God didn't answer my prayers but something else did

God didn’t answer my prayers but something else did

Rachael and I were high school sweethearts. We met through mutual friends and hit it off like a house on fire. Our weekends were spent hanging out enjoying each other’s company. Our first big stumbling block came after graduation.We were accepted into different colleges four hours away. Most relationships would […]

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The endless warp of time

The Endless Warp of Time

I In the picturesque countryside of Ceredigion, a historical county in the west of Wales, with its rugged cliffs delving into caves and hidden beaches, as well as rolling farmland hills that stretched for miles amid endless greenery, were two villages that young Elin had known for as long as

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Has anyone heard of a pill called Ichor?

Has anyone heard of a pill called Ichor?

Before anything else, I want to make it clear I’m not a journal-keeping kinda guy, so apologies if the formatting’s out of whack. Usually I get by just fine with my memory. A lot happened in July this year. So much that I’m still processing it four months later. What

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Upon a Crimson throne

Upon A Crimson Throne

Dreams, it all started with a dream. It wasn’t anything ambitious or grand that I yearned for; all I wanted was freedom. But time has a funny way of twisting things; now all I dream of is the end. Every night and every contemplative waking moment, my thoughts and dreams

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A tale from Portaferry

A Tale from Portaferry

The clear night sky was a perfect reflection of the water below it, and the moon hovered amongst a quilt of black like a curled finger as if beckoning the sun to chase it around the earth.A great shadow glided beneath the water at measureless speed. From the Irish Sea,

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The saturn source code

The Saturn Source Code

It was a pretty simple program.A collaborative effort between me and another user on a forum I like to frequent. We like to help one another with all sorts of projects, personal and professional. He and I were both freelance software developers, and made a good team. He went by

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We Discovered Something in Deep Space

43 years ago, on the 5th of September 1977, a space probe was launched from Earth, and sent on an endless journey through space. The probe, which was affectionately named Voyager 1, contained a multitude of information regarding humanity, including our language, our art, and in a more metaphorical way;

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