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It was a brisk morning. Snow still lined the side of the road, sparking under the glare of the sun. “Reminds me of Edward ” I thought to myself, I couldn’t help but to laugh a little.
“What’s so funny over there?” My wife says. At the same time, I realized how quiet it had been.
“Nothing really, I’m just happy to be getting out and enjoying the fresh air” We just went back to admiring the view. We were probably right in the middle of Nevada, I would guess. I wasn’t really keeping track, just watching the GPS. We haven’t seen another vehicle for at least 50 miles and, however unnerving that was, it was undeniably beautiful. The highway was carved right into the middle of this big open flatland, fully surrounded by giant cascading mountains. I’m grateful that this damn snow finally melted off, I thought it would never end. I feel like I haven’t hiked in years with this persistent winter. Well honestly, I’m being dramatic and it was only about 6 months. It felt so long because we had been looking forward to this trip for some time before that. We were only about 10 miles away and I think we were both very ready to get out and stretch our legs. It’s only been 4 hours cramped in here.
On the right we see a sign stating the turn off was in about 5 miles. Even further off the side of the desolate road we notice a red barn just a few miles into the desert. Naturally making us curious as to why it would be out here in the middle of nowhere, by itself. Not as if it mattered, but still.
Before we knew it, we had finally arrived at Currant Mountain. At 11,518 feet it was no walk in the park, but that didn’t discourage us. As soon as we could we were racing to grab our supplies, snacks, and gear. Surprisingly, there wasn’t any service but we still brought our phones just in case.
And we were off. I asked My wife if she remembered her camera. “When do I leave without my camera?” she asks, looking at me like I’m crazy. I laugh it off.
Before we get too far away, my paranoia and ocd refuse to let me forget to lock the car 10 times just to assure my lizard brain that it was for sure locked. However, before I turned back around to face the beginning of the trail I noticed something not too far off into the open desert.
“Is that a person?” I ask, as a small bit of confusion and eeriness creeps its way in, causing a small chill to run down my spine. There were no other cars in the area and the surrounding area isn’t heavily populated by any means. There’s a few small towns here and there, supported by the gas stations, casinos, and mines, but that’s about it. By the time she had turned back and looked, I saw the figure duck behind some large boulders and what looked to be a forest of short pine trees. We had walked by several of these trees already and the tallest ones couldn’t have been more than 8 feet. Thus bringing an even more unsettling feeling when I realized this figure was hovering above the trees before it vanished. I kept this part to myself. I don’t want to worry her over what’s probably nothing.
“I don’t see anyone.” She says after intently looking towards the area I pointed at. “Could it have been an animal? There were all those horses a few miles back.”
“Ye-yeah that’s probably what it was. It must have taken off or something.”
I try to brush it off, telling myself I’m just seeing things. It has been a long trip and I’m running on four and a half hours of sleep due to the excitement to get out here in the first place. I wasn’t very worried. I never leave without my gun, an old .357, and I wasn’t too bad of a shot. In order to not work myself up about some tall creep stalking us, I changed the subject and pulled out a bag of trail mix that we started snacking on without hesitation.

A few hours pass by without a whole lot of conversation, just really enjoying nature and the fresh air and sounds. We finally made it to a slight ledge. We take in the view made up of an open valley and the sides of the mountains still packed with snow and glistening in the sunlight. It was truly a sight to see. We snapped a few pictures and we decided to have lunch right there. We pulled out the ham and cheese sandwiches we pre made and some chips, but before I could take a bite I noticed something shine me in the face. I was confused. I got up and began to look around towards the direction of the light. After about 5 minutes of searching, I found a phone. It was cracked and didn’t seem to have any power, but it was relatively new. I picked it up and noticed something on the back that appeared to be dried blood. “Of course I touched that right before I was about to eat.” I thought to myself. I chucked the phone back down.
“That’s a little sus” I say, my thoughts escaping my lips.
“Who knows, the path does go up higher than where the phone was” My wife stated. “Someone probably lost their footing and fell and cut themselves and dropped their phone.”
The rational side of my brain was telling me that none of it made sense, but I couldn’t come up with anything else. There were no other vehicles, so I can’t imagine someone is out here stranded and hurt.
I start eating my food and pick up my drink but before I could even get a sip, the most treacherous, musty odor hits the both of us. I look up at my wife with my eyes peeled open, unable to contain my laughter. “What the fuck is that? Is that you?”
She laughs and buries her face in her sweater, struggling to get breathable air. We both gather our stuff and hurry out of the area. As we climbed a bit higher, we were finally getting closer to fresh air and away from the cloud of must. As we were getting to about where the phone would have been below the trail below us, I stepped on an awkward shaped rock and just completely ate shit. It didn’t hurt and once again we began laughing, she held her hand out and helped me up. As I reached for her hand, I noticed that just behind her was a messy trail of sage brush branches and disturbance in the dirt. Almost like someone tumbled down the side of the mountain.

“I think that explains the lost bloody phone we found.” I said as I stood up and dusted myself off while pointing behind her. She looked back and saw the trail of misfortune down the side of the cliff. It was nothing that would have killed or seriously hurt anyone, but definitely enough to piss you off and ruin your day. Especially when you realize you lost your phone somewhere along the way. I laughed a little bit too, it’s always funnier when it happens to someone else.
A few hours in and we were making good progress. We weren’t planning on hiking to the peak or anything crazy, but we definitely wanted to get out, explore, and see new views. Our endorphins were high and it was a good day. We were making our way up through a small area dense with shrubs, focusing on not getting our socks stuck in all the damn bushes. And then, the most horrifying unexplainable thing happened. We both heard it. We looked at each other as if we fell into the twilight zone
“What the fuck was that” she whispered lightly, face as pale as a Casper’s ass. I imagined mine looked somewhat the same. There was no other way to explain it other than a massive roar, a scream almost, except not anything you could possibly imagine. It was like a man roaring but the man had a set of lungs that could have belonged to a polar bear. Absolutely the last thing you’d want to hear in the middle of nowhere, 5 miles from your car. We panicked, I like to think that I don’t get scared and I usually try to be rational, but my heart sank and my legs almost turned into jello. I reached into my holster and pulled out my gun. I couldn’t be more happy that I put hollow tips in before I had left. I grabbed my wife, pulled her close behind me, and told her to be as quiet as possible.

We crouch down, my eyes peeled, surveilling the landscape. I watch for any type of movement, but I see nothing. I whisper “Get your gun NOW! Leave the safety on” all without breaking my line of vision. We’re both profusely sweating even though it’s a cool 66°. Still completely unsure of what that was, where it came from and if it was even a threat, we both decide it’s time to call it. I have her take her safety off and keep watch. All I can think about is the giant figure I saw just a few hours before. Racking my brain, I try to remember what I saw. Was it a coyote? A wild cow or horse? It had reddish hair, almost ginger red. My mind was spinning. Was there even a connection between the two events? After the adrenaline subsided, I had only one subconscious thought- and that was to do everything I can to protect my wife. That was my top priority. When we decide to head back, we chose to stay off the trail just to make sure to avoid any unwanted confrontation with whatever the hell it could be.
We kept low and quiet, making sure that we made as little noise as possible to not alert anything.
After a good 15 minutes stumbling through the bush and crouching to stay hidden within the small pine trees, my brain was running wild with thoughts. I hear a gasp and look back. My wife is holding both hands over her mouth, eyes watering and full of fear. I looked in the same direction she was staring and my eyes lit up. I almost couldn’t process it, I almost couldn’t believe it…
Just a few feet to our left was a human arm, just an arm, still with the red and gray windbreaker sleeve covering most of it. The arm looked like it belonged to a male and it made me think about the bloody phone I found earlier. Was that just an innocent fall or was that a part of this? None of that would help my current situation and I snap back to reality. One thing became very clear to me. This is real and we very well may be fighting for our lives. All I could think of was quietly making it back to the car and getting the fuck out here. I gather myself. I know now the most important thing is staying strong and keeping my composure. The last thing I want is for my wife to see me panicking and scared. I stare straight ahead, plan in mind, I tell her to crouch down near the brush while I go look. As I creeped forward, my heart raced. Time felt like it stopped. With the smell of sagebrush and the breeze sweeping across my face, I almost felt euphoric- while completely saturated in fear. I take a closer look at the wound, right at where the shoulder should be is just a bloody, stringy mess. It was very clearly ripped off of whoever this man was. My chest began rapidly moving and I almost began to hyperventilate, my anxiety shooting through the roof. This was no game and we had to get out of here as soon as possible.

As I begin to walk back to grab my wife, we both hear it again. That loud deep horrifying yell. The odor began to set in again. I crouched down and we covered our mouths. This time it was much closer. My heart feels like it stops. About 20 feet away the sounds of heavy footsteps and heavy breathing become very obvious. We freeze as we hear whatever this is sniff the air, to smell us, to find us, and probably rip us apart too. I know that I couldn’t let that happen. Fortunately it grunts in frustration and begins running in the complete opposite way of us. I don’t know how it didn’t smell us, maybe the sagebrush and pine trees were helping block our scent or fear- whichever one it was seeking out. I honestly didn’t care. We breathed out in relief, the odor in the air constricting our lungs. At this point our adrenalin was keeping us from even being affected by this horrendous smell. We wait a few minutes and just take off.
I finish off the last of my water bottle and put it back in my pack. I notice all the snacks and food that still lay at the bottom, untouched due to the unforeseen circumstances. We pass the sign asking everyone to stay on the trail. I remember it being about 10 minutes from the parking area. I look back at my wife. “We’re close and I think we’re in the clear, we should hurry up.”
To our devastation and absolute shock, we find the car completely flipped on its back and spun around, windows broken. I’m not even sure it would start if I had the ability to push it back over. I felt completely hopeless. That was our only way out. My knees turn into jello, I drop to the ground. “Now we’re stuck, we’re fucked.” I panic, looking around to make sure we’re not being set up by whatever this is. I didn’t want to walk down the road because we’d stick out in the open. I do my best to compose myself. I gesture to her for us to get moving and we take off, both our hands on our pistols, ready to take down anything that tries to harm us. We stayed in the miniature forest of trees, weaving between them as they grew thicker and closer together. It was more work but I didn’t mind, more coverage. I knew the freeway was only a few miles away. I imagined at that point we’d be far out of this creature’s territory and hopefully be able to reach someone on our phones, if there was service.

We kept going for what felt like hours but in reality was maybe 45 minutes. Still on high alert, only stopping to gather ourselves. As we began to head towards the rough direction of where the freeway was, our hearts sank. We both dropped, covering our mouths. The smell, it was back and stronger than ever. I felt like we were standing right next to it. We look around, eyes wide open, but we don’t see anything. We got up and made a run for it, but before I could get more than 15 feet the air was knocked from my lungs. I collapse, not even sure what just happened. I wave my hand hoping she’ll just go and keep running since I can’t even breathe enough to speak. My gun is still in my left hand. I’m wheezing for air, putrid air. I’d almost rather pass out instead of having to breathe this in. But I had to keep going for her. I heard her scream and she did in fact run. I look over to where I hear commotion. There it was, towering over these 7 and 8 foot tall trees. He must have been 9 or 10 feet tall, animal skins draped over himself, his hair a bright red color, his sideburns connecting to his beard and his beard hairs connecting to his shoulder and chest hairs. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. The commotion I heard was him throwing the tree to the ground. The tree was just a small branch to him. I imagine this tree hit me right in the gut. I felt my broken ribs flex as I breathed in and out and again. Time felt like it just stopped, except this time I heard nothing. I noticed that I couldn’t even smell anymore. The giant being brings his arm up to wipe the sweat off his brow, staring off at her as she ran. Almost like it was just a thrill chasing us. Like a cat playing with a mouse, killing it and then going on with its day. I look down to my hand, fist still clutching my .357, I look back up. The Red headed giant was considerably closer, as he would have to pass by me to get to her. Without hesitation I pulled my gun up level with his big dumbass head and let off 4 bullets. It did put it on its ass. I’m certain I got a headshot and two more in the chest. It groaned and grunted and before I even had a chance to find out what it was gonna do, I took off. Those were hollow tips, those should have brought the giant’s brain to the outside, but it was simply rolling around in agony, putting out loud, horrifying sounds. I do my best t get the fuck out of there.
About 3 minutes pass of me running non stop, as fast as my body would let me. I hear another roar, this one sounded distraught, in pain. I hoped that would be enough to buy us some time to get back to civilization. Within about 10 minutes I could see my wife running in the wrong direction. I’m cramping, my adrenaline is beginning to wear off and I fear I won’t be able to catch up, so against my better judgment I call her. She heard me, stopped, and looked around quickly until I entered her line of sight. She immediately began running my way. I dropped to my knee, bracing against a tree, my lungs on fire from miles of running. My cracked ribs aching with every breath. I keep my eyes peeled however, making sure she has cover. I don’t know where this creature is now. As she makes it to me she collapses to her knees and wraps her arms around me balling her eyes out. I began to feel relief, comfort.
“We have to get out of here and We have to keep it together right now. We’re not dying here. Cover while I reload.” I very quickly dug into my side pocket rummaging around and grabbed 4 hollow tips, the shakiness making it very difficult to keep a grip. Before I could get the last round in, our moment of what we hoped was peace was quickly interrupted by a much louder deeper and angrier roar. This roar was then followed by about 6-7 other roars and whooping noises. I’ve either gravely wounded or killed one of theirs, this was no small thing to just be looked over. No, they’ve just declared war against a smaller, weaker, and slower species. We had to get out of here. We book it and I tell myself I’ve made it this far so I can’t give up now. We’re running, the roaring and whooping continuing. As we run, large boulders the size of basketballs begin landing in the areas around us and behind us. They knew our general direction, they would do anything to exact their revenge. That thought terrified me. A group of giants- angry, violent, limb tearing, giants- were after us. I made it my mission to at least make sure my wife made it out alive, even if that meant sacrificing myself.

I keep close behind her, keeping my hand on her pack to help make sure she keeps her footing since she’s quite clumsy and a fall is the last thing we need right now. The trees begin to become more scarce. This brought two separate feelings to my attention, one was fear as we are now more exposed and can be easily spotted. The other was relief because the trees are a lot less concentrated as you get closer to the freeway. We were getting more desperate, more weak, out of breath. The taunting whooping continued behind us. An absolutely terrifying fact that they were gaining on us, made obvious by their giant footsteps racing towards us sounding like a herd of wildebeest creating a stampede. Through all that, through the running and pain, I notice something. Something red- a structure. My will and desire to keep going skyrocketed, we could hide. We can get help. Maybe they’ll have a vehicle or more guns. We’d be out of giant territory. As we neared the end of the tree line we noticed the building we saw was the red barn we passed on the way in. It was only a few football fields away. And, somehow, we’ve managed to avoid capture by these monsters.

That’s when the last thing you’d want to happen, did. The terrain wasn’t smooth and pleasant, It was sandy, rocky, and uneven. There were random dips in the dirt making running an uneasy task, especially when you’re running for your life. The last little stretch seemed like 100 miles, but to our relief we made it to the red barn, crashing through the door and collapsing to the ground. We knew we weren’t safe but we didn’t have anymore in us. We were dehydrated, extremely hungry, and emotionally and physically depleted. We did the best we could and if that was it, then it is what it is. However, after about 10 minutes goes by, we’re able to finally catch our breath.
“I’m gonna check the window” I whisper with a shaky voice as I look over at her. Of course I’m terrified but I needed to know. I rolled on to my stomach and crawled towards the window facing the tree line. Thankfully, this old barn has plenty of holes in the boards that make the siding of the building. I peek through one of them so as to not be seen, even though they damn well knew where we were. What I saw made me sick to my stomach. Shocker I know.


As I looked through the little hole and my eyes adjusted to the light I could clearly see the thinning tree line of the miniature forest. I can see 6 figures hovering over the trees, all Red Headed, and all of them way too fucking big.
“Oh fuck.” I said horrified
“There are six.” She whispers.
I had no idea what to do besides start shooting. The thing that was curious to me was that they would not go past the tree line. Was that their territory? Are we in the fucking brunette giants territory now? Is that a thing? It felt like we were being toyed with. What’s my next move? I’m frozen and I watch them pace the tree line, whooping and hollering here and there. The pungent odor is still lingering. I crawl back to my wife and we just lay there, holding each other. We didn’t talk, we just enjoyed what we thought would probably be our last bit of time together.
Next thing I know I’m waking up to the sun shining directly in my eyes from a little hole in the side of the barn. It was cool, birds chirping, the air smelled fresh and clean, no signs of any odor. If not for the circumstances, it would have been a beautiful morning. I feel relieved. I nudged her a little to wake her up. To both our surprise we were alive and unharmed. She smiled at me, tears in her eyes. We were so close to giving up before we reached the freeway. I stood up noticing I was able to sleep most of the pain away. A few ribs were broken but for the most part, we just had scratches and bruises. I’ll take that over my arms being ripped apart by a giant “human” any day of the week. I stood there for a few moments reflecting on the prior day. Mostly the moment that time almost came to a stop as I watched the massive humanoid fall to the ground. I guess I’m just completely in awe that this creature even exists. I could see double rows of teeth as it groaned and yelled in pain. His giant hands not only were the size of probably my entire upper body but as he reached for the bullet wound on his head I could clearly see he has two sets of thumbs on both hands. The regular thumb in its proper place and then the other thumb which was symmetrical to the normal thumb but on the pinky finger side. I shook my head and came back to reality. I couldn’t believe this wasn’t some bad dream. This stuff isn’t supposed to exist, I know I used to be a nerd and into all this type of mythical stuff, cryptids all of it, yet here it is. What else actually exists? Skinwalkers? Santa?

My thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sound of an older diesel truck. I felt panic and relief at the same time as the truck pulled up with its huge dump bed. It’s coming from a dirt road about a half a mile down the tree line. It’s all closed in so I assumed it was just a farmer and he’s stopping by his barn. Apparently this guy gets to go in their territory no problem but when I do it, it’s an issue. Anyways, it was safe. That’s all that mattered. We gather our belongings and run out the door to greet the man driving the truck. It all happened so fast but as soon as we stepped out and he stepped out, he had his shotgun on us.
“Don’t fucking move or ya both are dead.” He yells out before we could even say a word. I try to explain to him the situation but every time I try to say something it’s met with another threat.
“Where’s the gun?” he shouts frantically while looking at my pack.
“We mean no harm to you, sir. My gun is in my bag. I’ll happily throw it to you. I just want to get home.” I said shakily. This man was damn near 7.5 feet tall, his jeans and t-shirt covered in dark dried blood. The massive gmc 5500 he crawled out of looked like a ford ranger to a normally tall man.
I toss my pack his way, he grabs it and digs through the bag while keeping his gun on us. He eventually gets his dirty old hands on my gun. He shoves it in the back of his waistband and the Virgo in me just couldn’t keep my mouth shut.
“Did you really just put that in your ass man? We’re trying to get home or call the cops or something. We were just attacked by giant creatures, what is your fucking problem?”
“There will be no cops, boy. Yeah I heard about your little stroll through the woods. You sure did a number on Magnus. He’ll be back on his feet in a couple weeks though. They’re a little more durable than us, well… I shouldn’t say that.” Then the old man pulled off his sweaty cowboy hat, and tucked in that hat was about a 2 and a half foot long braid of bright red hair.
“That was my half brother out there you decided to shoot… we uh.. we didn’t appreciate that much seeing as this is our land and all.” he says with his abnormally large head cocked sideways.
My brain swirled with the amount of plot twists that had been going on. My patience was in the negatives and my blood just began to boil.
“So what then? You just expected us to not defend ourselves from a giant creature trying to kill us, rip us apart? Just simply give up? Is that what you would do?” I yelled.
He responded the same way any idiot would when they get caught in a question that requires an answer going against his pride and ego.
“Well boy, I’ll never be in that position now will I, I’d say I’m pretty damn safe out here. You guys.. not so much. See, I’m not gonna kill you, I’m not gonna shoot you, none of that. I’m simply gonna hand you over to them. Unless you try to run, then I’m gonna fill you with buckshot.” as he laughs like a psychopath.

My wife hides behind me only showing her face to see what exactly is going on, right as he’s finishing up his wheezing laugh. I felt the cold barrel of her gun against my back, causing me to wince a bit as the metal was cold against my skin. I had hope though. I completely forgot about her gun. I don’t know, I guess I thought she dropped it while running. However, this idiot seems to think he’s completely safe by the way he lets his shotgun point to the ground, looking up just to be dramatic while he cackles. I knew I had one last opportunity to try to save our lives, before the inevitable demise from giants tearing our limbs off and eating us, becomes reality. In a split second, I reach behind me and unload the entire clip into this slow dumbass. Didn’t even have the reflexes to move his gun back up. His eyes opened wide before his massive body slammed to the ground. I walked the 10 feet or so until I was standing right over him
“Well.. you’re not too durable yourself big guy.” I stare down at him as he’s gasping for air, blood pumping out of his neck and chest wounds. I rolled his weak body over, tore my sleeve off and retrieved my gun from this giant man’s ass crack. I wiped it clean, and put it back in my pack. Within 2 minutes of this whole ordeal, the whooping and hollering began. They know it wasn’t his gun that went off. I’m sure they’ve been around him enough to know the difference in sound between a handgun and a shotty.

My wife crying and screaming for us to get in the truck and go is what brought me back to reality. I was in shock, thinking I was finally free AGAIN. But this time we had a vehicle. We race to get in. As I was about to jump In the driver’s seat, I noticed in the distance, giant figures racing to us. I assume they want to mutilate us, and worst of all, they broke the tree line so it must be pretty serious this time. After getting in the disgusting truck, we were met with the odor. Small bones with dried pieces of meat still stuck to them littered the floorboards. Random wires were running from one side of the dash to the other. Dust made its home everywhere. However, we were in no place to complain about the transportation. We’re desperately searching the cab of this truck for the keys and of course, they are nowhere to be found, and in the middle of all of that, they’re hurling massive rocks at the truck and this time they’re not missing. We’re they just herding us to the barn? Is this just some game? Regardless, I jump out of the truck and run to the massive man’s lifeless body, dig In his pockets and find nothing.
“How did this asshole turn on his truck?” I can’t think. I know the window for our safety is quickly disappearing. I’m scared and sick to my stomach. Out of pure anger and rage, I kicked the dead body and kept kicking until my shoes were bloody. I felt like a wild animal backed into a corner, except I was taking it out on a dead guy. My mental capacity was struggling. On the last kick to the ribs, I see the faintest shine in my eyes. There it was. In his t-shirt pocket, just the tip of the key popped out. And in that time my brief moment of insanity was completely justified. I yanked that key out of that pocket so fast and I felt as though God was watching out for us because it started right up, not some bullshit out of a horror movie where it takes ten tries. I put the pedal down as far as it would go and just kept going. The giants are hurling rocks but I’m able to swerve around and fuck with their aim and to our relief there it was, the freeway. We were free, we made it. We won. As I turn off the dirt road and smash right through the barbed wire fence to get on to the freeway, I can see 4 of them hovering around their dead relatives and two that kept chasing us a little more. Fortunately, they knew they couldn’t keep up and just stopped about a mile away from the barn. We could still hear them yelling very loudly, anger and pain were both very apparent in their hollering. I didn’t care. I didn’t care about their pain and I sure as fuck would have taken more of them out of I had the ability. But we were safe. We both began laughing and crying. She held onto me tight. We didn’t even have words, we both were still very much still processing the past 30 hours now that we weren’t running for our lives.


As you could imagine we called the police and as much as we knew they wouldn’t believe us we had no choice but to tell them everything. They looked at us like we’re just high, got lost in the desert, and just had a bad trip. Regardless, they had to take into consideration my car, the arm we discovered on the trail, and the dead wanna-be Hagrid. I imagine his “relatives” took his body, but the shells should still be there as well as the blood that poured onto the ground around him. Within two days we were informed the police had nothing to do with the investigation. We then were put in contact with a gentleman from the FBI as well as a couple agents from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. We had to sign a lot of paperwork to keep our mouths shut, really no choice in that, however they offered to give us a settlement for that tragic day. Basically, they were paying us to keep our mouths shut and to be completely honest, I was just fine with that. I wanted to put all of this behind me and never think about it again. Truly the most traumatizing event in my existence. I don’t feel guilty about killing the guy, I was protecting my wife and myself. I now just struggle with the uncertainty of everything. Are we safe? Are there more creatures out there? I felt like I just wanted to stay home forever.
A few weeks go by and we begin to settle into our normal routine, our anxiety is calming and things seem to get better. I’m more grateful for my life, for the food I get to eat, for the things I do have. You don’t realize how good you have it until you’re about to lose it all. I just wanted to be thankful and grateful for my wife. We both talked about it and decided to put it behind us and move on and live the life we deserve. We relax a little after our discussion, have dinner and go to bed. I put my head to rest on my pillow and my mind can’t help but wonder. From my old nerd point of view, I was completely amazed by the giants. This whole time they’ve just survived out there, in the freezing, the overbearing heat, basically living like it’s still the 1400s. Were they humans at one point? A gene pool that just broke off? The thought of this stuff made my heart race and I began to sweat a little. I got up and cracked the window for the cool air. As soon as I opened that window any drowsiness I once had was ripped away, there it was again so strong.

The Odor.

Credit: ACWrites

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