June 2013 Discussion Post: Most Underrated and Overrated Creepypastas

This month’s discussion topic was suggested by YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE USERNAME! I see a lot of comments that carry the theme of, “I don’t understand how this pasta has such a [low/high] rating” – so for all you people who love to rage against the ratings, here’s your chance …

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On a Hill

Part 1 The events of the past several days have both shaken my understanding of the world, and left me with a disheartened and perplexed disposition. Yet I feel that I must organise these events in my mind, that I am compelled to structure the terrible things which I have …

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Gran’s Box

It was always a treat for the three Levine children when they got to visit Gran’s house. Gran’s house was big, with plenty of rooms for hide-and-seek, and a pond in the garden filled with fish and frogs. For the Levines, who crammed together in a four-bedroom apartment, Gran’s house …

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In mid-July of 1991, when Sam was six years old, he was holding his mother’s hand as they walked barefoot across the baking hot asphalt of the neighborhood pool’s parking lot. He had his other arm through the hole of his inflatable black inner tube, and was gazing off at …

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