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The Hole In The Wall

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I’m hoping at least /x/ will enjoy this because it’s probablt fucked me up for life. It’s seeming a lot more absurd as time passes (12 days since I moved my shit into my friends place), so I want to get this out there and have people call bullshit and pass judgement, because I think it’ll make me feel better.

I’ve moved out all my stuff, I’ve already called the cops, and informed my absentee landlord. I’ve done all the proper things, so there’s nothing left to do but share my little fucked up city living story.

About six months ago, my girlfriend and I moved into an apartment in the Benton Park neighborhood of St. Louis. About two weeks after we move in, her grandfather, who raised her, has a fucking stroke, and she ends up going home to Twin Oaks to take care of him. She was living with him full time until we can find out how to afford a nurse or hospice.

Anyway, I’d been living in our one bedroom all alone for the last half a year. It’s beautiful, newly remodeled, double paned windows, great insulation. The best a couple of hicks turned yuppies could want. It’s got a couple of weird things about it, as you’ll see. There’s only four units in the building, on the second and third floors. We’re on the top floor.

The first weird thing about the place we noticed right when we moved in. The walls and floors are paper thin. I could hear every word of my downstairs neighbors conversation at all times. I know when they take a shower, I know when they fuck. And I’m sure they know the same about us. It’s weird, the
more info we had on each other, the less we wanted to actually know each other.

They moved out six weeks ago. Then the other two units went vacant a week later. It was kinda weird, but also kind of awesome. I could finally stomp around, watch porn and play Rock Band at full volume.

About four weeks ago, it got weird. It was about 1 am, and I was going to bed, and I started to hear this noise from the empty apartment downstairs. Really quiet at first, but sustained. It sounded halfway between a hushed conversation, with only one person talking, and small motor running. Just a babbling, not quite regular drone. Freaked me out at first, but I rationalized that it was some plumbing or the refridgerator downstairs. Something I’d never heard over my downstairs neighbors farting and snoring.
I learned to live with it, as it rose and fell every evening. Pretty soon a steady tapping sound started in with mumbling. I know it sounds fucked up, but when you hear it every night for a while, you just make excuses for it.

Then I kept hearing boards creaking. It’s spring, my first in this building, so I assumed it was just the old boards under the new drywall settling. Then one night, as I was brushing my teeth, there was a mighty dry thump, right behind me. I just about stabbed myself with my toothbrush. I stayed really still till I was sure there wasn’t anyone in the house and then turned on all the lights in the house. This is when I noticed the peculiarity in the remodeling.

On the other side of the bathroom, where I heard the thump, is the hall closet. I open it up, and switch on the light, expecting a box to have fallen off the shelves, but it’s all gravy inside. I tap on the wall between the closet and the bathroom, and it sounds oddly hollow. And I start to realize that the closet isn’t as wide as I think it should be based on the bathroom. I pace it out with my feet, and then a tape measure just to confirm. Sure enough, there’s about 30″ of space inbetween the two walls that I thought were adjacent.

Again, rationalization time: Surely there’s extra insulation there to keep the bathroom warm, or maybe walls are thicker than I imagined, because fuck, I’ve never built a house. So in this one thick wall, some huge fucking rat must have taken a tumble and freaked me out. No big deal. I felt a lot better at the time; even better when it was the first night in a while without that weird noise below me.

So, everything is fine until last friday night. It’s about two in the morning and I’m home late from the bar, not as drunk as I want and remembering that left all my clean laundry in the dryer before I went out. One thing sticks out as I climb the stairs: The door to the apartment below me is closed. It’s been open since the neighbors vacated. I got kind of used to seeing an empty mirror image of my place every day when I walked past. Maybe the landlord was showing it to people today. Rationalize, rationalize, rationalize.

I bag up a small load of laundry and climb down the back porch steps to the laundry room, which is really just part of the garage, but the staircase in on the outside of the building and it gives each floor a little shared porch. I get down there, and into the little room, and I start bagging up all my clothes into this big black duffel bag.


Two things you should know about me at this point. I turn off every light when I leave a room. No matter what. My dad used to beat the shit out of me when the energy bill was a penny over the norm. And I also lock the door every time I go through it. Hell, I even locked the back door when I went down to get my laundry.

I start back up the stairs and on the first flight I look up, straight to my bedroom window. The light is on. And there’s a silhouette against the closed blinds.

I pissed myself a little and every hair on my neck snapped to fucking attention.

And then the light goes out. It happened in less than a second. Ten seconds later I’m still frozen in place, and trying to figure out if I just saw what I think I saw. Rationalization lost out, thank fucking god, and I snuck down the stairs and out through the garage. I called a cab and stood across the
street from the building lookin at my living room window. About five minutes before the cab showed up, the venetian blinds parted slightly for a few seconds, like someone was looking down on me. Then nothing.

I stayed at a hotel that weekend, then a couple of buddies of mine came back with me on sunday to see how much stuff had been stolen.


It was all there. My laptop was still charging, my brand new plasma TV. The doors were locked. I moved it all out that afternoon. While my friends were with me, and I had the daylight on my side, I checked out the apartment below me. The downstairs closet had the same abnormally thick wall.

Only someone had hammered through this wall, a big round jagged whole, exposing the tiny crawl space between.

And in this space flat against the wall, was a cheap hardware store ladder; leading up throught the darkness, to the space behind the walls, in my apartment.

I don’t know how he got into my apartment from there, maybe through the heating vents in my ceiling. I really don’t give a shit. All I care about is never seeing that building again. I mailed my keys to the landlord, told the whole thing to a terminally disinterested cop. Done my part, moving on. Quit my shitty job, which might be the one good thing about this.

I’m typing this at a friends house on his wi-fi. I was going to take this convenient time to get the fuck out of dodge, and move in with my girlfriend and her grandpa, but he died two nights ago. Still think I’d like to head back into the country, but I guess this is like a clean slate for us.

I haven’t told her yet, and I’m not sure if I will. Told her our landlord went apeshit and kicked me out. She’s already got issues with security and I don’t want to add to them.. But I don’t ever want to live in an apartment, or hear people moving beneath my feet, or on the other side of a wall. Never again.

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127 thoughts on “The Hole In The Wall”

  1. Its so fucking refreshing to have a main character who behaves reasonably and gets outta dodge when its time.

  2. Abraham Augustus Hurley

    Definitely needs some editing and maybe a little consolidation too. For instance char a is supposed to be a hick but uses the word peculiarity? Curses a lot but then uses decent sized words at random? A few spelling and grammar errors too. Unnecessary char (the girlfriend) just kinda hangs at the beginning and the end of the story and makes it much less creepy. Single dude all alone in a building where someone is peeping on him? Creepy as shit. Random couple not having anything weird beyond the hole appearing one day, not so much

  3. Well shoot. My house is connected to another, we call it a townhouse, and I’m not gonna sleep ever again. Know why? My neighbors are selling their house. Might be vacant soon

  4. mfw when your girlfriend came to visit and was waiting so she could jump out and yell boo. No wonder she looked through the window, her legs must have tired. (Neat story, though, 7/10)

  5. i couldn’t even get past the first 3 paragraphs because of the completely unnecessary swearing that made it sound like a 12 year old typed this -_-

  6. YourWorstNightmare

    Why is everyone complaining about the cussing Jesus Christ, I’m 12 but who gives a damn, it’s just words. My parents swear all the time.

  7. Love it. I live in an old creaky house, this story gave me chills! I stay upstairs in my room which is right next to the attic. Every night I hear something squirming around in there, or I’ll hear the stairs creak. It’s really crazy.

  8. Lol if i saw the ladder n shit i’d ask my friends to stake out and we’d beat the shit out of this motherfucking ass.

  9. Really good presentation, I’d like you writing a more intense one
    some people shoot for something dead intense with no build up and fail, whereas you could do it, GJ OP

  10. @Yeah….: Don’t complain about cussing. It make it more real, as it’s written naturally. I don’t want somebody writing a story to sit there and rethink and break their natural flow because they’re afraid of offending some cunt like you.

    Hell, Stephen King’s advice on the subject was to always write what comes to mind naturally, otherwise you’re not true to yourself and the story. If someone would normally say “shit” then make them say it.

  11. I liked this one in the geniune feel it gave. I think the author even stated that it was based on his actual apartment. The only fault I could find (and I think a previous commenter pointed it out) was that it wasn’t creepy in the sense of an otherworldly feel but a “possibility of strangers digging between your walls” and the scariness of rationalization.

    Beautifully written though. Language was appropriate and NEEDED to actually give the character life. Well done here but looking for a creepier ending >D

  12. old pasta is old, but i reaaally liked that one. i’ve always liked stories about hidden passage ways and fake doors and things hidden in houses that you’re not supposed to find.


    Nice one. I particularly like how it’s written; it sounds… more real than most of the others I’ve read; it’s written as though you’re telling it to a friend rather than writing a book. I like that. Makes it feel more real.

  14. Why not just go into your apartment when you could, or phoned the cops at the time and waited, except of bailing like a pussy and doing nothing?

    You’re not a real man, your girlfriend probably made up the grandfather bullshit to escape your pathetic ways.

  15. What creeps the hell out of me with this one (and saves the prosaic explanation from tying everything up TOO neatly) is the unanswered question of just what the intruder was planning to do. Or already doing.

  16. I discovered this site this morning around 11AM.
    It is now 11 hours later, and I am getting fucking scared.

    You have put the icing on the cake.
    I’m now getting paranoid and looking over my shoulder.
    I have the TV and lights on just for background noise.

    It’s dark outside.

  17. Holy jesus. Bri/x/ have been shat, I can assure you that.

    I think this is the BEST creepypasta I’ve ever read. You should seriously try to turn this into a movie. If it isn’t long enough, you can do a sort of Twilight Zone movie thing, where you play a few different stories.

    I imagined the whole thing as I read it. And it makes me pretty upset, because I used to live in an apartment where EVERYONE could hear every single noise someone else made. :(

    Thanks for the amazing read, op. Keep up the great work. I hope to see some more of your stories, if you haven’t uploaded more already.

  18. YetAnotherNameChange

    It was good, but not super-scary. Personally would have liked a much more supernatural feel instead of what could have just been a mundane intruder. Plus I would have liked more to have culminated than just seeing something in a window, after all that creepy buildup. But other than those points, keep up the great work!

  19. “but it’s all gravy inside”


  20. Great story. It was interesting to read one without a supernatural twist.

    @ the people complaining about the language: are you very young or just stupid? Words only have the meanings we attribute to them. Poo has the exact same meaning as shit. Copulate shares one meaning with fuck. We can express any idea we want and it doesn’t necessarily have to fall into your infantile babytalk method of expressing things. Thank you and come down from your pseudo-moral high horse. That is all.

    I liked this story. Only fault I can find is: This is a good short-short story. It is not creepy pasta as I see it. I’m not suggesting changing the site in anyway. It’s just that short little clips that make you think and freak you out are what I consider and understand creepy pasta to be. Not interesting and sometimes frightening short stories. That said, I honestly could care less. I’ve enjoyed reading everything on this site. Great job on finding all of these.

  21. Damn, this freaked me out a little. Mostly because once when I was younger my friend and I were in his house and we kept hearing noises so we left. When we got outside I saw a face in the window, which naturally scared me and we told the guys mom. Turns out that there actually was a guy in the house and his mom chased him out with a knife, but not before he managed to steal a bunch of stuff.

  22. I enjoyed this. Although the story wasn’t really creepy, this story gets a lot of points from me for being realistic and pretty well written. The main character had some depth and it was wrapped up pretty nicely. OP should go pro.

  23. Wow.
    This one’s awesome.
    OP’s comments kinda took the creepy away, but I guess that’s a good thing since I’ll be able to sleep in MY NEW APARTMENT tonight.
    Oh god.

  24. Would’ve been scarier if you said ‘fuck’ a little less…
    And there was a jagged WHOLE in the wall? Learn 2 spell!
    Otherwise, very good pasta.

  25. OP terrific job, and what is the age group of this website? eleven year old’s, really? and i think the cussing is great.

  26. Bitches need to shut up about the swearing. And why in the fuck are 11-year-olds here anyway? We need a bouncer or some shit.

    Brittney, this is not for your brains. Go back to watching MTV and practicing to be the slut you will be.

  27. I just don’t like that the person in the wall decides to leave that area and give himself away by turning on the light. Anyway, still creepy enough to freak me out.

  28. This TERRIFIES me right about now. o__o Crappedycrappedycrap, I want a roommate again. So so so much.

    I think it was the narrative tone. Very sympathetic. I can totally see this being told by another average joe that honestly had this happen to him.

  29. The toothbrush part hit home with me. I live in a third story apartment and was once in the bathroom trimming my beard when my neighbor decided to slam something against the wall. Scared the shit out of me! I jumped and shaved a nice four inch path through my beard…

  30. shortys roc my sox

    i looked through a peep ho;e on my door once and i couldn’t see anything then i noticed there was an eye looking back at me :(

  31. I think this is probably my favourite pasta now. I think the fact that it could actually happen ads to it so much.

    I live alone and I’m always hearing strange sounds in my house. I’m always rationalising it too. Since I read this though it’s always been in the back of my mind and everytime I’m walking towards my house I watch the windows carefully, just in case I see someone watching me back, waiting for me O_O

    Fantastic story OP. Thanks for the great creepout.

  32. i liked it, although i think if you expanded more on it, it would’ve been better. i was really disturbed though imagining protagonist sleeping all those nights with those sounds, to find out that it was a person inside the wall next to you

  33. The person formerly known as Noneya

    To shit Brix means quite literally, that it scared the poop out of you.

    So when they say ‘Brix have been shat’ they mean ‘I fear I have defecated myself because this story was so terribly frightening’

  34. Why is everyone saying they ‘shat bricks’? :P I dont think I got it? Was there anything to get? :/ It was a pointless story..
    I like the way it was written though..

  35. Needed a corpse hidden in the wallspace. One that had been murdered and hidden by said murderer by use of the ladder. Maybe also a hidden room full of ‘trophies’. Silhouette could be murderer or angry ghost(s) of victims.

    Still, incredible set-up. Living alone as a student, I can identify.

  36. That scared the heck out of me. The swearing didn’t bother me much, since it helped me imagine the character. Twenty something year old guy, in his apartment, scared as hell.

  37. well. nvm. this is just Iz. Lys aint here right now. i’d just like to commment. yes i’m crazy. no, i’m not in a mental institution. i go to a regular school, regular ppl. im just not regular. Iz is my name, Anime’s my game. Lys will tell you the same thing. byebye for now.

  38. Righty then. good story. funny shit. not scary. not creepy. funny no im not crazy. by the way im Iz

    Yes, nice story.xP But… Iz… you are crazy…

    says you. watever. plently of ppl think im not crazy. well….some. a few. ok…none.

    even if they don’t think ur crazy, they don’t kno u…

  39. odd how i’ve never seen a site like this. funny shit though. lol. not creepy not scary. just funny. no…im not crazy.

  40. I was thinking like some guy was peeping at the other guy through the wall, watching him bathe and stuff.


    anyways nice story xD

  41. This was the first creepypasta I ever read. I think it was about 2:30 in the morning, and I was cruising /x/ instead of working on my Politics essay, and I read this. Subsequently, I shat bri/x/.

    The good news: I finished my paper in record time.

    The bad news: I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night.

    Ah, memories.

  42. i had to pull myself out of the darkness because this one made me uneasy. thankfully, there’s an explicable ending. i may rest easy.

    good job OP.

  43. Ah, I liked it! ~_^ Creepy, and mysterious, very good!! -shivers- I’m not scared, but in the dark my imagination gets the best of me….

  44. Miss Betterdone


    I was confused by this one at first, so I read it again, but it seemed to me there was no real climax.

    I liked it, though.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. what is up with “everyone” being a little hysterical betchy drama queen about like, TWO people pointing out there was waaay too much cussing? go cry about it, hypocrites.

      they were right: it’s offensive, for one but for another it looks like an angry 15 year old boy wrote it. cheap, lazy writing is what it is. no wonder most of these stories are spawned on reddit.

      it was creepy till we realized, there was no real twist or confrontation of the intruder. creepy, like “OMG LYKE I TTLY SH@T B/RIXX DAT WUZ HORRORFYING MAN!!!!1” like all you exaggerators are doing. No offense meant to the OP, just these whiners.

  45. A good twist would be if after you left the apartment you got a phone call from the St. Louis PD asking you to come in and answer some questions, then you do only to find out the bodies of all your neighbors that had “moved out” had been discovered in the the apartments that surrounded yours. You can use that if you want. :-)

  46. It’s a good story, but I think you went into to much detail about the size of the wall which makes the ending really predictable. Other than that though I like it.

  47. Bah. The entire last two paragraphs ruin it, and it wasn’t all that frightening to begin with. I’m not really sure why this is put under “Ghosts & Spirits”, it has nothing to do with either. If the being that snuck in WAS a ghost, which the story does not imply, it wouldn’t need a ladder.

    If there IS a longer, more ‘professional’ version, please submit it. It’s a great concept… jkust a terrible presentation.

    AND TOO MUCH CUSSING! :( That’s unnecessary!

    1. your comment ruined it, and if you had better imagination it would have seemed a lot more creepy.I’d like to see you try come up with a frightening story and have people actually ‘liking it’, and the cussing..pffft you’re a wimp..Bahaha. @OP Amazing story OP, Bravo :D

  48. Thanks. I have a longer, more… ‘professional’ version of this in submission with a few anthologies and such… If it gets rejected, I’ll post it on /x/, or here.

  49. That was sooooooooooooooooo wicked, yet so scary it totally rocked but not the cussing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. That was creepy! I would hate that! I’m 11 though and that was alot of cussing! I bet that that was your girlfriends grandpa.

  51. I guess I didn’t realize that this was /x/, or that the OP and site owner needed to cater to Lord Q.

    Write something better and submit it here, and then bitch.

  52. *sigh* creepy, yes. bri/x/? no. I come to /x/ looking for supernatural, inexplicable situations, not those explained by a slow murderer/madman tunneling into a bored guy’s apartment…

  53. A lot of the details are true, but the invasion, the hole, and the ladder are all fabricated. I still live in the building, mostly alone. And not in St. Louis.

    I wrote this on a night the noises were really freaking me out.

  54. I must say I only just descovered this site, which is a great idea. I rarely get scared, especially due to creepypasta. This one really shit me up.

    *bookmarks this site*

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