Shadows of Shallowbrooke – Renewal of the Circle

Please check out the Shadows of Shallowbrooke series tag for prior installments! If we have to begin anywhere, I’d say we should start with Peter Hemphill. I need to remind you however, that although this story may start with him, the shadows that linger in Shallowbrooke did not. They resided …

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Summer camp was a memorable part of my childhood, but most memorable was that summer of ’72. It was my last summer as a kid. I had just turned fifteen and was looking forward to starting high school in the fall with the older teenagers. Camp Tonkawa was located in …

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THE DEATH OF WILLIAM MCLOUGHLIN “It’s like something out of The X-Files,” I said, aghast. It was close to midnight and to my horror I’d been called out to investigate the death of a child, a seven-year-old boy by the name of William McLoughlin. The boy’s father, Patrick, had discovered …

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Marjorie had been lingering outside the nondescript metal door for nearly two hours, appearing to study the door and the faded sign above it. The Deli, it read in dusty script. Her coat was wrapped as tightly around her as the fraying fabric allowed, but still the winter air dug …

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Hello, My name is Diogo and I live in a small village located in central Portugal. Things are quiet here : I go to school, I have many friends and even have a girlfriend. It’s all going great, and this despite my handicap. At least, that’s the way I think …

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September 2016 Discussion Post: Creepypasta Bounty Game

This month, we’re going to do something slightly different – rather than just a simple discussion, we’re going to play the Kill or Capture game. Credit goes to Jhe for suggesting this game ages ago! Basically, if you are unfamiliar with how this works – you consider a Creepypasta character, …

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