Strange and Unexplained



“One hundred eight-six!” I announced gleefully. “That’s incredible!” My wife responded. “How does it feel to be so svelte?” “Well, I don’t know about svelte, but I feel great.” I replied. “I haven’t weighed 186 since I think my sophomore year of high school.” I have been on a personal …

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the hayloft

The Hayloft

I like mornin’ best in summer. Chet don’t, cuz he’s fifteen and likes his sleep, but I’d rather make my own breakfast, get chores done quick – enjoy the rest of the day if Mama gives me a choice. Let Chet take the afternoon. He thinks he’s winnin’, but he …

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they only take one

They Only Take One

Take in that fresh air girl! Damn it feels great to be back. Everything looks smaller though. “Yeah, because you were like three feet tall last time you were here, ya walnut.” Buddy “Bud” Jake looked at Gwen with a smile. The classic platonic boy-girl relationship where no sexual tension …

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no face no case

No Face, No Case

My name is detective Derek Wallace, of the Cook County Sheriff’s Department, in Cook County, Illinois, and for the last two and a half months I have been assigned to one of the most brutal, and confounding cases that I have seen in my time as an investigator. Admittedly, I …

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Best Horror Movie Slot Games

Slot games are rather incredible given the fact that they can continually provide bettors who play them with the unique experiences that they offer, but their greatest strength is the variety and new titles that get released monthly. Whilst many of these games will feature several different special bonus features …

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Day 1 Alright, this is day one of seclusion for me. My therapist recommended that I get away for at least a week to try and get my shit together. He also suggested that I keep a journal of my time in voluntary isolation to keep track of my progress. …

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The Scariest Conspiracy Theories Of Today – Can You Really Believe Them?

Our world is surrounded by conspiracy theories nowadays. Theorists are developing more and more frightening theories every day and it’s hard to resist the temptation and ignore them. Why so? Because these theories are about our everyday lives. Who doesn’t want to find out the origins of Covid-19 or get …

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which one was the real thing

Which One Was The Real Thing?

I heaved a sigh of relief after closing the hallway door and glanced down at the skittish little furry friend at my feet. My dog, Chip, practically latched himself to my ankles as he followed behind me, quickly tapping his paws against the hardwood floor in excitement. He was a …

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Most Intriguing Conspiracy Theories of Today – Dare To Believe

In the era of technologies conspiracy theories spread around the world faster than anybody could have imagined decades ago. Today everybody knows something about the myths of Coronavirus, horrifying plots of the assassination of political figures or celebrities’ lives. While some people prove that these theories can be verified by …

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the man who ate ghosts

The Man Who Ate Ghosts

The days all started with the briefing room—a wall-to-wall palette of aged pastels and stark, hospital grayness. In the center of our little room, an oval-shaped table dominated the space with every seat filled with a tired nurse. From one of the windows, a bar of morning light often slipped …

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cow head

Cow Head

This story is allegedly an urban legend from Japan about a story so terrifying that anyone who reads it will either die or go insane. The story goes that those reading the story begin shivering before eventually perishing altogether. Sites claiming to provide information about this ‘cow head’ myth often …

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in the still of the night

In The Still Of The Night

If you were to ask any teenager, in the year 1956 on a Friday night in the small town of Waderton California; where is the coolest and most popular place to be in town? Then your best and most likely answer would be the Still Ridge lookout point up on …

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Scariest Conspiracy Theories of Today – Can They Be Real?

Have you ever heard myths about Holocaust? Has anybody ever mentioned to you that the moon landing was faked? Did you know that 9/11 was an inside job or the Earth is actually flat? If the answer is yes, then you’re probably aware of the world’s most famous conspiracy theories.  …

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devils due

Devils Due

Part one. A melancholy recollection of traumatic events. I hate bullies. Bullies have set the course of my fairly chaotic life, since day one. My father was a bully. My Mother wasn’t much better, if I’m being honest. My parents were very religious, and I don’t mean just go to …

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go ahead scare me

Go Ahead, Scare Me

Christopher rubbed his eyes. He was tired. What started out as a passion too quickly had turned into a job. He loved scary stories and the adrenaline rush from the thrill of being scared. That’s what prompted him to start his podcast. It took off like wild fire and he …

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sometimes i like to listen to 911 calls

Sometimes I like to listen to 911 calls

So there’s this database in my hometown of local 911 calls. I like to listen to them every so often. Usually when I’m working or doing chores or whatever. They kind of satiate my morbid curiosity of what goes on around this shit town. Most times they’re just ridiculous complaints …

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