World Of Winona

Winona Worlds was the girl everyone wanted to be. She had it all. Fantastic grades, excellent painting skills, great looks, popularity, and the most loving boyfriend one can have. Girls and boys envied her equally. Everyday, she’d sashay down the halls, silently boasting about herself. She’d arrive in denim mini-skirts …

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Our town wasn’t always like this, deserted and barren. At one point it was actually considered to be flourishing, with a steady stream of income for people of all ages and multiple venues of entertainment which seemed to have a little bit of something for everyone. The heart of our …

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Blind Curve

The snow was coming down harder now, the flurries growing larger and gaining in intensity with the coming darkness. Not at all a situation any normal woman would care to find herself in. Yet there I stood, alone, hungry, waiting. Minutes passed until at last I saw the headlights of …

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Journal of a Psychopath: High School

I am a retired Private Investigator turned Real Crime Blogger. I have been receiving anonymous manuscripts in the mail detailing heinous acts of appalling psychopathy. For reasons concerning my work and this situation, I don’t want to give you my true identity.  You can refer to me as Mr S.  …

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Emotional Support Canadians Are NOT What You Think

I’m sure everybody knows this, but 2020 has been a rough year across the globe. I’m not trying to insinuate that Americans have it worse than other first world countries, but thanks to the media and politics, things have been particularly tense this year. I live in Portland Oregon, and …

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The Farmer and the Scarecrow

I killed my best friend when I was thirteen. It wasn’t what I wanted, or what the others involved wanted, but that doesn’t matter now, he’s gone. Most people look back at their childhood and realize that there was a day they went out to play with their friends for …

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The Case of the Kid With COVID

Who the hell needs a Private Investigator during quarantine? I was obviously grateful to have contact from any client while social distancing, even one that would probably turn out to be some kind of scam. Staying indoors had me going insane. As Steve McCroskey once said, I picked the wrong …

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My Dad Keeps Going Out To The Woods at Night

I was just a kid. I didn’t know any better. Even if I could go back, what would I have done differently? Could I have changed what happened? Could I have done anything at all? Probably not. Even so, I can’t help but dwell on the details. Some nights, it …

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