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The Story of Her Holding an Orange: Part Two

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Before you read my girlfriend’s side of the story, you may want to read my first post that also contains last night’s unfortunate update. Here is the update copy/pasted:

Okay guys, I realize I am a bit late with my girlfriend’s story, but when you read my latest update, you’ll see that I was quite consumed with what was happening to us. Nothing happened since the incident last night. Police called to check in with us this morning; they still have no clue what is going on really.

So her story… Let me begin by telling you a bit about us. As I said before, I was born in Bosnia, moved to a nearby country in Balkans where I grew up. I came to the US over 6 years ago. My girlfriend was born in India, grew up in Kenya until she was 3, when she moved to Canada. I met her little over a year ago, and we’ve been together since.

So, my girl, let’s call her Lila, did have few encounters with Rose. First one that she remembers was on the plane. She was a flight attendant for Air Canada for several years. One day, about 6 years ago, she was flying her regular flight, but she can’t remember what destination it was. It lasted maybe two hours. Once they took off and seat-belt signs went away, she got up to serve complimentary drinks. Halfway through her section, she met Rose. She didn’t know it at the time, of course. She said that something was terribly off about the woman; she had this creepy grin on her face, was really pale and kept staring at her. When Lila offered her a drink and some snacks, she got no answer, only a wider and creepier fucking smile. Then, Rose spoke.

“I have something for you.” She said in a voice that definitely wasn’t natural for a woman her age. Her voice belonged more to a teenager than an adult. There was something playful but terrifying in it.

Now, Lila has seen some shit while flying, so she wasn’t taken back by this interaction.

“Yea? What would that be, ma’am?”

“Don’t patronize me, you bitch.” She said that fast. Like really fast. Her jaw was closed while saying that. Then she started grinding her teeth, never letting go of that fucking smile. This was a red flag for Lila. When passengers get aggressive, attendants walk away unless there is physical contact.

“Alright, well, you have a pleasant rest of the flight ma’am, okay?”

“I have this for you.” She whispered it holding taking an orange from behind her back. Never moving a muscle on her face. Still a teenage voice. Like when a 12 year old hits puberty kind of voice.

“No, thanks.” Lila decided to call it a day with the crazy cunt and walk away.

“Oh, but you should. Or one day, you know, one day.”

And that’s that. Lila gave her the fuck off look and walked away. Lady never bothered her again during that flight. During that flight.

Lila went home few days later and didn’t think much of what had happened. When her mom asked her how her flight was, Lila smiled and said “Good, other than one really crazy lady.” Mom wanted to hear more, so Lila started telling her about what happened. By the time she said the word “orange”, her mom started crying. Lila was in shock. It was story time. Well, apparently, when my girlfriend was a baby in Kenya, she had woken her parents up a few times with loud crying. When they’d walk into her room, she’d have an orange next to her in her crib. Everything in the house would be locked though. Windows, doors, everything. It got to the point where her parents moved the crib into their room and installed security cameras. Well, on Lila’s third birthday, that morning, when they woke up, they saw an orange laying on Lila’s chest. They were absolutely taken over by horror. They called the police; police came and looked over the camera footage. Cameras clearly showed a woman opening the front door (that was locked), walking into their room, placing an orange on Lila and just standing there. For like an hour. Just standing there, with her head tilted to the left, looking at her. By this point, it is unnecessary to say that Lila was completely horrified. Her mom wasn’t doing much better either. Anyways, to keep the story going, her parents didn’t know what to do. Police couldn’t find the mysterious woman, and no security measure (other than 24/7 bodyguards which they couldn’t afford) was enough. Some of their family was already in Canada and were pressuring them to move, so this incident was a final push. They moved and left this creature with an orange behind. Until that day, on that flight.

Lila was completely unable to do anything for the next few days after that conversation. She didn’t eat much, didn’t communicate with anyone. After a while, she got better. There was no sign of further horror, so she started believing it was all a fucked up coincidence. And she went on with her life. She hasn’t seen Rose in years after that. Last time she encountered Rose was one month before she (Lila) met me.

Lila did many transatlantic flights. She loved those. Long travels, decent money, seeing the world. She had it all. One month before we met, she was coming back from a Hong Kong trip. She flew to Toronto I believe (she’s asleep, and I don’t remember exactly, I believe it was Toronto though). Crew had a nice hotel, everyone had their own room. Lila was on the third floor. She loved drinking at that time, and got pretty drunk that night. She passed out at about 1:00 am. At around 4am, she heard a knock on the door. Then another one, and then another one. But they weren’t loud or fast knocks. No, they were slow and silent, yet loud enough to wake her drunk ass up. She rolled out of bed thinking it was one of her equally drunk crew members. Not thinking much, she opened the door and there she stood. Lila said that lights in her room were off, but TV was on. Light from the screen was shinning on Rose’s face. Shining on the grin. Shinning on the pearly white teeth, bright red lipstick and a white face paired up with tilted head. You know how when you’re drunk and some scary shit (accident, cops, etc.) happens and you sober the fuck up immediately? Yea. She just let out this helpless sound of horror. They both stood there. Rose started rocking back and forth. Every time she’d rock back, she’d reveal red shoes hidden underneath her white dress. Her teeth were grinding. Then she pulled out an orange.


“Wh…what do you want from me?” Lila begged.

Rose kept rocking with a smile.

“Please, just leave me alone. I don’t have anything.”

“You take it. You take it now. He will too.” She said that with that same teenager voice, only a little more playful tone was used this time. Like a happy-ish child.

Don’t know if it was her defense mechanism activating, but Lila took the fucking orange and threw it over Rose’s head and screamed “Get the fuck out of here, and take this shit with you, you freak!”

That was the first time either of us saw Rose lose her smile. White teeth disappeared underneath the thick red lips. Head went back from a gentle tilt into its natural position.

“I will see you two soon.” She said it in adult voice. And this voice was scarier than the teenager one. Lila says its because it sounded real. Like a conscious, normal person making a threat. Of course, at that time Lila didn’t know me and had no idea who “you two” were. She assumed it’d be her mom.


That brings us to today. Yea. If you read the update from my previous story, you saw that our room was broken into by Rose (logical assumption). Pictures of the break-in were taken before police came. They will be up on here today. Some stuff in our room was moved around. We are scared as fuck, clueless as to what’s going on. I will be skyping with my mom soon to see if she has any answers. Lila will talk to her mom as well.

I am personally just shocked at these developments. I never believed anything like this was even possible. Quite honestly, if one of you wrote this story here, I wouldn’t believe shit you said. And I cant blame you if you don’t believe me. But if you have any idea about what this might be, I’m all ears. I assume it’s some sort of a cult, but the only thing that fucks with my head is the fact that Rose knew my girlfriend before I did. Everything so far could’ve been explained in a logical way, but this took it to a super-fucking-natural level. Were they putting an effort into getting us together? How’d they do that? And more importantly, why? For what possible benefit? Fuck this man, fuck this.

Credit To – Milos Bogetic

NOTE: This is the second in a series of several popular Reddit posts documenting some seriously creepy experiences. We are publishing them here with express permission of Milos Bogetic aka inaaace, the original poster. The story is in multiple parts, and will be published completely over the next few days – much like what I did with the ‘Bedtime’ series earlier this year. After the stories have all gone up, I’ll edit each post with links to the other parts.

The OP has finished the book that he promised during his successful kickstarter project.

You can find the paperback and Kindle e-book versions here: The Story of Her Holding an Orange by Milos Bogetic  – full disclosure: our referral link is included.

I know that this will not be new material for all of you, but for those of you who – like myself – don’t use Reddit, I wanted to post it so that you guys could enjoy it as much as I did after having it brought to my attention. Thanks again to Milos for letting me post it, and enjoy!

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142 thoughts on “The Story of Her Holding an Orange: Part Two”

  1. From my opinion it seems like the work of a paranormal entity that i may have a relitive who was a witness in the sighting of this so called “Rose”

  2. I think I’ve seen her. Once. But she wäsnt messing with me. She was in a crowd of people holding an orange. She didnt notice me, but I mean it’s not like I really care about her cause it could’ve been some weird-ass lady who likes to smile creepily and hold oranges xD

  3. wow, thIs is aN incredible Story. this mAy be the straNgEst and creepiest pasta I’ve read on this Website. sO Much detAil, aNd the one of the best plots I’ve seen yet. eXcellent story, Dude.

  4. Makiaveli7daytheory

    Wow! Seriously, like you two should really take what’s going on more SERIOUSER that you already are. This “Rose” will just keep coming. Embrace each other, yes, embrace each other and just try not to fear.

  5. Funny. He says that was the first time either of us had seen her not smile, after he previously states that he hadn’t met his girlfriend at the point when she lost her smile.

  6. Just because you don’t believe the story, it is based on true things that happen all the time. There are some creepy ass stalkers out there that make some pretty elaborate set ups.

  7. When i was about 4-10 i would sleep in my Mums room, it was because when me and my dad and mum used to live in engand before My little sister was born and the year we moved to california. I was the only one born in England my older and younger sisters were born in California. but getting back to my story when i was 4 i would see this ‘Tall Man, with a Black Trench Coat and a Sherlock Holmes hat’ He would always walk up and down my hall way everytime he would stop in my mums rooms walk in the door and stop, he would stare at me. i dont know why but i would always be the last of my family to sleep. But when he would stare at me he would turn around and walk back into the hall way and keep repeating the transition until i turned under the covers and fell asleep. Sometimes when the closet was cracked i would see his dry hands leave hand prints ony my closet door. He was a shadow figure but he wasnt a shadow his face was grey-ish. This kept on happening every year. When i was 8 this is when when i lived in California the year i was moving to Washington, i would still see him and i would just ignore him because he wasnt going to do anything. But then a women joined him. Every year he would get a inch closer to the bed i was sleeping in. The women would stay behind him. Now i am 10 the last i saw him. This is when i am living in California and he is still here with the woman just 6 feet away from my bed. The woman didnt seem to be here this time. But, i could hear a clicking in my closet so i stayed up the entire night and just started sleeping at the peak of dawn. Ok now i am 14 i will be 15 in December and i am seeing the man and woman again but this time in my backyard just staring at me. Sometimes when i look away they are right in front of my window but i cant seem to see their faces. They dont seem to hurt me as long as i ignore them. I am not even scare of them anymore i thought i was over it but they started appearing again when i was 12. I am not scared if they do anything to me i am just scared to see what happens after death or anything. It seems to me they guy had took a women and made he rhis wife and now they look for a son which i do not want to be. But his story reminds me of the woman cause it describes her.

  8. OMG SCARED THE FUCKING SHIT OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well at first lol BTW I LOSVE THIS CAUSE ITS TRUE CAUSE IT HAPPENED TO ME!!!!!!! I WAS SCARED AS HELL!!!

  9. The Real ChillyItaly

    When the submission opens again I will write the true story of Miss Chilly Italy. The story of Chilly Italy is TRUE! You will have to wait and see if my Creepy and real experience is excepted. So you will have to wait for July first.

  10. This is so creepy. I had a similar experience. I was in my bedroom and I looked at my closet and Rose was there and she kept smiling with her white teeth and pulled out an orange. I didn’t think anything of it. But now I am so scared.

  11. You will met 3 more people like you girl but you mite not no whatch out never take the orng like I seid on part 1 I no what it is and I now a way to get rid of it please reply I can help

  12. I know whats happening. And I know you need to find some fucking shelter. Don’t move from the country, that will only anger them. They are a group of supernatural things (IDK what to call them). Let’s just they’re weird. When they find someone they want in their group they never stop till you join. She will only get more aggressive. Tell me if you want to know how to stop her. Because I stopped her last year. I stopped her kind from getting me.

  13. Maybe you should ask her where you would go if you went with her and why she wants you to go with her there..

  14. Well, i was reading this post and eating some nuts, suddenly i hear loud voice from my threshcan, i look into my left and i see a shadow quickly moving where i cant see it… i had no lights and i was truly terrified. I ran out of my room (i had to go where the shadow had gone) and i took out a little lamp with me… now im looking too many times to my left and always im scared to do it, but i still do it… i hope that i can get some sleep and try to forget what happened…

  15. I know none of you will care to read this but I hope the author will because something very similar happened to me when I lived in an apartment in this shitty town in Mexico.

    I was six years old when this first started so don’t expect me to remember everything.

    My mom was putting me to bed like she did every night, and I would usually fall asleep when my head hit the pillow, but that night when my mom left the room ( I was still awake) and shut the door, the lights in my room shut off as this Young
    Girl appeared at the end of my bed.

    The girl was pretty short maybe about 4’10 and she had jet black hair which was in a really long ponytail that went down to her feet, she had bright red lips like she had just ate a cherry popsicle and her skin was as pale as the snow. She wore a white sundress that went down to her knees and she had on red Mary-janes.

    When the girl appeared I didn’t say anything, all I did was stare into her eyes for what seemed like an hour ( It was most likely five minutes ) until she said ” I know who you are.. Lilly” in a soft voice, when she said that I just looked at her to shocked to say anything so it was silent for about five minutes (again) when she broke the silence again ” You need to come with me” she said this while pulling out a beaded necklace and placing it around my neck before disappearing.

    So I think your experience is connected to mine somehow. So yeah

    And sorry if I had typos and grammar errors I’m not American

  16. Omg, Y’know. I came across an orange once. It was on my living room table. I’ve no idea how it came along since i lived alone and stuff and no one had the key. It just sat on the fuckin table peering back into my very soul. Next thing i know, here i am reading this story as i munch onto it. What do you think is gonna happen? That a crazy woman is gonna suddenly appear behind me and rip off my heaawikPNPRAS

  17. Okay… which means you’ve awaken your third eye already since when u were born… you know the effects of having a third eye right? or maybe its a demon… im not sure but that girl might be a ghost who actually passed on an accident over a year ago before lila’s born.

  18. It could be a demon….most people don’t see them….but u can summon them and of u do ur part than u can order them to haunt Simone’s life forever.:.. Understand?

  19. cool story bro. But now I’m not gonna sleep tonite. P.s peeps, don’t hate that’s messed up. And. Ain’t nobody got time for that either

  20. Man, even drunk that would make me shit myself. Although i would have done a lot worse to that woman if she showed up at my door like that.(“Worse” most likely involves a lamp, a bat, or other objects that would cause blunt force trauma)

  21. Ok. This story (false or not) is creepy as all get out. I can just picture what this woman looks like. Very descriptive.

  22. well, on the brightside.. i think you’ve found the perfect woman, seriously though… i think you may have a lead on with this occult thing. Perhaps your parents or ancestors were part of some weird deal and this is being taken out on you two? idk, i can tell you that in occult, paganism and such things, oranges represent the sun(i’m weird and kinda study this stuff a little) i don’t quite see where the sun would be involved in this but it might have some sort of deep relevancy. just remember there are many things in this world we do not understand and perhaps some we are not meant to. At least you and your girl have not suffered any physical damage from this “witch”, good luck

  23. I am not sure but i believe rose thinks you and your gf are soulmates with some kind of destiny. to go to a supernatural place. i have seen a meme about a manequin lady who arrived in a hospital claiming she was god. She may have some resemblance to rose. i will post the meme to my dropbox and post a link to it in a few seconds

  24. Obviously fake because the writer says “This is the first time either of us has seen her (Rose) lose her grin.” or blazay blah, but she didn’t even meet him (her boyfriend)yet and she was alone and drunk am I wrong?

  25. I seriously stopped looking at my window cause of this. But things like this doesn’t really happen to me. This thing sounds more like a demon or witch to me.

  26. my cousine experianced an old lady pale and old white and worn of clothes. she ran for my cousine and tried to kill her befor her brother came in and than she disapeard i realy hope u read this coment bikuse i whold like to talk to you bikuse i think i know what the lady whants. Bosna ftw

  27. the exact same thing is happening to me
    i half expect to turn my head right now and see her staring at me with that god damn orange

  28. i dont think your crazy man but for some reason i kinda wanted to pull a joke on you like my name rose email [email protected] and the comment have somthing for you an orange but that be just down right cruel and thats not the person i am i still belive you though

  29. Hello, I believe I have an answer to what she wants. The orange is the fruit of pain. Many satanic cults wear orange and yellow. Did you do any family trees on both families. Do you have any history in the religion of Satanism? If so, she may want revenge for former family members. You also mentioned that your girlfriend lived in Kenya. They are very religious. It is possible there may be a connection between the souls. Please answer back. I have done some research. I may have other answers too.

  30. So he’s Bosnian… my guess was close :D (I thought he was from Serbia, because I can honestly imagine someone living here using the same language and same grammatical errors)
    Anyway, I guess it’s kind of easy to tell where a person is from by what they mention in their story, the grammar that they use, and the overall language (how much they swear, etc.)
    In my head, every time he swore, I translated it to Serbian to see how it would sound… ” She held a fucking orange.” “Drzala je jebenu narandzu” xD
    Good idea for a story, though. I personally don’t believe it, but I guess it has to be pretty awesome to have gained this much attention! Good luck!!

  31. I am so horrified reading this. Mostly because I’ve been through paranormal experiences before, or whatever they were… I like to be a little skeptical. What has me driving mad is how you say this part of the story took place in Toronto? I’m from Niagara Falls…that’s only like an hour and a half away. This is one of the only horror stories in the world that had me scared out of my mind. I can’t imagine someone like Rose being so close to where I live. I didn’t think something like this could happen to people around here.

  32. Miss Misanthrope

    You inserted yourself in the story suddenly- Lila was alone, and then you say “It was the first time we had ever seen her lose her smile”. It confused me and created a break in the story. I give this a 7.

  33. These kinda stories scare the crap outta me . I wonder if she will kum for me. Like sometimes I see a random orange that nobody put out and the next day I saw an orange in front of my house so that’s kinda weird

  34. I don’t understand all the buzz and attention this pasta is getting, theres quite a few grammatical errors, and the over use of profanity makes it laughable. How this is considered real by people is astounding… If the man genuinely had a problem you wouldn’t post a creepypasta. If this is real post a picture of the so called polaroid you have. Nevertheless a moderately good pasta.

    1. Grammatical errors is because he is foreign and I have heard people use that level of profanity before so yeah….

      1. Well, duh, if u see a crazy woman in a white dress with an orange on ur window sill, telling you to ‘come with me’ what would you do? I would definitely panic! I’ve seen a creepy man once. Not paranormal but just creepy, with flowers, red eyes and stuff. I kinda got creep-ed out..

  35. I like that each installment isn’t extremely long and that he doesn’t try to subtly suggest a plot. I hope this isn’t a true story for their sake.

  36. Old Man Mullet

    I believe thus story. Because most of the things people say happen to them in thier storys happen to me some times

  37. Not trying to be a dick, really. This pasta just seems quite bland to me. I’m having a hard time understanding the high rating. There’s grammar and spelling errors abound, and the story is taking time to build steam. I think it’s the whole “This is a true story” that’s garnered all the positive critique.

    1. but you dont understand this man wheather he it telling the truth or not is useing the errors to his effect it is makeing him sseem more frightened and in a haste to get the people to help him. p.s. i am half expecting the lady to be stareing at me through the window and it is creeping me out!

    2. He’s already mentioned that he’s foreign- I think that he’s trying to use the grammar errors to make it more realistic.

  38. TheGuyWithAnswers

    She is probably some kind of ghost. (Obviusly)
    She Will appear randomly when you await it at least.
    Trying to kill her will maybe help but i am not certain. Do never accept the orange, but maybe you should try smashing it.

    The best of luck.

    1. But, remember when he was waiting in line for the iPhone or whatever, and the orange was smashed and rotten? That has to symbolize something. I don’t know, maybe instead of freeing you, when you smash it, you die.
      Overall, I think that the story is a good idea, but I don’t believe it. :)

    2. by doing so you could cause a even more severe situation to the conflict already however showing fear to a spirit or A ” Intellegent haunting ” with this type of information and such detail based upon this rose and the odd occurences that they are going through however by doing so i would prefer that you show it no fear and try to make contact with it be calm but keep god in your heart and accept jesus because by all means it could be a demon demons intend to trick the human mind making those who they wish to go after and torture seem a bit more different and really i would advise you to keep a bible with you and your girlfriend

  39. I don’t like it. Usually I agree with the general populace on pastas, but I cannot for the life of me understand what is so special about thus series. The grammar and profanity is distracting, the plot is pointless and random, and the attempt to make it “real” takes more away from it. This is just my opinion and I’d hate to hurt a popular story, so im not rating.

  40. Great story! Great sequel! I want more of these kind of stories. I’m also convinced (rather this one is or not) that there are a lot of real creepy events that people could be writing about. Think I’ll give mine a shot. Thanks for the motivation.

  41. Incredible story. I’ve read quite a lot of stories here on Creepypasta, but this one is definitely one of the best. Long but interesting read. I like how this story gets creepy without resorting to violence or graphic horror stuff, can’t wait for the next parts.

  42. Awkward Thursdays

    In order to believe this is all true, you have to believe in either other powers running your life or an ability to see the future… I’m not quite sure I can believe this man honestly, but it makes for a good read nonetheless… I can tell this author is more of a concept-guy, focusing on the idea rather than the implementation into a story.

    1. I have had an awful experience as a child. It was me my sister and my cousin and we were at a campground in Mississippi and I was around 7 or 8. (I’m 13 about to be 14.) anyways at the campground families are assigned a cabin and me my sis and cousin were riding our bikes on a trail and we ended up at a cabin that was kinda torn up. And there was a lady with black hair and skin that looked almost fake. I don’t remember what she was wearing but she was just standing there smiling this creepy smile almost like she was expecting us to end up there. She told us that she had a surprise inside the cabin and she wanted to show us. Obviously we were taught the “stranger danger” rule so we replied politely no thank you. She stepped closer and acted disappointed and said “awww I really wish you would” and started walking towards us but we just ride back to the trail and left as fast as we could. Later that day we saw her again by the camp’s lake. She smiled at us and then she walked away. I never saw her again but it still scared the crap out of me as a kid.

  43. THEN WHO WAS....nevermind o.O

    I felt horrible for his gf having encountered that Rose thing as a baby. Must’ve been unspeakably terrifying to be defenseless and getting the shit scared outta her! Ugh. But this was definitely more creepy than the first….which however is also creepy. Really can’t wait to read more

    1. Ok this happens to me I was sitting on my bed and on the laptop but I heard a tap on my window so I got up and looked out my window and I saw this photo taped on my window the woman you described so I looked it up on here to see if anyone had this happen to them but whenever I go to Starbucks I see the same woman you described in the back of the cafe it’s scary as hell!!! And whenever I sit down she comes up to me and says nothing but takes out an orange and she whisperS something in my here she says ‘come with me’ so why is this happening???

      1. Me too. Im almost thirteen. Ive only seen her about four times starting at around when i was ten. She wasnt at my window, i dont have any windows in my room. But ive seen her in my backyard she has the orange but she never says anything…….

        1. I had one thing happen to me. When I was young I always had a nightmare… One night I woke up and slender man but was pitch black and left no foot prints in the snow he has also always been in my dreams…fuck…

      2. It annoys me when people read a fake story and then start making up their own about the FAKE person in it. Honestly, nobody has REALLY had this happen to them. I’m a big believer in science and am very logical. I believe that anything that can’t be proven by science isn’t true (god, ghosts, spirits, etc.). These story were made for entertainment and entertainment ALONE.

        1. Haha. Just because something cant be explained by science right now doesn’t mean it wont be later. You are a perfect example of a close minded person. We dont know so much, how big the universe actually is, why we cant access all the parts of our brain, ect. Just because we dont know now, doenst mean that we will not ever know <.<

        2. vito petar marcich

          well,than explain how the mankind was born without god please just tell me…

        3. Put very simply, the right things were in the right place at the right time and BAM People.

        4. some of us do believe this guy and believe in ghosts,spirits,god etc. so if you don’t you can just shut up and not read this story anymore.

        5. I know right? I’m an atheist and I see everything from a logical standpoint. I’ve been lied to a lot, and know a lie when I see it. I really don’t believe this story. The guy who wrote it knows it didn’t happen either, and now he’s sitting back in his chair laughing at all the people who commented that they saw “Rose”. Nonetheless, it’s a damn good story. Stephen King should make it into a book or a movie or some shit.

        6. It is perfectly fine to not believe in stories like this, heck I don’t believe in it. But that does not give you the right to shut down others beliefs. I do believe in ghosts and such, but things from the Internet I typically don’t trust, so this seems unlikely to me (and whats so scary bout an orange anyways?) but still, just because you are on anon and you don’t know the people who believe, it doesn’t mean you can’t make them feel bad for believing things. You can take my advice or not, but I hope you at least think about the way you talk to people online in the future.

        7. so before humans went to space earth didn’t exist? before atoms were discovered it didn’t exist? before scientists discovered about prisms and light, rainbows didn’t exist? pull your head out of your ass and get out of your cave.

    2. Well, I had something like the orange experience. You know that feeling of DejaVu? Well, when I was five, I had the creepiest fucking dream. It was about some woman, she seemed normal. At first… But when she walked towards me, maneuvering through the scattered toys (This took place in Walmart), I noticed that there was a little trail of blood from where she was stepping… Then she turned and walked THROUGH the dividers for the aisle. I swear, when she was gone, I heard someone say “You will see me again… We will meet again very soon…” I told my parents about it, and they said I probably saw one to many scary tv shows (I’ve ALWAYS loved horror movies), so I brushed it off at the time… But three months ago, I was in Walmart, just walking around… and I saw that woman… It brought back the memories, and when she looked at me… She had a fucking Jeff the Killer smile… So, I did what any ordinary person would do and ran to the fucking back of the store to where my family was… I saw her, and she looked PISSED. I haven’t seen her since, and I hope I never see her again…

        1. Dis is the scrryiest shit evar not to be rude though that was the only way to express how fell about this story? I use the question mark because i am not sure if you would call somethig extreamly scary and real a “story”

    3. normally I go with logic but ,at times I will read or watch something paranormal(movies, books, etc.) but what you’re describing here sounds a lot like a demon. F.Y.I I don’t normally believe in these things but really there is no other explanation

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