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The Town Of Blanche

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If you visit France’s Cote d’Azur in your lifetime, do everything you can to avoid a small town called “Blanche”. I was in the country once with my parents, around 8 years ago (I was 12 at that time; we were on a family vacation), and we found ourselves looking for a place to get some rest and enjoy some of the local color. We were getting really hungry on the road, so it was with some luck that a town, unmarked on our map, rose unexpectedly on the horizon. This was the town of Blanche.

Immediately after we entered Blanche, we noticed that the colors of the houses were darker than anything I had seen in my entire life – it’s not like they were black or grey, they were normal colors for walls – they just look… not right. It’s hard to explain; almost like it was a color that we don’t even have a word for because it’s so dark and strange.

A few minutes after driving around the town, we all began to notice the fishy stench – like a Friday market, except for the fact that no fish were being sold. The people in the town also had a really weird skin tone, almost frostbitten and tinged a deep blue – if I recall correctly, my father said something like “These guys sure look like the sea.” We had originally planned to stay in the town for a while, but my mother and my sister were so disturbed by the creepy atmosphere and the town’s denizens that they insisted that we keep driving and find a different town to stay the night.


When we arrived in the next town, it was like we all gave a gigantic sigh of relief at once – we felt that we were back in normal civilization. However, the people who ran the inn that we stayed at in the second town did tell us some very freaky stories about Blanche – stories that made us really glad that we didn’t stay there…

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307 thoughts on “The Town Of Blanche”

  1. Literally one of the worst stories I have ever read, unimaginative, uninspired, etc. No idea how this made it through a screening process if there was one at the time of the publishing of this story.

  2. this story is lame like who was the blanche and the town and what story did the person

    that run the inn tell the people about the town??????

  3. Maybe he just didnt finish the story….you know, maybe a Series!? You know, just like a quarter of the stories on creepypasta? Idk…just a thought. This story has potential.

  4. Cannibal Candy

    I feel like this story was pulled out of the sky, and tossed down just so someone could publish something quick on here. I didn’t really like it. It was too short, there wasn’t enough detail, the writer seemed lazy in their writing. I just didn’t like it.

  5. I have seen worse pastas, but I can see why this is the currently lowest rated one. Easily forgettable, dull, lacked detail, and the biggest issue: PLOT HOLES. Literally the ending is saying, “There’s a scary part in this but I’m not putting it in.” If you included AT LEAST one story at the end, it could have been rated higher. I feel that this has a lot of potential, but not a lot of thought and effort was put into it. :/

  6. Well. . . you tried to write a micropasta.
    It started off pretty decent.
    Aaaaand then nothing happened and you only gave vague details of everything and it was bad! Oh well. At least you hold the honour of ‘Lowest Rated Pasta On The Site’, dubious it may be.

  7. Aside the stupid BUT WHO WAS (blank) comments this story introduces an idea but then just ends abruptly. It didn’t build it’s atmosphere correctly so when we are told that there was some freaky stories of the town we are left with nothing to base those stories of. All we can imagine is maybe the town were killers or something. It just doesn’t make it scary.

  8. I’ll suggest what I like to do with Crappypastas: read it in a Tommy Wiseau voice. “O hai, strange town! You are so much like the sea, ha ha ha.” It literally makes any story, no matter how terrible, kind of fun.

  9. Epilogue: Upon learning about this town, entrepreneurs flock to Blanche in the hopes of turning it and its weird people into a tourist attraction.

    1. Deedeephoophee

      It’s hard to believe these comments were only 7 months ago.. do people like you guys still exist on the net?
      *gasp* you are the ghosts of MSN and Chat avenue :O

      1. ikr. i was just reading off a shitpasta to my friends as a joke and the people in the comments were so abnormal

  10. Vicentepasillas453

    That shit is getting old tho stop it, but it makes me wonder what that feeling he must’ve had, like the feeling u have when u feel like being watched

  11. I enjoy creepypastas that make me scared to go to sleep or ones that make me not want to be home alone. This just makes me want to travel to that town you mentioned.

  12. My gosh maybe put a little more thought into it. The biggest piece of junk my eyes have ever read. The most completely and utterly pointless piece of work I have ever seen. You published a Version 0.1 instead of refining it to actually be LONG and WORTHWHILE to read.

  13. This was so stupid that I couldn’t help but read it in a stoner voice.

    “The walls of the houses were like so dark….dude they were like not like black or gray, but like so dark. they were like blacker than black dude…they were like so dark that i dont know if there is a color for such a black color thats so black”

  14. You had me laughing pretty good at “These guys sure look like the sea.”

    The part where you’re trying to explain the unexplainable color really killed the mood.

  15. LemonLimeLord`

    uhh it was nothing, so u got blue people, the end, if u wanted to give this something, than u should have added in the stories u were told

  16. Who was in the comments makes me laugh I love grammar trolls here I’ll give you a sentence to fix (I were a man who went to a twn two stay the knight than I sawn a birds u would not beleve its) have fun I’ll check back in time

  17. I just. Cant. What were the scary stories? This literally is a story that says, “someone told me a scary story. The End.”

  18. Guy 1: So, I drove through this town one time and then I heard some super spooky stories about it. I swear to god, I didn’t sleep for weeks after hearing that shit.

    Guy 2: Yeah?

    Guy 1: Yeah. Bye.

  19. My 5 year old niece told me a story about some ‘really super humongerous’ (as she put it) bug that was scarier than this.

  20. I feel dumber now having read this story, Writer, I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

  21. What is creepy in this story? The town “felt weird.” Is that it? Feels wrong! Why did you upload this to CreepyPasta? You should be looking for a sight called “VaguelyWeirdPasta.”


  22. FIVE STARS! A+! FOUR STARS! Seriously though… this is the type of story kids would tell at a campfire. Just saying.

  23. like the publisher said “they were getting really hungry on the road” maybe they were seeing things :)

  24. 3Spooky5Me

    i was really scared when you guys left the town i honestly might need to see a therapist now!

  25. I don’t know why this story is rated so low. I really liked it. Just b/c this is a horror story website, and these are supposed to be horror stories, doesn’t mean that the story has to be scary to be good. “Blanche” is not scary, and looks like an empty gift box, waiting to be filled in with juicy items. But what’s there was really entertaining. 9/10.

  26. Sure, ok, yeah, tell us the boring experience you had instead of the interesting fucking stories.

    Shit’s like watching a movie, which is 2 hours of a character watching a better movie.

    1. More like 2 hours of a character talking about all the better movies there are to watch, without actually giving details about said movies, nor showing any footage from said movies. Sorta like a Youtube vlog.

  27. “These guys sure look like the sea.”
    I completely lost my shit.
    Why is that so funny? Am I the only one who laughed at that for like, 5 minutes?

  28. Joe smile of insane smile


    Seriously, this made me appreciate every other pasta out there that are freshly made.

    Gorden Ramsey would be shitting himself if he new this was not fresh pasta but pasta made and frozen last August.

  29. The sad thing is this has all the components of what could make a great ‘Pasta or even a great novel, but it’s all wasted.

  30. This sounds like something a hipster would write. My friend, if your dream is to be a writer, you’re in the shit.

  31. It feels like one of those Candlejack stories and a WHO WAS PHONE? Story mated and had one ugly chi

  32. How To Make A Story Like This:
    1.) Use A Random Place You’ve Been That Your Paranoia Led You Into Believing It’s A Scary Place
    2.) Next, Here’s The Best Part, MAKE NOTHING HAPPEN.

  33. Um, it definitely seems unfinished. I mean you appear to have a good writing style but nothing really happens in the story. Maybe go into a little more detail about exactly what types of stories the character has heard about the town.

  34. The problem here? the story! It’s not a creepypasta, it’s kind of just a start of one… I mean, the creepypasta itself should’ve been the stories the man told. Would’ve made it better.

  35. Silly duck, you did your Lovecraft wrong.
    Good attempt though, but next time include some element of creepiness, horror, omgwtfisthat,etc. Saying ”We drove through a spooky town and it was spooks cause colours” isn’t enough. Not saying that you have to include blood and guts and babies crawling up walls, just something to chill the blood a little.

  36. Blanche Resident.

    Years ago, our town was destroyed by a horrible storm, and everyone perished. To this day, those who decided to remain behind wait there, seeking out the WarmOnes for food and the frostbitten look comes from those who either drowned, or froze. Does anyone have a pound of flesh to give? Our food supplies are running low, and we may migrate to other places….Such as the U.S.A…

  37. Let me paraphrase this: Yeah, family trip to the french cost. Surprise, a town that’s not on the map. The town is a little bit strange. Yeah, another town. The last town was very spooky and people told us why…

    c’mon… rly? This isn’t a creepypasta!

  38. This was actually a decent pasta. It was short, but at the end, I was expecting that the people at the inn would say that Blanche was removed from the map because the entire town was killed in a blizzard or something like that…

  39. A few minutes after driving around the town, we all began to notice the fishy stench – like a Friday market, except for the fact that no fish were being sold.

    If I recall correctly, my father said something like “Woo, good morning ladies.”

  40. Immanuel Stalkinger

    That was so sacry. I would have shit my pants if I went through a town filled with french smurfs. with emo houses.

  41. This wasn’t a story. A story needs to have a beginning, a middle and an end. And some point to it. Utter drivel – how come it’s on here and not on crappypasta?

  42. The town is pretty obviously a French version of Innsmouth, which doesn’t automatically mean that it’s going to be bad. That said, though, there’s really no “kick” to this story. It isn’t really poorly written, even if it isn’t a work of literary genius. The father’s dialogue (saying that the people “look like the sea”) is unrealistically poetic, and the darkly colored walls seem like a poor playing of a creepypasta trope. Other than that, though, it really just needs to be more exciting.

  43. In my opinion, this lacks the certain heart-thumping, sweat-breaking feel a creepy/scary story should have.

    Even just the lingering of slight fear is not in here but still if you fix this story, it might be a great read. This is just constructive criticism. Please do not be offended.

    (I am not a professional writer but I write a few stories myself and I am an avid reader of Creepypasta)

  44. RobertoftheNerds

    You should have named this “The Family Who Saw the Town of Innsmouth, but Didn’t Bother Stopping”

  45. testicletherapist

    “When we arrived in the next town, it was like we all gave a gigantic sigh of relief at once”

    This sounds like my sister’s writing! xD so worthless.

  46. It’s much too vague. The beginning had the potential to yield to something, perhaps, of maybe a disturbing kind of atmosphere, but it fell short, as though someone cut it from a possibly brilliant story.
    It’s a good beginning, but lacks in the lack of detail.
    It’s simply much too vague.
    That idea of the name being “Blanche” and the strange color… The things about this story that aren’t filler or random could be used for something else, though; ideas that build up to something more.

  47. MIssed opportunity should have ended it by saying that The people the next town over had said that a dam had breached in the early 1900’s and that the flood wiped out the town of Blanche and in disbelief you and your family went back and there was nothing there but a river.

  48. What I think happened was you somehow, via some sort of mystical transportation, ended up in Peterhead. It fits the description exactly.

  49. so their fish people? do they bite you and turn you into fish people? do they murder people? also FISH DEMONS FROM HELLLLLLLL! wait… what?

  50. Immediately when they said “fishy smell” I began to rofl in my seat. xD
    Was it raining very hard, pouring in fact alot of the time? Bunch of earthquakes, then bright, lovely sunny days?

    …Dear lord I’m a pervert.

    Anyway, the blue-skinned people ruined it for me as my mind instantly went to Avatar. 5/10 with a couple extra points for the good mood it gave me xD

  51. As far as I can work out, this is the precisepoint in the website where the stories lose their scariness and become somewhat mediocre.

    Fear the Darkness


  52. So the town i live in used to be called innsmouth, but after that DOUCHE’ BAG lovecraft wrote about it no one ever came again, so we changed the name to blanche, but NOW…Damn you! Repainting this sign is getting FREAKING EXPENSIVE!

  53. Averted Pasta was hilarious.
    I guess some people don’t get that the story was obviously supposed to be disappointing.

  54. choo choo plot and detail train coming through. wait. this isnt one of my stops. *moves onto da next story*

  55. This story fails at being creepy. So you went to a town and heard some things. Care to SHARE WHAT THOSE THINGS ARE? Like, for all we know, the blue people could have been smurfs or something!

    Now THAT would be a creepy tale.

  56. …Maybe if it had said WHAT the stories were, it could’ve been an okay pasta. But as it was it was just bad.

    1. Coked…you got coked…My friend…last I checked, coked wasn’t a word. Here are some suggestions:


  57. Story rewrite: I was drivin’ through this zombie-fish-man town, and then I was like, oh shit, I better get out of here. So then I drove out and I talked to this guy in the next town, and I’m like, that Blanche town about 30 miles from here is pretty freaky, and he’s like, there’s nowhere called Blanche anywhere near here… BUT WAIT, THEN WHO WAS TOWN?!

  58. Umm.. this wasn’t particularly that well-done.

    Maybe if the we could hear the stories, it would be better. Or have some situation happen at their hotel and ask others about it, like the man staring through the key hole at that hotel.

  59. This was more of an introduction than an actual story. It could’ve been better if you told us one of the scary stories instead of telling us that the stories exist. It’s like me telling you about a really nice car and right before I tell you how to get it, I just stop.

  60. blue skinned denizen of blanche

    sorry for freaking you out,the stories arent true btw.we all got really cold,and found out blue and white paint together keep our special bodies warm,so we dive int opaint everymorning,as for the walls,its cuz we keep painting of them with a darkwas hof black ink and water.also, we creepy for teh lulz

  61. All it was missing was chinless albinos. And, you know, a resolution. And a point. And something not stolen wholesale from Lovecraft.

  62. Blue balls from Hell. Could this story try harder to let me down. Why didn’t the writer think the narrator would want to tell us some of those “freaky stories” instead of just giving us a big lead up to them and dropping us before the climax?

  63. lol @ fcf and mr. welldone

    yeah…stories like what…that’s more interesting than a family road trip or picnic in france.

  64. Me and my family drove through this weird town once. Then we heard stories about it. Freaky shit, man.

    It’s like someone read The Shadow Over Innsmouth and thought it would be more awesome if nothing happened in it at all.

  65. Um yeah, so if you’re gonna go for a creepy story, perhaps you should actually include, i dunno, creepiness? :P

    I mean, you can’t expect to creep someone out by saying ‘OMG, this one time, I was in a bar, and a dude told me a scary story. The end’


    And it could have been interesting, had the creepy stories actually been included

  66. Pretty much a failure. Not written very well, a terribly ambiguous ending, which, for this story, doesn’t work at all.

    Just not particularly interesting overall, and no payoff.

  67. …What kind of stories? Now I want to hear how the whole town flooded and all the denizens they family saw were actually drowned ghost victims and such…

  68. wouldnt the pasta be the stories about the town?…instead of the anecdote?

    its like saying ¨omg, once someone told me this really creepy story about ppl that looked like zombies¨…?>< y?

  69. Meh, It sounds too familiar, like something that I’ve read on here before. =/ It would have been better if they would have at least incorporated some of the stories that were retold back to them. All in all it wasn’t that bad though.

    1. Hi…replying after 7 years, found out this was the worst rated creepypasta and it still is to this day, so I painted a mental picture of the citizens of Blanche, and this is what I got:

    1. BUT WHO WAS BLANCHE!!!!!!!!! Iam sick of hearing that ”but who was” in the comments of evey single creepy pasta e.g. ”but who was widemouth” and ”but who was pokemon blue” they are all derived from the origianl shit sentence at the end of crap creepy pasta’s”but who was phone” idont thinkl even the cretor of that phrase gets it…………….but yea good story wish i hearde the storys though

        1. But who was idiot who appreciates reading the same le memes on every creepypasta? Oh right, it’s you.

      1. Alexendra Olafson

        Oh. you don’t like it? Did we rustle your jimmies? I don’t use the term “Butthurt” anymore, I’m not twelve. So I’ll use these. Are you rearbattered? Rumpusruffled? Bootymaimed? Tushupset? Anallydistressed? Rumpdisturbed? Sphincterdinked? Derrierdevastated? Coloncrushed? Fannytroubled? GlutiosMaximusWounded? Oh, well then GTFO this site. You’re obviously going to see it.

        1. I’ve got to say.. wow.

          I’m glad I wallowed through this piece of trash to find your steaming pile of comment. Seriously.. made my day. xD

        2. Wow, seriously? Can’t believe you’d go through so much trouble looking through synonyms for the words “butt” and “hurt”,just to make what you and the rest of the population of retards deem a “snappy remark”.

        3. I know you wrote this post years ago. But great comment flipping funny rumpusruffled rearbattered.. Classic!

      2. The Killer Known As Jeff

        Operation: Rustle Jimmies was a success.

        I like that you’re bitching about it, but it was the first thing you said. You’re a fuckin’ jackass.

      3. but who was iam? who was creepy pasta’s? who was idont? who was the cretor? who was hearde? who was the storys? oh right, it was every single mistake in your writing. :D sorry I’m too much of a troll

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