“Well, this is embarrassing. Usually, I check on the new arrivals, and they’re already begging to make it all stop. I mean, even if they had no regrets before, they sure do now, right? But this… this is new. Just a room with blank walls. I haven’t seen an occupied …

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Truth or Dare

“Okay, now it’s your turn!” Chloe cheered loudly. “Sssshhh! You’re going to wake up your mom,” said Krissie. “Oops, sorry. Teehee… So truth or dare?” “Erm… truth…” Krissie seemed to be hesitating, but Chloe couldn’t have it. “Why truth? That’s boring! You never pick dare… Chicken!” “But I…” “Chicken! Chicken!” …

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Think of a drop of dark red ink falling towards a sterile marble floor. It splashes into a crown and branches into threads of alternating lengths, ejecting droplets into the air. The droplets too skim across the floor, and eventually, the drop is gone. The crown settles in the image …

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