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The Story of Her Holding an Orange: Part Five

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Formalities first: If you’re just joining my diary of horror, please read part onepart twopart three, and part four.

I have become almost indifferent to what’s going on to me. Since my first story, so much shit happened/was discovered that I became dulled down to the point of almost not giving a fuck. Put that attitude together with the fact that nothing happened (until yesterday) to us since Rose’s break-in, and you have one dude who doesn’t give a shit anymore. I suppose everyone reaches that point at some time. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism.

Anyways, yesterday (Wednesday), I had a day off from work. My girlfriend decided that she wanted to get away from everything for a little while. She went to her friend’s house in our town for few days. I like to alleviate my stress by working out. I had a day off and wanted to do a bit more than just lift weights, so I decided to go on a long bike ride. 50 miles to the next city. It was really cloudy in the morning, so I decided to take nothing with me but a couple of bucks for the bus ride back. (also, ATT&T sent me iPhone 5, and I definitely didn’t wanna take that if it was going to rain). So I went on the bike trip with nothing but my Trek and few dollars.

About 30 miles into the trip, I got on this bike trail that led almost to the end of my destination. It is a 22 mile trail. I did this trip once in July and the place was packed. Hundreds of fucking cyclist everywhere, could barely move. This time, the trail looked deserted. Nobody on it. And weather became shittier and shittier. Heavy fog set in. I almost felt as if I were in a cloud, it was so moist, but without the actual rain. My shirt was dripping with water, and visibility was shit, but I decided to keep going. Few miles into the trail, I started noticing benches on the side, something I haven’t noticed before. Cool idea since the road is so long, I guess you need a break sometimes. I kept riding though. Visibility was 15 feet at best. About 7 miles into the track, I thought I heard laughing. I squeezed my breaks and slid for few feet. I listened. Nothing. Well, I know what you think, and you’re right. I’m a fucking idiot. Going for a long trip on a secluded track when I have some crazy cunt following me. Plot of a cliché horror movie. I know. And I regret doing what I did. But my reasoning was that nobody ever physically attacked me, so the worst-case scenario would be I am offered another fucking orange.

I got back on the bike, did few pedal strokes, and heard the laughing again. It was coming from ahead. Fuck it, I’m biking through. Fog decided to have mercy on me and increase the area visibility to about 25 feet. That’s when I saw someone sitting on the bench ahead. I lied to myself saying that its normal for a biker to sit on the side and rest. That’s what it is probably, right? You and I both know that no, it wasn’t a biker sitting there. It was a man. He wore a black suit. No hat or cane though, so I felt a little better. I switched my shit into the highest gear and started pedaling Armstrong style. As I was passing him, he started laughing again. There was nothing around him. No newspapers, no phone, no bike. Just sitting, hands on his knees, not even looking at me. Just looking ahead. And just as I am passing, this fucker starts laughing hysterically. I got fucking scared. It was then that I noticed an orange right next to him on the bench. Then he looked straight at me. Rose encounters were scary as hell, but this man, this man was on a whole new level. I just kept pedaling. I heard the laugh one more time as I was riding away from him. Next 12 miles or so took me about 45 minutes, in other words, I wasn’t slowing down. I got to the town where I wanted to catch a bus and another shock was waiting for me. I arrived at the bus station at 4:10 pm. Last bus was leaving at 4:30. The way these schedules work, this bus would take me to a small town at the beginning of that trail, where I’d catch another bus to home. Well, I come at the bus station and I see that bus only has two bike racks and they’re both taken. Yup, let’s cut the artistic description shit and jump to the point: driver said it was against the rules to put a bike inside the bus. It was the last bus and if I wanted to go back home that night, I’d have to bike to the other town and arrive before 7:00pm, when the last bus for my place leaves. I had 2 and half hours to do 20 miles. Either that or spend the night there. I only had $10 on me so…yea. Bike back you stupid shit. And good luck with that laughing man on the trail.

I wish I could tell you that I persuaded the driver to let me in. I wish I stayed there that night. Could have maybe tried to pay for the hotel by giving them my credit card number? Could’ve tried. No, I decided to bike, and I got what I deserved.

Two miles into the trail, I saw something on the ground about 20 feet ahead. I remember thinking how clean they kept this track, so it was strange that the trash would be just obviously laying around. I slowed down. It was a GI Joe action soldier toy. Looked pretty new. Oh well, some kid dropped it while biking with his family. Keep pedaling son. A mile later, another object ahead. Basketball. I stop. Pick it up. Drop it. Eyes full of tears. When I was in about eight grade, there was a basketball 3 on 3 tournament in my school. I was so fucking excited for that shit, man. I gathered the best team I could find. If we’d win, we’d go to an even bigger tournament and maybe win some money. We arrived at the court and realized that only two teams signed up in our age category. We were full of joy because that meant that even if we lost, we’d win some kind of award. We lost, well actually got destroyed by the other kids. But, since we ended in second place, we got a $50 gift card each for a store equivalent to a Foot Locker here. We all ran to that place. My friends all picked shoes and jerseys, but I picked this basketball. It was so unique: it was painted like a chess board-64 squares, 32 black and 32 white. They called me crazy for spending my gift card on it but I loved it. At least for few days until I realized that the colors on it give me headache when it spun and that designers of this ball were stupid assholes. So I threw it in the river when I crossed one of the bridges near my house. And now, now I was holding that same ball, 5000 miles away from home, in the middle of the woods on some bike trail that only I knew I’d be crossing that day. I froze, dropped the ball, and just wanted to yell. You get mad at some point, you know, you get mad that your life isn’t as normal as other people’s. Why cant I worry about shit like whether my NFL team is gonna go to playoffs or whether I’m gonna get a raise? Why do I have to go through this? What did I do? Well I could contemplate about life or I could get the fuck out of these woods and try to catch that bus. I chose the latter. So I kept biking, carefully. After few miles, another thing. A page out of newspaper. It got wet from a light drizzle. I picked it up. It was an article about me. When I just came to the US, the school I played ball for published an article about my life in their paper. There it was, in my hands. I dropped that shit and decided not to stop anymore. I biked by a bike I owned when I was living in Bosnia, I biked by my old Iron Maiden shirt, and by a picture of my family in a broken frame. I biked by a dead cat that was identical to the cat I had when I was 15. The faster I biked, the items from my life became more and more common on the road.

At this point, my story is becoming more unbelievable than any cheesy movie you’ve seen. Feel free to express all your disbelief, call me a liar. I would. I would call bullshit 3 stories ago. I wish I was fucking with ya’ll. I wish I was doing this for entertainment. I am doing this to get help, advice, to set my mind at ease, at least for a minute.

So I am flying down the trail. About two more miles and I am out of these woods of hell. It’s getting dark. Dark and more foggy. And then, and fucking then, I hear the laugh. Only this time, it is a child. Or not. I slow down, scared of what’s coming. I see a silhouette sitting on the bench ahead. The same bench where that man was. Laughing again. Not the kind where some criminal mastermind laughs at the evilness of his plan. Playful laugh. I guess you can call it giggle. Only it is not a child. It is a woman sitting there. She is dressed in white. It is Rose.


I pressed my breaks so hard I was surprised I didn’t fly over the wheel. She was sitting there, legs crossed, looking straight ahead of her, not at me, and laughing. Then she turned towards me, tilted her head, smiled with the many-times-described grin, and said: “Sit.” This was the first time I got scared to the point that my extremities gave up for a second. Other encounters with her, I was in my home, or at least in somewhat of a safe place. This…This was in the woods. And as I type this, I realize even more how fucking stupid it was of me to embark on this trip at a time like this. Maybe subconsciously, I wanted to meet her again. Meet her and bring an end to it. I regained some courage, and got off the bike. I put the bike down slowly and noticed a photo of me and my first girlfriend laying on the road. It was wet and looked burnt. Fuck if I’m stopping now. I’m gonna talk to her. I walked over. She was still smiling, not moving at all.

“Sit.” In my language. In child’s voice.


“ You’ve been a very stubborn boy, Milos”

“I am not a boy. I don’t want to have anything with you people. Why cant you leave me the fuck alone? What do you want from me?” It felt liberating to be able to express all of the frustration and scream at the cunt that caused my girlfriend and me so much pain.

“No need to yell Milos.”

“No, there IS a need to yell. You’re fucking with my life!”

“I only want you to come with me.”

“First tell me what you want. And then I’ll decide.”

She took an orange sitting next to her, and offered it to me.

“It is not your decision to make.” Her voice changed to a more adult one, but still not appropriate for a woman her age.


“It is my life you fucking bitch!”

She lost her smile.

“You know Milos, all this goes far back. You have no power over this. You WILL come.” She yelled that word, “will”. Like yelled it at me. I stepped back, ready to knock her the fuck out. She got up.

“I will fight you people. I’ll call police, I will…”

“You can’t do anything.” She cut me off. “Who do you think I am? You think the police can help you? You think your friends can help?”

“What the fuck are you? A cult? You want me as a sacrifice?”

She started laughing. She laughed while never closing her eyes, never taking them off of me.

“You silly boy.” Her voice switched to a child’s version again. “You have so much to learn about us.” She stepped towards me.

At that point, I honestly believed I was dealing with something other than a human being. I will admit, after I got home and cooled down and thought logically, I went back to my theory of it being a cult. But at that moment, right then, I believed I was encountering something else.


“I will ask for help from others then.” I said, not knowing what I even meant.

“Church maybe?” She said it in a way like when I child is imitating your voice just to irritate you. ”You think your gods will save you? Ask your priest about me. Ask and then decide.”

I had no idea what the fuck she was talking about, but I decided I had enough. It was time to run. At the same moment, she stepped back, sat back down, and started looking at the orange. I ran back to the bike, got on it and started pedaling like the devil himself was behind me. As I passed her, she started laughing uncontrollably, still looking at the orange.

I got on the bus at the last moment. I was a wreck during the ride and when I got home. I called the guy from the police station, told him what happened, and he said he’d contact the local police and ask them to go check the trail out. I expect nothing. I spent the whole day thinking about what happened. How could she/them get all my stuff that I am sure didn’t exist anymore? Was that really the same cat I had 12 years ago? How? And what did she mean by “ask my priest”? So many questions and exactly zero fucking answers. I am mentally drained. I didn’t tell my girlfriend about this, because this would probably cause her to have a nervous breakdown. I might have one myself. I am a broken man tormented by something I am not familiar with. I am lost.

Credit To – Milos Bogetic

NOTE: This is the fifth in a series of several popular Reddit posts documenting some seriously creepy experiences. We are publishing them here with express permission of Milos Bogetic aka inaaace, the original poster. The story is in multiple parts, and will be published completely over the next few days – much like what I did with the ‘Bedtime’ series earlier this year. After the stories have all gone up, I’ll edit each post with links to the other parts.

The OP has finished the book that he promised during his successful kickstarter project.

You can find the paperback and Kindle e-book versions here: The Story of Her Holding an Orange by Milos Bogetic  – full disclosure: our referral link is included.

I know that this will not be new material for all of you, but for those of you who – like myself – don’t use Reddit, I wanted to post it so that you guys could enjoy it as much as I did after having it brought to my attention. Thanks again to Milos for letting me post it, and enjoy!

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127 thoughts on “The Story of Her Holding an Orange: Part Five”

  1. You are haunted. I am so scared for you. Seek the help of a spiritual warrior. Do not give into these beings. Stop going off by yourself! The opposition wants to drive you crazy. Do not let it. You are obviously a very special child take care!!

  2. Milose, zaista ti zelim da se ovaj horor zavrsi, ne mogu ni da zamislim kroz sta prolazis, ako ja ovde serem u gace samo dok ovo citam! Sve najbolje!

  3. fucking scared awesome prussia

    Right now,milos i am afraid to turn around,I have the lights out and now I have to go to bed.FUCKING THANKS :I

  4. Your story reminds me of a story from a book I once read. There was this group that brainwashed other people. They gave them some weird fruit and when anyone ate that fruit they became strange and their eyes glazed over and they always wore a weird, twisted smile on their faces.
    An ancestor or any family member of yours could have made a deal with the Devil. Possibly.
    Anyway this story seems exciting to me. I hope it’s not a fake because I love knowing that strange things are happening in the world. It’s too boring.

  5. Hello. All I would like to say is that this has been the ONLY creepypasta that has drawn my full and undivided attention. It would be interesting, I find, if you were to go to the store and buy many oranges. Leave one outside your door every night with a note to Miss Rose. If you are able to post another part of this series, please tell me how this creature reacts. I have encountered similar stories by real people, and I believe this act might allow me to gauge exactly what you are dealing with.

  6. Hi buddy, what you’re going through is hell I’m sorry it’s happening to you I believe every word of your story first of all and let me tell you things like this happen unfortunately. Have you considered talking to a medium?

  7. Well i must say it sounds like you need some answers and hopefully it’ll be okay. This woman sounds like a fuckin creeper and you need to just kick her ass. Next time you have an experience with her just be like i’ve had enough of your shit bitch and pop her one square in that creepy grin of hers. Hope it gets better for you.

  8. You know what you should do? You should probably go to the church, but before you do this, try to take a picture of either the man in black or Rose. I bet the “Priest” would probably know about this; [email protected]#$ this is turning into more of a religious thing now….

    Perhaps they are ghosts, the world may never know…..

  9. Oh no. Not this i cant belive i found it finally. WE NEED TO TALK. NO ONE ELSE please message me or somethingvabout this. Do not do anything stupid and dont accept that orange!!! Your life is being written this isnt good. This is not associated by anything good at all. You have been related to a spirit you have to contact me asap.


    Oh no. Not this i cant belive i found it finally. WE NEED TO TALK. NO ONE ELSEplease message me or somethingvabout this. Do not do anything stupid and dont accept that orange!!! Your life is being written this isnt good. This is not associated by anything good at all. You have been related to a spirit you have to contact me asap.

  10. Oh no. Not this i cant belive i found it finally. WE NEED TO TALK. NO ONE ELSE please message me or somethingvabout this. Do not do anything stupid and dont accept that orange!!! Your life is being written this isnt good. This is not associated by anything good at all. You have been related to a spirit you have to contact me asap.

  11. I find this very odd. Im pretty open minded about the supernatural life. And never once have I encountered something so exotic. Im sorry you haven’t received the help you need, Milos.

  12. she just told you a way to find out more about her. go to the priest and ask about demons like her. Demons that haunt you all your life and never give up. next time either one of the demons appear, tie them up and take them to the priest. I know im probably too late, but you better hurry and do it.

  13. The Orange is a symbol. Whatever you do, do not accept it. It’s trying to trick you into accepting something, signing something away that you’re not aware of (like the fine print of a contract)

    As long as you keep declining it’s offer, it can never physically harm you. It may harass you, and you will have to steel your nerves as it may get worse, far worse.

    DO NOT LISTEN TO IT! Listening to it’s lies will make you more susceptible to it’s manipulations.

    Research! Everything in your family’s history; a great way to start is to look into family trees, anywhere you can find them. Old albums, journals, heirlooms; Anything you can think of.

    1. If this were true, why is his book under fiction? And why does have other stories as well? Is this dude like super haunted?

  14. I don’t wanna sound rude or anything.. But I probably eill anyways. *sigh* Going to any place alone is pretty stupid, much less the woods. The best advice I can give to you now is always have other people around you. And, no, your GF is not counted. Because, she, too has experienced the same shit as you.. So, no.

  15. When I was a kid, I had a neighbor who would always have me over. She was my mom’s friend so my mom let me. She would always give me an orange or apple. Not hat this is anything supernatural, but I just wanted to share

  16. Like at that point you honestly believed our not dealing with a human like WTF ?? She saw ur grandmother and grandfather and defenitely know you and the hell she never ages T^T i bet she’s a demon :L

  17. Creepy stuff. I’m enjoying it but if this actually is true I feel bad for Milos. I couldn’t deal with this.

  18. Ask why you should take it. Give conditions. Your life probably isn’t the only one that has been affected. Also, check with a priest and put that up in between this post and the next update. Do some research, fight this thing!

  19. Supernatural -A-

    I’d like to approach this as a believer, because I don’t think that not believing this man’s story will do any good to anyone, only make it easier for other people to not believe it either. I truly believe that what he has written, and what he will write, is plausible at the least, and a part of me is saying that it is completely true. The more I read the easier it is for me to believe it, and the harder it is for me to decide what Rose and the tall man are… Although the conclusion I return to consistently is demon.
    I do not wish to be judged for suggesting that it could be demons, but I’ve done my research, I know my demons… And I am 99.9% certain that if this story is composed of truths, this is a demon problem. All the signs are there, you just have to know what to look for, and I have found them. The changing of the eyes in the grandmother’s story, the seeming inhumanity, the feeling of immense terror without reason, the voices… and most of all that orange. I know most people would think it’s just a strange thing, just some creepy happening… But I have a feeling that those “people” are there to collect their payment for some sort of deal. Who even knows when it started, but I think it may have started with the grandmother’s parents. Maybe they made some kind of deal with a devil and got the grandmother mixed up in it, or actually the son. Though I cannot completely comprehend the girlfriend’s side quite yet.
    And as for the lack of aging, well, to my knowledge a demon’s host doesn’t age or accumulate injury until the demon leaves it’s meat-suit.
    Although, the only other option I can think of is a spirit, and for the most part that theory is far fetched, even for the supernatural, considering the circumstances and occurrences witnessed and retold.
    Like I said, I only wish to help, not to make anyone angry at me or become skeptical. Save the complaints for somewhere else where all the other annoying cynics and self absorbed people go to yell at each other for non similar beliefs. I am only stating what I believe and what I think could be helpful. And honestly, I don’t care if you think I am a bitch or if you hate my opinion, if you don’t believe me or agree with me then keep your finger off the button and save your breath.

  20. next time, stay. Talk with the woman. Do not do anything she tells you to, obviously, but if she had the power to make you do what she wanted, she would have done so by now. Ask her more questions, if you only fear what you do not know, then shine a light into the darkness that you may see.
    p.s. lol; you wanted an apple iphone, but she offered you an orange=p

  21. I started reading these today and haven’t stopped. I’m a 12 year old girl?!?!?! I can’t handle this! But I can’t stop reading them… Right now it’s midnight and I share a room with my sister who is already asleep so I’m sitting in pitch black dark. But if I was in your situation, I would of been as scared as you are now the first time you saw that… Thing. And the second time I would of taken a bullet to the head. I honestly have no idea what to do. But don’t be a wimp like me and give up. It scares me to death that this is real. I’m so sorry. I would be sleeping in the same bed as somebody every night if I was dealing with this. I’m so scared. But I have no right to say I’m scared. This is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life you’re the only one who has a right to be scared. I’m so sorry this is happening.

    1. ur 12 year old im like 11 xDD im more mature than my older brother T–T and in our country there are many stores like this so the heck i kinda believe them :3

  22. Plothole: The first time you saw the man on the bench, he was at least 10 miles into the trail. Then you say you saw him & Rose on the SAME bench, but they’re only 2 miles into the trail now? Yeahhhhhh. Good one.

  23. Milos…the next time you see Rose apologize. Say it’s from Derek she’ll understand. Call her Mrs. Rubin it will bring her To tears.

  24. Crazy Shit has happened to me. I dont sleep at night. I have been so scared that I barricaded my bedroom door shut, considered bricking up my windows. This is probably not relevant so I’ll just get to the point. If what you say is true, If you are so afraid that, like you told the police, you might not be there one day ( essentially suggesting you have contemplated suicide ), take the orange. You’ve got to a point where you’re not afraid anymore, where you dont give a fuck, so just take it. End this shit. Right. Fucking. Now.

    1. okay your freaking scared T–T me imagining Rose freakin face isnt scary T–T and im like 11 years old and not even in high school im not that afraid becuz i think there are more and more explinations for this and heck my spelling sucks XD

  25. I think you’re dealing with a demon/demons from your past and in your lineage.

    Otherwise this is a good fictional story,i’ve had to turn on my lights twice reading these stories.

  26. Have you tried killing her? Try it. It’ll put you behind bars for a while if the police find out and you can’t plead self-defense, but it’s worth it. If you decide to kill her and she’s your first kill, trust me, the first is always the most difficult, but try not to hesitate and always double-tap (first shot, then a second to make sure she’s dead. Third if necessary.) Let’s just hope she actually can be killed eh?

  27. The author of this story made one fatal mistake in his writing that proves this entire story is fake. If this guy grew up in Bosnia why did he win $50 as a prize in his basketball game? What good is U.S. Currency in Bosnia? Instead, he should have won Marks or Fennings. But now the author has lost all of his credibility. This still is a really good fiction story though. I like it, it’s just that it’s certainly fake.

    1. Nicola Marie Jackson

      Maybe he was just saying fifty dollars as that was roughly the amount of his prize, more folks are likely to know what fifty dollars is in thier own currency than in Bosnias xx

  28. I have four questions.
    does rose have a last name?
    Why don’t you brave up and talk to her?
    does the man in the black suite have a name and is the guy in black still alive?
    Why cant Milo take a picture of this women and prove that this women is real?

    1. Good question .. i have an answer for all of it question 1 : Fake.. question two : Fake… Question Three : fake.. Question four: Fake.. but i really love the story even if it’s like dark now outside im still reading this thing o.o :3

  29. milos if this is a lie well then I have been fooled. I would suggest u to ask the person she said too. all I know is don’t take the orange! stay strong buddy we got your back

  30. I might be crazy, but I searched you up on the internet and found the name “Milos Bogetic”. Are you him? Because he also has an identical story.

  31. When I picture this Rose chick, I picture Flo from the progressive insurance commercials. I can’t take any of these stories seriously because of it.

  32. whoa dude, your stories are awesome….
    Hurry up and make part 5 or I’m gonna
    have to smash that ###### rose with a



  34. TAKE A PICTURE OF ROSE 4 US! and if she doesnt appear in the pic then she is either a deamon or ghost.0.0

  35. Seriously. Just…seriously.
    This is my first time on this website, and I find /THIS/ group of entries.

    If you’re serious, Milos, then email me.
    I need to talk to you.

    Minus the orange and the guy in the suit, I’ve seen the same woman for the past 10 years on-and-off, though she never makes verbal/physical contact with me. She just keeps appearing, same outfit/hair/age in different places…and once in my backyard when I was younger.

  36. “About 7 miles into the track, I thought I heard laughing”
    “About two more miles and I am out of these woods of hell… I see a silhouette sitting on the bench ahead. The same bench where that man was. Laughing again.”
    That bench moved a few miles, eh?

  37. I don’t know if this is real or not, but its seriously freaking me out.
    I went to the supermarket and almost had a spaz when we went past the oranges. lol, only me.

  38. Please try to get a picture of Rose or the Man. They seem like demons or some shit. Pretty creepy. I also agree. Real or not, this is wonderful and scary as hell.

  39. I think this is fake. Sorry, but the way you wrote this is way too detailed and dramatic, as if you’re writing a novel. Which convinces me greatly that you’re faking.

    Truly feared and lost you’d not spend a shitload of time describing stuffs about your basket ball. And that encounter with Rose was not creepy, and it was actually your chance to do something.

    Although I commented to be calm with her, but someone at your situation would jump in and beat the shit of out her. You didn’t.

    If this was real, the whole story would be just you meeting her in the woods and the conversation, then you’d ask a shitload of things in tears so we (or anyone you can find) to help you out. You didn’t.

    Great story tho, now I wanna see how you manage the ending.

  40. Get a gun and blow her head off! What is she gonna do, laugh at you as she gets shot? Or a baseball bat. Somethin’.

    I mean, one thing I don’t like about this is how the thought of HURTING the thing stays a thought. Stab with a knife or punch it or shoot it or beat it. Run it over in a car!

    1. The only problem is that if she turns out to be a human of some sort and leaves a body he might go to jail and then her partner might come to him every night

    1. What would vampires do with a stupid freaking ORANGE ?? Daheck do they love the show annoying orange ?? or they are just a bunch of morons who stalk people ?? And why am i asking these questions to you ?? I dont know… …….

  41. Dude…
    Wow. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I would suggest going to the nearest church you can. Try anything. Take a small bottle of holy water, a cross…anything! Also maybe get a hat with a small video camera inside of it that’s hidden and post it if you get anything. Maybe the police can analyze the video?
    Just a suggestion…

  42. Okay, if this isn’t real it’s amazing story written to perfection however… If this is true I have a good opinion on this (differing on the word good) you see I can sort of relate during my teen years I had a sort of problem similar I constantly told myself it was fake but after reading this I guess I makes more sense in a weird cleshay type of way and well let’s say the way I got out of it was doing the actions told until one point where I punched him in the face (well it hurt but there you go) since then I have not been bothered clearly in my opinion they can hurt you but they haven’t so take the orange if not go mental I assume you live in America carry a gun and also these things can scar a person forever I don’t know you but I have a great deal if respect and sympathy for you so please try not think about it you and your girlfriend need just to and confront of just run.

    Ps. Consult the survival guide and go ask Jeeves

  43. ever heard of demons? Well this is what it sound like to me. My family has had weird accounts with strange black entities before. In my opinion look to Jesus Christ for help, only one who can and ever will save you from crap like this.When i mean look to him i mean in prayer.

    1. No this is much greater than slenderman and you know what I think you should do? Do the same shit to her as she does to you if she offers you an orange offer her an apple and then it will keep going on! >:D and one you will have to give up and yes I am being seriouse.

  44. Devil's Advocate

    I have no idea how I’m gonna cope with this ending, because I won’t see it coming and I’ll probably piss my pants. The anticipation is killing me…. No pun intended.

  45. Literally, the only way I can get through these terrifying stories is by listening to music with headphones on and the lights on too, you sir are, alongside Michael Whitehouse, in first place in my books

    1. The only thing terrifying is Milos’ stupidity. So all those previous encounters and stories of his GF and relatives did not teach him anything. Buying a video camera, voice recorder or even the cheapest possible photo camera is too big of a challenge for our protagonist.
      He wouldn’t take an iPhone 5 with him (to make records or even call for help if needed, even though his life may in great danger, because it might rain. So when it comes to saving his life or the iPhone, he prefers the latter. Brilliant, simply brilliant. This leaves me clueless as to how the online community can offer him any help with this stupidity.
      P.S. I haven’t read the part that follows this one, but I can already feel that whatever ending we get, it would be a disappointing and probably an illogical one.

      1. Yeah I agree with you,this story is poorly written though I suppose that may have been intentional as the character does not claim to be a good writer. However the whole story is also very illogical, maybe it will end with a portal to hell opening up and him being afraid to the point of vomiting or having a panic attack before overcoming the obstacle through “powerful emotions” then remaining afraid of oranges forever.
        I do not see why people like it and why some even claim to believe it, Maybe they are legitimately scared and so identify this as good story without regard as to whither or not it contains rich and quality content?

        1. You know wha+? FUck off. YOu don’+ have +o ha+e jus+ because your pan+ies are in a +wis+. PLease don’+ preach abou+ how you +hink i+’s all jus+ bullcrap. I”m doing +he same +hing, excep+ mine is for a good reason. ANd seriously? WHa+’s wi+h your s+yle of ven+ing? JUs+ don’+. A+ leas+ check your spelling before you finish.

        2. AFriendlySupporter

          Well he did mention how the stories don’t have to be labeled as good or bad. Believe it or not. Do what you want. Whatever.

    2. You are being tormented by a demon. Because someone in your bloodline made a pact with this demon before your grandma was born. And until that pact comes to frutation those demons will keep on harassing you until they eigther accomplish their goal or you banish them ritualistically. ps. Demons have no power on holy ground. Ie drench your house in holy water. Or keep a bottle of holy water on you next time you see them bless those demons with holy water. They are trying to take you and your soul to the otherside. Someone offered your life and soul to them before your grandma’s birth.

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