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The Serene Cyclist

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I used to live in Cambridge a while back, which is a small city smack in the middle of England, best known for the university that is as large as the city itself. But I was there for work. I had a few friends around the city, and Cambridge being a very green city, it is the ‘Cambridge way’ to cycle around to most places. I would mostly visit my friends in the evenings, and we would all stay up till late, not socializing, or drinking, but playing games, musing philosophically and finding other means of continuing our existence. On the nights this continued for particularly long I would have to cycle back halfway across the city, often in cold. This was usually quite pleasant; Cambridge is quite a safe city, and I generally enjoy being out in the dark, alone, under the yellow of the night-lights. It was one of those nights, though, that I met what felt to me like the devil himself.
It was on another one of those long quiet lamp-lit roads on a particularly chilly February night. I was halfway home and slightly wary of it being 3 am. This was late even by my standards, and this put me somewhat on edge. My senses seemed to be more alert than usual and I was unconsciously keeping an eye on every single shadow on the street, trying to avoid as many alcohol fuelled incidents as I could. As I turned into a street that told me I was not very far from where my apartment was located I started to feel much more peaceful. It was halfway across the street biking at my leisure that I noticed a man in a dark jacket cycling around 20 feet in front of me. My senses suddenly sharpened again, due to the simple fact of him seeming to appear out of nowhere. Perhaps I had not been paying as much attention as I thought I was.

The man was cycling quite slowly, and even while barely pedalling I slowly started to draw near him. It also started to get quieter on the street. It took me a few moments to realize that I could not hear the man’s bike or the many mechanical clicking sounds my bike often made. The quiet was eerie. That should have warned me, but not heeding what now seems like a very obvious warning, I kept cycling closer to the man. I found his speed quite peculiar, even more so that his dark attire, and so as I drew nearly level I glanced at his body. I say his body because his face was not very human. It was made of what can only be described as a shadow, and with eyes that seemed like he very depths of hell itself. One look left me lifeless, motionless, speechless, riding down the slope right next to him, too scared to move, too scared to act. And worst of all, I was unable to take me eyes off his.

“This way is closed” he said, in a growling voice that made my hair stand on end. “This is way is closed. Go back.”


That was all he said, but those with those words the hold his eyes– its eyes had over me was broken. I managed to find some life in my hands and I braked as hard as I could, letting him get ahead of me. He continued to cycle ahead at his eerily slow place and then, as mysteriously as he had appeared in front of me, he was gone. He simply disappeared, unhurriedly, into the shadows at the end of the street. The rest of the way back home for me was a fight against my own body. My mind would not stop reeling from the horror it had just experienced, and my heart was in my throat, unwilling to go down. I could not think. I could not rationalize. I had no refuge. I could hear again. I could hear the wind in my ears, the clunking of my pedal as I cycled as fast as I could. and unfortunately for me, I could hear someone riding a bike a little behind me.

When I finally got home, I threw my bike and rushed into my first-floor apartment, refusing to look at what was surely there. I could still hear footsteps following me up the stairs but I refused to acknowledge them as I rushed into my room as fast as I could, and into the refuge of my bed.


I could still see shadows under my front door as I finally decided to go to bed. They refused to go away.

True story from 3:49 am, 25th of February, 2012.


(This is a part of a collection of real life horror stories and memoirs currently being collected and compiled by Salman Shahid Khan. For more, please visit and follow the writer’s blog here)

Credit To – Salman Shahid Khan

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66 thoughts on “The Serene Cyclist”

  1. Grammar is bad.
    Did you turn around and go a different way or just let him bike ahead of you?
    You can see your front door from your bed?
    I did like the story though. Just needs some editing and clarification.

  2. Not bad, bit creepy at parts.

    I had a real “roll my eyes” moment when you described his eyes as follows: “…eyes that seemed like he very depths of hell itself.”

    Other than that it was pretty cool :)

  3. RoseByAnyOtherName

    I was waiting to hear there had been some sort of horrible accident on the closed road, that the author would have been part of if not warned away…but I guess that’s cliche. And no mention of bike lights or helmets! Tsk Tsk! ;)

  4. the review man:
    what the FUCK is this shit im 15 and not scared by this
    so you go to your friends and dont talk,dont drink, you play games. well it must be hard to play games with friends if you dont talk to each other. and ”ohhh i say a man on a bick one night and told me to go home and i see a shadow 2sp00ky4me guys” ,_, if this is 7.5/10 this website sucks balls no one knows whats creepy and you suck at writing. know excuse me as i look for better ”creepy pastas” at 9:00pm in the dark.

    Hahahah so many kids are fucking pissed over this. PH god hahaha america is ducked if this is our future. Getting scared over a story on a guy who saw a tall guy on a bike say “go home” in a deep voice. He now see’s a shadow at the end of his bed every night?. Hahahahaha

  5. look…it could be just a guy with a sore throat, sick or probably drunk who told you to turn around, chillax. The rest of it (cycling behind you and the shadow) was your brain playing tricks on you, this happens after you encounter something spooky so keep calm and cycle away ;)

  6. Hayleigh McClaren

    Great story!!! keep writing!!!! And for the people saying this website sucks, you obviously don’t have an imagination. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Simple as that. Don’t hate on creativity.

  7. The review man : oh your cool, hateing on a story that might not be scary to you, but i find it quite interesting..and wow, your 15 reading creepypastas at 9:00pm!!! Your so brave!!! Sike. Im 12 and i am currently reading this one at 1:45am. So calm your titties you 15 year old with a bed-time, and dont read creepypastas if you dont find them interesting

  8. O_O I was done reading this and looking through the comments. When I was done I scrolled up to the top and saw a add for bike tours……wow might I add they put that add in the right place. XD

  9. Nice story, 7/10
    The narrator is definitely braver than me cause I would’ve turned right around and peddled to the nearest store until a family member/friend came to get me. Then, I would’ve burned my bike and immediately moved!! #wimp

  10. there were a lot of typos in that story. I know its a true story and all, but seriously if your gonna tell us a true story at least spell the words right please.

  11. It wasn’t a bad story, but it was almost painful to read. Has any contributor on this site ever heard of proofreading or editing?

  12. you do know the devil is handsome not scary looking nor will he ever be scary looking and what the shadow figure said made no sense I had a hard time believing this sorry but I also didn’t like the story

  13. I was expecting something like “the next day I turned on the news, there was (a fissure in the street or some danger for a cyclist)”, that you’d avoided by the apparitions’ warning.

  14. Why didn’t you turn around and go back to your friends house 1.I would have taken it as a sign from the creepy ghost man to not go that way.2.I would have wanted to be by people not by myself ….Alone!!!!

    1. Well, this happened *really* close to where I lived and the way back to my friend’s went through a much, much creepier road. Plus I expected to find my landlord back in the apartment. He wasn’t there.

  15. I’m on a mobile. I found the story through the header of ‘strange & unknown’. It’s possible to be unaware that you’re in the ‘based on a true story’ section. That said, I don’t condone that comment seeing as there is nothing constructive about it at all.

  16. what the FUCK is this shit im 15 and not scared by this
    so you go to your friends and dont talk,dont drink, you play games. well it must be hard to play games with friends if you dont talk to each other. and ”ohhh i say a man on a bick one night and told me to go home and i see a shadow 2sp00ky4me guys” ,_, if this is 7.5/10 this website sucks balls no one knows whats creepy and you suck at writing. know excuse me as i look for better ”creepy pastas” at 9:00pm in the dark.

      1. Well excuse us, you’re on the ‘Based on a true story’ section here. Well NEWSFLASH: Not everyone is met by slenderman after a party. Russian sleep experiment doesnt happen to everyone cycling down the street kiddo. Real talk.

        1. Now Russian Sleep Experiment was a good creepy pasta :D but i give this story a 5/10 not to scary but not to boring at the same time

    1. I don’t know you or anything but if this happened to you I am pretty sure you would be freaked out. Also this is based on a true story so no, the demon isn’t going to grab him with multiple arms and drag him to hell because that’s not based on a true story. It’s creepy because it may be true.

    2. I’m 15 as well, and you just made me ashamed of being on here . . . Maybe it’s quite presumptuous of me, but I thought we-as the internet community-dropped the habit of specifying our age at, maybe, 13?

    3. First of all, this is based on the true story section, do you expect demons to chase him with 10 arms? No? I’m 15 and your English is horrible. You say his writing sucks but look at yours. Know excuse me? You mean now? I mean if this creepypasta involved him going to Hell and back wouldn’t he be traumatized and not be able to write? Jeez, i say a bick? Dang you could probably make a good creepypasta but will be rejected for bad English, before you say someone sucks at writing look at your spelling.

    4. You, sir, are the definition of trolling. Obviously if you think this website is shit, you wouldn’t be on it in the first place you idiot. Obviously you just like to make people agitated with your terrible grammar and lack of maturity (Hey guys, look at me! I’m fifteen and super cool and say swear words to make up for my lack of vocabulary!) Go back to school, kid. You embarrass yourself :)

  17. I loved the fact that it ended with the shadows still at the door, it made me check my own door a few times.
    Safe to say I won’t be going out alone at night anymore.

  18. Awfully strange. On my birthday(25th of Feb) i had a dream about how i cycled in the middle of the night in the unknown streets of an unknown town. Then i met this person on the way, he was cycling aswell and I asked for directions about the place – where am I, what street is this etc. and the boy just went pale and continued cycling. I tried to keep up with him, yelling at him to stop and orientate me but he went on cycling. I followed him to an apartment and then woke up.
    Stranger things have happened indeed.

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