to my attention. Thanks again to Milos for letting me post it, and enjoy!

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217 thoughts on “The Story of Her Holding an Orange: Part One”

  1. I bought the book. It wasn’t much longer than what’s posted of the story here on creepypasta but worth the read imo.

  2. Deadlynightshade

    I don’t get it. Someone breaks into the apartment but the police “claim” it’s not serious as to dust for prints?

  3. I’ve heard about this story a lot on this site, and I figured hey, may as well finally get around to reading it now that I’m back and all.

    And… holy shit.

    I really don’t know what else to say from that, in terms of both the story and writing. There is literally nothing to critique here, because I can’t think of a single way this could be written better than it is now. The emotions of fear conveyed through the protagonist’s speech patterns, the ‘fear of the unknown’ factor and originality to the story, all of it… I’m really not sure what to say. It was a brilliant story, and actually managed to scare me a little bit! (I’m sorry, that probably sounds like a backhanded compliment, but it’s really not – this is literally the second story I have ever read on this site that has managed to scare me.)

    T-ten out of ten. I can’t believe I’m finally giving something ten out of ten, but you know what? This story deserves nothing less. Congratulations, author.

  4. RoseByAnyOtherName

    I would love to volunteer my proof reading services if there was a way to do that. It ruins a good story (which this is) for me when simple words like “the,” “a,” “and” etc. are missing, and the writing switches tenses, one minute past tense one minute present. Like the writer is a Non-English speaker maybe? In which case I would suggest having a fluent English speaker proofread it, just as I would find a fluent Spanish speaker if I tried to write a story in Spanish…I mean, does this site do its own translating? Are there versions of Creepypasta in every language? Just wondering.

  5. No Face (ah, ahh)

    “you come with me NOW.”
    “Hold on, let me check my instagram first. Do you have an instagram?”
    “Oh yah! Here ill type it in for yuh.”
    *Takes phone and types*
    “@Butwhowastheorangelady Interesting username, haha”
    “Oh my friend typed it in for me ._.”
    “Oh okay, I see.”
    “Should we go now?”
    “Yah, yah. We should.”
    *Slight pause*
    “So where are we going?”
    *Another pause*
    “Yuh know, I dont even remember..Want to just get some Starbucks? Haha.”
    “Oh yah, sure. Quick selfie?”
    “Ahh, I look like crap today. Im all pale from late nights and coffee. All baggy too, yuh feel?”
    “Oh yah, Im all baggy too. But you look fine, show that white smile of yours!”
    “Ahh okay, for memories, haha.”
    *Snaps a quick selfie*
    “What should I hashtag it?”
    “I guess ‘#Starfuckscoffee’ would get us few likes, haha.”
    “Alright xD”
    “Should we really go now?”
    “Yah, we should, haha.”
    *Starts walking to Starbucks*

  6. I have noticed that none of u have figured out rose. Rose is a demon. Demons can take any form. And in this case it was a woman. He doesn’t need to take the orange. Him taking it will only cause things to get worse or even fatal.

  7. Advick:
    It’s illegal to hide cameras in the United States….

    Its also illegal to stalk people, to break and enter, and it should be illegal to keep oranges in your purse for ten years. I think hiding a camera would be legit.

  8. I can’t get to the last part of the story…I’m really pissed off. Can someone send me a link or copy and paste it and send it to me or something? I love this series, and I really want to know how it ends. Ugh, why won’t you post it, admin?!?!?!

  9. Whether this is real or just a story, I am in love with it. If this is real, holy fucking shit, kill it with fire and I’m terrified for the couple. If this is a story, I’d love it to be made into a movie!

  10. Unfortunately, he is telling a true story.

    A few weeks back, I was at my grandmothers house. She was alive at the time, and passed away last monday. Her house is abandoned now and in the paper they say to not go into it, because it is haunted. 2 Sighting have occured already. Anyway, we were cleaning out her house, dividing her money and furniture with the family and what not. I decided to go into the old upstairs living room. Its huge and absolutely gorgeous. I started packing away all of her photographs and books and china dishes. There was this mirror that I do adore and I want it for myself. I begin walking toward and as I get closer, I begin to see a pale woman behind me. For fuck sakes I was terrified and almost shit myself. It was Rose. Standing. Right. Fucking. There. “Take it now!” She cried. I havent seen her since I was about 6 years old. Why me. Why fucking me. This is a true story. Don’t believe me? Hope she watches over you in your sleep than. Goodnight.

  11. Heh this is quite an interesting prob u both got here huh
    Hah i know it aint a joke i am somehow intrigued
    I believe as such thing with u and i tell u i aint an easy believer lets just say
    I am 16 and i have seen plenty of stuff in my dreams so in fewer words thise things cant harm me
    I would love to help if i live there but i am only 16 as i said, i cant help much
    I would love to have this case up close and personal
    I dont know nothing about any voodoo or “shit” as u would say but i might be a good help in time

  12. there are people in the world now that can help solve or give insigts about these issues. they are called WITCHES, psychics, or sensitives, or paranormal investigators…any of the above most likely could help give reasons. unless its all fake then just laugh it off

  13. Makiaveli7daytheory

    If this really is a TRUE, LEGIT story happening to CURRENTLY LIVING PEEPS, then I suggest you get religious help, like… ASAP. But one thing you CANNOT let it do… is control your freaking life. If it’s an evil entity, then you’ll probably just get it more riled up with all of your… fear and stuff. You should get some help, not with law enforcement, but with maybe your local church to help you. Again, only if this is a TRUE story. If it’s just a jerk- off playing a prank saying that, “OMG, I need help cuz this is really happening!” then get a life, please.

  14. I am still reading to see any similar actions to a past. If these things still happen hold on to your ‘hope’.

  15. in anchint times offering someone an orange if acepted is a way of giving thier soul to the evil leader some people still beleave that today and may just be insane sorry i couldent help much but i found this information on yahoo answers {what does a orange fruit symbalize] if you want to look at it for yourself i hope you can figure out what this means

  16. pray, call a priest, and hopefully you’re Catholic. God helps, especially with things we don’t understand. and if it helps, the supernatural is real. used to hear voices with everyone asleep in ma house, and when i wasn’t born there was a ghost that my mom saw go by my older brothers room and disappear in the form of mist for a time.

  17. Orange is actualy a sign of superstion so that being said your subconcious could have made a show for you by making rose seem like a supersticius person. U actually could have developed a mental illness or u haven’t been sleep 10 for a 36 hour period so that means u would have to sleep about 7 hours a day or else hallucinations settle in.

  18. Hmmmm i want to hear more about this “rose” was there someone from your childhood named rose, what did she look like and did she offer you an orange?
    Some time’s ghost’s stay with the one they love or an object they hont(sorry not the best speller)that person or object till there task is complete. Did you think of doing as she say’s and go with her? If you fell a dark present do NOT go with her and run just run, you can not escape her but you can try, there are something’s that we do not understand and will never understand something’s we are not meant to understand.

    This “Rose” could be your grim reaper i am warning you do not take the orange if you fell a dark present!

    Look on the internet type her name in look for others that have seen this women this ghost or monster or whatever she is.
    I hope you solve this and you two are ok soon.

  19. Man this is fucked up bro. I’ve never had this problem ever with one of my mom’s friends. Probably nobody else has either. I really liked it. I’m planning to read the rest tonight cause it’s awesome. Don’t stop writing pastas. 10/10

  20. Dropkickpandas

    I’m fucking scared of the orange it’s rotten and I’m allergic to oranges
    So t(-.-t) Fuck that Orange

  21. Advick:
    What ifhe tried? It’s obvious that the woman would just act normal… I mean seriously… Not that I entirely believe everything I read… But be more critical instead of being so quick to insult something you barely know anything about

  22. Weak.

    Your literary skills are certainly above average, but I wish you wouldn’t bullshit about this being “based on a true story”. As soon as I read that I’m instantly 5 times more skeptical, there’s so many issues with the story for such a claim to be made for example, the part where you told your girlfriend about Rose, neglecting what was easily the most significant detail; the orange -hence it featuring in the title- and then her uncannily congruent experience with the same woman -as you allegedly come to discover- is overwhelmingly cliché and has been done at least a thousand times through the years. If, after this you still continue to make the same claim I can only conclude that you are a liar, or mentally ill. It’s not that I dismiss the possibility of a female, bipolar stalker equipped with a degrading orange, but simply the way this is written and the fact that it was submitted on creepypasta at all. By all means, continue to write this fiction, it’s creative and I like the plot, but release all claims to its authenticity. It’s just childish.

  23. I know the ending of this story on reddit but im wondering if anyone is able to tell me how the book version ended? thanks

    1. No. We’re not having spoilers in the comments, for the sake of both people who want to discuss individual parts without seeing spoilers as well as the author – I’m not here to try and hurt his book sales by hosting the ending.

  24. this was a real disappointment. I expected an actual scary story so I kept reading, hoping the scary part would come, but it didn’t. it is badly written and it’s like the writer didn’t even trie to convince us this actually happened to him.

  25. good story,
    a bit too predictable.
    why hasn’t there been a good conversation with “rose” yet?
    you’d figure if she’s always fuckin with you, you’d get some answers from her instead of freaking out every time and driving yourself crazy. what importance does the fruit orange have to do with beings that can open locked doors and perfectly balance on fences? it’s a fruit; nothing abnormal about it. anyways; good read.

  26. you know, even though we are very differrent in taste (i suppose what you wrote about yourself is true. reddit sucks, apple sucks etc.) i still think youre a pretty cool guy.

  27. Ethan(I beat slendy, I think i can help you too.)

    1. Get holy water
    2. Get a cross
    3. Get rid of all your fucking mirrors and oranges
    4. Get a bible
    5. Keep the bible next to your bed
    6. Put the cross on your door
    7. pour holy water around/on any place you think she would appear
    8. Buy a gun
    9. Buy silver bullets with crosses on them
    10. Shoot the bitch with those silver bullets
    11. Buy a cat(they know when somethings up)
    12. If all these things don’t work, email me. My email is

  28. Is it bad that this story kind of made me laugh? lol. I mean don’t get me wrong, this woman sounds terrifying, but also the way this dude reacts to the picture of the orange that he gets in the mail is just too much for my funny bone to handle lol. Especially the part about his girlfriend when it says “She said: “This woman, did she happen, to… um, hold an orange?” I froze, she started crying like I’ve never seen her cry before.”

    Im sorry this guy probably suffered a lot but this is just too funny lol.

  29. In my opinion, this person is brave. If this happened to me I wouldn’t do shit but burst into tears and probably sleep in my parents room.

  30. wow…i love you story however i do know most things about paranormal activity however yours defeats my purpose however this lady you speak of has followed from one continent however that seems like a link or maybe a sign how ever i would advise you to keep a very very close eye out however this lady maybe a demon or a actual trapped soul that couldn’t cross over however that is some what common have you advise a back ground check on this lady i mean who knows you might come across something have you ever tried making a communication with it however if you wish to know a few tips email me i will reply [email protected] i might be able to help you with this

  31. OMG! You guys ive seen this lady except when she pulled out the orange i took it from her and stuck it up my butt!

  32. Allyhara Blade

    Morana is in fact the slavic goddess of death and winter and is known for having a terrifying appearance. As the goddess of winter she was commonly depicted as wearing white and was hated for bringing harsh winters that commonly killed cattle… like sheep. Also the name morana is jewelry store called morana accesories. The logo for this store is… you guessed it. a rose. so yeah. he says this is a true story and believe what you will. but little research would quickly prove otherwise. type morana and go to google images.

  33. i feel really bad for you i wish that all of this never happened (but it did).
    how petrifried were you when you first heard rose’s childish voice and saw her pale skin and creepy grin?

  34. Someone gave me an orange today when I wasn’t paying attention, and I turned around and fell out of my seat.

  35. he says the only thing that reminded him of rose was when he talked to his mom on the phone & she said that her & Rose relationship was getting destroyed. well i would think whenever he sees a orange he would be reminded the first day he had the encounter with Rose in his room. this in my opinion is FAKE! how would he not be insane from always seeing a orange.

  36. Did he already write the next part? And if so does anyone know where I can find it? Or will he post it up on here? Did he write his girlfriend’s part of the story?

  37. Funny how Rose can take a picture of him…yet he can’t use a camera to actually catch her in action.
    …Where does she want to take you? if you mentioned it in the other chapters or whatever, I’m sorry but I’m too scared to read them at 1 in the morning

  38. So I work at a super market and there is a regular customer who always buys oranges… I’ll never look at her the same way again.

  39. Miss Misanthrope

    I did enjoy this, but there were some parts that seemed to go on for a while that I lost my interest.
    The sense of obscurity in the story was well thought out, although I think that if you had mentioned where the main character lived as a teenager, it would have had us connect to him moreso.

  40. Looks like you got a demon stalking. If this is a true story, its gonna be another surprising evidence for ghost hunters. If she is a demon, maybe carry a rosary or something.

  41. Eating Rainbows

    Loving it so far! What really gives me chills is when you describe how she moves her head like a puppet, kind of methodically and…Should I say alienish? The part that confuses me is why she’s holding an orange, because if she wasn’t it would still be scary. Still debating how a citrus fruit correlates to a creepy bleach white stalker. Also, this kind of sounds like a jeff the killer copy, feminine version. However, I’ve only read the beginning so I’m sure there’s a vast line between the two. If it were me in the story, I’d have to really fruit ninja that bitch. 8/10

    1. The orange is the core of the story in my opinion. It begs the question WHY the orange? And what does it mean?

      The odd behavior such as that of her holding an orange i think is what gets to me. It brings an inhuman feel.

  42. Wow
    I really don’t know
    I mean reading this made me enjoy it and yet horrified, and I don’t know how I will feel If I were you.
    Honestly I don’t know what to say, but lets hope that;
    One day maybe even tomorrow she’ll stop, and you’ll find what’s the deal with her

  43. I really don’t know.
    Reading this made me feel very horrified and I would feel worse of I were you.
    I really don’t know what to say, but all I could say is;
    Lets hope that someday, maybe even tomorrow, she would stop. Or you’d find what’s the deal with her

  44. I took my time under a thick blanket to lift the blanket up and quickly switch places with my boyfriend so that I wouldnt be facing the window.

  45. You know you can’t escape this fate, but I may be able to offer a summary and maybe a solution, contact me

  46. omg!!!!!! this is really freaky i hope both of u and i stop seeing oranges bc i dont buy them i hate oranges

  47. I never read this story, What’s it all about? A girl died because of an orange? I don’t read long stuff sorry so just tell me what it’s about.

  48. I don’t know… looking at the comments and rating, I just really don’t get why people enjoyed this one. I didn’t think it was very creepy, and it wasn’t really that interesting to read. To be honest, it felt like I was listening to someone tell a story who swears to sound impressive.

  49. J. Stan Shocker

    It’s gonna take a lot more to get Rose away from you. There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.

  50. Awkward Thursdays

    Honestly, I don’t like the writing… WAY too much cussing and due to the narrator not being a native English speaker, their vocabulary isn’t very inviting to the senses. Also, because i doubt the narrator is an author, there is a lot of telling and not showing — no atmosphere built up. I suppose it was never supposed to be a scary story though, it was more of a shared experience.

  51. This may sound idiotic,but why didn’t you just push her off the balcony?Nice story though,it’s a really good one and I’ve been waiting for a story like this.

    1. Haha, yeah. xD

      On a more serious note, my biggest problem with this story was the reaction of the main character. You have the crazy-brave blondes of Z-rated teen horror movies, and in this here story is a totally sissy male who cannot straightly confront a stalker.

  52. I was never this excited for any part 2 of a story o_O ..and hopefully there’s no part 3 coz i NEED TO KNOW EVERYYTTHHIIINNGG

  53. I’ve seen that woman before, but only once, when I was around the age of 7, I’m 13 now, and after that day, I haven’t seen her at all.

  54. I hate to be “that guy,” but I really didn’t find this all that interesting. Also, in some places, the language is rather hard to follow. The OP wrote this how someone would talk, but that really isn’t doing this piece and favors honestly. Reminds me of “Catcher In the Rye” stylistically and that wouldn’t be a bad thing – except for this genre – I think it is taking A LOT away from the atmosphere.

    To be frank, this sounds like some sort of fan fiction to me. The wordage is too childish to be taken seriously and the descriptions of Rose just end up making me laugh when coupled with the reaction of the writer. I know that isn’t what is intended here, but maybe it is just me. I just feel like this could really benefit from a more professional structure, but I guess if you are supposed to believe that this is “a true story,” then making it sound like a narrative would take away from that illusion.

    Honestly, it’s kind-of a damned if you do damned if you don’t scenario. Other than that, it kept me reading – but that really isn’t saying much considering I always read the pasta to the end no matter how bad I may think it is.

    1. I never believed in these creepy pasta things until this happened to me this woman is real and the last time I saw her it was before my therapy I thought I was hallucinating but she’s really real? O_O goodbye normality (again)

  55. Might be because I was too lazy to turn off the lights in my room before starting to read, but this really didn’t even seem spooky to me. :/

  56. holy FUCK! i think i just shit myself…..jk….but woah…..i hav seen her b4…no joke. only twice. one wasnt even in real life but last night (b4 i read this) i had a dream…and i was going to school with my friends getting on the bus and i look in the corner of my eye and by my dads car is a woman holding an orange saying ‘are you coming? we hav to leave! we r late!’ and i get freeked. and so i get on the bus (still dreaming) and wen we r almost at school….we hit a ‘dog’ every one gets out and every one else sees a dog. i see a woman with a phsycotic look on her face. and under her hand was an orange. smashed. then my alarm woke me up in real life and guess what i heard? i was totally creeped. so i was listining. i heard her outside of my window. i look and it is raining….but also there she is….except she wasnt smiling. u r lucky u saw her smiling. cuz it looked kinda like D: with an impossibly flat bottom lip. and perfectly white teeth. but it looked like she had mascara on too cuz it was running…unless she had black tears…and her lipstick was running too. making her look like a clown. she started screaming and i started praying. i can remember every word like she just said it. she screamed “COME ON! WE MUST LEAVE! IT IS ALMOST TOO LATE! COME! COME! U MUST JOIN ME! I HAVE GIVEN YOU TOO MUCH TIME!” she collapsed and started hitting the assphault. then she stopped suddenly and and began crawling towards my window. i couldnt move. like my body was locked in place. she came to my window at amazing pace and screamed. she vomited black gas and crumpled into a pile of a sundress. then it started to form into a being again. it was a young girl who looked to be abt 10 or 11. she waved at me and dissappeared. i collapsed on the floor of my room and am in the hospital for head injury as i type this. my mom brought in my laptop at my request so i could type this. my doctor says there is bleeding inside my hnead and i might not live. i hope that this man and woman are now at peace.

    1. I’m literally crying about your comment
      That’s so terrifying and nobody should ever experience that
      I hope you live :(

  57. Epic motherfucking story I loved it. I don’t use Reddits so I had no idea what this story was. Loved it. It’s ranked my 4th favorite EPIC PASTA.

  58. even after burning out my mind devouring pasta after pasta, this story proves that there is always room for much more.

    i especialy like the realistic tone. not many authors can achieve such a sense of reality as this one can.

    of course, if this is a real occurance (im a little bit naive), then i would like to express my sympathies to those under siege.

  59. THEN WHO WAS....nevermind o.O

    Seriously real shit..i have one orange sitting on my kitchen counter (from I’m not terribly worried) but this is good creepy stuff and can’t wait to read further!

    1. there’s a girl named Rose who used to live where I live now. She was killed in a bus accident and she still haunts my house XP

    2. The PerformingDetective

      I watch Doctor Who too, and I love Rose, but when reading these stories, I still think of Rose from Two and a Half Men, probably because both are creepy stalkers with long, dark hair.

  60. Damn, two really good pastas in one day. Excellent, addictive story line. I feel so sorry for this couple. I really hope they find some answers.

  61. Some creepy stuff! I can’t wait to read the rest of them! Hopefully they both find a resolution to their problem….

    1. Shiiit, I honestly started tearing up a bit too… Not really sure why. No story has done that to me before. I sympathize with the main character in a big way. Loving this series already

  62. Meh. Could’ve been proofread at least once to fix countless typos and verb tense changes. As is, regardless of future parts, 4/10 at best.

    1. I think that the typos and bad grammar add to the story. he’s made it clear that he’s foreign- he even said that he’s leaving his country to study in America. My guess is that he’s Serbian, because he swears a lot and plays basketball. I can just imagine him with the accent :D
      Seeing the author’s name at the end almost confirms that he’s Serbian!! (please don’t take this as an insult, I’m talking from experience, I’m serbian too!)

  63. i don’t believe short stories posted on short story web sites should have multiple parts. especially when the admin randomly posts a single story every day. its a good story, but if you want to write a book, write a book. I’m not here to read a book, I’m here to read short stories of monetary interest.

    1. Hey, is this REALLY, REALLY, REALLY true? Or just a clever way to get lots of readers? If this IS true then.. Wow. I don’t know what I’d do with my life. Haha

    1. The PerformingDetective

      Hey! I wear red lipstick. The creepy smile on the other hand… that is a good reason not to trust someone.

      1. Lol, obviously wearing whatever color of lipstick doesn’t matter. It’s kind of a joke because red is considered a “stand-out”, “rebellious” or “sexy” color.

  64. Really happy that Milos submitted to the site, Derpbutt. I spoke to him a while ago and said that I thought his stories would be a great success here. They are all incredibly frightening and this one is the story which really kicked things off for him.

    He has a number of stand alone tales and a few series, all of which will give you sleepless nights. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    The ‘Orange’ series works because like the most effective horror stories it takes a fairly mundane image, layers it with a sinister undertone, and then brings it into the world of a child (in this case the main character starts off as a teenager, a time which can be confusing enough without the uncanny manipulating you). A world which should be safe and cosy, but is invaded by something unearthly, unusual, and unthinkable.

    Anyway, I’m blabbering. The site will only benefit from having his stories here, and I envy those who are reading them for the first time.

    One last thing, there were a few posts where people seemed angry about my stories being posted regularly over a few weeks, even to the point where any positive comments were being voted down. As Milos’ stories are about to be posted in a similar way, I’d like to ask whoever was doing that to not do so here. As a fan of the site I love to read the great pieces of work which people contribute here, and when we have writers like Milos and Stephan D. Harris submitting regularly, it only helps add to the already wonderful collection of horrific tales which are here. I would hate to see anyone put off from adding their stories because a small group of rate down everything they post.

    There’s no such thing as a ‘blocker’. What makes such a wonderful place for a horror fan is that it has such a strong editorial process, one which is in very good hands. Most similar sites end up with great stories often getting buried under a plethora of submissions which get lost in the noise.

    That doesn’t happen here. We should just be happy as readers that there are great writers like Milos submitting their work for us to enjoy.

    Anyway, I have to go, dying of the man flu. Hope everyone is good and I hope you all vote up Milos’ stories as they are wonderful :)

    ~ Mike

  65. (Comment posted before the rest of the chapters were submitted)

    Total cliffhanger and an addictive storyline, can’t wait for more pasta!

  66. Damn, this is either a very freaky occurrence or one hella an author O_O’ It really digs into that sensitive childish side that we all have leftover from our youth, really effective. Ouch.

    1. I will help you take out that crazy bitch all ya need is a shotty and some cameras around your house prefferable wireless and hide them and review footage

        1. should be legal so long as it’s your property. and even if there are local restrictions, just make sure you hide them well enough and it won’t be an issue.

    2. Guns are meant for self-defense. I don’t think the cops would qualify the orange as a weapon threatening his life. Shoot her – go to jail. And this would indeed be a great story to tell cellmates.

      1. Shoot her then steal hydrochloride acid from a school / collage and buy in large blue plastic container with a recycle sign at the button put the body in drench it in the acid in the process of waiting for the bitch to dissolve dig a deep hole and pour her liquid ass down it and seal it

        1. Whoa, so a stalker with an orange is a high enough threat level to justify murdering someone, stealing restricted chemicals, and destroying evidence? If you could get away with doing all that and pull it off, you may be better a qualified serial killer than orange lady.

    3. Problem is you can only use a gun in a situation where your life is in danger. You or someone else would have to be under attack or the other person would need to have a weapon and threatening your life. Otherwise, you’re the one who’s in deep shit. If he shot Rose and she had nothing but some rotten orange, she’d walk free and he’d be the one in trouble. Stupid I know, but that’s how it works in stalker situations.

  67. lollipop_gestapo

    This was incredibly frightening and my heart is breaking for this couple. I really hope the next few stories provide a resolution. I’m just terribly sorry this all happened. No one should be taunted and made afraid like this.

      1. A story about a “big technology geek” who wanted to buy an iPhone 5, but was too dumb to buy a video camera or a voice recorder to collect evidence for the cops.
        I don’t know what details we will get from the next parts of the story, but as far as this part goes, the protagonist seems to be dealing with a professional ventriloquist who found herself a nice target for trolling. Serves him well for not figuring to make a photo of her with all the chances he had. “Big technology geek”, yeah right.

        1. Username or no username, there is no nameuser

          You do realize fear makes people forget the most obvious solutions? its a simple fact

        2. When you panic or you’re very afraid you don’t think straight. Try being scared stupid, it happens.

        3. No way! You’re picture is Sae! I’m surprised people (besides me) have actually heard of Fatal Frame.

        4. What if he tried? It’s obvious that the woman would just act normal… I mean seriously… Not that I entirely believe everything I read… But be more critical instead of being so quick to insult something you barely know anything about….

        5. Foxiepaws ACAnderson (Foxiepaw

          I don’t think what you are saying is relevant. This guy came from the ex Eastern Bloc which by definition was way behind technology in the Western world I know because I have actually been there before and after the Wall. I think he’s honestly describing himself and just because he probably didn’t have access to all sorts of spyware doesn’t make him a liar. I would like to see you under this kind of stress!

        1. SaveTheLastFist

          You realize he has posted other story’s after he supposedly “took the orange”.

      2. “Big technology geek” who can’t think for himself and fell victim to Apple marketing, what a joke. Ha ha.

    1. Dude this Story was so freaking scary i think i may just may have craped my pants a little. :D Dude love the creepy storys you r doing a great job.

    2. I actually looked up some information about this and heres what I found orange is symbolic by the cathloc church as a sighn of supernatural manifestation so this makes me think that the Catholic church has seen signs of this before. The lady could be just a person you know such as rose who is representing either a your subconcious or b you have not had 10 hours of sleep within a 36 hour period this makes me believe its your friend rose but your hallucinating. Although u may not have know what orange represented maybe your previous ancestors did and like regular actions we learn on our own such as breathing you were aware without being told. This could have jhst been a coincidence with ur girlfriend but this is just logic u might want to talk to a doctor or a priest only if it comes to that. Bothr not allowed to release any Iinfo given to them by you so u should be sAFE

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