Beings and Entities


They had found the Voyager probes and decoded the messages inside. Their great silver ships filled the sky, scudding through the atmosphere like shiny storm clouds. All planes that approached them, no matter from what nation, were shot down. They called themselves the Arbiters. Their demands were simple. One person from every nation on Earth …

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“What’s this?” Pamela asked, running her hands over the verdant green cloth.  Whatever it covered stood a nearly a foot taller than her.  It was roughly rectangular shaped and she could feel what felt like molded metal underneath her fingers. “An old family heirloom,” Shauna answered.  Her skin glowed milky white in the soft moonlight …

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Are You Still There?

Chatroom log transcribed by *name expunged* on *date expunged*. Screen names presumably substituted by account holders’ real names for easier reference. Whether incident described was real or fabricated cannot be determined, as transcriber has vanished without a trace. * [11:29:09 PM] – Jon has joined the chatroom [11:29:14 PM] – Matt has joined the chatroom …

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Unless you wish to experience endless nights without sleep, the painful insomnia sent from the devil himself, don’t look. If you’re one of those lucky enough to fall asleep after such an experience as mine, then you’ll realize it soon. You’ll soon wake in the middle of the night screaming with the agony from the …

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The Father

When we are speaking of the supernatural, of the disturbing, of the grotesquely weird and disgusting, we consider only the monsters themselves. We see the twitching limbs and sharp teeth, the death and the despair, and the heart-stopping terror of the moment of death. We rarely look past this, into the real question and mystery. …

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