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The Blind Painter

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Some of the most amazing paintings I have ever seen are those of Thomas Allsman. He is a quiet man in his early sixties, and he lives alone in a small old house on the edge of town. Thomas is a portrait painter, the best any of us have ever seen. Each one of his paintings is a Mona Lisa, every little detail of your head, face, and upper body is exact. However, how he paints them is the question.

You see, Thomas Allsman has been completely blind since the day he was born. Somehow though, he can paint you. It’s as if he can “see” you when you’re sitting in front of him, having your portrait painted. How he discovered this ability, or how he can do it, is unknown, he will not tell. If you bring him payment, he will paint you, and he will paint you beautifully.

So I walked up to the front door of his house. I stood there, still and nervous. I was alone, as it is said he will not paint with others around. After a deep breath, I rang the doorbell. I waited a moment. Finally, he opened the door. His gray eyes looked over my head, and he was holding a cane.

“Mr. Allsman, my name is Luke, and I want to be…..” My voice trailed off in nervousness.
“To be painted, right?” He said. “Do you have money to pay me?”
“Of course, two hundred dollars.” I said

Thomas nodded and told me to come inside after I gave him the money. The house’s interior was nice and simple. I eyed a stack of books on a table. One was opened, and I could see it was written in braille. He lead me into a back room and told me to sit on a stool. Nothing was in the room except for a chair and canvas, the stool, and painting supplies. I sat down and he sat behind the canvas.

“Now son, I must warn you, sometimes I paint too far forward.” Thomas said. To far forward? What could that mean? Maybe he sometimes painted the wall behind the person, or the yard outside the house? I dismissed the comment, I had the feeling he wasn’t all there. He started painting. I sat there for what seemed like forever. Neither one of us said a word, and not once did Thomas look at me. His eyes were closed the whole time. Perhaps….he could see me in some way…..


Finally, he put his brush down. “It is done.” He said, and motioned me to come see. The painting was me alright, down to every hair on my head, but the state I was in was….horrible. I was laying on a wooden floor. My throat was sliced open, one of my arms was gone, and I was covered in what looked to be stab wounds, and bruises and blood. My eyes were glazed over and bloodshot. I was dead. Thomas painted me after I had been brutally murdered!? I was even wearing the same outfit I was currently wearing.

I stepped back. “Why did you paint this!? Why would you paint something so horrible happening to me!? Thomas looked down with a grim face.


“I told you, sometimes I paint too far forward.” I was confused. “What does that mean?” I asked. He looked back up at me. “Sometimes I paint something that hasn’t happened yet.”


Credit To – Mara

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23 thoughts on “The Blind Painter”

  1. The fact that all thats mentioned is that he “paints every detail”, and nothing about future predictions is so stupid; yet u just randomly mention it at the end. Plus, the line “i paint too far forward” gave no mystery to me, seen what was to come a mile off. 5/10

  2. Woah… Man! So coooool story gave me a little creep…Im now scared at going to painters and they might say the same thing :D

  3. I liked the pasta, but how does Thomas’s blindness fit in? How is it relevant to the man’s fate?

  4. nonamenonombrenowhat

    It seemed to lack something on the very end. otherwise it’d hit the sweet 10

    an expansion would be cool, lets say the rest of that day.

    its good, short and good. left me “want me some more”.

  5. A little time spent with a real blind person could creep this out nicely. Particularly one blind from birth’ they have facial expressions that,to us seem overblown or even inappropriate to the conversation. Instead of looking grim wouldn’t it be scary for his face to contort wildly through various expression. Why tell the guy he can see the future anyway, why not jerk the painting back on to the easel and offer to fix it? Unless Thomas Kin-Allsman is the killer. Man how awesome would it be if the sitter had still been in the sitter position instead of moved to the floor per situation. Just the grinning dead, lol.

  6. you fool!
    take off your shirt right now.

    if you aren’t wearing it, it can’t come true.

    burn the clothes you are wearing right now!
    in fact, never wear clothes again.
    just to be on the safe side.

    you are now immortal.
    thank me later, protagonist.

  7. Interesting concept and quite good description. I feel it does bring a little of the foresight concept into play. I think you executed the story very well. Overall 10/10 from me. Not anything that I thought could be criticised.

  8. Awesome… Although it didn’t send shivers down my spine, it very nearly did. I’m guessing you went for the open ending; it worked well. Just one thing which could have made it a bit better: say that the picture was set in the painter’s room. That would just help to make it slightly more creepy: the way you’ve done it is great but the fact that it’s an open ending means that you should give slightly more detail so that you can guide your reader’s mind in the right direction. This just helps to set

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