Why Me?

Why me? I’m pretty sure everybody has asked that question to them self sometime in their short, sad life time. But this time. I really want to know why me. It was NEVER suppose to be like this. After all, I was just a 16 year old girl. My life …

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Just a Joke

They laughed. The group has just arrived at their dorm from another night of ghost stories. They weren’t afraid. At least, they wouldn’t show it. They were, after all, men. “Holy shit, today’s stories were just insane. ‘I know you’re awake.’ What. The. Fuck. That got me,” Joshua said through …

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Red Eyes

Like all small towns, the one I grew up in had its legends. In my town, there’s one particular legend I’ve heard since I was a kid. The people telling it, though, never agree on the details. They like to talk about some “thing.” Some say it is takes the …

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The Vigil

“What is sleep but the image of death?” -Ovid, “Amorum” *** Mayet sat in the big chair and looked out the window. The curtains were drawn, so there was nothing to see, but she looked anyway. She could hear them talking in the next room. They’d left the door open, …

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