The Weaver

The Weaver

My vision was hazy. I could feel warm liquid trickling down my forehead as I attempted to lift my head. The car’s blinker thundered inside of me like a heavy bass. I tasted the blood inside of my mouth, and the coolness of the night seeped into the cracks and […]

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The angel of death

The Angel of Death

Extract from records found at scene, author unknown. Dated October 1883: Matted fur stuck to the Beast’s sides, sweat dripping down its flank as it expelled rancid breath. Thick ropes of saliva swung from pus-stained teeth, protruding from black-lipped jaws like shattered battlements. A single black eye glinted out at

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Close your eyes cover your ears

Close Your Eyes, Cover Your Ears.

Scientists theorize that if the brain experiences something extremely traumatizing, it is biologically hardwired to forget it. I can prove, through my own experiences, the invalidity of this claim. On September 22, 1998, my parents threw me my eighth birthday party. That was 16 years ago, but I can still

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My Garbage Man Is Blackmailing Me I Can’t Take This Anymore.

My Garbage Man Is Blackmailing Me. I Can’t Take This Anymore.

Millennials are a generation who were raised by television, and I’m no exception. TV shows make everything look easy. Bob Ross could teach you to paint a landscape in a half hour. Julia Child turned the most hapless homemaker into a French chef. Joey Tribbiani, despite his rather simple mind,

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Alien abductions are real and they’re worse than you think

Alien abductions are real and they’re worse than you think

Most of you reading this account won’t believe my story. Hell, I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t lived through the horror. To the best of my knowledge, only two people have ever survived this hell and made it back to Earth in one piece, and sadly the other is no

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The candle caravan

The Candle Caravan

My girlfriend and I had been going through a rough patch for a few weeks, arguing continuously, having screaming matches with one another, or not speaking at all. It all started when she brought up the topic of conceiving a child, and trying to be logical, I shot the entire

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The saturn source code

The Saturn Source Code

It was a pretty simple program.A collaborative effort between me and another user on a forum I like to frequent. We like to help one another with all sorts of projects, personal and professional. He and I were both freelance software developers, and made a good team. He went by

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The confession of buck curwen

The Confession of Buck Curwen

In the town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, on December 8th, 2021, Buck W. Curwen was arrested on charges of grave robbing, kidnapping, breaking and entering, destruction of property, assault, double homicide, and resisting arrest. Upon pleading guilty to all charges, he gave the following testimony to the court. The ordeal began

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under this things maw

Under This Thing’s Maw

The tears are impossible to hold back as she watches this… this thing, eat away at all the corpses. The corpses of her co-pilots. Her… closest friends. With clawed, kaiju sized hands, it shovels their remains into its gaping maw, not stopping even for a second. For the past few

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sticks and stones

Sticks and Stones

My heart was already racing when I sat down in the passenger seat of the filthy and foul-smelling land yacht of an ancient Cadillac. The large man who was to be my chauffeur for the night barely spoke a word as we sped from one downtown city road to the

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In the Forest of the Damned

In the Forest of the Damned

My sister was not an evil person; not before that camping trip anyway. Yes, she did those horrific things. I can’t deny that, as I was the one who stopped her, though it wasn’t without something of a cost. It took a toll on me I still can’t quite explain;

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the last file

The Last File

The following is a highly classified, transcripted document. Any Agency personnel below level five clearance caught with this file in their possession without explicit and signed permission from authorized personnel will be terminated without hesitation. The briefing room was more full than usual, all sorts of agents armed to the

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“Hurricane Gabrielle continues to devastate the entire east coast. It’s quite the storm ladies and gentlemen. Best to stay inside.” Father Henry and Father Paul were running late for their “meeting”. Time was of the essence. “Are you sure we can trust them? They aren’t exactly the most upstanding members

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