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The Church Cellar

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In the small town of Stull, Kansas, there once stood an old one room chapel on top of a hill, surrounded by graves. Beside the church was a cellar that was very difficult to find, as its doors had grass grown upon them. In front of it church was great tree that was always bare. None of the towns members could recall ever having seen a leaf upon its branches.

In the towns earliest years, well before the civil war, there were several farming families that lived there. The minister’s daughter had fallen madly in love with a boy from nearby, but had her heart broken when that young man was discovered to have impregnated a certain flirtatious townsgirl. The two were married, and all the while the reverend’s daughter saw them, happy together, and her hatred brewed until after 9 months of painful endurance, that despise boiled over. Shortly after the young couples child was born the minister’s daughter went to their house.

They greeted her cheerfully but noticed, all too late, how she eyed the child blood-thirstily. She slit the throats of those two who’d made her life so miserable and then dragged their bodies, along with the newborn child, up the hill to the church. She put the bodies in the cellar and left the baby there, between their bodies, to starve to death. She locked the cellar shut and hung herself on the tree in front of the church. The bodies in the cellar were not found for three weeks.


From that day on leaves never grew on that tree. If you walk the graveyard late at night you can just hear the sound of a baby’s chilling cry. The towns people burnt down the tree many years ago, in the hopes of putting the ministers daughter’s spirit to rest. And more recently the church collapsed onto itself, burying the already difficult to find cellar.


Many have looked for its doors, but the few who have found them and ventured beneath its depths have seldom returned, with the exception of a few who came back to the sunlight after 3 weeks beneath- starved nearly to death and covered in blood that was not their own.

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63 thoughts on “The Church Cellar”

  1. Being a native of Overland Park, I visited the Stull cemetery and church (didn’t go inside the church, mind you) before the building was destroyed. While I am skeptical about the witch and the cellar, the place is still pretty creepy.

  2. Miss Misanthrope

    I think for a lot of people who don’t ‘get’ it, they don’t know about Stull supposedly being haunted/gateway to hell.
    I know of one story of Stull where if you go to that cellar door and put two glass bottles in the shape of a cross, it breaks before you hit the door. But when you invert them, no matter how hard you hit them against the door, they won’t break.

  3. This story is pure perfection, macabre and morbid.
    Something I’ve been looking for, for awhile c:
    And I know a lot of trolls are going to reply for me saying this, but this story reminds me of the song Cellar Door by a band called Escape The Fate <3
    Go ahead and hate, but I give this a 10/10 in my own opinion and taste :3

  4. Wait, in the beginning, it says that there is a bare tree, on which no one can recall ever seeing leaves.

    Then further into the story, the author explains that the tree was burnt down.

    Wha da fuck is goin’ on hurr?

  5. I live in Manhattan (K.S obviously) and when we had to go to Lawrence I saw that cemetery on the side of the road and there were a lot of people there, but they were in t-shirts and shorts and stuff, so we pulled over and I asked one women if there was a funeral, and she said “Oh no! We are here to see the gateway to hell!” and my mom overheard and she went really pale and her eyes got big and she ordered us into the car. My dad asked what her problem was, and she whispered something I couldn’t hear to him and he sped out of there well over the speed limit!!!!!!!!

  6. That church is actually there on top of a hill inside the graveyard.

    If you take that road to Lawerence from Topeka, you drive right by it. The building has collapsed on itself and it is kind of a creepy place.

  7. hi, dont turn around

    Mr.welldone, this indeed is beauty. The moment the author mentioned the ministers daughter being in love, i knew something was wrong: ministers daughters are usualy prohibited from sex befor marriage, although, i figured she would be impregnated, and have a demon seed but that was wrong

    Beauty indeed Mr.Welldone

  8. Nooo. Such a good start but a cliche can’t-find-cellar-but-found-cellar-and-disappeared-or-came-out-but-in-blood ending T-T

    You know how it should’ve gone down? The starving baby should have grown abnormal teeth and ate his own parents.

    Now you have this creepy evil parent-eating baby climbing around in that church’s cellar. Gosh, I just scared myself D:

  9. “N iF u DuN sEnD dIs To 15 PpL iN tHe NeXt 10 MiNz DiS gIrL wIlL cOmE 2 kILl U, 2!!!!!”

    That’s almost how I expected this pasta to end.
    No offense to the author, it was just too… Chain letter-y.

  10. I think this was written quite well. Very good. Though If it was me in that situation, i would have done it much differently…
    then again that’s just me :D

  11. this reads like old folk tale.. its…really.. sad… i think the right soundtrack for this short movie would be “gloomy sunday “

  12. O hai. not my my fault i stick to people.srry for scarin u guise.

    Sorry, I’ve never done that before. It was okay, but The part
    that really got me was the baby. T.T

  13. I actually LIVE in kansas.
    And I’ve never been to Stull cemetary,
    But there’s lots of rumors about it – That its a gateway to hell, or what the anonymous person above me said, or that if you throw something at the church, you’ll never hear it hit the ground. Though its apparently closed off now, and if you get caught trespassing, you’ll get arrested. lol.

  14. This story is sort of a backstory to the original story I heard. In Stull, Kansas that is, there is an abandoned church with the roof long gone, but whenever it rains, that the rain slides over the missing remains of the roof, as if it’s still there, and if you walk all the way down the stairway within the church, and back up, you should have only been gone ten minutes total, and yet two weeks have passed outside the church. Apparently, opening a barred door in the basement led to Hell itself.

  15. It’s makes little sense to write she eyes the child bloodthirstily then have she kill the parents. She must be quite muscular to drag 2 corpses and a live baby up a hill. No wonder why the boy didn’t like her.

  16. Meh, not really well done just ok, this one bothered due to it’s lack of logical progression: “They greeted her cheerfully but noticed, all too late, how she eyed the child blood-thirstily. She slit the throats of those two who’d made her life so miserable and then dragged their bodies, along with the newborn child, up the hill to the church.”


  17. @ Anon

    They tend to. Someone always wants to add a “and this happens when you visit this place!!11” line that never quite fits. It’s become almost obligatory, which is a shame. However, when well executed they add excellent flavor.

  18. forgive me…but i didn’t like this.
    it was morbid, but that’s not why i didn’t like it. i really don’t know why actually.
    to be driven to kill the one that she loved. she probably just stalked him from afar and he never spoke to her.
    also, no one saw her drag 2 bodies and a baby? and how would they not check the cellar?
    i feel a bit sorry for her really.
    sad thought…

  19. Well I quite liked it….I didn’t find it too suspenseful, and that would have been nice, but it was a good story.

  20. The Person Formerly Known as 'Noneya'

    Mr. Welldone you lie.

    ‘Blood-thirstily’? Pfft.
    How did she manage to carry two corpses and a baby? How did she manage to string herself up in the same night, without her reverend parents missing her?

  21. I think it got a little bit silly, like at the end where people have gone down for three weeks.
    It needs some editing, but overall it was a good read.

  22. This is funny, because yesterday iread an article on Stull, and it said that Stull is supposed to be a gateway to hell

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