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He Who Should Really Not Be Named (Candlejack)

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In this world, there exists a spirit neither male nor female. This spirit is covered with a dark cloth, with a separate white cloth to cover its head. It is said to carry an enormous brown burlap sack, in which it holds its victims. It is said that the second its name has been called out, either directly or indirectly, the person is collected and becomes the property of the spirit.

Many who have witnessed its appearance have been said to have gone insane and were later found with their eyes gouged out.

This spirit is very, very real, and failure to prevent the mention of its name will cause Candlejack to come and whisk you awa


CREDIT: Anonymous

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1,567 thoughts on “He Who Should Really Not Be Named (Candlejack)”

  1. uhhhh I said candlejack’s name and I had to make my little brother some chocolate milk right after and the chocolate was gone about 20 minutes ago it was there in there cooling I think he stole y chocolate lol hey atleast he didn’t kill me right?

  2. “Its name will cause Candle Jack to whisk you awa.” Sorry I just had to point out the mistake at the end

  3. Lol. Candlejack is a nerd lol. He was always bullied in the multidimensional demon and spirit meet ups. I am who you should really not name. Candlejock! *punches himself in the face* oh son of a-

  4. Man, I hate this guy. He took my grandma. We were all gathered round for her birthday, and we had 80 candles on the cake. And she was like “ah, 80 candles don’t mean jack, its how old you fe-” and then she was g

  5. My 6 year old niece was sitting next to me because she loves horror stories, but now shes crying and scared because she said Candlejack :’D

  6. AnonAnonAnonAnonAnonAnonAnon

    -be anon-
    *reads the story*
    hmmmm…. lets see what people are saying….
    *reads comments, bursts out laughing*
    just for shits and giggles, imma say his name.
    Candle. Fucking. Jack. Candle Jack. candlejackcandlejackcandlejackcandlejack. See? Nothiohfucklhgfdcxzsadfcghl

  7. Ohh!! I get it! Creepypasta must process the comments that have the word “Candlejack” in them, and take out the last few letters of the comments, so it will scare everyone. So this comment will probably have a few letters missing from the last word.

  8. Nothing will happen if you say Candlejack, or even type it. I promise. But it’s funny to read the comments where people cut off their sentences.

  9. Well, Candleja- Phew, close, definitely gave me a scare! Was an interesting read, especially considering how Candleja- Haha, again!, managed to take the writer at the end! Whoever says his name is next! Fortunately, I won’t get caught saying Candlejack. Wait… Oh cra

  10. Clever, but terrible grammatically. It’s should be its in every instance and “in which to hold it’s victims in” has the aforementioned issue aside from being seriously redundant.

  11. Oh also, don’t look up its name, since that means you said its name, you will see how it looks on google, then you will see how it looks, when you turn around.

  12. Nice plot twist that it stopped suddenly since it said its name and it harvested the author just a few seconds after he wrote its name.

  13. What it said failure to not mention his name to cause “him” to whisk you away. Meaning if you don’t say his name he’ll come get you?

  14. Lets see how many times i can say candlejack without dying.
    Okay my fingers are too tired.

  15. CANDLEJACK CANDLEJACK CANDLEJACK!!!! See? Nothing happened. You people are a bunch of idiots not finishing your comments. Even Moomin is scarier than candlejack.

  16. Hey, Mr.Candlejack! Oh, you’re quick. *After some hours of fun* Yeah, I killed him. It was rather exhausting, but now you don’t have to fear some brown-blooded guy called Candlejack. Oh, you didn’t tell that he has replacements! 4 of them! (I’m already tired) The Joker is immortal! You can’t kill me! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Let’s dan

  17. You guys got C.J. all wrong, the truth is, is that Candle Jack is just mad because no one could sing him happy birthday without gitting their souls wisked away. So happy birthday Candle Ja

  18. Chocolate Bunny (Choco)

    Hiya jack i think man and u gonna be great friends! So your full name is candle jack? Lol thats funny candle jack candle jack candle jack!!!!wait dude personal space DUDE DUDE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHJKKL

  19. Hehe some people are getting me paranoid in the comments section!

    I’m gonna go say it…



    Ummmmm??? Did I say it wrong or something? Lol. Let me try again…

    Nope. Nothing. Hehe! I guess Candlejack is merciful to mwah. Ahaha

  20. Guys. This is very serious. I said his name and I find myself in a cold, dark room. DON’T SAY HIS NAME. It’s only me and my now broken iPad in this dismal place. Wait, I see someone noosfdfvdg

  21. Hey anyone else notice that it says “failure to NOT mention it’s name causes it to whisk you awa” or is it just me? Cuz it sounds like if you say it’s name or don’t say it’s name, it looks like you’ll be getting whisked awa a few times.

  22. *story. Accidentally pressed Done ;)
    Besides, I don’t know if you all realize this, but we’re not actually saying it–it’s being typed. Candlejack for dayz.

  23. I said Candlejack a bazillion times, and I drew a pic of Candlejack in a cage and me spitting on him. Candlejack Candlejack. LOL. Y’all are just trying to get a scare out of some ppl.

  24. Just kidding I’m still here ha-ha it doesn’t count when u type it lol candlejack this is just a creepypasta LOL!!!!!! candlejack candlejack

  25. Lol didn’t get it the first time coz m pretty stupid :P
    As for the candle jack thing, m gonna try it out. So here it goes–
    see nothing happ

  26. Seriesly, first this turned to a conversation about Candlejack to ya’ll. Second why are people typing half words, as if Candlejack got them before they got done typing what they were going to type. Only you have to press enter, if that really happened they wouldn’t even have time to post. Lol.

  27. dontdelivermefromevil

    I won’t even bother reading this, seems like it would be boring considering the comment section

  28. “candlejack candlejack oh oh candle candle candlejack, budum bum bum bummmm”
    *me singing in the weird lollipop song*

  29. This would make a good scary children’s story if it weren’t for the fact that it said calling his name out would have the person collected and then at the end it saying, failure to not mention his name will whisk you away. Makes no fucking sense.

  30. Last October, my friend’s laptop had this page open; no one has seen him yet. If someone can shed some serious details please do so. We just want to know what happened to Jeff.

  31. holy sheep shit guys! how the hell are you all posting this if your dead? its not like hes gonna press the enter button for you!!!!!!!!!!!! its not like he can type while gouging your eyes out! im gonna say it CANDLE JACK! there are you all happy now IM NOT DEA

    *by the way i can type now im finished, kind of messy though. yours truly, CANDLEJACK

    1. His soul may have posted it….. oh wait…. does he carry the victims souls with him too along with the bodies?!?

  32. On this day, I will break this frivolous tradition and boldly call out Candlejack’s name. I might just be the first to say this without pretending t

  33. Candlejack – Candlejack – Candlejack

    See, nothing happens, i mean all of the cut off comments aren’t funny anymore. Seriously sto-

    This is CandleJack, as the pasta above states you WILL die if you say my name.
    Have fun nightmares -If Jeff doesn’t kill you or Eyeless Jack eats your kidneys.

  34. I said the word candle. Then I said the name Jack.
    Suddenly all the lights in my house went out not kidding. I heard this strange scratching at the window and my eye turned slowly around the room.
    Suddenly something smashed through the window. It was a kind of a human figure carrying a sack with ragged clothing.
    I screamd and put 12 lead slugs into it from my handy modified desert egal on my bedside table.
    Suddenl the lights came back on. Turned out the lights was a minor power cut, the scratching was my cat at the window trying to get in and the figure crashing through the window was some homeless guy with a sack to put stolen goods into.
    But seriously guys this jokes getting old. I just sed his name twic

  35. How about CandIejack, with an uppercase i instead of a lowercase L? See, CandIejack as opposed to Candlejack. You can’t tell the di

  36. I’m to cool and mature to sink to your level. Well actually I’m just too scared to say Candlejack…. OH COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFYUHUVAIREHGJMN,

  37. Im pretty sure candlejack was the name of a charater on the Cartoon Freakazoid …. I remember it because everytime someone said his name he would appear and put them in a sack

  38. My friend said Candle—- for about 3 minutes straight and when he went home from the skate park (#SKATE4DAYZ) his dog was GONE… He got a call from Pima count animal care about a missing dog. When he got there and asked where they found her they said in the middle of the street, in a BIG BROWN SACK. Its real… and frightening. Don’t try any of this at home kids :D. If you do you’ll lose Mr.Twinkies!

    1. Nicola Marie Jackson

      I think it was meant that the reason that they left the word unfinished was that CandleJack had stolen them away xx

        1. Nicola Marie Jackson

          I may be wrong and it just needed proofreading but other commenters have done the same thin

  39. Oh geez guys, stop it!
    I need to get much more sacks and rope to kidnap all of you! >:(
    And more basements, this one is getting quite full.

  40. Finally I get a break! Oh, uh, Jack, sorry if all the calls got passed onto you. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

  41. Wait, so without warning, does it teleport to you, instantly and unavoidably scoop you up into its sack, and then teleport away? What is to stop someone from dodging it, or to stop a third party from turning the tables? Also, what happens to the victims? Slenderman kills his victims, but what does old Jack do with its?

    On another note, what does anything about it have to do with candles?

  42. Why call it “Jack” if it is sexless? Oh, right, the Once Upon A Time version of Jack the Giant Slayer was gender-flipped, so “Jack” was short for “Jacqueline” (spelling?). So in this case is it ambiguous? Okay, I guess that makes sense.

  43. *Sigh* Someone wrote this knowing that

    a) This would end in plenty of comments

    b) It would be amusing to witness these comment

    c) and people would make the joke without knowing who the charterer is.

    Oh, he’s from Freakazoid if you didn’t know.

    I’m not going to do it. I’ll just call him Jack.

    1. Freakazoid?! *looks it up* Holy crap, you’re right!

      Way to go, original poster—now everyone can know that you couldn’t even come up with an original concept, so you decided to steal it from a kids’ show of all things without giving credit where it was due.


  45. The idea of the story was good but the name, Candlejack is lame. A better thing than not say his name is never to light a candle and say Candlejack. It makes more sense because of the

  46. I know why the comments get deleted.because the creator of the story quotes the comments and deletes the finshing parts of our sentences so if you write full sentences and are confused of how it happens there’s your explanation.also candlejack isn’t re

  47. uuuummm yall do realize none of this is real sure its fun to act as if they were but its science fiction and its frikkin awesome I will admit

  48. OK. So if this is real I’d like to know who presses “ENTER”? to post your reply! Must be that candlejack guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  49. candle jack?!? com here and get me, ill bring brownies ‘nd cake and we can PAAARTYYYYY and ill go help you kill some people, if you dnt mind …
    im singing your name, why dont you wan t-

    holy shit dude, your place is AWESOME!!

  50. Hmm, candle jack sounds a lot like Apple jacks… Holy…. Wait… jack is the owner of Apple ja .You Made A Bad Choice. Bad Choice. Bad Choice. Bad Choice. Choice Bad. I SEE YOU

    I am outside your window, btw nice computer.

  51. Candlejack. See? nothing happ0; hb;pp OH S p0’bn1010011001010Please5i,k l’o.=/;p0njh0/;01010010dont p100010101011mashkhuncf4edgfr6gtuy7jhuny1-0001101010myhe19801910980921ad29870987304987420againstthe182974028974q1908keyboard189273098217yourmes291864976320inup2739049837240983thelapto8904794736374098609876034789348734098374634987

    Murder is going to get weirder.


    omg he isn’t real I can say it as much as I want CANDLEJACK!!! eat that su

    Oh my god this person is such an idiot. Glad I got to kill her. Noob.


  53. Wow, The Operator, The Rake, Freddy, Jason, a good mix of my Horror Favorites. Even Jeff and Jane showed up to this party. The only thing missing now is a Reaper and I don’t mean those nice guys from Bleach. -.-

  54. Hey, with all this ______ stuff going on why is everone still saying his name… Isn’t it so scary? Anyway, I think we should just erase the name, Candlejack out of our minds… Oh Fu-

    1. OH GOD! Where are you taking the people you kill, Jack? I did not say your full name. So you can’t kill me Candlejack… SHI-

  55. somethingninga

    the heck candle, I have NOT said your full name just candle and I see you, stealing my peanut butter. why?

  56. GUYS! I found out a way to say his name without be “taken”.
    Just Use a capital i instead of an l (L), so it’s CandIejack as opposed to Candlejack.
    See? Can’t can’t tell the diff

  57. ChaosInTheKingdom

    It was bearable until the very end. The biggest fucking letdown in any pasta I’ve ever read was the “failure to not mention it’s name” part.

    That literally translates to “mentioning it’s name.”
    Total bonerkill.

    And this is me being a saint for not even mentioning the punctuation error in the damn phrase…

  58. Hmm. I find it amusing that He Who Must Not Be Named is actually reading a story about himself, and remembering the author that he had vanished. I also have a number of possible situations in which those who have “perished” have endured. Sent to another dimension? Absorbed by the monster himself? Or have they really perished and are never to be seen again? I notice that most of the comments come from people who have said his name, and I believe they are manifestations of the monster, luring you to comment so that he may get you. I know this is a lengthy comment, and you all may have just read the string of comments just for the amusement of the half-written sentences, and so I will satisfy your lust for that particular object of speech and end this comment as the cliche demands.” Beware the night, and the shadows that lurk within it’s abyssal depths, for it is there that Candlejack liv

  59. You know, with a name like that I’d also be pretty pissed and not want anyone to know it. But what kind of a person names there kid candlejack? seriou

  60. Candlejack! see nothing happens. It’s just your mind playing tricks on you.Some creepypastas exist but so

  61. Wow, Candlejack is the worst creepy pasta villain since Jeff the Killer. I mean the author didn’t even describe wha

  62. I really hate stories like this because if the author got taken away, does that mean that Candlejack clicked the button to publish the sto

  63. Lol, I can’t believe all these people saying Candlejack in the comments, then pretending to be taken away. Firstly, does it really count if you just TYPE his name? I mean, seriously? And secondly, as if people could actually believ

  64. Wow, all you guys are so dumb if you think candlejack is real. I mean what is he gonna do, snatch me away from my keyboard and then submit my half-written comment or somethi

  65. CreepyDuck! >:)

    Those of you that think that it’s funny to freak people out by saying candlejack in the comments are kind of dumb, I said that out loud to my sister and nothing happe

  66. Okay, I’m not gonna say __________ cuz I’m freaking out, but this joke about __________ has to stop. __________ must be so tired from killing every sing person who says __________.

  67. Why do they run?

    I said it in a dream that I was having about Dream Weaver and woke up in a cold sweat to see the Rake sitting at the foot of my bed. I was able to get away while the were all fighting over me. :)

  68. I said it in dream that I was having about dream weaver and woke up to see the rake at the foot of my bed. While they were all fighting over me I was able to get away. :)

  69. horrorjunkie.123

    guys. think about it. if candlejack was real he would have killed u by now. also, if u died in mid-sentence, how would you post the comment?

    1. i can see your serious since you did finish your sentence :| candlejack isnt real hes just a fun meme to fuck around wi

  70. look i don’t understand why you are even worrying about writing the comments that are half done because they are obviously fake because you would think that if they didn’t have time to press the last key then they didn’t have time to press the ent

  71. your All a bunch of idiots ive been reading the great majority of your supposedly suddenly stopping quotes, saying CANDLE JACK about a million times and guess what im still here. besides if he is simply to scared to get me I wouldn’t blame him. Cause im scar

  72. ikr i said his name and he came, but he didnt take me, he is just constantly twerking wow this is awesome XD

  73. What if CandleJack said his own name.

    Would that mean he’d kill himself.
    I mean, he doesn’t even exi

  74. Pasta Connoisseur

    Well he’s obviously not going to come of you say Candleja**
    His name’s Candlejack, for gods sake man, say it ri

  75. CrazyWhovian:
    I said Candlejack and nothi

    Candlejack. Candlejack candlejack candlejack candlejack.
    I said it out loud as well. Nothing fucking happens, and this joke isn’t funny.
    Bite m

  76. Honestly, I don’t get this one. The higher rated ones like the Rake and Jeff the Killer have stories to them, but this one is just some weak threat. It is a little creepy, but I think people are blowing it out of proportion.

  77. I just said Candlejack. You guys are so dumb, because all of you are unoriginal and retarded. YOu guys are like
    “Candlejack Candlejack Candlejack… Candleja-”
    You even have time to put a hyphen. LMAO

    I’m laughing so hard right now HAHAHAH AHAHAHA
    See? Nothing happened.

    Just kiddi

  78. WOW! Saying the name will cause the person to vanish! Then who the hell sends this post?
    WHO PRESS SEND!?!?!?

  79. Two kids were going camping. Their names were Bob and Jack. Then, one day, at midnight, Bob wanted to find his bag, but it was dark, so he asked his friend for the candle they got with them just in case,” Hey, can you pass me the candle, Jack? It’s really dar”

  80. So I’m sitting in class acting like I’m doing work like I usually do. And I just read this so I’m gonna say Candlejack… Nothing happe

  81. Herp Derp:
    well i just said candle jack in my classroom and no holy crap something just took Jose someone pliz help what was he reading? candle jack? what the fu

  82. Jeff the Killer

    This is such a stupid pasta, if I want to say his god damn name I will. Candlejack. Candlejack Candlejack Candlejack. See? Nothing happe

  83. OMG! LMMFAOOOO Y’all crack me up!! I’m damn near in tears here..BTW does it count if you don’t say his name out loud?

  84. Professor:
    If you haven’t figured what’s going on, I can explain.Follow these steps to join their idiocy:
    1. Tell everyone that you don’t believe in the whole story (other ideas are optional).
    2. Mention “Candlejack” in your comment.
    3. Pretend you’re an idiot by leaving the sentence unfinished (implying that Candlejack got you).

    If you have followed these 3 simple steps correctly and haven’t messed it all up, I congratulate you. You have now joined the ranks of morons, contributing to this abyss of stupidity with the very same idea probably for a thousandth time. Way to go.

    *thumbs up*

  85. Thisb@tchknowsit

    Candlejack , o course nothing will happen , sorry to rain on ur parade candlejack, prepare to die.

  86. I don’t think you guys get it. Creepy pastas are NEVER real. They contain so much detail that if it were real, a person could never remember THAT MUCH detail. Especially in such a scary moment. C A N D L E J A C K. See? Nothing. CandleJack CandleJack CandleJack. Now would you all just shu

  87. I was affraid at first so i made a friend say his name twice and nothing happened, then i said it too… still nothing…

  88. When the comment section is longer than the actual pasta, you know it’s a good read… even if it is incomplete and about a completly fictional character named Candlejack. See said his name and nothing happe

  89. I wonder if I can get my sister to say his name? WHAT IF THINKING HIS NAME WORKS THE SAME WAY? Then again, if it did that bag of his would be rather heavy. If someone gets him to put it down and opens it, what happens when they do?


  91. Andy Biersack's future wife

    Hey y’all u know he ain’t real right? i’ve said it ninety times at least and hey I’M ALIVE. And if you’re expecting me to stop typing mid-sentence…. be prepared to be dissapointed. :D i’ve read horror stories my whole life….look up the Ohio Grass man why do

  92. Ok i get that you kill them and put them in a sack but what do you actually kill them with jacky. PS: never gonna catch me screw up so stuff that in your sack. Also i know a place you can put people.

  93. Cassie/Candlejack:
    Y’all are retarded typing Candlejack doesn’t do anything. And how are yall submitting y’alls unfinish comments. Not funny any more. I just said CandleJack and nothing happen

    This is CandleJack. You will all die.

  94. not so lucky now, aye?

    Please, this is so fake.

    I just said it like a bunch of times and nothing happened.

    I could say it all day.

  95. WOW just WOW and were the other creepypastas talkin just now? *shivers* there cool but i dont wanna die…… hey if c.j says his own name what if he lets a person go because of it? or is that not how it works?

  96. Being kidnapped by a spirit entity just by saying his name is very illogical and absurd at best.
    To add to the absurdity the spirit is one of a cartoon character from Freakazoid called CandleJack???
    Seriously? Why in the hell should I believe that?
    Worst yet, all the people wrote a comment that suddenly cuts in midsentence to show that they’re being kidnapped, and CandleJack being such a nice guy decided to post the comment anyway?
    Come on man, get real, it’s all just an ellaborate tale to make us believe that CandleJack is real, but the truth is he’s just a fa

  97. I can hardy stop laughing enough to post this comment. Seriously I’m pretty sure that nun will happen if I say “his” name. I just have to do this… “Follow the train c.j.”

  98. Dude, some of you have posted and disappeared more than once. If candlejack is gonna kill you, be real about it. Seriou

  99. Well i said it all night… nothing happened but my cat scared my pretty good
    Heres proof Candlejack candlejack candlejack candlejack see? im not getting taken awAYYYYYYYYYYYYY jk NOT jk NOT jk okay yeah i was joking he isnt coming stupid candlejack hes just a freaking creepypaskjFHDASKJFGHDAJFGDKAFGADHFJDGFAEUY

  100. Andy Sixx's Future wife

    I love how you people try to act like CANDLEJACK killed you and then keep posting more of that. First time is funny second time its annoying . If i offended anyone I sincerely appologize!

    G’day to you all
    -Andy Sixx’s future wi

  101. This is easily one of the worst creepypastas I have ever read. Oh, and what’s up with the title? “He who should REALLY not be named” ? Sounds like he just wanted to piss on Voldemorte (however you spell his name) from Harry Potter.
    I voted with a 1/10

    If you’re going to make a creepypasta, please don’t halfass it.

  102. This is easily one of the worst creepypasta I have ever read. Oh, and what’s with the title? “He who should REALLY not be named” ? Sounds like he just wanted to piss on Voldemorte (however you spell his name) from Harry Potter. I voted on this with 1/10

    If you’re going to make a creepypasta, please don’t half-ass it.

  103. Half of me wants to type the name, and the other half is slightly scared. Ok, here goes nothing. Candlejack. There. I said it. Ha. Nothing happened. Although now I feel like there’s something behind me. And I could have sworn I just saw something reflected in the computer screen. Oh shi

  104. Please Candlejack isn’t frekin real i mean seriously! Stop unfinishing yuor comments it gets so annoying! I already said a hundred times!

  105. After I read the story, I knew the comments were going to be all the same, with everyone saying “Candlejack” doesn’t exist or some shit, and then the comments end like thi

  106. Candlejack won’t get anyone you guys are stup

    This is Candlejack, please stop saying my name. I’m sick of killing everyone.

  107. The apostrophe in the word “it’s”, should only be used to summarize “it is”. When speaking in terms of possession, the correct use is “its”.

  108. you know what candlejack i will say your name infact i can say it all night but ill need you to be there hehe


    sorry folks odd here is….being odd again….

  109. ok candle…… NOT SAYING IT! Anyways try saying my name i bet you can’t find out who’s name you just said….Oh and if you see me on cleverbot rember not to be surprised oh and one more thing!
    You shouldn’t have done that.

  110. Of course. Just say the name right there. Candlejack, Candlejack, Candlejack. Almost like Beetlejuice. Come at me, bro. t(.__.t)

  111. u guysssss we cannot say the name… okay, no i just have to say it now…


    ha! nothing happened, i guess it wasnt real after allllllllllllllllllllllllllhgbvfcdyrsatstt3ezxdfgh

  112. I wonder where he takes you. Pie Island? My creepy uncles basement? Outside to tell he doesn’t by that name anymore? Well Candlejack let’s go down the rabbit ho

  113. I love how all these people say Candlejack in the comments and then leave them unfinished. Yes, it is amusing, but they couldn’t have died. Unless of course Candlejack clicked submit for them.

    1. It’s a reference to an old warner brothers cartoon called freakazoid. Awesome show. Anyway, they had an episode dedicated to candle jack. One of the best of the seas

  114. Please, some monster killing you if you say it’s name? Hasn’t that been done before? Saying CandleJack won’t make some reaper-like-thing burst through your window a-

  115. Imagine if you asked your friend Jack to pass a candle to you and said “can you pass that candle, jack” you wouldn’t die. I mean wow I already said CandleJack and nothing hap

  116. The Man in Red Stains

    Pssshhh you guys are total morons he’s not real.
    I said his name five times and nothing happ cghadItRFY/’;iogf[cfyi;f/hgFJHF;JHF;ihf;oh

  117. sleepless in Arkansas

    Over a hundred unfinished comments + OCD = rage beyond belief. I’d rather be visited by the candle man.

  118. Ok forreal. It only works if you say Candlejack’s name out loud. So that’s all you have to avoid :3 (It literally says it in the po

  119. ThePsycoBehindYou

    I wish I could find more about this guy he need to become more famous like slender we need more stories
    We need to spread the fear
    I’m thinking of writing a short story about candle jack with my own twist
    I might pos

  120. i don’t even know what Candlejack is right now, and I almost thought this story was really bad. Then I saw the ending and I thought “clever!” and I smil

  121. I really don’t think he will come, candlejack is just a stupid nam


  122. Wow people pleas this is more pathetic then X-hands bloody marry, Hell hounds, Excetera …… Stop believing every thing you hear and just re

  123. Guys, you’re faking this..
    Nothing will happen if you say his name.
    See? Nothing hap

  124. Come on guys. He’s just a character from freakazoid.
    Candlejack isn’t real and he can’t hurt you. Jesus chr

  125. Also he doesn’t kill you read the thing he steals you not kill you CandIeJack also can’t if you use an uppercase i instead of an l also this getting out of ha

  126. look, he presses submit to leave an example. however, there are unanswered questions. Where do the people go after they are in the bag? and alternate dimension? What’s it like. And what happens if you only say his initials? Why does typing count? And, most of all, why did he base his name over the nursery rhyme. You know the one.

  127. Nice story…. But wasn’t this the same plot line to an episode of the 90’s cartoon show FREAKAZOID?

  128. You are all retarded. I think I almost went brain dead reading all the comments that typed something about ‘Candlejack’ and then one word breaks off before you finish the sentence. What, does Candlejack submit your comments after he kills you? Lawl!

    Whoever wrote this just wasted 10 minutes of their life submitting another bullshit pasta. I feel bad for all you idiots that are still playing along wi

  129. Remember children: it’s only as real as you let it be. Just like me, Candlejack, Slenderman, and all my dearest friends.

  130. Slice and Dice

    You guys who leave like 1 or 2 letters after saying/typing candlejack are really stupid. Nothing happens after you say his/her na

  131. Come on guys, seriously, this whole cutting off your comment after saying Candlejack is so old. Grow up and lay off the old jo

  132. I don't eat souls for breakfast

    If the writer got whisked away by Candlejack, then how did she submit this to Creepypasta? (dun DUN DU-

    1. I have a business arrangement with a certain villain, you see. He pays me per stolen comment-leaver, it’s quite a nice racket we’ve got going on here.

  133. Cassie/CandleJack

    Y’all are retarded typing Candlejack doesn’t do anything. And how are yall submitting y’alls unfinish comments. Not funny any more. I just said Candlejack and nothing happen

    This is CandleJack. You will all die.

  134. Bree The Killer

    Awa? Did you die by candle jack when you were finishing your story? Or did I just kill you? By the way… GO TO SLEEP :)

  135. Yo, CJ. Sorry for the wait. I’m restocking the ropes. Oh, if you could supply the hairs of your vic, I can lower the price by bulk.

  136. The REAL Candeljack:
    I took that impostard and now people plz i beg you stop saying my name.I come home every day at 6 pm and go to work every 6 pm.My hobi is…well you know whisking you away.So can you plz be quiet for the next few days.

  137. I’m guessing the reason everyone’s sentence’s are being cut off is because Creepy Pasta has programmed it to cut off your sentence when you say his name, it is really stupid that people are doing this. Some people even pretend they don’t believe in him so that they can make it seem as if they were taken for not believing or something I mean after all it’s ridiculous that Creepy Pasta would really do this to their audience if it meant they lost fans. Honestly some people have no knowledge of pure logic.

  138. SplitPersonality

    You guys, what if those comments are real. They could have just been commenting until Candlejack actually took them away and was just nice enough to submit their comme

  139. Hey guys it never said CandleJack kills you, he could just wisk you away to a magical land of wond…. Lol bullshit, you guys know I kill you xD.

  140. I have holy water candlejack crap poring it on myself ha fuCk you slender Jeff rake all you PS I’m drunk.

  141. Random-Reader-Ren

    said Candlejack like a million times talking to my dad now i wanna see him come here and take me……………. hahaahahahhaha

  142. Little tip: We all know it’s fake, we’re just joking, so don’t whine saying it’s fake, because we know already.

    1. then why are there so many bodies in my house that I keep taking when your pathetic meat sacks stupidly say my name? believe what you want. its not instant for me to take you but if you do say my name you are marked. i am everywhere. Im in the darkest depths of your closet, your attic, basement, under your bed, in your own shadow, and even when you think im not. im all ways there even if you don’t want to believe. the mere thought of me is enough that deep down you don’t believe you know im real. your just trying to trick your self that im not real. im all ways watching. so be careful what you say.

  143. TheTrueThruth

    It aint true. Candle jack candle jack candle fudging jack There you go hawhawhaw nice try …… FAKE.

  144. slender grandma

    You guise know by reading his name, the little voice in your head says his name, therefore, you are all fucked. Personally, I’ve always been fond of Candlejack. He is such a handsome boy:) my grandson should be more like him.

  145. Clara Oswin Oswald

    YOU GUY’S KNOW THE DOCTORS NAME TOO?! Who knew that after all this time that his name would be something as simple as Candlejack?! If only we

  146. Some one’s knocking on my door. going to check it out.

    He’s axvhCzvxd;f’
    ukg.,’ero/ebfhvgjlakf.d/hbgnakhlnanD?mAE:RHngfld/abg/dflsa/f hereeeeeeeeeeeereyurt7i9i0p;h.lku,f.bgu,d

  147. employing new ghouls to help candlejack must be able to look good in white, not feel sorry for people taken, not deaf and be able to work all hours of the day. pay is pies

  148. This is just some bullshit saying his name will not make you disapper.Watch il say it CandleJack see nothing happened motherfuckers.Oh fuck no you aint killen my ass bi

  149. Come on guys, really. How are you all so naive?? Nothing is going to happen when you say his name, although I would like to see it happen to you guys. Go on, Candlejack, oh shit-

  150. read the story again it says failure to say its name will cause candlejack to whisk you away so all of you who have said its name are really safe as for all who have not said its name well…your screwed

  151. When I heard the red and white cloth conceals his body, I was thinking Santa Claus…
    Never have I regretted saying “HO HO HO” more in my life than I have now.

    I have been naughty.

  152. I swear, do I have to personally say to everyone that ‘I’ press “Submit” after I kidnap you? Sheesh!

  153. He thinks im afraid, im not afraid, ill even prove it, ill say his name three times aloud, candle jack, candle jack, CANDLE JACK

  154. Huh, this is the most stupid thing ever. I am a very good christian and I know that god will save me from candlejack, idi

  155. candlejack see? hes not mean im 10 lollolopl he no take me lolololol i is aweseome lololololololololololllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooollllllllllllllololololololollololol still typing!!!!! im done typing.

  156. Candlejack is awesome why would you think he is mean? he is so awesome and i heard a commercial say that a handlebar is the biggest loser

    1. Sorry i fell off my chair. But yeah I have decided to forgive the guy. Now we’re gonna go whisk away other people! Lets go jack!!

  157. Captain Killjoy

    know what? instead of arguing over if he’s real or not, lets agree to disagree. if you believe; awesome, congrats, dont say his name or whatever. if you dont believe; awesome, fantastic, you allow your imagination to suck but stay in reality. now, if you’ll excuse me, im going to drink with Bloody Mary and smoke with Slenderman.

  158. The Real Candle Jack

    People please stop saying my name. I have like 20 rooms full of random idiots saying my name. I’m running out of space. I’m only one spirit. Hmm I’ll be happy if any one can tell me new ways to kill them. ^_^

    – love,

    1. If you were real, why would you make your username ‘The Real Candle Jack’? Also, there is no space between the ‘Candle’ and ‘Ja