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No one likes the dark

No one likes the dark

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“All a skeptic is is someone who hasn’t had an experience yet.” — Jason Hawes
“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” — Stephen King

Clinking and clanging filled the room, coming from finished plates and drinking glasses. As supper was ending, friends and family of the Marvin’s were ready to leave and give thanks for the fantastic meal they received. They stuffed their bellies with garlic butter glazed ribeye, soft and perfectly seasoned potatoes, and steamed carrots that were cooked with the leftover steak glaze. They had the option to drink either a smooth aged savory red wine from 1953 or a nice cold Arnold Palmer for the non-alcohol drinkers. The Marvin’s enjoyed the company, but it was getting pretty late; it would be nice to get rest after a long preparation.

As guests were leaving the mood began to die out, the mood of trying to be a great host and hostess. Relieved of not having to impress anyone anymore, the Marvins get ready to hit the hay. They cleaned the kitchen, washed the dishes, and made sure all leftover food was put away.


As they turned off all the unnecessary electricity, they remembered that they still had one more stressful task. They had to put Elliot to bed. He put up a fuss every night and the Marvins were tired and annoyed. We’re not putting up with this today. Every night was a mystery as to why Elliot wouldn’t sleep in his room. He would always go to his parent’s bed and ask to sleep with them, but after they put on a good presentation, they wanted to give each other a “reward” and some little bastard of a son isn’t going to mess up the only night they can be intimate with one another.

“Elliot, you are sleeping in your own bed tonight,” Mrs. Marvin said.

“Wait, no, Mom, please. I promise this is the last night , I swear.”

“What I say about Swearin, Boy?” asked Mr.Marvin.

“That it’s a sin, sir.”

“So does it make it right to swear in the same sentence that mentions your mother?”


“No, sir.”

“What did your mother tell you?”

“That I have to sleep in my own room,” Elliot replied.

“So are you going to disobey your mother’s command?”

“Never that sir,” Elliot answered hopelessly. Dreading of what’s to come if he lay in his own bedroom. They didn’t understand, Elliot didn’t either; what he saw is merely unexplainable. There’s no answer or solution, how can he tell his parents what lies in his room. “Can I have the light on tonight at least?”

“No way in hell! The lights going to keep you up and I’ll be a fool to let you raise my power bill,” replied Mr. Marvin.

“Sweetheart, I will get you a night light tomorrow, can you be a big boy just for tonight?” asked Ms.Marvin.

“Don’t baby him. He needs to be a man and face his fears head-on.”

“Louis, that’s why he doesn’t stay in his room. It’s the dark, everyone was scared of the dark as a child. Hell, my grandfather was scared of the dark till he was 83.”

“Steph, your grandfather fought in Nam. Goddamn Vietnam. I’ll be scared of my own farts if I was him. Remember on New years he stabbed your uncle Lenny.”

“Louis, I’m not saying let him sleep in our room, just we’ll get him a light for his room tomorrow.”

“No way, I’m not raising a girl. Either he puts up with it or I’m letting the dog take his bed and making Elliot sleep in the back. Rover doesn’t complain or bark anyway.”

Elliot turned to his father in shock, questioning if he was joking or not. He knew that joking or not, he had to sleep in his room. As his parents kept discussing how Elliot was a wuss, he zoned out. He kept going back in his head to what happened a few nights ago. Chills ran through him, making the hairs on his neck stand up. She’s waiting for me, he said to himself. What does she want with me?

Then he was brought back to earth by his father’s voice. “Go to your quarters now!” Elliot knew his father was serious when he used military terms.

“Wait no, please Pa. I mean sir.” Elliot replied.

“It’s an order!” Mr. Marvin pointed upstairs, implying for him to go to his bed. Mr. Marvin thought it was weird when he had to use hand gestures for Elliot to understand to do something, but when it came to Rover all that needed to be done was a single say and Rover did whatever was asked.

“Yes sir.” Elliot rushed up the steps, avoiding further punishment. As he got to the top he waited, he wanted to eavesdrop on his parent’s conversation. He wanted them to stop being disappointed in him, only if they knew.

“You don’t have to treat him like he’s a damn troop,” said Mrs. Marvin.

“The boy has to learn,” Mr. Marvin replied.

“Learn what? Not to be a girl, or is it a goddamn child. Louis, he is just a boy!”

“He needs to learn to face crap like that, or he’s…he’s going to…”

“Going to what?”

“He’s going to end up like me before I enlisted!”

“What’s wrong with that? I fell in love with that man. He was kind-hearted, considerate, and just like anyone else.”

“I didn’t get far being like everyone else, I got pushed around. Scared to take risks, I was a coward. I’ll be damned if my boy ends up like that!” Mr. Marvin, with a shuddering voice.


“You think asking for help is cowardly?”

“It most definitely is.”

“That’s stupid, needing help isn’t cowardly. Having fear isn’t either. Shows you’re human.”

“Not today woman. I don’t need your philosophy on what makes someone human. Let’s just sleep; it was a good night until Elliot had to ruin it.” When Elliot heard his father say this his initial reaction was that hurt. He then ran to his bedroom before his parents came up the steps.

“It’s not his fault, be his father, not his general.” Ms. Marvin replied.

“Well, it’s more of a commanding officer,” Once he said that, Mrs. Marvin stared him down, wanting him to recognize what he said was idiotic. “Sorry, it just came out!”

“I’ll make you sleep on the sofa!”

“No, no, sorry honey.”

“That’s right, when we get to the room, I’m commanding officer. You hear?” she winked.

“Yeeess ma’am!” He replied eagerly, like a little boy waiting for it to be time to open Christmas gifts.

They head to their room, to do the act adults do when they want the feeling of euphoria. Elliot hears them close the door behind them, then thinks, it’s time.

His father runs to the restroom really fast, to come across Elliot’s lights are still on. “Boy, don’t make me come in there to turn them lights off myself!”

“No sir, I can do it,” Elliot responded.

“Hop to it then”

“Yes sir!” Elliot got up from his bed and switched off the lights. He instantly flicked them back just to see his surroundings to make sure he could recognize where everything was. He later turned them off again and sprinted to his bed. He hid under the covers hoping they can protect him from what lurked in the night.

An hour goes by and Elliot couldn’t sleep. He continued to shield himself with the blanket. Sweat dripped down his face, he’s scared that she’s going to come again. A few nights ago she woke him from his slumber and he was paralyzed in fear. Her face showed nothing but evil in its purest form.

Then suddenly Elliot heard a clawing noise coming from the corner of the room. Don’t look, you don’t need to see. Ignore the curiosity. But he just had to look, he needed to know that it wasn’t her; he lifted his head from the covers and saw what he could make out to be the demon that haunted his room. He felt deep angst and terror inside him and she could sense it too.


She was shadowy and hard to see because she stayed in the corner where few bits of natural light couldn’t hit. She brought up her hand and you could see her claws as she waved at him. Elliot’s heart sank to his stomach. He could see her smiling; her teeth sharper than a Gillette razor blade. Slobber rained from her mouth as if she was a loose raging pitbull. Even Cujo would be put to shame compared to her canines. Her figure resembled a seasonal branch when the leaves began to fall and reveal the twig that was always there like a Houdini trick. Her body acted as if it pretended to be brittle just to convince its prey to come closer. Her diagram played tricks on the eyes so she can look weak but when least expected she overpowers her victim and makes them less of what they are.

The evil creature moved towards Elliot, with the slightest ambition. She knew there was nothing he could do to stop what’s to be done. The slow pace in her steps helped feed the tension, this made him even more frightened. She moved as if she was elderly with hunter intentions, as she got closer her face became more visible. She had hollow eye sockets, with no trace of any eyes in them. Elliot wondered how can she see him, also why does her face suggest that she was crying? It was probably because she had trails hanging from her bags, which created the illusion she had tears. Her eye sockets look like caves. It’s as if you could use them as a pencil holder.

She dragged her long nails against the edge of the bed near Elliot’s feet. The demon was provoking discomfort in him, she moved closer each time Elliot blinked. This is why he kept them closed from now on, hoping this would all go away if he didn’t open them. He heard her steps getting louder, he felt her presence more near. He felt the vibrations from her nails pulling against the mattress getting ever so close.

This continued till he felt her body heat and breath over him. Petrified he began to urinate on himself, creating a pool of piss under his blanket. The stench was illuminating the room, the demon could smell and it didn’t bother her. She knew that nothing could possibly mess this up. The demon hunched over to get next to Elliot’s forehead. When she was near, a tongue that was half a yard came out from her mouth. She then licked his forehead. Elliot couldn’t feel his feet or hands, he was in so much shock that his heart beat faster but then stopped every few bumps. He began urinating again.

The demon got her razor sharp nails and pressed them against his eyelids, she put pressure where it was enough to reach his eyeball. She wanted him to watch her, she was going to make him watch if he liked it or not. He screamed in pain but for some reason it didn’t produce any noise. He couldn’t even hear his own voice, but he could still hear the creature’s pants of enjoyment. She cut his eyelids off on both eyes, he cried bloody tears that streamed down his face. The demon licked the tears off his cheeks, gulping them like they were the last drops of whiskey in a Jack Daniels bottle.

He could see her even with his bloody vision, her face was a grey color. She also had black spots on her face that were all around, it looked like the spots on a cheese pizza. Her face contained wrinkles that look like ridges on dimes. Her skin felt rough but looked tearable, it was as rough as sycamore bark.

She then began to press her nail to the left side of his temple, she continued to dig it deeper. It was like stabbing a warm knife in butter, blood beaded out. Elliot tried to move but he couldn’t and he was actually trying to move. He felt like he was under a spell.

“It’s okay Elliot, don’t fight,” The demon whispered. Elliot continued to cry and it burned him too; the tears ran over his fresh eyelid wounds. The demon gripped his thighs, then pulled a chunk of meat out from his leg. She then proceeded to chew it in front of him; he looked as blood oozed out his leg.

The demon glued her gaze on Elliot, loving every bit of pain she unleashed on him. The demon continued to torture him, everytime Elliot was in pain, it fed the demon. That’s what it hungered for, the pain and discomfort of her meal.

What she had done next was worse than death. She made him stare into her empty sockets and he could see everything. He saw every bit of wrong and horror that took place on this earth and other earths. He saw torture, murder, rape, and even war. The worst part of it all is he felt everyone’s pain, anyone to ever exist and ever to have been in agony; he felt it all, he wanted it to end. For her it was seconds, but for him it was like eons.

What she made him watch in his head would make the bravest of them all drown in panic. It was something no mortal could process, leaving nothing but horror and despair.

Elliot started to give up, he wanted to die now. The demon approached his ear to say one last thing, “I am yours and you are mine, I am yours and you are mine, I am yours and you are mine, I AM YOURS AND YOU ARE MINE, AND YOU ARE MIIIINE!” she said like a rhythmic sequence.

Hours later, around 7am, Mrs. Marvin went to check on Elliot. She felt bad after last night and she wanted to tell Elliot that she was going to buy him a light for his room. When she opened his door she wasn’t prepared for what her eyes were about to see. She smelled an stench of urine and insides. She saw a plaster of her son’s remains scattered all over the room. Mrs. Marvin let out a loud unease scream for her husband to hear “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Mr. Marvin came running to his wife’s cry and what he saw dropped him to his knees.

Mr. Marvin had felt a pity of guilt cloud over him. Mrs. Marvin wanted to go back and let Elliot stay in her room. Well, as for the demon, it hungers for someone else to feed off of. Someone young and pure, the demon could be anywhere. Keep your children safe from what creeps in the gloom. For they may be next or for they may be already dead.

….. People have a hard time believing in the unknown making it easier for the darkness to overcome what is seen as worthy and innocent.

Credit: Steven Bermuda

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