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The Cabinet

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Every family in every town in every country on every continent has one. It’s a cabinet, not particularly odd, not out of place. The paint was peeling a bit on the corners and the knob was a bit loose. The inside smelled like dust and the paint wasn’t the same as the kitchen walls.

You hid in there once during a game of hide ‘n’ seek.

No one told you it doesn’t open back into your reality. Don’t worry, you can’t tell the difference.


But everyone misses you.

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110 thoughts on “The Cabinet”

  1. this was deep. really deep. went on a short feel trip there. i mean imagine that first reality; an innocent game of hide and seek, your mom or dad helping you into the cabinet “don’t worry, i won’t give you away,” its a promise im sure most of us heard. the game ends some way. no one finds you (of course they don’t, you hid so well) and yo come out. life continues.. for you at least.
    back to the first reality, game over no one finds you, but the cabinet is opened. your parents scared realization that they cant find you. they look every where. years later, you have’t been found. search warnings that were once on the news, now forgotten. everytime someone mentions hide and seek, your parents shiver. How did it go so bad quickly?

  2. Wait so if i go back into the cabinet will i go back to my original universe and everyone im the comments… You dont have a parallel self or a twin you went into the cabinet and got teleported to a parallel universe thats why everyone misses you.

  3. Apparently when I was three my parents couldn’t find me one day and they were freaking out and then they found me in a cabinet in the basement and I screamed when they tried to get me out…..

  4. Amusing, but fails in the first few sentences. Not every family in every country is of Western Culture. They have different storage methods. Dependinng on tribe, some people have no such thing at all, soooo…

  5. Woooaaahhh. MIND. BLOWN.

    Dang, I’m upset. In another reality, I might be rich and famous and have a boyfriend. My sister knew about this the whole time didn’t she???? little jerk knew that when she invited me to play hide and seek.

    1. Katie Mitchell

      lol I just made a Narnia comment, I looked through the comments first to make sure nobody else said anything about it but I overlooked yours because I was quickly scrolling. Ahha! Great minds do think alike!

  6. …. is that where the ‘monster under the bed’ came from, where humans evolved differently? Maybe in their universe, anything that developed like us is food, and they have ‘supernatural’ powers simply because our universe developed slower/more primitively…


  7. Even if it is saying that everyone who ever hid in a cupboard went to an alternate universe, that’s fine because there is an infinite number of alternate universes. And in at least one of them, you are Batman.

  8. HA! As a child I never bothered to try to figure out the child-proof locks so I never hid under there! Does behind the bed count….? OH GOD WHY.

  9. craaaver[SOLVED]

    if you go into a cabinet in this university then your parallel self also went into a cabinet and the two of you just switch. which effectively changes nothing what so ever
    there. provoked thoughts have all been cut short and all questions about this pasta have been answered.
    you’re all welcome

  10. This likens to those old refrigerators where the latch didn’t open from the inside. A lot of kids playing hide-and-seek never came out from one of those.

  11. I need to find a cabinet, a smaller cabinet that can fit in it, and go into both

    Maybe I can confuse them and end up somewhere awesome :D

  12. See? This is why I hate that I force myself to stay up all morning reading creepypasta. I just saw something move out of the corner of my eye.


  13. Reminds me a smidgeon of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.
    Though not similar places, it still involves someone being whisked away to a different reality by hiding.
    Second-favorite creepypasta in a while. <3

  14. What about the stuff in the cabinet? Plates, for example. Are they in the normal reality? Or the other one?


  15. This story appealled greatly to my worst fear ever. Thank you for scaring me out of my entire mind. =) No, really I actually enjoyed it a lot. Although I will be eternally creeped out by this story for the rest of my life.

  16. This is thought provoking. Me likey :)

    But what happens if, after already ending up in another reality, you repeat the process? As in there’s another cabinet in that universe and you hide in that one too. Would that open up to the original reality, or would it open the door to yet ANOTHER alternate universe. If that’s the case…then each time one hides in a new cabinet, one would end up in another reality.

    …Holy shit that means there must be a bajillion realities to go through.

  17. also…our original universe should be missing a bitch load of kids…if that is our original universe…well i guess in the case of this everyone has a different original universe and i’m gonna stop now cuz my brain hurts again…owwie ><

  18. #39, because it says “you can’t tell a difference.” I mean, do I have to say duh? Therefore, there would be your parents in another universe. But then there’d be another you as well. And you can’t exist in two universes. And if you could, is that how twins come to be?

  19. mmm, so all the people who had ever gone into a cabinet to play hide and seek…would they end up in the same parallel universe?

    like my mother was a child, i’m sure she played hide and seek…and therefore my father must have as well to meet in said parallel universe to give birth to my sister and me…and since my sister and i have played as well we must have both either gone to the same parallel universe, or this person i’m looking at now is not my sister at all, but a parallel version of her and she is somewhere else…but then this person that is my sister, did she not play hide and seek as a child?…so she should be missing as well… basically what i’m trying to say is that since the author is saying that most people have played hide and seek, then most people should no longer be existing because our parallel selves would have played hide and seek as well…and now my brain hurts ><

    is the author implying that there are multiple parallel universes then?

    sorry, everyone said it made them think, so it made me think of this.

    that is all

  20. …Shouldn’t you notice people disappearing after hide and go seek? I think people would have caught on if other people besides you have this same thing happening.

  21. Anybody round here actually left it on papers round town? Not the best, but not hard to think of. I personally like the coma one better. “Wake up, we miss you…”

  22. So that’s what happened to the people missing from my life as told by “Now What Was I Just Doing?” story…

  23. So quick to deny any existence outside of your own perception, #17? A safe option, true…once you’ve seen beyond, you can’t return to who you were.

  24. Short, sweet, simple. Nice, effective.

    But it reminds me of an epicly awesome post on /x/, where this person was requesting things for creepy notes– some of them were around these lines.

  25. I don’t understand the end. It can be misinterpreted so easily.

    or wtfz no one sees me

    And the first 3 sentences are kinda choppy. Makes me feel like I’m talking to an iraqi kid who barley knows english.

  26. I don’t understand the end. It can be misinterpreted so easily.

    or wtfz no one sees me

    And the first 3 sentences are kinda choppy. Makes me feel like I’m talking to an iraqi kid who barley knows english.

  27. This sounds like a good idea for a science fiction story or something. Definitely sounds like something Neil Gaiman would turn into a story, though.

  28. The person formerly known as "Noneya"

    Soooo. . . What about my parallel twin?

    Does she come here? Because if she does then my family wouldnt miss me becasue she’s my exact double.

    And does everyone in the next dimension over know that we switched? Or are they just as non-suspecting as my real family is?

  29. The OP has misleadingly ascribed qualities which cabinets do not possess. Anyone in the know can tell you only reflective surfaces allow for such trasnport.

  30. …lul wut? I presume that it’s supposed to exit into this identical parallel universe…I just don’t know what the difference is meant to be, aside from your absence from the one you just left. And if everyone has exited the parallel universe of their birth, why aren’t they mostly awaiting the reader’s arrival? I could ponder this all day…

  31. Niiice.
    I’m creeped out.

    Except, I can’t recall ever hiding in an old cabinet. Unless you count broom closets, and those weren’t painted.

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