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How To Break a Bad Habit

How To Break a Bad Habit

When I was in college, I developed a bad habit. No, not alcohol or drugs, something far tamer than those. I developed a habit of sleeping in class. You see, it seemed as though every class I had fell right after a meal: breakfast, then comp sci, lunch, then general biology, dinner, then statistics. As …

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It Came From Above

It Came From Above

He could feel his stomach almost twist as the aircraft started its long ascent into the sky. He was already holding onto his seat, yet now he couldn’t help but tighten his grip even more. How long had it been since he’d last been on a plane? A good fifteen to twenty years, perhaps? Probably …

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The Contract

Teddy Wilson rapped one knuckle against the smoked-stained glass door adorned with the worn, white letters that announced, “Martin Croker: Editor” before popping his head into the room. “You wanted to see me boss?”  The man who served as his immediate supervisor for the last decade was on the phone with some unfortunate soul receiving …

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Cigarettes Will Kill You

Cigarettes Will Kill You

There was a time when I was younger that I didn’t let the people around me know that I smoked cigarettes. My best friends and I would acquire some packs from older friends, and sneak off into the woods just behind the corner store where we’d hang out while we smoked a few. Dumb, I …

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I Think I'm Being Followed By a Clown

I Think I’m Being Followed by a Clown

Courtney poked her head out the window of her second-floor bedroom. The neighborhood was still and silent under a haze of mist and a light drizzle. The streetlights illuminated the fog into glowing amber orbs that hovered above the sidewalks. All the houses that lined the residential road were dark and still. Courtney paced from …

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Leo: Avraham's Angel

Leo: Avraham’s Angel

Avraham looked about his new laboratory with both pride and trepidation. In the dim light, he could make out the shapes of tables, crates, and the special piece of equipment that he had requested – all draped under sheets to keep the dust off. He was excited to begin the project he had been tasked …

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  I was playing with my hospital badge as I stood in line ‘Jonathan Villanueva’ Johnny V that’s me. I had just finished my shift as an emergency room nurse. Not my usual spot, but it was the Fourth of July, they were understaffed. So after ten-hour overnight shift of attending to drunks and people …

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the smile

The Smile

Crunch. The day was perfect for a walk. The crisp autumn air, the blood-orange tint of the leaves, and the slight breeze made me realize that I needed to spend more time outdoors. Crunch. The sound of stepping on a leaf was a satisfying delight I forgot existed. Another leaf blew across the sidewalk. Crunch. …

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how it began

How It Began

The wind was blistering cold, the kind of wind that would pierce any clothing you happen to be wearing no matter how thick. Something about cold air makes sound travel further, especially high-pitched screaming. Even today, with our substantial medical advances, giving birth can be quite a trial. A couple of centuries ago, however, giving …

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