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The Story of Her Holding an Orange: Part Three

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Anyone who hasn’t read my story should do so before looking in this thread. My first story had some updates to it too. My second story is my girlfriend’s account of the events.

Hey guys, I promised pictures and updates, so here we go. I will also respond to some questions. So first’s things first, let me bring you up to speed:

  • We have not had any encounters with Rose since last night’s “break-in.”
  • Police called this morning to check on us and told us to stay careful and call should anything happen.
  • I talked to my mother on Skype and it was, well, disappointing. She only knew Rose as a normal person. She actually doesn’t even remember Rose asking about me much. She never got the hint that Rose may be a crazy cunt. My parents are now really worried. Not sure if they think I’m going crazy or they are legitimately afraid for my well-being.
  • Lila hasn’t gotten a hold of her mom at this point (her mom is in England).
  • We’ve been talking a lot. We decided that it must be some cult in action since neither of us are believers in the spiritual side. It is hard to explain how Rose would know us both before we met each other.
  • I got tons of PMs asking me about how we met. That’s a good question, an I forgot to include that part in my story. Basically, last summer, I was out with my best friend in a club. Club closes at 1:00am and then everyone gets in front of it and sort of chills for a while. We were standing outside when this older man came up to us. He started openly hitting on me (in a homosexual way). I am far from a homophobe but this man was persistent. Then I heard Lila’s voice: “Hey baby, what are you doing?” I turned around and saw her sitting at the nearby bench with two of her girlfriends. I realized she was talking to me. The look on her face told me everything. She was saving me from the man. I said “excuse me, my girlfriend is waiting” and walked away and sat with Lila. He came after me. Lila and I had an immediate chemistry. Man didn’t believe us that we were together and kept asking questions about us, but Lila and I played off each other so well that he finally decided we were telling the truth and left. We kissed that night. She was visiting that town for only two days, but promised to come back and see me. And she did two weeks later. We’ve been together since.

I realize that some may suggest that the man was part of the cult and tried to “force” us onto each other, but it still took free will from both of us to do what we did, so I doubt the possibility of that conspiracy.

  • Lila is in a bad mental shape right now. She is terrified and jumps on every little noise. I don’t know how to help. I am scared myself, but am trying to appear strong for her.
  • Some of you have suggested that this story is fake. I will say this: I am fully aware of how incredible this all sounds and this is exactly why I posted it here. Many of you helped with advice and kind words and I thank you guys. Others that don’t believe me, you can view the story as a piece of shitty fiction. I never said it’d be good, just true.
  • If you guys feel that the story of my baptism may have something to do with this, I will find time to write it, although I have to note, you are an inpatient bunch. Please realize that we are going through a lot right now. Thanks.

Some updates regarding the pictures I am posting here:

8 So, I snapped a few pics before the police came. Also, after they left (and left the orange), I noticed something engraved/written on the peel. I took a photo of that too. Bottom word I was able to decipher: It says “OTVORI” which means “open” in my language. Top word I cant tell what it is.

  • I don’t know what to do with the orange. I still have it. Will throw it out soon.

Enough bullshiting.

Picture 1  is of our staircase leading to the room.
Picture 1 is of our staircase leading to the room.
Picture 2  is the view from the door of our room.
Picture 2 is the view from the door of our room.
Picture 3  is closeup of oranges.
Picture 3 is closeup of oranges.
Picture 4  is a closer look at oranges. Notice the peel.
Picture 4 is a closer look at oranges. Notice the peel.
Picture 5  is another blow-up of the fucking thing.
Picture 5 is another blow-up of the fucking thing.
Picture 6  is of the message written/engraved in the peel.
Picture 6 is of the message written/engraved in the peel.
Picture 7  As I said, someone changed it to the picture from my childhood that I didn't have on my laptop.
Picture 7 As I said, someone changed it to the picture from my childhood that I didn’t have on my laptop.

If anyone can make any sense out of this, I’d appreciate any help at this point. Polaroid picture is at the police station, but the cop I know told me that if nothing happens within few days, I’d be able to at least come and make a copy of it if I really wanted to.

That’s all for now.

Edit: I blurred out part of the last image to protect my privacy, it was revealing my name. Kind Redditor discovered it and messaged me.


So, here’s another update: (also, do I update on these posts or create new ones?)

I told my mother what’s going on and she asked to see the picture. She recognized it. The woman in the picture is her friend from when I was a child and the kid in the picture is her son. She doesn’t know where the pic came from, or that it was ever taken for that matter. My mom said she spoke to my grandma who still lives in Bosnia and my grandma seems to know something. I will have to call her tomorrow. Later on, I will upload the desktop pic that was put on my lap top. Still in search of original files and/or hidden folders.

Credit To – Milos Bogetic


NOTE: This is the third in a series of several popular Reddit posts documenting some seriously creepy experiences. We are publishing them here with express permission of Milos Bogetic aka inaaace, the original poster. The story is in multiple parts, and will be published completely over the next few days – much like what I did with the ‘Bedtime’ series earlier this year. After the stories have all gone up, I’ll edit each post with links to the other parts.

The OP has finished the book that he promised during his successful kickstarter project.

You can find the paperback and Kindle e-book versions here: The Story of Her Holding an Orange by Milos Bogetic  – full disclosure: our referral link is included.

I know that this will not be new material for all of you, but for those of you who – like myself – don’t use Reddit, I wanted to post it so that you guys could enjoy it as much as I did after having it brought to my attention. Thanks again to Milos for letting me post it, and enjoy!

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161 thoughts on “The Story of Her Holding an Orange: Part Three”

  1. Homosexualfishwithatutu

    Whoa this is some creepy shit. Maybe it is some kind of cult but that would seem a little weird if it was. A cult made of one? And how does this bitch know where everyone lives?! I don’t know but I hope you find a solution to this problem.

  2. No he doesn’t need to take the orange! If it is true the first word means door the only door that would be open isthe one to hell. Why else would Rose want him to take theorange? To take his soul and take ppossession over his body.

  3. The top writing on the Orange looks like aqa or aga <which sounds familiar like babayaga the Russian boogy man but that last three look like 392
    3+9=12÷2=6 etc and its funny how you put that picture as the sixth. You should put lime and lemons in a bowl full of rice for a few days. It's funny how she's offering you an orange when citrus are supposed to absorb the negativity around you and curses. Try putting salt all around your room like a thick line of salt on the floor all connected around the room if she can cross that your screwed but she's probably a witch your family or families probably made a deal and she's coming for her payment but you're baptized so like it feels like that Greek mythology of hades if you eat his fruit from his garden your his for a specific amount of time it also reminds me of Pandora box where you exercise something into something and you have to open or Peal it to let it out

  4. It looks like roossoe or something like that. Definitely a r in the beginning and there r o’s but maybe it’s like roussoe or something. Could possibly be a u

  5. I would like to see the photo she sent you, the one she took of you when you were standing in front of the store, waiting to buy an Iphone.

    Now, that wouldn’t be so hard, would it?

    You may have to work a bit with your story, though. No one forgets an encounter like that, so it makes no sense when you say twice that after a few years, you forgot the whole thing.

    Also, when recalling a true story, our feelings are placed in the end of the story. Like this:

    “I met two men, they grabbed me, and attempted to take my clothes off. I was able to get away and two other men came to my rescue. I was so afraid, my heart beat so fast, and I was shaking.” This is how we retell a true story, the feelings come after the actual incident.

    Not: “I met two men, they grabbed me, and I was so scared. They tried to take my clothes off and my heart beat so fast, and I was shaking. I was able to get away and yadayadayada.”

    And, btw, the girlfriend would have remembered the flight destination.

  6. It may say ‘apatie’ which means apathy in your language. Another suggestion I am for, do you have a bible or an information book? Maybe a book starting with RAD or having the Initials RAD or the authors initials RAD? Well if you do find a book like that look up to page 392.

    I think the top of the orange is is RAD 392 which is describing a book to you, on page 392. The bottom is telling you to open it onto that page.

    Apart from that could you maybe settle to have a talk? Ask about her life?

  7. i think that the second word on the orange peel might be roajoe. i am not sure by the picture, just trying to help. i know how scary this must be. most of us just imagine things in our window or across the street. but for it to actually be there, that must be utterally terrifying. the police suck if they are not doing anything by the way.

  8. It kinda looks like it says Ross or rooge..whatever that means,i’m conserned if you see her again just look at her with the equekky creepy smile that she gives you

  9. ok i think the top may say:

    .poaj9e ??
    and a few others, but thats just what they look like to me….
    ive typed them all in on google translate and alot of others,
    the letters may be scrambled, it could be a code,
    i think it says foyer open or open orange.

    plus…. michael myers rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. it looks like POPSAZ, which is a website for basically attorneys, other than that when i searched it, it kept showing up as something to do with russia, i know thats nothing, but i tried

  11. ok i translated the lines and you didn’t notice it’s 3 lines not 2.
    anyways, i translated it and the first line is a airplane’s flight code i checked around and found (after some hacking into websites) it was the code for the exact plane flight that your girlfriend met rose on. it was the first encounter you both can remember.
    the 2nd line means door
    the 3rd line means open

    all together this means she got an illegal list of all the passengers and knew lila would be on that plane flight and everything. it also shows how they met when lila was drunk so if she got this than she has some level of control over the government and over plane flights, it also means she will know werever you go.

    i hope this was any help to you and if it was than i would be glad to help if rose gives another extremely cryptic message for you, i think i actually saw he once but i’m not sure, if you have a image or recording it would help.
    also now i completely believe you because some of the codes on this haven’t expired and i can get to the full info of almost any passenger on the plane, but rose isn’t on it, however she got on the plane it wasn’t legal..
    thats all thanks for reading this long comment

  12. Well, as someone before mentioned, the word “Otvori” means “open” or “Openings” in Bulgarian. The thing with the orange is weird indeed but I found an article that may explain to a certain extent what is happening to you. In Bulgarian mythology, there are those type of spirits called “samodivi”. They are all tall, dressed in white, have pale skin, and are described as especially seductive. They also posses the most beautiful voice, being able to sing a song that attracts everyone who hears it. The aforementioned may explain why Rose dresses in white and has a childish voice. Moreover, samodivas are most often hostile to people, have a vindictive nature and like to mess with other’s life. Im not saying that Rose is such a spirit as I dont believe in the paranormal and in the spiritual. I am just trying to give you some “food for though”, suggesting that mby this woman is messing with you and is trying to replicate some motives from various mythologies in order to freak you out. Here is also a link that describes what the orange means in various folklore:

    If I happen find something interesting on the topic I will let you know

  13. Maybe you should inspect the picture…see if you could find out who took it and where and for what reason. Also, check out the picture, maybe Rose is somewhere in it?

  14. I don’t see the pictures. It says ” error 404 – nothing found
    The page you are looking for could not be found.”

  15. she is going to get more aggressiveand get physicalif you have childrencan either save youor make it a thousand worseI know what it is and that its a problemyou can’t ignore it much longerI if you don’t join she will try to kill you and your family be careful

  16. That guy is a bulgarian. The thing wrotten on the oranhe is on bulgarian and Rose is a prety common name in bulgaria.

  17. Sir I suggest you look up some type of protection spell, I have a few if you’d like me to shoot them too you. I’ve had a problem with some strange occurrences in my house hold and I am a devout Wiccan. Perhaps this is some type of past bond someone once made

  18. looks like the top line says POOJOE, ask Lila or whatever her name is if she can make it out…

  19. Nice story. Got a chill out of me. Quite a mind twister sometimes, too. A great read for late at night.

    Also, you’re Bosnian? Because I’m from Bosnia, so… Just wondering. o_o

  20. Dear people who are saying she’s supernatural and you need to buy a gun,
    If she IS supernatural, wouldn’t she be able to avoid the bullets? Like seriously, use “common” sense. I’m not that old but I know some shit. She’s a strange stalker. Picture this; A lady with a strange smile and an off age voice that’s really pale and in her middle-ages, that can go away suddenly/ quickly. There are perfect explanations for all of those things. 1- Her face got stuck like that and she can rarely take it out. 2-She had a speech impairment when she was younger. 3-Her skin is naturally pale. 4- She can do escape parkour and run quickly. Poof, explained. Seriously, I realize that I sound like a complete fucking idiot, but those explanations can happen. I’m going to tell you, (If you haven’t noticed yet), that I am very skeptical. I try to believe but I can’t.

  21. i wasnt going to look at the pictures. until i scrolled passed the picture of the laptop. what freaked me out. was that it was the same laptop

  22. hmm i have a helpful idea perhaps this rose girl was maybe a distant family member that met you way before you even were age of 3 however with the pictures i have seen you are infact facing a intellegent ghost however demons are able to do the samething however i am not sure perhaps you could take a picture of rose and have it uploaded i am also in the United States however if you wish to seek help do contact my email ( [email protected] )

  23. hey i know this is rough but i think i might have figured something out for the first ward carved into the orange peel. In the language Croatian i typed “ag ajge Otvori” this means “Ag’s Angles open”or i also typed “ag ajde otvori” thid means lets open up ag

  24. Simon (not my real name)

    or “the Amber Queen that Fallows,” or anything that goes with “Amber Queen” and “Fallow” please respond

  25. Simon (not my real name)

    I have a few questions. Did you ever know your father? 2nd question… well, not really a question, but a suggestion…Maybe Rose isn’t there to harm you… what if she’s actually trying to help you. hear me out. What if here real name isn’t Rose, and the Orange isn’t supposed to resemble a fruit but a color. So, Orange Rose. and there’s a name for orange roses, and that would be “Amber Queen.” and “go with me” or “come with me” I forgot what she says is another way of saying “fallow.” if you can decipher a riddle going “Fallow the Amber Queen.” And see if that relates to Anything, and I mean ANYTHING in your life, try to put the pieces together. I may be digging too deep into this, but it’s something.

  26. It seems like its NOT a ghost because when I was a little girl I saw 1 through a mirror but he was nice he just waved and I was not scared but this is scary and u should just fight fire with fire and be a creep to her or maybe cuss her out then she’ll stop bothering u or eat an orange in front of her

  27. the word on the top might mean “open” in your GF’s language. maybe you have already looked into it; just a suggestion.

  28. the word on the top of the orange peel might mean “open in your GF’s language. maybe you have already looked into it by now; just a suggestion

  29. this is obviously some fucked up stalker woman who can lock pick and is obsessed with oranges and is probably going to turn up at your door and you are going to take a picture secretly and she is gonna get reported to the fucking F.B.I for extreme stalking and will end up in a straight jacket

  30. After reading the comments and doing some research, my conclusion is that the word above OTVORI is roanje which means orange. Maybe just maybe it means “Open Orange” or could possible be the demon’s name. If you see her again try saying that name to her to see if she gets angry or disappears. If that doesn’t work try asking her name. If that doesn’t work try peeling the orange or have someone who is not involve peel the orange.

  31. i have a question the last time you saw rose did she age at all or did she look excaly the same when you saw her at the age 17??? it would help me out a lot so that i can help you with this problem

  32. maybe it says “Roajoe” I’m not sure if that means anything in your language. Maybe I could help. I’m sorry if I couldn’t

  33. Borri the Greybeard

    holy crap just looking at those pics are really creeping me out, reading this is one thing, seeing evidence and pics are another and asdfhjfjs I don’t think I’ll be sleeping tonight, but who needs sleep anyway? right? ;3;

  34. hey really scary shit mate i feel for the both of you.. by the way the writing on the orange peel could be an anagram that says something jumbled or a code??

  35. I read your story and I don’t think your lying because you indeed do have photographic evidence. I think you’re pretty brave for posting this to CreepyPasta considering rude comments. I think you should try to ignore the police and take matters into your own hands considering they do not help much. So, try to track down Rose and try to find some background information on her. That’s all I have for now. I’m sincerely sorry that you have to go through this right now. I will continue reading and supporting you.

    1. Photographic evidence? Where? He has taken pictures of his bedroom, and of his computer. God some people are so gullible.

  36. this is just a wild guess but the word above looks like the croatian Tjelesni and by putting otvori at the end of tjelsni you get two words bodily opening.

  37. Loving the story so far. Except maybe you should edit out your baby picture where the woman is looking right at the camera.

  38. There is a lot that top word could be, but it looks the tiniest bit like pojat, Slovak word for hold, “hold open”

  39. Notice the creepy head cocked to the right, grin, and stare of the old woman in the pic of the laptop


  41. So the word above Open I can barely make out but it looks like it says “Hajde.” I can’t make out the letter before the ‘H’, but “Hajde” but that roughly translates out to “Come on” or “Come”.

  42. The words on the top, I examined it a bit. The words look like P O U J 9 E. I thought what could 9 look similar too as a letter and I came up with D. So I googled “Poujde” Results came up with “poujade” Which is a roman catholic politition. Don’t know if that has to do with anything.

  43. ok there is an logical answer and an nonlogical answer.
    logical:she is a master locksmith and a master actor who is pulling a prank on you and she is like a psycic or something.
    nonlogical:she is from another dimension or a demon an ancester of both you and your gf had made mad by trespassing or stealing srom it and so the demon cursed his future family and yall are unlucky enough to be that family

    1. More Answers: She stalks you 24:7 with hidden cameras and hacked a G.P.S. that your parents put in your arm as an infant. (Or Maybe she just is the deranged god of oranges)

  44. Ok, you have several options
    1. Purchase a firearm
    2. Put a ton of oranges in your house to see what happens
    3 the opposite of oranges are lemons, so purchase lemons and exparament.
    4. If all else fails move.
    5. If that fails live with roommates.
    6. The most desparate measure would to be to contact a studio and make a show of this. Called “The Hunt Of Rose”

    1. 1.finaly a good idea
      3.trolling rose
      4.he already did that, read other parts
      5.he does live with roommates show ever!

  45. If Rose was the one placed her orange onto your gf when she was a baby, then we have something else. Time flies and she is still that young after what, 20 years?

    There are various points you need to take into consideration:
    – The oranges, why oranges?
    – The child voice, why child?
    – The relation with you gf, is it a coincidence? This is the hardest part.
    – The picture, why that picture?

    From you story I can only think of one theory that Rose was someone who related to that woman and her kid in your photo. She maybe the mother, or aunt that’s very close to that kid and somehow the kid died. She holds the grudge or becomes crazy after the incident, then she decides to follow you.

    However, that wouldn’t explain your gf’s story. It was too long ago, that mysterious kid was still fine at that time, and why Rose took her time all the way to India?

    Make your story into a bullet points timeline, I think you’ll find something worth to take a look at.

    This shouldn’t related to ghosts, nor she would like to harm you. If she did she would do that a long time ago, she went into your gf’s room, went into your room, be alone with you both unnoticed and yet all she did was offering you the oranges.

    This is creepy but not life-threatening. I’d suggest you to calm down and even have a talk with her. But never lock your room, you now knew she can break in anways. Always have a way to escape just in case, bring something with you all the time like a short staff to defend yourself.

    She has a story and for now means no physical harm, but she is indeed a maniac. She’s not a ghost, but she indeed possesses an ability to move in stealth.

    Hope this helps. I believe in your story because I experienced something similar, but it’s much shorter and it was a mad man who lost his child, I looked like him so he stalked me.

    The only problem here is your gf’s story, I repeat. It was too long ago.

  46. You are so rude. Not only did I look after you ever since you were a child, I also looked after the woman who you would come to love and saw to it that you two got together. Then when I offer you an orange as a sign of friendship you yell at me and run from me. Fuck you, bro.

    1. screw you rose that is not looking after somebody like that and dude call me over when she is at your house grab some ducktape tape her mouth shut sit her in a chair ducktape her to the chair take a picture of her face also learn to shoot a gun just in case shes kinda creepry and hall and she has to get up close ansd stuff but you can go up and whack her or shoot her in the knee cap you wont get charged i mean she stalking and breaking and entiring and you guys are under a lot of stress

    2. Aww, it’s okay, Rose. People only fear what they don’t understand. Try giving them apples, that may work. People like apples.

  47. Personally i don’t believe this, but if it is true buy a camera that you can quickly record with and film her without her knowing the next time you encounter her, then show it to the police and also put it on youtube so we can see her :P

  48. That is creepy as f***. And these people above saying to get a picture of Rose, don’t you get that when they see her, they’re too scared or creeped out to even think to get a damn camera. And…if she’s managed to do all this (breaking in and stuff),then don’t you think that somehow she’ll find a way to erase the photo of her before the author posts it? I’m 13 (14 in July), and I’m surprised that you (above me) didn’t think up that. I’m pretty sure the majority of this site are all older than me. Common sense. And Author, maybe if Rose isn’t part of a cult, then try getting some supernatural expert or something, if she is actually supernatural, and not just sneaky as hell.

    1. Trust me, I agree and you’re not alone in that age area. I’m almost 12 and I go on here so much. A lot of stories do sound like they’re fake, and this one is a little tricky, saying I haven’t read the rest. He should be able to read the peel if some people on here can. (Not to be rude or criticize or anything.) If he got a supernatural expert, he would need to have her in the area and have evidence of her being though. Even if you had your camera or phone with you, you would be scared or creeped out of your mind to snap a damn picture of her anyway. I agree with you totally.

      1. Im 12 almost 13 and at terrifying times you forget the simplest of things, you can barley decide if you are going to run or you are going to kick some ass

  49. antartican frog

    Maybe you should try to find a place where people can see you well enough to see the orange woman as well

  50. This might sound drastic but i think you should learn how to shoot a gun.Just a pistol or something,maybe a beretta

  51. this is like.. it makes me want to shit my pants and scream for mom.
    i do believe in like, spirits and non-natural stuff, and this is sooooo scary, i seriously regret reading this..
    but try to take a pic of her, like.. with a hidden camera or something, put it on you, and record 24/7 to see if she’ll turn up..

  52. have you ever thought maybe just maybe this might be an epic prank pulled by both of your parents? but than again who goes to that length to prank someone? if you want a safe place to go
    I’d suggest moving in with a ghetto family. Ain’t shit gone scare them if anything once they see that hoe they gone pop a cap in dat ass.

  53. This, so far has been an interesting read. While I have to admit I don’t thoroughly believe in supernatural types of situations, I’ve seen a lot that can convince me that this can happen to someone (and if it really is happening to you, I’m very sorry and hope you both can get past it unharmed and well)

    Rose seems to have some kind of connection between your and your girlfriend’s family (running to you two). Obviously she’s not just some deadbeat stalker, and saying she’s from this strange cult would/could be an understatement. If she dates back to your GF’s childhood years (and I’m estimating that she’s close to the 24-28-ish?) Rose has to be a different kind of entity than we’re thinking. I hesitate to say “ghost”, because I know there is so much more out there than the simple “ghost” description.

    Nonetheless, I’m baffled and short on words when it comes to actually telling you what I might think of it and how you may “take care of her” for I’ve heard of these things before (not similar in pattern and situation, but more of the supernatural thread), but never how it’s been taken care of.
    I desperately hope your grandmother can tell you more of this (and maybe how to solve it?) and I hope I can read more of it when you have the time to update and there is something worth updating.

    As for your girlfriend; stay strong for both of you, but remember that while it’s noble, you’re human as well, and being scared is normal. If needed, talk it out with her (unless she’s too scared to. Don’t be persistent in that case) and remind her that you two should be there for each other.

    Hope to read/hear more of you soon and be strong, brah.

    1. “The OP is currently working on turning this series into a book after his successful kickstarter project.” Use your brain and don’t be sorry, brah.

  54. Hiya, I’m pretty sure that the word above open says ‘shall’ or ‘soon’ It is hard to recognize the letters, but by what I CAN roughly recognize, this is what I can translate. You are welcome to email me, just reply if you want my email address.

  55. if I was being stalked by a creepy lady with oranges, you better believe she would have left me alone. if she didn’t, well…I have 5 or 6 knives in my room.

  56. I know what to do! If dat creepy woman shows up, Approach her and say “Hey let’s take a picture!” And you take a picture of her and post it. Or better. Sprint right to her face and give her a Falcon Punch.

  57. I wish more information or experiences were provided. Not sure what the word above OTVORI is either, but it looks Greek.

      1. I think this guy can be bulgerian because i am bulgerian too and in my langweig(sorry for shit spelling)otvori means open just like his langweige

        1. I don’t think it’s rose, I’m not sure, ‘ rose open ‘ .. it may be meaning that rose is always open to be joined? I can’t figure it out, i don’t know his language ..

      2. That is a plausible answer to it, but makes no sense (no offense intended). If this is a true encryption, the 5th character could be a natural sign (such as in music), the first 4 being “door”, and the last being an “E” (for the first line). So it comes out like this “Door natural-e open” (last line included). If you refer back to the story, he said that Rose had said he’d accept the orange sometime. So it could possibly be saying that the doorway into that group (or whatever you want to call it) will open on its own and take him in. Just a thought, not necessarily correct, but hopefully you’ll at least *consider* my opinion.

    1. jazmine neuser

      i think the first word is posao and it means It’s not our job to judge what anyone enters the heart of the temple. and its in croatian

    2. The orange peel has these words engraved RAD 392 otvori. if the last word is OPEN then it means for you to open a particular verse from a specific text ie book.

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