Broken Rest

Scorching heat; unrelenting dryness. I couldn’t feel anything else; couldn’t think about anything else. This wasn’t right. Even the sensation of heat was more of an observation than an actual feeling; I knew it was scorching without water to moisten the air, but I didn’t feel it so much as …

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Oceanic Absurdity: An Account of Nautical Horror

A bestial tentacle breached the surface with a tremendous display of aquamarine power. The resultant shower of water rained down in a torrent upon the deck, drenching the observing passenger. A groan, impossibly deep, reverberated from the waters; an ancient guttural bellow that shook the three thousand ton ship. At …

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Ghost Gang

“On tonight’s episode of Ghost Gang we investigate the Hibbard Point lighthouse, one of the most active paranormal sites in New England. Built in 1832, this lighthouse has been the site of four tragic suicides. I am Alex Barbar and tonight my brother Jason and myself will spend the night …

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After Hours

My eyelids were heavy and sandy, and they begged me for sleep. The conditions were perfect for it. The overhead lamps in my living room were switched off and the only light came from the TV, which created shadows that shifted across the room as the images on the screen …

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Cynthia smacked, howled and screamed against Todd Barrett’s motel room window that night. Times like these, he was glad he hadn’t fully committed to “tramping,” and bought himself a fifth-wheel. Sleeping in a camper on a night like this would have been impossible. Instead, he had a soft bed below …

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