Harold had never been what most would call a responsible or reliable man. He meant well, he just made bad decisions. Between whiskey and poor choices in women, he had burned the first thirty years of his life away. But it all probably seemed like a good idea at the …

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Slender Twilight: The “Naughty” Version

“What the fuck did I just read?” – Pretty much everyone. FanBoy97: Journal entry 1.) Oh, how no one understands the dark brooding angst stirring in my loins! I couldn’t concentrate in school again today, thoughts of Him distracted me from my composition writing class. How could I possibly worry …

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I was playing with a couple of my friends, walking down the empty streets of small town Bennettsville, South Carolina, when I noticed something out of place in a small alley way beside the town café. I paused, “Hey, is that a computer?” I asked, pretty much talking to myself …

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