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Am I Crazy?

I do not know where to start. Usually, this would not be written for someone to read. However, I cannot trust my own judgement. What I write here is for you to discern. I will not have sufficient time to thoroughly document everything, nor is the true intention for this …

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the dark spot

The Dark Spot

“Hello, my old friend,” Griffin said aloud as he stared out the window at the dark spot.  It had been at least two decades since he had seen the shadow-man.  A moment later, Julie came into the bedroom and stood next to Griffin at the large bay-window.

another fairy tale

Another Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a story that became well known in all the kingdoms of men.  It started as a whisper in the back of ale-houses and progressed to the point of street-corner news barkers.  No one knew if the story was …

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Elf on a Shelf (with a Knife)

“It’s creepy,” Dan balked. “It’s cute,” Julia countered. “Besides, it’s fun. I mean, geez Scrooge, where’s your Christmas spirit?” Dan picked up the doll and turned it over in his hands. It was the prototypical Christmas elf as imagined by Hollywood in a red onesie, Santa hat and painted on …

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killer look

Killer Look

Daniella flew through the front door and threw her books on the coffee table with disdain. “I know…right? I mean, geez…what a bitch.” She was talking through her Bluetooth which was commonplace but still earned her a fair number of strange looks in public. It was 2017 for heaven’s sake, …

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Why I will never play the Ouija board again.

Why I will never play the Ouija board again. This is why I will never play the Ouija board again. It was 1964 and my sister and I were 13 Year old identical twins. We were living with our mother in rural Scotland, parties were all the rage in the …

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The Pillow

Awake. Lisa bolted upright in bed, hazy vapors of fear still wavering in her periphery. The details of the dream were quickly escaping leaving only the overwhelming terror that had just gripped her psyche a moment before. Shaken, she wiped her long bangs from her sweat soaked face and deeply …

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The Box

I lifted my head and stared into the surrounding darkness, completely unaware of where I was or how I had gotten there. I couldn’t see much of anything. It was very dark. Only two thin shreds of light came at me from the highest parts of the walls on either …

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Heaven’s Herb

In the wake of the 2016 American election, several changes occurred in the country. One of the more highly publicized and celebrated of these developments was California’s legalization of marijuana for recreational use. While the objective impact has thus far been quite subtle, a small number of people who live …

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You know that horror movie trope about mirrors? The one where the protagonist is near a mirror and they look or shift away from the mirror for just a moment, and when they look back, a ghost, killer, or some other entity appears, and then usually rapidly disappears when they …

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