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Don’t Open Your Eyes

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On the last day of every month, close the blinds or curtains before you sleep. If in the middle of the night, you hear a tapping noise at your window, don’t open your eyes.

If you’re one of the unlucky ones, you’ll hear that pebble sound at your window. It’s not a friend; just keep your eyes shut. The sound will get louder, the tapping will get faster and faster. Don’t let your curiosity get the better of you; don’t move. It’ll lose its patience, it’ll start thumping the window. Your window will shake and shudder and the noises will only get louder. It will furiously pound the window and shake the panes; don’t worry, the window won’t break but for goodness’ sake, DON’T OPEN YOUR EYES. No matter how scared you are, no matter how badly you want to scream, pretend like you don’t hear, pretend you’re still asleep.

After a while, the noises will stop. Don’t fall for it, keep your eyes shut. Try to sleep if you can. Don’t get up, don’t open your eyes, until the sun comes up.


Those who do open their eyes…well, no one really knows what happens.

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201 thoughts on “Don’t Open Your Eyes”

  1. The first time I saw this pasta is was in google images and it scared the living shit out of me since it was in fact th last day of that month. Now, it’s scaring me all over again even though it’s the middle of July. Excellent pasta. Truly.

  2. *Opens eyes*

    *Sees Jimmy S*

    Me: “Jim? Have you come to fix it?*

    Jimmy: “Heheh, something like that..”

  3. I sleep RIGHT next 2 the window so I sat on the opisate side of my room on the floor with a machete cuz I was soooooo freaked out I got no sleep

  4. It’s even creepier to read this when your two ignorant brothers are throwing rocks and balls and shoes at your window. I almost caught a heart attack

  5. Well curtains, looks like you are going to be shut for now on at the end of the month. Good thing I wear an eye mask…

  6. What if you don’t sleep at night and the curtains are drawn anyway? What if you sleep under the covers or have the eye blinds on? Does it still know if you’re awake or not? D:

  7. Took your advice. Turns out it was my girlfriend, left last night without her keys. Now I’m sleepin in my car tonight. At least nobody’s going to knock on those windows…right?

    Definitely a good pasta.

  8. I can ALWAYS count on creepypasta to make me stay awake for 2 hours when I have to go to bed. So far, I know about jeff the killer, slender man, cold man. oh and i think it is almost impossible to close my eyes because jeff the killer is on my mind day and night. I swear to god that once i was watching these awesome guys on youtube while thinking about jeff the killer. and u know that jeff always says shhh.. go to sleep before he kills people right? so all of a sudden, I feel chilly and im ALL alone ok? so i hear: shhhhh… and of course i get my butt off the bed into the living room

  9. This happened to me, but it didn’t get louder, it was just on and off tapping. And I was on my couch, which is on the first floor O_O


    LOLOLOLOLOL i saw this before and waited until the VERY last day if may and-like a boss- stayed awake until 5:30. I heard pounding,but it wasn’t in my room…..

  11. My question is, how would he know if anyone who opened their eyes didn’t know? how would he have known without opening their eyes? REALLY LAME STORY

  12. Random homeless guy.

    Hi. I did the tapping at the window thing. You may not know me but I wanted to get in your house. The reason why you should close your eyes is because if you see me, I would want to get inside the house more. Then I would get in. What happens to the people that looked? They get attacked by the monster. Why I want to get in? Because a monster from the depths of an alley chased me. Why you should close your eyes? So I could be ignored and I will go to the next unlucky person…

  13. *closes drapes* Shit. The scary thing is that everyone would open their eyes, wouldn’t they? Anyhoo, thanks for the warning. Something new to add to my growing list of paranoia.

  14. Wait, what if you’re one those people who sleeps through EVERYTHING? Boy howdy, I sure feel sorry for all those stupid monsters who ruthlessly bang at my window each night at the end of the month. Must be frustrating!

  15. These are often the most mundane things that never get a second thought until reading something like this.

    This sounds like the result of what can go wrong in “The Hands.”

  16. Only thing i would have added
    ” DO NOT OPEN YOUR EYES, those who do, will soon find the creature is inside. Trying to get out.”

  17. Creepypasta doesn’t have to make sense to scare you. Richard, Pastamuncher, if you don’t like it, the solution is simple: DON’T READ IT!

    Fear the Darkness


  18. Good job Richard. Finally someone who sees these kinds of pastas differently.

    I swear these are written by clever burglars. They just hammer away at your window/door. Kick it down because you’ll be in your bed with your eyes squeezed shut tightly. So 1. You won’t see who did it, and 2. You don’t even know when they start carrying your TV out.

  19. Why SHOULDN’T I open my eyes? Nobody knows what happens if you do so there’s no point in telling people not to open them.

  20. I am 55 years old and this doesn’t make sense to me. I am married and have two children. If this were to happen in my household, at my window, my wife would certainly open her eyes and wake me up. If the windows started shaking and going crazy, my children would scream and wake me up.

    What if I had my eyes closed, my children and wife were screaming, and then the next thing I know, I am at a hospital and it turns out my place was robbed? This doesn’t make any sense. You kids need to grow up.

  21. Shit that scared me so much.

    One of those “respect the pouch” commercials was on and made a tapping bobble head sound. I looked and the big head on the tv scared me even more.

    Great til’ the ending.

  22. Ah tole’ you, bitch, ya cain’t git yur kid back ’til ya git me dem $100 dollas ya owe! Yu want me ta slap yu upsade de head or whut?

  23. WOW. This happened to me once and I was scared as hell! I did what the story said and I was okay. But it turned out to be a dead bird…

  24. this pisses me off. We can’t know what the thing is because everyone who sees the thing ends up ‘dissapearing’ but we can’t open our eyes because this thing will make us dissapear. I want to know what it is damn it!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  25. Yeah, well the blinds in my room are always closed every night cause I like it dark so….yeah…YOU LOSE

  26. its the guy from publisher sweepstakes. you won a million dollars but you left your door locked so he tried to get your attention from the window but you just had to go and pretend to sleep. good job. enjoy your poor meaningless existence.

  27. As said before, I don’t believe this is a “go do it”, just a warning, but I have a different interpretation. I think it means that /if/ you have your blinds/curtains whatever closed on the last day of the month, and you happen to be “the unlucky one” you will hear the pebble sound followed by harder and faster taps.

    Maybe it’s the sandman checking to see if you’re asleep. If you have your blinds open on rounds night, he can tell or not, otherwise he has to make sure you’re asleep by doing crap at your window. XD If only I had tested my theory last night, December 31st.

  28. Thats because it IS usually a bird or hail/rain or…you know, just the window rattling.

    God damn its sad seeing people believe this shit.

  29. O_O
    I hear banging on my window a few times a year. I never seem to notice because I usually suppose it’s a bird or hail/rain.

    *freaked out*

  30. If this happened to me, I’d probably reach under my bed, grab my 12 gauge shotgun and shoot the f*cker who was tapping on my window, especially if it’s after midnight…

  31. i agree with comment #55 (and #56…)

    if the last sentence in this pasta were replaced with that comment, it would become 100 percent better

  32. This happened to me once in the middle of a thunder storm, I don’t really know what was causing the noises I’d assume the thunder but there was like tapping coming directly from my walls…

    All windows were closed and theres no trees, probably just thunder rattling the house but still… No my eyes stayed closed, I thre

  33. “Stigma
    September 14th, 2008 at 11:53 am
    Don’t open your eyes, it’s in your room.”

    Comment scarier than overall pasta. Still, though, this one is pretty good.

    80% of the wall space in my old house was window, it was pretty damn freaky at night. Like sleeping outside.

  34. “Stigma
    September 14th, 2008 at 11:53 am
    Don’t open your eyes, it’s in your room.”

    Comment scarier than overall pasta. Still, though, this one is pretty good.

    80% of the wall space in my old house was window, it was pretty damn freaky at night. Like sleeping outside.

  35. To the comment above mine.. “What the Hell?”
    I actually thought it was a pretty decent story.
    Though before reading this, the only thing I feared at the end of the month was my sister’s getting their periods…

  36. lol…….this happened to me,but i opened my eyes,ever ynow and then i see the most hellish images…..and sunlight burns…not bad,but its stil lfucking hot….but hey,ive had loads of good luck..the first time last year i thought it was a tre….then i remembered…i dont have a tree in my yard…so then i hceked it thinking it was pranx,but it was a guy who said “I cum to suc kyour bleeghghdddd” and i jsut figurd…free blowjobs???? apparently not

  37. shortys roc my sox

    yall probably won’t belive me but someone came in to my window i forgot to lock it and they tried to wake me up i bet it was one of my friends that read the pasta with me but i wouldn’t know i didn’t open my eyes it was too freaken scary

  38. Haha, I just realised, it’s not the last day of September (for me) anymore, it just became the first day of October and I haven’t gone to sleep yet. SUCK SHIT WINDOW-BANGER! Guess you wont be tapping my window and eating my soul tonight, eh?

  39. shortys roc my sox

    i can’t wait to try this but if someone really taps on my window i’m gonna be out of my room faster than a cheetah can pounce on its prey

  40. I think I can understand why some people are interpreting this as a “go do this” pasta – because of the instruction to close your blinds. I assume that you do that to prevent the monster from getting in incase it decides to target you. And I assume that if you’re not an “unlucky one” the monster merely taps on your window and then decides “Fuck it, I’ll try someone else.” Whereas an unlucky one has a monster tap on his window and then persist by chucking pebbles and thumping the shit out of your window.

    This scares the crap out of me because due to the way my house is positioned the wind often hits my window with force, making a tapping and occasionally thumping sound, and I always shit bricks. Now, whenever that happens I’ll shit more fucking bricks than fucking ever.

    Fucking creepypasta.

  41. @27

    You keep your life. Isn’t that good enough?

    Yeah, the end was pretty weak, but the rest scares me. I mean, what if it really is just your boyfriend/friend? They’d think you were blowing them off.

  42. I like this pasta, actually. If this happened to me I would be shitting brix and I would find it really, really hard not to open my eyes. This is a genuinely difficult task.

  43. I think the “unlucky ones” bit is meant more like, if you are unlucky, all this crazy shit will begin to occur unto you. Also, this is clearly not a “go do this” pasta, it’s an “if this shit goes down, here’s how to be ready” pasta.

    Also, I know exactly what anon means by poetic. The writing definitely has a kind of rhythmic feel to it.

  44. It’s close To Midnight and Something Evil’s Lurking in The Dark.
    Under The Moonlight, You See A Sight That Almost Stops Your Heart.
    You Try To Scream, But Terror Takes The Sound Before You Make It.
    You Start To Freeze, As Horror Looks You Right Between The Eyes,
    You’re Paralyzed

    You Hear The Door Slam, And Realize There’s Nowhere Left To Run.
    You Feel The Cold Hold, And Wonder If You’ll Ever See The Sun
    You Close Your Eyes, And Hope That This Is Just Imagination, girl
    But All The While, You Hear The Creature Creepin’ Up Behind
    You’re Out Of Time

    They’re Out to Get You, There’s Demons Closing In On Every Side.
    They Will Possess You, Unless You Change The Number On Your Dial.
    Now Is the Time for You and I to Cuddle Close Together dear.
    All Thru The Night, I’ll Save You From The Terror On The Screen,
    I’ll Make You See

    Darkness Falls Across The Land, The Midnight Hour Is Close At Hand.
    Creatures Crawl In Search Of Blood To Terrorize Yours Neighborhood
    And Whosoever Shall Be Found Without The Soul For Getting Down
    Must Stand And Face The Hounds Of Hell, And Rot Inside A Corpse’s Shell.

    The Foulest Stench Is In The Air The Funk Of Forty Thousand Years
    And Grizzly Ghouls From Every Tomb Are Closing In To Seal Your Doom
    And Though You Fight To Stay Alive Your Body Starts To Shiver
    For No Mere Mortal Can Resist The Evil Of The Thriller

    ‘Cause this Is Thriller, Diller Night
    and No-ones Gonna Save You from the Beast about Strike.
    You Know its Thriller, chiller Night
    You’re fighting for Your Life inside a Killer, Thriller.

    Thriller, Diller Night
    ‘Cause I can thrill you More Than Any Ghoul Could ever dare try. (Thriller, Diller Night)
    So Let Me Hold You Tight And Share A Killer Diller Chiller,
    Thriller Here Tonight.

    ‘Cause this Is Thriller Diller night
    girl I Can Thrill You More Than Any Ghoul Could ever dare try
    Any Ghoul could ever Dare Try
    (Thriller, Diller Night) So Let Me Hold You Tight and Share a Killer thriller.

  45. Mr. Welldone's dad

    Fuck you Mr. Welldone… people post these stories for people to read them and go wow that would be scary. Not go, oh hey im Mr. Welldone and i suck dick and have to say stupid shit on every single story that gets posted

  46. shortys roc my sox

    ok my blinds are closed all the time so what if i open them on the last day of the month.
    why do you have to close your blinds any way, is it so that the person/thing can’t get in so if i open my window i’m dead meat…?

    COOL! :)

  47. The most awful thing about this, was that after I read it, I went to sleep with the mentality that I should not open my eyes during the night. Later when I was fast asleep I heard a really loud crash that scared the shit out of me and I opened my eyes. I was like “OHFUCK” and kept my eyes shut tight until I turned my lamp on. It was a haunted nightlight that somehow was in my room -I don’t use it at all lol- and it was making this really wierd clicking sound. I threw it away that day.

  48. I’ve done this one before, and sure enough there was a nasty racket at my window.I did open my eyes, and there was a horrifying creature lurking and leering for my attention outside the window. I screamed and fled my room and everything.

    My brother later told me that he didn’t think he looks bad enough to make me scream like that.

  49. unlucky ones hear pebbles?
    why would that be unlucky, does that mean that it’ll last longer?
    and what do lucky ones get?…just fingers?
    the thought i suppose is creepy, but i’d probably think it was a burglar, pull out a baseball bat open my eyes and run to the phone to call the cops.

    i’d like to know what the consequence would be, but i suppose this was all right.

  50. No offense, but i don’t see the point of these ones where it tells you to do something but then doesn’t give you anything in return. like waiting till the sun rises. What do you get out of it?

  51. Hello, WHO WAS PHONE.

    Lain, like so many others, simply wishes any action to immediately benefit him or herself. Such is the way of humanity.

    Few can grasp that the cosmos care not at all for what benefits something so transient as a human life, and if the cosmos have a way of expressing “care,” it is not by a definition humanity is familiar with.

    I do so love to witness the dawning realization crawl upon one’s face of this fascinating aspect of the universe. It is finer than the most aged and prestigious of wines.

  52. I wonder if i could just get up with my eyes closed and open the window, and be all liek, hai guys!

    and you know, just play football with monsters with my eyes closed or something.

  53. “if no one really knows what happens then how do we even know that it would be that bad to do it. o,o”

    If you look, your body is undoubtably found dead in the morning. So…I guess then you will know :)

  54. *blink*

    For some reason, this reads a bit like poetry to me (maybe it’s because I’ve spent the past half hour scanning poems…). Well, except for the ending. It sort of breaks the flow.

    Either way, this is creepy.

  55. Wow. I really liked this one. Got me spooked :)

    Thanks, I can always gurantee that creepypasta will leave me with sleepless nights XD.

  56. It says to pretend I’m still asleep, but the emphasis is really on the ‘don’t open your eyes’ part. What if I COVER my eyes but I keep them open underneath my palms? Will it know? Or what if I hide my head under the covers? ‘cuz I dunno about the rest of you, but when I wake up, I immediately open my eyes, no matter what.

    -obnoxious loophole questions-

    1. It always says “pretend like you’re still asleep.” If you cover your eyes under your palms, or pull the blanket over yoyr face, it will know that you are awake.

  57. But what if the tapping ends up being a tree branch and the pebble you hear is your friend trying to warn you about the zombie invasion that is taking place?

    1. There’s a zombie invasion and they’re trying to get my attention with a pebble? Sounds like a great friend.

  58. I say, open your eyes, maybe it’s someone trying to give you candy. ^_^
    Besides Like Ma Cherie said, i always have my blinds drawn, plush I have one of those bright-ass LED flashlights, shine that in someone/things eyes and watch them cry out in pain.

  59. It is not just the last day of each month. It can happen at any time.

    Do not listen to Welldone. He only means to lead you astray.

  60. this reminds me of a prank i pulled on two of my friends i went outside to “take out the trash” and ran around all the sides of the house and slammed my hands on the windows then (on of the windows had the blinds open cause they opened it so they could see) so i climbed under it and jumped up they both screamed and the funny thing is that they were holding my step-dads golf clubs :D they still have not gotten me back because im a master at pulling pranks :D

  61. Lain, I think this is more of a warning than a “go do this” pasta; it’s only in rites & rituals because I wasn’t sure where else it would fit.

    The pasta is operating under the assumption that this MIGHT happen to you, out of the blue, and it’s telling you how to survive.

    Get it now?

  62. Baaah.

    I have my blinds shut all of the time :/

    But yes, if this happened to me, I’d be hiding under the covers until dawn >.>

  63. then WHO WAS BEING?
    lol i just had to do it. sorry.
    But in the entry it sez “If your one of the unlucky ones you’ll hear that pebble sound at your window” Does that mean if your lucky you’ll hear a brick?

    1. No, if you’re a lucky one, you’ll hear an air horn and a football game after-party.




      Either way, you don’t sleep!

  64. As always – where’s the incentive to do this to begin with? I’m not going to attempt some supernatural ritual just because it says so in a pasta. Needs moar reasons to do so, thnx.

    1. Sure, if you want to be alone in the dark out there when the real culprit shows up. And if I was your friend, that would damn well be the last time you were welcome at my house. Lol

  65. Hello.

    I disagree.

    Open your eyes.

    Sate your curiosity.

    To ignore such a raucous beckoning of the unknown will result in a maddening plague of fruitless questions until the end of your days.

    Sate your curiosity.

    Open your eyes.

      1. Sleepless Night

        No, he just want’s US well done. Not rare, not medium rare. He wants us to be the ones that are well done.

    1. I`m opening my eyes!I always listen to My.Welldone! xD besides i dont think that “thing” can handle my insanity!! -insert evil laugh here- xD

      1. The Grammar Fuhrer

        Since you have a name, it should be a proper noun, thus needing for every word to be capitalized. Then, the beginning of a sentence should begin with a capitalized letter. Also, the word “there” should have a comma after it. Then the end of the sentence should have a period at the end of it.

        And now, the correct form of the sentence you intended to say.

        There, you have received help from The Original Grammar Nazi.

        You have now, just been helped by the Grammar Fuhrer. Good Day.

        1. Just saying, you really shouldn’t start sentences with “and”. That’s just bad grammar.

        2. *Cought* ‘the’ cannot be capitalized even if it’s in a name.
          Thanks,best regards
          – the Grammar Lawyer.

    OUT, NOW. D:

    This reminds of a dream I had, only in the dream I opened my eyes to look and the window did end up breaking.

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