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The Story of Her Holding an Orange: Part Six & Link to the End

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Okay guys, a lot has happened since the last time I checked in. Lot of you messaged me asking if I was doing ok. Some of you even went as far as sending me you phone numbers and really reaching out. I thank you for that.

We have not encountered Rose since the last time. Also, we decided to move. I got a decent job on the south of the US and we thought it’d be a good idea to get out of here (any Atl folks, holla at me). My father did go see the priest who baptized me and the story actually become more convoluted, if you can call it that.

Anyways, I got baptized in a church called Ostrog, in Montenegro. Here is the pic of it. I don’t believe in god in any kind of way, but this church is amazing. It was built a long time ago. When the Turkish Empire came to take over, people took it stone by stone and moved it up in the mountain where the Turks couldn’t reach it. It is a magnificent building. Many people of different religions, including Muslims and Buddhists, come to that church in search of a spiritual help. That is the only place I ever felt something “more” than just my non-believer reality.


The Church

So, when I was six, my dad decided to baptize me there. Neither of my parents are particularly religious, but my dad fallows traditions, and baptizing kids is one of them. He decided that baptism should be performed at the most famous church in Balkans, Ostrog. You had to schedule it, and demand was so high that I was going to do it with other kids as a part of a group baptism. When we arrived there, and disappointment awaited (at least for my dad, I couldn’t give any less fucks). At the entrance of the church, the priest stopped me.

“You. You cant go in.” He physically stopped me with his hand. Priests in our country wear long black robes and rock long beards. So I was standing there being held by this batman looking dude. My dad jumped in front of me and asked what the problem was.

“You my child (talking to my dad), I know you. I baptized you. I can tell. (He did baptize him 20 years ago or so). But your son, he can not go in here.”

“And why is that?” My dad asked, shocked.

“I cant really tell you, but it is better for us all if he went elsewhere.”

“But why?”

“Son, please, leave. But remember this, don’t dare not baptizing him. You have to.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Nor will you ever. Just do it.”

So my dad took my hand and walked away not knowing what in the fuck was going on. On our way home, he was trying to figure out what happened. He thought that maybe I messed something up, like peed behind the church or something (which sounded like my kind of thing, but I didn’t do it).

When we got home, we got a phone call. It was from that priest. He wanted us to come back. Right away. It was a 35 minute ride back. My dad and I were more confused than ever. We arrived at the church, and all the previous baptisms have been performed already. It was only 3 of us there.

“I decided to baptize your son despite…”

“Despite what?” my dad asked curiously.

“I could not tell you. But it is important we do this fast.”

So we did. I walked in a circle and he went on with his prayers spraying holy water on me. I remember getting bored as hell right before he finally finished. He told us to go away and not to come back unless something out of the ordinary happened to me.

My dad was just glad we got it done. That was 20 years ago. My dad went back there few days ago. Priest was still alive, although retired. He still lived on the church grounds. It took some talking into (and donations) for him to speak up.


I got baptized on February 13th 1992. On the night before my baptism, priest was handling his sheep (back in the day, priests raised sheep and cows and lived mostly off of that) when he saw a figure in the dark. It was strange for someone to stand there that late at night, especially because visits were over and all the clerical staff was already in their designated housing.

“Hey, who is that?” Priest yelled.

“Come, father.” Woman’s voice spoke calmly.

Priest explained that from time to time, he’d get visits from desperate people, begging for blessing or shelter. So he went ahead to see what the woman wanted. He said that when he came there, he saw a woman in white, standing, not moving. She was standing among sheep, but they formed a circle around her, almost like a safe distance. Priest claims that he immediately felt something unholy.

“ What do you want?” he asked in a defensive aggressive voice. At that point he knew it wasn’t a peaceful visitor he was talking to.

“Tomorrow. Tomorrow you will encounter a boy. Just like any other. His name will be Milos. You won’t baptize him.”

Priest told my father that he performed several exorcisms before but he was never actually scared. This time, he felt unsafe.

“You and your kind have no place on this holy ground.”

“My kind, father? What would that be?”

“You, demons.” His voice was cracking in fear.

She laughed. “Demons? I realize you’re a man of cloth, but believing in demons? That takes a lot of faith, father.”

“I want you to leave, now.”


“Listen to me you pity priest. I know who you are. I know what you think. I know you feel my strength. Deny my request, and you’ll never sleep in peace again.”

Then, she left. Rest of the story you know. He refused to baptize me than he changed his mind. Apparently, he told my dad that he’d rather be tormented by an unholy spirit than deny god’s child a chance to connect to Jesus. He also said that he has been paying for it since the day he baptized me.

Every single night for two weeks after he baptized me, he has been seeing a woman in white appear on his window. She’d just stand there, looking at him with hand tilted. No smile though, but only a face of anger. He’d say many prayers but it didn’t seem to affect her. Then, his sheep started dying. There were no wolf marks, no sign of force. Just laying dead. Finally, number of exorcisms skyrocketed. He claims that this was a direct consequence of him disobeying woman’s orders. He even showed an exorcism videotape (they started filming in the chapel in the mid 90s) to my dad. My dad says it was unreal. Apparently a 13-year-old girl came in the chapel with her mom. Her mom was sobbing in tears begging for help. Priest started performing his ritual when the little girl started throwing stuff around. Priest called two young guys who came in to pray that day and asked them to hold her. She kept walking in circles, with two grown men holding her. And right before she fell to her knees, she said “You shouldn’t have done it father.” She was cured.

My dad had more than enough of information thrown at him, but he wanted to know what this woman was. Priest said that he originally thought it was a demon, but a lack of prayer efficiency and her freedom of behavior on the holy ground was concerning. He then thought it was some sort of a cult, witchcraft maybe. The problem is, she has been visiting him on February 13th every year. All the livestock he’d have would die on that day. Any sick person coming for help to the church that day would get worse. Number of possessed people would skyrocket abnormally on the 13th. And at the end of the day, she’d come to the window, no matter where he was. He tried talking to her many times, asking what/who she was. She never responded. She never aged. Priest was finally broken down to the point where he quit. He remained living at the grounds, but he couldn’t do his job anymore. He lost faith. He claimed that the god should’ve protected him. My dad says he may be mentally unstable at this point. He was mentioning something about Morana, whatever that meant. It appears to be a goddess of death in some cultures, but I really think this man has gone mad.

I think that this whole story was jabber of an old man gone senile. Goddesses? Demons? Hardly.

That would be the disappointing story of my baptism. I have not had any encounters with any of them since the last time. I am moving away, hoping it helps. I also decided this: if I encounter them again, I am taking the orange. I cant go on like this forever. I just… can’t.

For the ending of this story, go HERE – it will not be posted on Creepypasta. I feel that the final part is most effective when left at its original source.

Credit To – Milos Bogetic

NOTE: This is the sixth in a series of several popular Reddit posts documenting some seriously creepy experiences. We are publishing them here with express permission of Milos Bogetic aka inaaace, the original poster. The story is in multiple parts, and will be published completely over the next few days – much like what I did with the ‘Bedtime’ series earlier this year. After the stories have all gone up, I’ll edit each post with links to the other parts.

The OP has finished the continuation book that he promised during his successful kickstarter project.

You can find the paperback and Kindle e-book versions here: The Story of Her Holding an Orange by Milos Bogetic  – full disclosure: our referral link is included.

I know that this will not be new material for all of you, but for those of you who – like myself – don’t use Reddit, I wanted to post it so that you guys could enjoy it as much as I did after having it brought to my attention. Thanks again to Milos for letting me post it, and enjoy!

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259 thoughts on “The Story of Her Holding an Orange: Part Six & Link to the End”

  1. So I clicked the link and there’s nothing there.
    Just the book thing
    So can anyone gimme the links for the ending?

  2. Don’t really get why this series is so highly rated. Its a little creepy, but Im not going to lose any sleep over it. The sentence structure and syntax is really rather poor throughout, and there’s a LOT of unnecessary cursing. Some swearing can add emphasis to the sentence, a lot just makes the writer sound poorly educated. Its not frightening, and it never really gets to an adequate conclusion.

  3. HA!!! I was so into this story breh! I really was like all creeped out n shit, smashing oranges with hammers n shit, punching random bosnian women that smiled at me.. I was a wreck breh…

    But then I tried to read the final part of the story only to realize it has beeen made into paperback and on kindle and now… well now I can’t unless I buy it. Way to go son, you’ve become a sellout.

  4. please post the last story on creepypasta, because i cant open the site you’ve posted there due to the block thing, it says “internet filtering” please i wanna know the end. hopefully nothing serious and u’ll never meet sortta bad spiritual!

  5. Don’t. Take the orange. That is the worst thing u could do. Am I the only one that saw the demon on top of the church? Believe it or not demons can step foot on holy ground and so can Lucifer.

  6. Could you update part 3 of this pasta? I think it’s down :( I wanna read it so badly.. I love the story, but it’s freaky for sure

  7. WTF!! I just read the ending and it was THREE WORDS. I took it. Will someone please explain how that’s an ending? I mean it doesn’t tell you what happens after or when she showed up and he took it.Also will someone please comment or post the actual ending ( if the book is different )

  8. Solution: 1st: Buy a gun,2nd: wait until one of them show up,3rd: Shoot that motherf**ker in the face a couple times,4th: If it’s a ghost or demon go ghostbusters style and get a vacuum cleaner.

  9. He didn’t write this up for entertainment (at least i think), he wrote it for help and advice, although i must admit it is a boring, i was expecting some sort of explanation as to who these ‘people’ were

  10. I was really enjoying this story so much. It was so terrifying. And then you gave me a sad.

    Then you brought in religion the way you did. You can say that “you don’t believe” all you want and deny ownership of any quasi-religious images you are creating, but it doesn’t work that way.

    It is too bad you decided that it is no problem to make pagan gods “worse than demons” without even knowing your stuff about them. It is like if I as a pagan would write a horror story concluding that Jesus was a serial killer. Not really fair. I guess when pagans are a minority you can however do this however much you like without much effect to your success.

    The goddess being referred to is some variation of Morrighan. She is known as many things, Morrighan is just her common Celtic pagan name. She is also known as the Phantom Queen and Crone of War. Apart from your story and a few odd old Christian myths (*cough*Medieval Arthurian literary tradition*cough*) there is no record of her having a scary grin, offering people fruits or trying to intimidate anyone. She is the personification of the force that leads us out of this life into the next (she does not kill us, she is death, death does not kill us, death is a consequence) and she was also said to decide wars.

    I would tell you how I feel you should address said deity but she would not pester you this way. This creature is most certainly a demon. Just because some priest can’t figure some evil creature out does not make her the deity of a non-Christian religion and it most certainly does not make her a witch. Witches deserve a lot more credit than to be linked to this.

    I am genuinely disappointed. I don’t ever bring up my personal faith but when something really good quality decides to take it upon itself to spread the notion that my religion is evil, sorry, I gotta say something. Do with it as you please.

  11. I am so frustrated with this guy.. Screw you, Milos! I knew you were going to do this! So, FYI, you.. ass, I’m NOT buying your book, and I hope you’re actually haunted this time, but by disappointed fans!
    *brushes my tail and walks off*

  12. “He was mentioning something about Morana, whatever that meant.” Morana, I looked it up- the name Morana is of Slavic origin meaning “death”. when I saw this I thought you might like to know I think it has something to do with Rose and what that Priest saw. it also for some reason when seeing this name in your story gave me an ominous feeling so I looked it up and when I saw this definition it somehow scared me a bit, I think the name was over looked I will try to figure out more on this but I think this is all I can say for now. (Sorry if this spooks you more)

  13. Nah dude there seriously is something on top of the church in the photo. It kinda looks like fat janemba from DBZ. Look at the top a little to the right of the cross you’ll see it sitting there. Weird lol but this story was pretty good. I just wish there were more details and maybe another conversation with Rose before you gave in and took the orange. Other than that it was pretty good. Sort of cliche. The way you wrote it made it feel like it was coming from someone who really experienced these things. But having that link for the book has the same effect with me as it did the other guy. It totally ruined the realism of the story :/ other than that tho I was with you the whole way and enjoyed it the whole time. (:

  14. Such a good pasta. Ending ruined it. I wouldve prefered “i took the orange, made orange juice and lived happily ever after with rose.”

  15. the orange peel said open, right? demons need permission before possessing some ones body. and he did say “i accept.” maybe she needed a new vessel.

  16. An orange fruit that was offered in ancient times (Sameria), and if accepted represented a willingness to give ones soul to the keeper (Lord of darkness, Anunnaki). This was marked by incessant offerings (sometimes over many years) usually by a witch serving the the ancient deity. Under no circumstance were you to accept the orange or your soul would be forfeit. This of course is just Samerian lore and might mean other things in different cultures.
    I have my doctorate in Samerian mythology and have a love for Enki lore (Samerian high deity).

    -Google Answers

    I think you should find another church. Catholic churches have been performing exorcisms for centuries, but Christian based church leaders who do not let their faith falter are the ones who can exercise evil for good.

    It’s obviously a generational curse, that may have begun even before your grandmother. It is CRUCIAL that you actually grow close to God if you want this to end and to get your life back together.

  17. After reading the priests encounter with the female entity i now know her identity. Its lilith she was the only evilish demon like entity that was given permission by GOD to move about on hallowed ground. Why because she was the first female created. She was replaced by eve because she lilith refused to lie beneath Adam. She would not be subservient to his demands. And has tormented mankind since her banishment from the garden of Eden. The Romans used to worship her as liberte ‘. Her face can be seen by every new yorker. The statue of liberty is a representation of the Roman goddess Liberte otherwise known as Lilith

  18. So yesterday my dad was telling me about how back when he was a cop in the 90s he and his chief were called to come and pray and help hold down a 13 year old girl. During a excorsim. Funny how I end up on a story that kinda matches the one my dad told me yesterday.

  19. I was too scared to click the link because I thought it’d be a gif of a demon face coming towards you or a gory picture or something, but reading all the comments, it just seems like a letdown.

  20. it was arukenimon and mummymon trolling him all along. please tell me im not the only one who thought of that

  21. i said previously if it’s true story, i’d like to help. but if it’s not .. well again i say it ..
    Milos, congratulations you won an oscar .. It’s well written not one of the best i’ve read .. but in some points i almost believed it …

  22. Ok, I’ve done a bit of research for you. The color Orange stands for external soul, health, and life. Overall it is a positive color. I could not find anything relating to the fruit, however. To explain Rose’s seeming immortality, I actually practice magick. I specialize in healing and health spells. I can tell you right now, there are spells for extending life. They ALL require sacrifice, however. There is a very real possibility that the oranges are either drugged or poisoned. There is also a chance that Rose has been targeting your bloodline, and your girlfriend’s bloodline. Some life extension spells are blood sacrifices and require specific blood (ie: blood of the pharaohs, ancient rulers, etc.) try to find out your ancestry and I’ll see what else I can dig up.

  23. Okay so I just realized something…I had read these stories at my grandmothers house and after I was finished and my mom came to pick me up there was a fucking orange on her doorstep…Holy fuck. Help.

  24. The Killer Known As Jeff

    What the hell? That was the end? I stuck with you this whole time through this story and that’s how you end it? Shit, that was a waste of my time.

  25. They are linked to his family from something, just look in your family tree and you might find something, a theft, a hate, a childhood abuse! Its just im trying to help. try it.

  26. Wow, that’s kinda lame. I’m all for profit but if you start something for free just finish it and make a different story into a book. It just makes people feel tricked into getting invested in a story only to have the ending basically be “well now you gotta buy my book to know what happened”.

  27. This series was great, but it was all over the place. You kept going back and forth from past to future… And why were you swearing so much? What the fuck was that? Why the fuck did you keep fucking swearing? Are you trying to fucking fuck the whole fucking thing?

  28. Author has taken the story off of Reddit and I’m broke as fuck. Anybody want to tell me how it ends?

  29. derpbutt, I’m not good with excuses. English is not my first language and it seems that I misused the word “integrity”. I am sorry. I was also under the impression that the Reddit ending was not the real one, just another nudge from the author to promote the book (which does have a different ending, as I gather).

    So I was mistaken and wrong, and I am sorry for that, even more since you hardly seem like a person who knows how to accept an apology or allow someone to reply without disabling the option for the latter.

    This doesn’t even have to be posted after moderation.

    1. You’re also apparently not very good with apologies. In the interest of helping you succeed in future socialization attempts, I’ll tell you that if you’re not actually sorry, just don’t say anything. A half-assed apology with another insult inside of it (“since you hardly seem like a person who knows how to accept an apology or allow someone to reply without disabling the option for the latter” – thanks, I’ll take the bait) is pointless at best. I sincerely hope that you refrain from playing that game with your important relationships.

      I’ve also moved this comment to the relevant post, I’m not sure why you felt the need to shit up an entirely different comments section with this nonsense. Know that I wouldn’t ban you or censor you just for this discussion, but if you continue to insist on randomly spreading it across unrelated posts, I’ll probably get annoyed enough to just start hitting the spam button rather than moving your comments.

  30. I’m fine with the author’s decision to publish a book and all, but I must say, I am disappointed with the website.

    If I had known that I was getting a Trial Version Story, I wouldn’t have started reading it. I don’t know how this is any different from an advertisement and I feel cheated out of my time for reading this. You should definitely attach a message at the beginning if you value your remaining integrity as an otherwise enjoyable website.

    As for the story, I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish the author the best of luck. But after this, I do not intent nor want to find out how the story ends anymore.

    1. Really? The situation is already explained on every post – that this was initially a popular reddit series on /nosleep/ and the OP was turning it into a book, and that I was posting it because I both wanted to spread the word for his upcoming book and because I legitimately enjoyed the parts he did publish for free. I’m sorry if you decided to ignore that repeated notice for some reason, but I made it explicitly clear what was going on. I will never apologize for supporting authors or for using advertisements (without them, the site simply can’t afford to stay afloat, welcome to how the internet works) but I am always very upfront and honest about when I have a referral code inserted or when a series – like this one – is leading up to a book precisely because I don’t want people to feel like I’ve tricked them into “accidentally” supporting us. In this case, that information WAS freely available and it was entirely your decision to ignore it on all six posts.

      Let me reiterate: you are implying that I am somehow dishonest and have “lost integrity” because YOU chose to ignore a notice that was posted on all six parts of this series. I’m sorry if you feel “cheated” but I have to say – I cannot force you to read notices. All I can do is put them up and hope that people will pay attention. As you’ve proven, though, not everyone will do that. In the future, though, I would recommend that you pay a bit more attention before throwing out accusations.

      I’d also like to point out that not everyone will share the same feeling of retroactively losing enjoyment of the free story because it was later expanded for a novel. I personally found the original six parts enjoyable on their own, and I’m clearly not the only one who felt that way – OP’s book was crowdfunded by people like myself who enjoyed what he had already produced for us, free of charge, and wanted to give him the opportunity to give us more but also get something back in return for his efforts. However, even before that happened, this series had taken off and I had MANY people submitting recommendations for me to see if Milos would allow me to host the series here as well. That’s why I ended up reaching out to him – numerous people had requested that I do so and I enjoyed the reddit series enough – once again, this was before the book was even written – to want to share it with you guys.

      So please, before you try to spin this as some grand advertising conspiracy that was hidden and conceived in the shadows to, I don’t know, trick you into reading an unfinished story because I’m a monster out to ruin your fun or whatever weird motivation you’re imagining – I would appreciate it if you’d actually base your criticisms on reality, not your own laziness and apparent inability to read repeated notes on every single post in this series. Seriously, I am baffled as to how you managed to get through all six entries and somehow still feel it’s reasonable to claim that you weren’t warned that there was a book to finish the series.

      1. Ok, first of all, I complained about you wasting my time, not murdering my family. Plus, nowhere did I imply that you did so selfishly or even on purpose. I’m sorry if my nagging came off as anything more than that, let alone some profit conspiracy for a book that sells for $5. You’d be right in using all those less-than-nice adjectives then.

        However, I did read this in (true) each and every post:

        “The story is in multiple parts, and will be published completely over the next few days(…)”

        Did this happen and I missed it?
        Did you mean to use the term “completely” in a way I misinterpreted?
        Or does the “complete” story ends the way it was posted on reddit and the book only followed from there?

        There is zero sarcasm in my post and although I’m usually an intelligent person throughout any given day, the nature of your reply tells me I misjudged something.

        1. Yes, the story as posted on reddit is in multiple parts, and I posted the reddit story completely…? At this point you seem to be reaching just a tad to justify your initial passing over of the provided information. I’ve said this before, but when these were posted, the book was not released. The Reddit story was all that existed.

          And yes, you did imply that I was close to losing my “integrity” (“You should definitely attach a message at the beginning if you value your remaining integrity as an otherwise enjoyable website”) and that I “cheated” you somehow by posting this series. It’s right there. I’m not sure how exactly you think that doesn’t carry negative implications beyond “you wasted my time.”

          You’re saying that I’ve already lost integrity (which, unless you don’t understand what ‘integrity’ means and chose the completely wrong word, means you felt I was somehow acting dishonestly) by hosting this story and you feel that somehow – even with the warnings that I put and suspect you simply didn’t read and are now trying to nitpick to cover up that fact – by doing so I mislead and “cheated” you into reading this series. That’s more than just “I feel like I wasted my time reading this” – it’s obnoxious and borderline offensive.

          I’m not in the mood to get into a back and forth with someone who is going to try and argue that they didn’t mean what they said; that’s always incredibly tiring because it results in the person who initially made the offensive remarks trying to present more and more tenuous excuses as to why what they said wasn’t actually what they meant. If you truly did not intend to call me dishonest and cheating, then the onus of responsibility is on you: perhaps choose your words more carefully next time. Don’t pull someone’s integrity into question if you don’t actually want them to feel like, well, you’re questioning their integrity.

          In the future, if you cannot handle someone replying to your inflammatory remarks without feeling the need to try and backpedal, simply don’t make them. People get annoyed when they’re insulted; telling someone that they are dishonest is insulting. You claim to be an intelligent person, so I assume that you should be able to understand this.

          Done now.

  31. I can’t believe I really just wasted an entire hour of my life reading this stupid story. It started out really good, and I was excited to see how it ended… I wish someone would have warned me about how dumb it ended up being before I spent so much time reading it. ugh.

  32. heytheredelilah

    So what happens after he takes the orange? Is it in the book?! I don’t think anyone realizes how upset I am that it ended like that!!!

  33. WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU BRING THAT SHE- DEVIL OUT HERE?!?!?!?! I value my life, thank you very much! leave Rose in Canada. ugh!

  34. I think he did a good job at writing this. I was thinking about Rose the other night before I went to sleep…scared the shit out of me.

  35. I’m so sorry I started reading this, man. I read scary stories online because they’re FREE and I don’t have the cash to spend on books! So I’m not going to buy this book!!

    I did read a review that [spoilers removed], but unfortunately not much more info was available.

    1. I dislike this attitude that pops up towards any of our authors that decide to publish – that they’ve somehow done something wrong by wanting compensation for their work. The author is allowed to make money off of all the effort he put into the book, you know? Generating free content for us forever can’t put food in their mouths, and writing books takes a lot of time and effort. I greatly appreciate the authors who let me host their stories here when I can’t pay them, and I’ll support them as much as possible when/if they make the jump to actual publishing. It’s the least I can do for their work.

      Nothing personal, but I removed the spoilers from your comment. Some people may plan on reading the book and not want to see spoilers in this comments section; plus as stated above, I don’t see the issue with the author profitting from his own work and don’t really want to host spoilers that might dissuade people supporting him.

  36. Well actually there’s more to it than “I took it”.

    The actual book consists of 10 chapters, and are slightly altered compared to this series here. He also actually gives you background into who Rose and the elder man are and also why they are following him around the world.

    However [spoilers removed].

  37. burn the orange the next time u see rose take a match take the orange mash the orange and burn it in front of her

  38. dat moment when your country is in the creepypasta… and youve BEEN to the church in the creepypasta.
    Great moment, what can i say ?

  39. So the book is free via Kindle for one day only (He’s celebrating 3000 likes on his FB page) I’d get it now so you can read the rest of it.

  40. -Randomly comes across story with weird title
    -Starts reading for fun
    -Story gets pretty interesting
    -Shoots self at reading the ending

  41. Has anyone actually bought the book to make sure that really is the end or is it really one of those things where they don’t tell us the ending to get us to buy the book? I’m not wasting my time or money to buy it.

  42. Awful! Poorly written, full of swearing because the author’s vocabulary is limited. Terrible ending and mundane plot. I don’t know how these have rated so highly.

    He asks about his Baptism then dismisses it as nothing. He becomes bored with the people that are following him where as I think most people would be terrified.

    The police in almost any country would’ve taken finger prints if someone broke into their apartment.

    The girlfriend and the grandmother thing seemed to be purely to extend the length of the story rather than add depth.

    There are far better Pastas on this site, in fact some of those that are rated only two or three stars are better than this.

  43. Summary:

    So this one time I was on this balcony in Europe, and my mom walked inside and dis creepy biotch offered me an orange. I took that shit. It was cray delicious.

  44. I will get the book and boy oh boy, I hope that she doesn’t visit me. I am someone that believes in spirits and something of the sort OTL

  45. Are you KIDDING ME.? I just spent HOURS reading that and searching for the ending…and it’s just “I took it” holy jesus. MAJOR let down.!

  46. Why have you forsaken me child. you shall not eat anything that lucifer acknowledges you. For if you do, you will be condemed by evil spirits, you and her will be tortured by these damned spirits. Read this in the Bible; Psalm 1. It will answer some of you question’s. Ask and you will recieve. my child but believe in me.

  47. oh my god, so i read all 1-6 of Milos stories today and i just find out in the end he “took it!” i was shitting myself wondering what was gonna happen and it all just comes to this! -___- come on! /:

  48. Okay, don’t take the orange. Seriously; that is what she wants. Just don’t do it. She said you would, but you still have free will. Don’t take the orange! I might do some research on symbolism of what oranges mean, but before you know anything just dont take it. But the orange probably has some sort of poison in it. Or as my friend was thinking; maybe it posseses you to be like them when you eat it. That might explain why there is more than one antagonist. (I am a teen author, so I kind of have a knack for finding out different possible scenarios.) If anything else happens, tell me. If you have a kik, mine is gilda_glaceon and toxic_series. (if I don’t respond to one just try the other.) But I might be able to help, so yeah…

  49. AstronomyFlowers

    I wonder if the orange has anything to do with the nursery rhyme “Oranges and Lemons”… A theory on the rhyme is that it stands for child sacrifice… Find out what the orange means… don’t worry too much on the person holding it as creepy as they are, the orange could possibly give you a clue on who “Rose” is…

  50. I’m very disappointed with the ending, as it seems it’s only leading up to buying his book. I loved the story up until the ending, it’s was an amazing journey whilst reading it – but the ending is a big no-no for me. Probably I’ll wait a few days/weeks, until someone reads the book and can post it on the internet what the ending is all about. Because I don’t feel like it’s fair to lure your readers in to buying a book by keeping the ending a secret. Bad boy!

  51. NotInYourCloset

    Seriously? I spent all my free time reading this for I Took It?! All of that build up for nothing?! It’s not even creepy anymore…Maybe I’ll read the book some time XP Although that was quite a good story!

  52. Simon (not my real name)

    I really hate to say it… but, after all of that that’s happened, I’d take the fucking orange too. I have to say, I’ve seen official ancient paintings of what people have visioned Morana to look like… and she… wears a white dress… long black hair… and when she is seen… she is known to… brace yourselves… hold an orange. And the Bogetic family ( Milos’s family name) was most of the people who had visions, or weird dreams that included Morana. Face is Milos, you’re dealing with a goddess of death

  53. I thought this story was just amazing, it seems kinda like a terrifying movie I feel bad for you I hope your life is better now and you don’t have to encounter that anymore your a trooper man. Much love

  54. dude! the fact that you did not post the ending and decided instead to write it in a book just makes this whole thing look like some kind of ploy to get rich or some kind of whatever to sell your book… I wish you had stuck to writing it here or on reddit…
    anyway, in the slim chance that this whole thing is true, I hope you’re well and have found a solution.

  55. So basically it was all one big advertisement to get us to buy his book. -.-
    Or it looks that way to me. After all the build up I was actually expecting something interesting, not a shitty ending like that.

  56. Overall, this feels like a brilliantly written storyline, but with the random occurrences of a small child’s mad lib.

  57. I just like to say im fucking 12 and i think I’ve seen”Rose” yeah one night i saw her…no orange looks likemaybe a 12-14 year old shes like wearing a torn up WHITE dress and is pale but she just staring at the ground firt i think she has brownnhair but notice it darker i did catch any details cause i simply run the the comfort of the living room until i get some courage to get a peek(i got it while talking to some the ONLY other person on clash of clans) i look and at first i think shes walking to my parents room but i notice shes actually FUCKING walking in to my room!!!!!Funny that my mom brother hearsabout a missionary earlier maybe a month ago and goes there and stuff(before i see “Rose) And that night my sister and my mom go to the missionarie and im left alone at home with my 7 year old brother …thts the night i see her……..and ive havent seen her since maybe cause we got the the exorsismed?(Missionaries/moms idea)Maybe bevause we have a missionairie well i dont know so fuck ROSE!
    P.S Ive read all of the parts(Arent able to read ending)

  58. Don’t take the orange what ever this is is to powerful u need to find books that make protecting charms and stuff like that

  59. Marzanna (Morana) in Slavic culture and Mara in Hindu culture are godesses od death. Also orange is symbol of love and marriage. So its convenient that his girlfriend is from India and they both got orange. 6/10 not creepy just interesting

  60. Marzanna (Morana) in Slavic culture and Mara in Hindu culture are godesses od death. Also orange is symbol of love and marriage. So its convenient that his girlfriend is from India and they both got orange. 6/10 not creepy just interesting

  61. i really enjoyed the story and wanted desperately to find out who rose was, why she wanted you to take the orange etc. however, what the ending of your story shows me, is that you didn’t know how to end the story either. without an explaination this is a story with no meaning and makes no sense.

  62. Christ, it seems like this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I feel like someone has to say it.

    This was just plain awful. The designs for the monsters/cultists/whatever the hell they were (you didn’t even bother explaining it) were boring and generic (oh wow, an old man in a suit and a pale lady with long black hair, how original), the author’s constant assurance that it was real, along with the random use of cursing (especially at the beginning) made it seem even faker, the “threat” wasn’t that scary (old people offering you fruit isn’t spooky), and that ending? Jesus Christ, I feel legitimately angry by what a let down that was. “IF U WANNA FIND OUT MOAR BUY MY BOOK L0L0L0L!!!”

    I’m honestly surprised at what a high rating this has, I personally gave it 2/10, and that was being generous.

    1. I spent $1.99 on the Kindle edition… I’m disappointed. I’m pretty sure the author fabricated all the positive 4- and 5-star reviews on Just like he fabricated this story.

      It had such potential!! :(

  63. I’m going to have to buy the book, I thought his whole story was incredible. I will never, ever look at an orange the same way again. Switching to apples now. And something else that was shocking to me, personally; he was baptized on my birthday. I mean, the year is different, but the date is the same. Never gonna look at my birthday the same way, either.

  64. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  65. I feel like I’ve been duped. Don’t get me wrong, I love this story. Epic. But a fairly dick move ending. I have no problem with him wanting us to buy the book for the actual ending… but I LOATHE spoilers. Ending should have just been, “Buy the book and find out if I grew some balls.”

  66. I cannot believe I wasted so much time reading this story just for that ending. Cop-out. I’m even more of a fool for devoting that much time to such a terrible let down of a story.

  67. I live in atl. Oh my god im fucking creeped out. If you and your gf need anyone to talk to im here! DONT TAKE THE ORANGE. DONT DO IT. YOU WILL REGRET IT.

  68. Hey people. Just a quick comment:

    The guy who posted these stories, Milos, is turning them into a book. Here is the link:

    I am NOT trying to advertise his book, but rather point out a rather unsettling “coincidence”:
    Milos was baptized on February 13, right? That is also the date that the woman visits the priest every year, right? Well, the funding for Milos’ book reached its goal on February 13 2013. You can see for yourself by clicking on the link. I do not mean anything by this. It’s just a pretty scary coincidence.

  69. I think this story was fantastic! I was reading it on my own for a while and my other half caugjt glimpses over my shoulder and we both have been so drawn into your story it was fantastic! We really got hooked in with the way it was written (which was brilliantly clever!)
    However my only issue is this;
    The ending upset me. I expected a lot more. Its easy to build up a horror story but the ending is the impact and what people remember. Now all people will remember is loads of amazing tension and curiousity… Ending with disappointment and complete lack of a real conclusion or explantion. Everyone wants to know what the fuck the orange has to do with it or what the writing above “open” on the peel said and why its relivant. We want to know what was Rose and why were you so important.
    Regaurdless… I think the ending should have been posted here. People who dont use reddit found it very confusing (particularly because no one expected a cop out ending for such a wonderful and creative story). 9/10 for hooking the reader. Had it of had aome closure for the reader it would of been a 10. I know some of you will disagree saying a lack of ending was scarier but i doubt you’re right (many great writer manage to do both) it ended being overrated and cliched.

  70. some associate marzanna with agriculture this could have something to do with the orange…also doesnt this story remind you of wicker man

  71. What if the story is real and he really took the orange, and he’s gone now? Guess I’ll never know what/who are they and why oranges.

  72. Bet you wish you had more internet hours in the beginning,huh? Probably shouldn’t take that orange next time though. If you do an something bad happens, I’m going to say ‘Told you so’.

  73. I just read it all, well worth it. Bravo good sir, you are the writer of one of the best writers here. I think if you are to turn it into a novel it should be the history of the orange people.

  74. I have not even read one of these stories. I read the comments and it sounds so good but people are also screaming at the end. So should I read it?

  75. Excellent story, but after so much buildup, that three word ending is just a huge letdown. You took the orange. And what? Found out that a lifetime of scurvy was screwing with your perception of the world, and Rose was simply a nice woman trying to save you from your self imposed, vitamin-Cless hell? Seriously, after all the detail you put into it, just taking the damn orange falls incredibly flat. Its like, the whole time, Rose really was a crazy bitch with a citrus fixation, and after you took her orange, which was just an orange, she happily fucked off and youve had nothing else of note to report


      But seriously, I wanted to write exactly that after finishing reading the comments.

  76. So our “big technology geek” who couldn’t figure to buy any recording devices got what was coming for him. His spirit was broken by someone who had never even injured him throughout the whole story way too fast.
    Overall a good story, but needs more effort put into adding realism and consistency to the protagonist’s actions. But the author did good, despite the grammar flaws. He actually did get idiots to think he needed their compassion and help so desperately. More hilarity came from people offering their mails. It’s a good start for a writer.

  77. Well that ending was anticlimactic…… was kinda hoping for something, I dunno, more. At least more that 3 words.

    1. All the series will, eventually. I’ve just been having a hard time getting things done lately because my connection has been so slow (I’ve mentioned this on Twitter frequently, and you can see how long it takes me to post even a single Crappypasta just by looking at the times between the automated tweets to get an idea of how slow my home connection is). So I’ve been focusing on reading submissions, rather than doing non-essentials like tagging/series indexing.

      1. Did you know the average internet download speed in my country is 50kbps?

        Kind of sad really. Mine is 125kbps. :(

  78. To clarify, the ending was just those 3 words; I took it. Its not the reddit interface, or your phones, ipads, computers, ps3’s etc. That’s just it. It was posted 4 months ago, and that was the last post related to the woman holding the orange.

  79. So I’m on a school computer and I was really really into this story!! Unfortunately my school admins have Reddit BLOCKED. YAY. So now I don’t get to finish it :c Well shoot.

  80. I KNEW this would happen, I felt it. I am so done with this orange bullshit.
    In fact, I’m really glad this shit finally ended because we all will be able to read some decent pastas again.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. I mean, the whole story is like a frigging advertisement to buy his book. I wonder if derpbutt is getting any shares of the profit… I mean, I really do not have any idea why else would he have posted this story here. If someone with a username of “iluvpokemahns” just submitted this story, it would have landed in the “And then?!?” section of crappypasta.

      1. To put it simply, I like to support the aspiring authors of our community. We’ve got a few people working on books, and I intend to do my best to spread the word for them as well. I actually approached Milos because I genuinely liked the story that he’d produced and wanted to share it with you guys. I’m going to create an affiliate link when the book releases, of course, because that’s how this site stays afloat but ALSO because I legitimately want to use what small influence I have to help out our authors.

        I’m sorry if you or anyone feel that this is somehow selling out or what have you, but I have an enormous amount of respect for the people who give us all free content to read, and if I can help support them, I will. If you absolutely cannot deal with that, simply skip the posts or go to one of the sites where they scrape the content and ignore the authors.

  81. This is the worst ending ever… After such an intruiging story the ending is : ‘I took it.’ . What was the point in breaking the story in 6 parts ?

  82. For those of you who are confused abd crave answers. Just look up the name the priest mentioned “Morana”. That may, enlightnen you, if want answers.

  83. After reading all of these I may never eat another orange again. Lol . Amazing series though. I want to buy it when it’s published

  84. lollipop_gestapo

    For those who think they’re having difficulties reading the ending, the ending simply says,”I took it.”

    Thus, concluding the series that he gave in and accepted the orange from Rose. However, purchasing his new novel will give you access to more details in the ending.

  85. ZeldawonderLinklover

    and….just to make it a little more creepy…..He got the funding for the book on Feb. 13….

    1. me too. the first and second were decently creepy and then it just kept introducing more and more characters and giving their accounts.

    1. The link works just fine, the ending is the three words “I took it.” The author just ran out of steam, and he just wanted to end the entire series, but those three words did not deserve an entire new part, they should have just been added to the fifth part.


      Always watching…

  86. are you serious….i am dissapointed severley the ending was one sentence i took it ughh cant belive i read these day by day and the ending story is i took it cant belive this -.-

    1. Ƥуяσмαηιαc

      Spoiler from the story. Credit goes to Unexpected212…

      The main characters great grandfather and his girlfriends great grand mother had an affair when they were both vacationing in Kenya with their other halves. A little girl (ROSE) saw them and the great grandfather chased after her up to the attic, the floor fell through and the girl (rose) was injured, instead of calling for help and ruining both their marriages they both just left the little girl to die. The great grandfather had offered her an orange he had in is pocket before she ran away and fell through the floor, and he left the orange next to her before they left her to die incase she woke up, so she knew he had meant no harm.

      But she didnt die. She was dying when people found her. Rose’s father hired a voodoo guy to try and save her, and he couldnt. As they were trying the creepy guy in the hat and the black suit knocked the door. He told Rose’s parents he could save her but they would never see her again and she belonged to him.

      Milos, the main character taking the orange from the unaged Rose sets her free from the hat mans posesssion.

      After he takes the orange it all stops. The story ends with him saying that him and his girlfriend are now married and now expecting a child…a girl DUM DUM DUM
      (Its revealed in the books ending…)

  87. That ending was awful… trying to get money out of us by not revealing the end. The entire story feels like such a joke now. Just three words could mess up such a good story

  88. Im using an ipad and i can’t seem to get the actual story at reddit. Only the comments show up, any help?

    1. the title is the ending thats it “i took it” i think he just ran out of steam for the story so thats how he decided to end it, he took it and no explination of what happens there after or the circumstances of where or why he took the orange…i believe that milos is now the leader of the slender man cult along with his GF. just my input.

    2. For people who are confused or can’t get access to Reddit, the page just leads to a post with just a title that reads “I took it”. Nothing more. There is no mix-up with you or your internet. That’s the ending. The real ending I suspect will be in the book he’s making.

  89. Loved the series but god that ending is awful. Guess I’ll have to buy the book to find out.

    Being completely unfamiliar with Reddit I didn’t understand that the ending was just the title. I kept clicking to pull up the story and nothing happened. Then I ran searches to no avail. Then it finally hit me the ending was just those three words…

    1. Lol I went through the same process. Pretty frustrating I must say. Very well written. Hopefully the ending is in the book but what a way to make some cash by adding a “to be continued ending” – spend 10-15… Get to read final chapter. :-/

    2. I did the exact same thing, except only searched once. But seriously, what the hell kind of an ending is that?

    3. OH.MY.GOD thank you for posting this it took me literally a day to finally figure out the ending was the title. I will definitely buy the book!

    4. I dont understand why everyone had so much trouble with this… if there is no text under the title then the title is obviously the ending.

      now shower me with your down votes!

      1. Don’t bother reading it. I skimmed the majority of it & knew within 10 minutes it was a gimmick leading you to buy something. I give the person credit for spending so much time on it but it’s poorly written. It’s a really lame advertising trick. This could have been a really good short story but he smothers it & draws it out with too much unrelated stuff. Basically he “encounters” a woman in his teens who presents an orange to him & tells him he must go now. Then he goes on & on about other encounters throughout his life & adds other characters & their encounters with her. Nothing flows or connects. He keeps swearing its true which dimishes any chance of getting readers to believe. Its like he is convincing himself. He also drags the first part of it out by detailing how “f-ing” scared he is but later even he gets bored with it! I think he uses the f-word as filler he uses it so much, it doesn’t add to the story at all. Suspense? There is none, just blah, blah, blah. At the “end” he “takes it” & you have to buy the book to find out what happens. Schoking! LOL!

        1. you don’t have to buy the book to find out what happens idiot… what happens is the title of the post on the website the link takes you to. It just says “I took it”. That’s the whole ending to the story. Almost as if he can’t tell us anymore because he is dead, or in their control… etc. You sound really stupid criticizing him for selling the book at the end when you didn’t even realize that the ending was right in front of you.

        2. I’m really glad you posted this.
          People want to believe something like this would happen. hell, even I wanted to. But the more you poke at it, the more holes you see in it. Plus, you end up reading the stories just to be lead to a link that wants you to buy a book. I mean, what the fuck? That’s when you know it’s fake. I’ll give him credit for trying but I’m not giving up a dime. I don’t ask people for 5 bucks every time I tell a ghost story at the campfire and neither should anyone else.

    1. There is nothing on top of the church except to say the steeple & cross. Of course it could be your imagination too! It’s built in the side of a hill, a lot of rock, so there are a lot of shadows but there is nothing out of the ordinary on the top of that building.

    1. on reddit, where this was origionally posted, after this is just a small little email you open up and all it is is a video of a man walking down a park, you see Rose sitting, she turns to him. he says “ive decided to accept” then takes the orange. then she lunges at the camera with a demon face then all you hear is screams.

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