The Story of Her Holding an Orange: Part Three

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Anyone who hasn’t read my story should do so before looking in this thread. My first story had some updates to it too. My second story is my girlfriend’s account of the events.

Hey guys, I promised pictures and updates, so here we go. I will also respond to some questions. So first’s things first, let me bring you up to speed:

  • We have not had any encounters with Rose since last night’s “break-in.”
  • Police called this morning to check on us and told us to stay careful and call should anything happen.
  • I talked to my mother on Skype and it was, well, disappointing. She only knew Rose as a normal person. She actually doesn’t even remember Rose asking about me much. She never got the hint that Rose may be a crazy cunt. My parents are now really worried. Not sure if they think I’m going crazy or they are legitimately afraid for my well-being.
  • Lila hasn’t gotten a hold of her mom at this point (her mom is in England).
  • We’ve been talking a lot. We decided that it must be some cult in action since neither of us are believers in the spiritual side. It is hard to explain how Rose would know us both before we met each other.
  • I got tons of PMs asking me about how we met. That’s a good question, an I forgot to include that part in my story. Basically, last summer, I was out with my best friend in a club. Club closes at 1:00am and then everyone gets in front of it and sort of chills for a while. We were standing outside when this older man came up to us. He started openly hitting on me (in a homosexual way). I am far from a homophobe but this man was persistent. Then I heard Lila’s voice: “Hey baby, what are you doing?” I turned around and saw her sitting at the nearby bench with two of her girlfriends. I realized she was talking to me. The look on her face told me everything. She was saving me from the man. I said “excuse me, my girlfriend is waiting” and walked away and sat with Lila. He came after me. Lila and I had an immediate chemistry. Man didn’t believe us that we were together and kept asking questions about us, but Lila and I played off each other so well that he finally decided we were telling the truth and left. We kissed that night. She was visiting that town for only two days, but promised to come back and see me. And she did two weeks later. We’ve been together since.

I realize that some may suggest that the man was part of the cult and tried to “force” us onto each other, but it still took free will from both of us to do what we did, so I doubt the possibility of that conspiracy.

  • Lila is in a bad mental shape right now. She is terrified and jumps on every little noise. I don’t know how to help. I am scared myself, but am trying to appear strong for her.
  • Some of you have suggested that this story is fake. I will say this: I am fully aware of how incredible this all sounds and this is exactly why I posted it here. Many of you helped with advice and kind words and I thank you guys. Others that don’t believe me, you can view the story as a piece of shitty fiction. I never said it’d be good, just true.
  • If you guys feel that the story of my baptism may have something to do with this, I will find time to write it, although I have to note, you are an inpatient bunch. Please realize that we are going through a lot right now. Thanks.

Some updates regarding the pictures I am posting here:

8 So, I snapped a few pics before the police came. Also, after they left (and left the orange), I noticed something engraved/written on the peel. I took a photo of that too. Bottom word I was able to decipher: It says “OTVORI” which means “open” in my language. Top word I cant tell what it is.

  • I don’t know what to do with the orange. I still have it. Will throw it out soon.

Enough bullshiting.

Picture 1  is of our staircase leading to the room.
Picture 1 is of our staircase leading to the room.
Picture 2  is the view from the door of our room.
Picture 2 is the view from the door of our room.
Picture 3  is closeup of oranges.
Picture 3 is closeup of oranges.
Picture 4  is a closer look at oranges. Notice the peel.
Picture 4 is a closer look at oranges. Notice the peel.
Picture 5  is another blow-up of the fucking thing.
Picture 5 is another blow-up of the fucking thing.
Picture 6  is of the message written/engraved in the peel.
Picture 6 is of the message written/engraved in the peel.
Picture 7  As I said, someone changed it to the picture from my childhood that I didn't have on my laptop.
Picture 7 As I said, someone changed it to the picture from my childhood that I didn’t have on my laptop.

If anyone can make any sense out of this, I’d appreciate any help at this point. Polaroid picture is at the police station, but the cop I know told me that if nothing happens within few days, I’d be able to at least come and make a copy of it if I really wanted to.

That’s all for now.

Edit: I blurred out part of the last image to protect my privacy, it was revealing my name. Kind Redditor discovered it and messaged me.

So, here’s another update: (also, do I update on these posts or create new ones?)

I told my mother what’s going on and she asked to see the picture. She recognized it. The woman in the picture is her friend from when I was a child and the kid in the picture is her son. She doesn’t know where the pic came from, or that it was ever taken for that matter. My mom said she spoke to my grandma who still lives in Bosnia and my grandma seems to know something. I will have to call her tomorrow. Later on, I will upload the desktop pic that was put on my lap top. Still in search of original files and/or hidden folders.

Credit To – Milos Bogetic

NOTE: This is the third in a series of several popular Reddit posts documenting some seriously creepy experiences. We are publishing them here with express permission of Milos Bogetic aka inaaace, the original poster. The story is in multiple parts, and will be published completely over the next few days – much like what I did with the ‘Bedtime’ series earlier this year. After the stories have all gone up, I’ll edit each post with links to the other parts.

The OP has finished the book that he promised during his successful kickstarter project.

You can find the paperback and Kindle e-book versions here: The Story of Her Holding an Orange by Milos Bogetic  – full disclosure: our referral link is included.

I know that this will not be new material for all of you, but for those of you who – like myself – don’t use Reddit, I wanted to post it so that you guys could enjoy it as much as I did after having it brought to my attention. Thanks again to Milos for letting me post it, and enjoy!

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