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February 28, 2014 Beings and Entities
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    It was early Sunday afternoon, my parents were at church leaving me home all by myself. They were devout Christians, yet I’m not. Sometimes they even try to get me to go, but it bores the crap out of me and I’m just not a believer. So here I am, laying on my bed, laptop resting on my stomach and headphones in my ears. I wasn’t doing anything in particular, just browsing some of the new uploads from IGN, Jompa, basically anything to pass the time. Then I saw a video that stood out to me. LA Beast eating a cactus. That seemed really interesting, but before I could click it, I got a Skype call. It was my friend Nick.

    “What’s going on, cocksucker?” I asked as my standard greeting to all my friends. There was a faint sound in the background that I couldn’t help but notice. It kinda sounded like someone was screaming. A woman. “Ughh.. What’s that noise?”
    “Why do you look so calm!? Don’t you even know what’s going on?!” He answered, looking jittery. Every few seconds he would take a look to his left towards his door, then immediately in the other direction out his window, like he was paranoid.
    “What? What the hell do you mean? What’s going on?” Now I was starting to get curious, and I’d hate to admit, but even a little nervous.
    “Look outside! People are going fucking nuts!” I took the headphones out of my ears, and that’s when I heard it. Screams coming from outside on the street. My heart beat faster and the adrenaline started to pump through my veins as I slowly got up out of my bed. I took the headphone jack out of my laptop so I could still hear Nick and I made my way over to the window. Splitting the blinds, all I saw was a blinding light that made my head throb with pain. Taking a few seconds to adjust to the light, I saw it. People running up and down the street in every direction like they were being chased, but it was hard to tell the difference between who was running away and who was running at.

    “What the fuck…” I said to myself. Upon closer inspection of the chaos down below, I could recognize some of the people running. A bunch of my parents church friends were down there. I’ve met them before at birthday parties that my parents would drag me along to. Most of them were pretty nice. Then I saw a man dressed in all black with a tiny white collar around his neck. It was the priest. He had dinner here on several occasions, and if it weren’t for the fact he were a priest, you wouldn’t even know he was religious. We liked the same shows and movies, which is weird because it’s hard to imagine a priest watching Game of Thrones and South Park.

    I watched him for a few seconds, his skin seemed paler than usual, with cracks running all along it. He must be sick or something, because your skin would have to be pretty dry for me to see it this far away, at least 30 feet. He just stood there looking around until his eyes locked on something. A woman was running down the street, and he intercepted her path, tackling her to the ground. He got atop her and looked like he was putting something in her mouth, but a second later he violently pulled his hand back with something in it. I had to strain my eyes to properly see what it was, and I wish I didn’t… Her jaw. He ripped it right out of her head. I wanted to look away, I really did. I just wanted to go back to my bed and pretend none of this is happening. But I couldn’t. My eyes were locked on her laying below him writhing in pain on the floor as a pool of blood formed around her.

    He dropped the half of her mouth onto the floor and leaned forward, gouging her eyes with his thumbs before swiftly splitting her skull down the middle. Even over all the other screams coming from outside, the loud snapping of her bones could still be heard. That was it. I threw up. Vomiting all of last nights dinner onto the floor. At least I’m finally away from that window. When I was finally finished, I made my way back over to my bed, Nick still sitting there. “Fucked up, huh?” He said.
    “Oh my god…” Was all I could come out with. The screams rang through my head, but after a short while there was one less. I looked up at Matt as the background was now quiet. “Is everyth-“
    “Shh be quiet.” He said quietly, cutting me off. He was looking towards his door, and I put my headphones back on and began to listen intently. A very faint thumping could be heard that grew louder and louder, like it were footsteps getting closer. “Ohh fuck.. It’s my dad.” He said, the thumping grew louder until it stopped where I assumed to be right outside his door. I was right as a loud single pound could be heard from his door. Matt sprang to his feet and went off screen to the right, I guess to hide in his closet. The Pounding continued until the door burst open and a man, his father, stepped into the room. I couldn’t see him in the frame, just his silhouette on the far wall. He took a few steps into the room, I could see him now. He looked just like the priest. Pale, dry, cracked skin. Walking over to Matts computer, he crouched down and made eye contact with me. A chill went down my spine and I froze up. I couldn’t tell if I were looking into his eyes, or a black void. Smile crept across his chapped lips, causing them to split between the cracks.
    “Hi.” He spoke out to me. I couldn’t really describe his voice. It was just a deep, unearthly sound.
    “W-what the fuck are you?” I’m sure he could hear the fear in my voice.
    “We are the end.” After he said those words, he turned his head towards the closet where Matt was hiding. The call closed, leaving me staring at the Youtube homepage. I tried not to think about what happened to my friend, and instead reflected on what that thing said to me. “We are the end.” Those words played over and over again in my head until it finally occurred to me.

    Years ago when I was a young boy, my parents made me go to church with them. There isn’t much I remember from that, as most of the time I was bored out of my ass, but there was this one time he spoke about the end of the world that I vaguely remember. He said that all those who believe in God, their souls will rise up to heaven. Without a soul, a body is just a shell, and a shell is always waiting to be filled by something.
    My front door just opened. I could hear two sets of footsteps coming up the stairs. I guess mom and dad are back from church.

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