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“Look at it go, sweetie!” the loving father joyfully called out to his little girl, pointing upward toward the kite flying high above the secluded beach. “Here baby, you try.”

The little girl stood there shy, timid and melancholy as she stared skyward at the pale, flapping kite. This particular kite always reminded the girl of her missing mother; each of them, the mother and the kite, seemed to share the exact same colorful tattoos.


Credit To – StupidDialUp

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46 thoughts on “Kite-Flying”

  1. Very good. Simple, creepy, and extremely well done. I love it when a story doesn’t spoon-feed you information. I am extremely impressed

  2. Let’s go fly a kite,
    Up to the highest heights.
    Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring.
    Up where the air is clear.
    Up in the atmosphere.
    Oh let’s go,
    Fly a kite!

  3. Reminds of the story Harold from the Scary Stories series, except this story didn’t take me 5 times of reading it over to get :P

  4. The concept was good, but I felt like the “shock ending” effect wasn’t well executed, and somewhat predictable if you have read even one or two other stories like this. It had no buildup at all (just a paragraph or two would have been good), and just seemed to piggyback on the “shock ending” theme to provide all its entertainment. It wasn’t bad, but I think it is currently overrated. I well admit that it was wonderfully twisted, but that’s all it has going for it.

    1. I just have one question. How the fuck do you see that the dad had wrapped his wife’s skin on a kite and made his daughter play with it?! I’m calling bullshit

      1. It’s not so much that the story is predictable that slightly annoys me(read up to the semicolon in the last sentence; it’s pretty predictable what’s gonna happen next), it’s just that all the author did was write that the girl had a missing mother, and that the kite looks like her, and the story is suddenly “amazing”. Like I said before, it’s not bad, and I do have second opinions now and no longer think it’s overrated.

    2. I felt like that’s all it really wanted. It wasn’t exactly, “shock factor”, rather, “oh… that’s fucked up”. It wasn’t supposed to make you piss yourself, just make you sit a little more uncomfortable in your seat.

  5. *shudders* As always, stupiddialup never disappoints. Very good work, in 1 paragraph you made my mouth drop open.

    1. I’m not on here that much and I’m not up to date on the sayings but where does “Then who was…” some from?

  6. Holy shit that’s dark. Now there has been some dark stuff by stupiddialup but, man. I heard a pen drop after the last line. It’s not even that scary more of….disturbing. This is about a husband who kills his wife, cuts off her skin then puts on a kite for his daughter to see. That is dark!!5/10

    1. I’m taking back my original score because this is a good mircopasta. I do regret the score I gave because after this I went and read all the other Micropastas. The many famous ones and this should have an 8/10. It is as good as all the other mircopasta. It has the same build and ended with a really good ending. 8/10

  7. You’ve got well written shock-conclusion stories like Don’t go Into the Basement, and stories where no one gives a shit like this one. It was just way to short to do it’s job properly. Maybe if you were to add a prologue to the girl and the mother’s relation, it’d have worked.

    1. Micropasta doesn’t have to relay a captivating story, or really make you give a shit over the eventual fate of its inhabitants. The ultimate point of micropasta is to give a fast-paced, hard-hitting, unexpected impact based off of literally a mere paragraph or sentence of foreshadowing. This succeeded immensely in that light, and as a micropasta it is absolutely perfect just the way it is.

  8. Um, I don’t really get how this is creepy. Sorry, I feel stupid.. can someone please explain it to me or something? :P

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