Corn Fields

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📅 Published on December 18, 2013

"Corn Fields"

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It was the middle of the night and we’ve been driving all day. We were on a road trip from California to Texas to visit family. My little sister, had fallen asleep and was drooling all over her car seat. I laughed at her gaping mouth and reached over to the back seat to close it. My dad was driving and I could tell he was exhausted from dealing with my siblings and me. We hadn’t passed any towns for about an hour now and it was dark because there weren’t any street lights. I was thinking about what would happen if a zombie attacked us right now. My eyes got droopier and droopier as the hours passed and my stomach started to growl. I complained to dad and he said we would stop and get something to eat in the next town. I heard my sister start to snore in the background as I drifted off to sleep.

I had a weird dream where I was standing in the idle of a cornfield and there was someone or something cloaked in all black sitting in the middle of the field about thirty feet away from me, staring at me. It had blood red eyes and a twisted smile from what I could see of it. I became very frightened at the sight and started to back away. The thing stood up very slowly and continued to stare at me, as if staring into my soul. I was freaking out now and I turned to run away as fast as I could, I felt as if my life was at stake. As I was running I decided to quickly glance over my shoulder to see if the thing had fallowed me. To my horror, the creature was less than a foot away from me. I tripped over some invisible obstacle and hit the floor, hard.

I was awoken to loud honking and bright lights flashing passed my face. I became wide awake instantly, my dad had fallen asleep. I quickly grabbed the steering wheel as I shouted, “Dad wake up!” but he didn’t wake up. I was panicking and I tried to steer as best as I could, dad’s foot was pressing hard on the gas, and luckily any cars that were near had already passed us. My grip on the steering wheel slipped and we swerved off to the side of the road. As we went down into the ditch, the car sped up immensely and we were thrown into the field completely destroying the barbed wire fence, shattering the windows of the car and shaking us around like rag dolls. I finally was able to grab the emergency break and put us to an immediate stop. I hit my head hard on the dash board and heard an unnerving crack fallowed by immense pain in my right arm. I screamed, and curled up in my seat, cradling my arm.

After a few minutes of comforting it I turned to my dad, still asleep, and started to shake him with my left arm. He would not wake up. It looked like he split his jaw open on the steering wheel, there was blood all over his neck and shirt. I turned to see my little sister, and was completely horrified at the sight of her head being imploded and her arms bent in a grotesque angle. I thought of no possible way how that could have happened to her. I became nauseous at the sight of her and threw up all over my feet. My vision was blurry from the shock, and I couldn’t feel anything accept my arm. The smell, was unnatural, it was like a mixture of feces, vomit, and rotting corpses.

My vision returned shortly and I glanced out the window wincing from the sharp pain in my neck, and my stomach dropped, as I saw a tall, black, figure, thirty feet away, milliseconds before the head lights on the car turned off. My heart started beating so hard that I could feel it in my feet. I started to hyperventilate, and my mind was completely clear of every thought except, “You are going to die.”

I looked back from the side window, and the quick pain in my neck brought me back to my senses. I unbuckled my seat belt with my violently shaking hands, and crawled into the back seat, avoiding looking at my disemboweled sister. I sunk down below the back seat, and slowly reached my hand out to grab my sister’s bloody, shredded blanket to cover myself with. There was a loud bump in the back of the car. I became absolutely silent, I pulled my hand back and held my breath. I could see partially out the shattered back side window. I heard something being dragged on the roof of the car. My gaze fixated on that window. I started saying in my head over and over again, “please, don’t see me, please don’t see me, please don’t see me,” over and over again for what seemed like an hour. The dragging had stopped.

I still dare not move. I was still staring at the window, when something tall, and black walked passed it, I put my hand over my mouth to silence my shriek, but to no avail. The dark creature supposedly heard me and circled back around the car and stopped in front of the window. I was too tall to see its face, but it soon ducked down, so its eyes stared right into at mine. Its eyes were blood red with white veins running through them, and it had a twisted grin too wide to be humanly possible. Its skin was a grotesque brown and black with wounds and cracks all over its face. I saw it had a large gash on its nose, and the blood came out was pitch black, darker than the tattered cloak it was wearing. I stared at it until my eyes burned from not blinking, but I dared not to. To my unspeakable horror, it started to slowly crawl through the window, into the car. Its gaze and my gaze not breaking, what-so-ever. It reached his long gnarled arm directly for my head. I was paralyzed, it slowly grabbed my hair and I could do nothing but sit there as it touched my scalp. It started to pull, I felt a sharp pain in my neck and snapped out of my trance, this maybe the only time in my life I would be thankful for an injury, and kicked the creature as hard as I possibly could directly in the face. It screamed, the most horrifying wail I could ever imagine, and recoiled out of the car. I took this miraculous opportunity to scramble out from underneath the car seat and open the door.

I ran as fast as my legs could possibly go, out into the dark night, remembering my dream, I did not look back. I ran, until I felt my legs were going to give out, and I kept running. I reached a corn field and sprinted into the unnerving maze. I stopped and lied down on the cold earth. I started coughing, violently, and I turned over and threw up a mixture of blood and mucus. After, I regained control of my coughing, I silenced myself in fear the thing would come back. I closed my eyes and before I knew it, I was asleep.

No dreams that time, but I woke up with a start. I looked around cautiously. I started to walk, or limp, as best I could to a nearby street light near an oil plant. When I reached it, I sat down on the ground and, simply, wept. I couldn’t understand why this had happened, and why me. I sat there for what seemed like hours and mumbled to myself, why, and what would I do if I survived the night. I’m only fourteen, why did this happen to me? Why did I live instead of my family? Why is this thing after me! None of my questions were going to be answered.

“My God boy, what in the hell happened to you?” He asked with a heavy Texas draw. I hesitated before replying, deciding what to say. He looked like he had been out on the road for a long time and his eyes were very unsettling as he shifted them back and forth, looking up and down the road.
“I-It’s a long story,” I finally managed to say. “I need a ride,” I blurted suddenly surprising the grizzly man.
“Oh do you?” he said in a sarcastic voice, he paused, and then continued, “Well then, hop in.” I smiled awkwardly and made my way around the front of the car and opened the door with my left hand and wincing, slid into the dirty leather seat.

“Oh hold on a sec, I need to check on something,” the man said as he got out of the car and walked around to the trunk. I felt a great wave of grief come over me. I had an extremely bad feeling that something was going to happen. I sat there for about five minutes, and almost got up to go check on the old man, when I felt a hand on my shoulder and froze. My gaze slowly moved to the rearview mirror.

That dark, tall, monster was less than an inch from the side of my head, its grin wider than ever.

Credit To – FriendsWhoCreepyPasta

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