All He Wants

The sweet old lady rocks rhythmically in her recliner. Her head nods often in approval as she agrees wholeheartedly with her favorite evangelist late this evening. This has been Mrs. Weatherford’s routine every night since her late husband left her alone and vulnerable. The preacher is hitting his groove on

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“Look at it go, sweetie!” the loving father joyfully called out to his little girl, pointing upward toward the kite flying high above the secluded beach. “Here baby, you try.” The little girl stood there shy, timid and melancholy as she stared skyward at the pale, flapping kite. This particular

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I love jigsaw puzzles. So when I found one on my phone that allowed me to make any size puzzle I want with a snap of a picture I was hooked. I started by taking pictures of random shots in my room, clicked “cut” then “mix” and poof, I was

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