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Psychology Bone

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📅 Published on December 20, 2017

"Psychology Bone"

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Psychology bones – They sound weird, right, but I can feel my own psychology bones and other psychology bones in other people’s minds. Psychology bones aren’t bones for the body, but the mind; they are extremely flexible and cannot be seen by the naked eyes; they are constantly breaking and forming back together and breaking again. They make up the mind and they determine what sort of mind you have and why you think the way you do.

Psychology bones are like the skeletal bones of the body; just as how the skeletal bones help the body to stand up straight, this is what the psychology bones do for the mind. I can hear and feel them breaking all of the time and I can hear them heal and whenever the psychology bones break; this happens because of a breakdown or depression and obviously negativity is bad for the psychology bones and good vibes are good for them. Like how sugar is bad for the physical bones of our body, our psychological bones work in the same way for different purposes. People with mental disabilities have constant broken psychological bones that unfortunately will never heal and psychology bones can grow into the body where the arms and legs will start doing strange things, like have you ever seen someone constantly doing something abnormal with their hands or bodies and acting strangely. Well, their psychology bones have grown into the body.

I cannot prove that psychology bones exist and you cannot see them as with all things from the mind they are invisible. Whenever you lose your temper or have a breakdown, know that some of your psychology bones have broken, but they will heal. Another thing that can break the psychology bones are bad experiences or maybe seeing things that was too unnerving or gruesome and violent.

The psychology bones are the bones for the mind and they are constantly breaking, healing, forming and growing. The invisibility and flexibility are the true differences that are inherited by the psychology bones and as you grow older the psychology bones become weaker and start losing some grip of the mind.

I can feel mine and other people’s psychology bones and they have also been made to withstand some thoughts coming from the mind, and some thoughts that are too extreme or disgusting can also cause many harms to the psychology bones; weird, extreme, unusual and dark thoughts can change the very nature of psychology bones and change their type or make. I could sense the psychology bones moving and constantly working to keep the mind where it is supposed to be.

I live with my mother and father and I have one younger brother, and we are part of a weird cult that looks forward to guardian angels visiting us. I know, already by saying guardian angels I have already made this appear strange, but our family and other families in this cult absolutely love the guardian angels and hope that they will one day visit us. I asked about the guardian angels and my mother and father always say such nice things about them and our true purpose will come about when the guardian angels come to visit us. I asked more questions about the guardian angels and my parents got annoyed and they told me that when the time comes I will know what I will have to do when the guardian angel will come.

I had a friend from another family member within the same cult, and we used to talk about the guardian angels and how excited both of us were when then guardian angels would come to our families. I remember playing football with my friend when one day I noticed a tall man wearing old raggedy clothes and a cap to cover his face; we saw this stranger more times on other days as he used to follow us around. I and my friend told our parents about the characteristics of this man and the type of clothes he wears and how he has been following me and my friend. I sensed his psychology bones and it was a different make due to the weird thoughts that had touched his psychology bones, they seemed more brittle and harder compared to other psychology bones.

Our parents, however, were over the moon when we told them of our experiences and they told us that what we were experiencing were the signs of our guardian angels coming to us. I had a confused look on my face and I couldn’t understand that this was a sign that the guardian angel was nearing us and that this creepy guy was a guardian angel.

Apparently getting followed around was one of the huge signs of a guardian angel nearing to you. Another thing as well my parents told me that guardian angels are not human, but if that is so, then how come I was able to sense the strange man’s psychology bones, it was human. Every animal and creatures have their own type of psychology bones, keeping their minds intact, but this supposed guardian angel had a human psychology bones, a little changed from the thoughts that go through his head but still human.

I remember my friend phoning me and telling me that the guardian angel was now approaching their house and had been seen just from a distance, staring at their house. This is another sign of the guardian angel nearing to them and I couldn’t help but feel something was wrong about all of this. My friend’s parents could be heard through the phone cheering and were so happy. I told my friend about psychology bones and what they are and I told him that this supposed guardian angel that has been following me and him and now staring at my friend’s house, he had human psychology bones. My friend said to me that maybe the guardian angel took the form of a human and the conversation ended there.

My mother heard me talking about the guardian angel and she wasn’t happy about my questioning mind and she hit me that day really hard. She shouted at me never to be so questioning towards the great guardian angels. She kept on saying how they will free us from the prisons we are living in and my father came then joined in the argument of telling me off. I tried explaining to them about how I could feel the psychology bones, but they just shouted at me even more and they were kind of jealous that my friend’s family had a supposed guardian angel staring at their house and the reason our house wasn’t picked was because of my questioning antics. I was sent to my room and when I am alone in my room, I like to just close my eyes and just listen to the psychology bones flexing and moving.

You see, the reason why psychology bones are flexible is because it needs to be, because the mind is always changing, just like how people and individuals change. Like when someone changes their opinions or even way of thinking, they can only do that because of the flexibility of the psychology bones. Racists, criminals, and people with mental disabilities tend to have harder psychology bones and as you get older it gets harder to change and thus the psychology bones slowly break away. The psychology bones I sensed in the supposed guardian angel were much harder than most humans, his mind was fixed to one thing to one opinion and people like him are impossible to change. The dark, disgusting and wrongful thoughts which I can sense hitting the psychology bones have made it harder. I felt worried for my friend and I sent him Facebook messages to be careful and to make sure to lock all of the doors. My friend though kept telling me that his parents were excited about the supposed guardian who has been circling and walking around their house. This was all extremely creepy and my family was becoming even more jealous and my little brother also jealous that everything happening to my friend’s family was not happening to us.

The cult our community belongs to is sort of part of the village we live in. This village had been around for centuries and this cult is very old. It has some Christian, Islamic and Jewish roots in the sense that we believe in angels and demons but it is very different. We go to our very own holy temple and we worship many gods and we pray for the guardian angels to visit us. My friend’s family was being blessed and complimented by everyone in our temple as the news of a guardian angel has been following them more closely. I sensed everyone’s psychology bones in this temple, it was much harder than usual and the constant same thoughts are not good for the psychology bones. Everyone was giving my friend’s family presents and more blessings and my family also gave them something and my mother and father giving a fake smile. My mother told me that from now on I was never to talk down any guardian angel. At home, I received a call on my mobile phone from my friend that the guardian angel can be heard in their house now; when they went home they saw that their door was open even though they had closed it. Someone had broken into their house, but when they saw the supposed guardian angel that had been following them around for the last couple of months; they started worshiping the guardian angel. My friend told me how the guardian angel could be heard walking upstairs and when they came to see the guardian angel, he had hidden somewhere.

My friend’s parents said to never try and find the guardian angel and to let it be wherever it wants to be. My friend’s family invited other families as well as my own and we were all in the living room and we could all hear movements that can be made by the supposed guardian angel. Some people were praying and some were crying in joy and I was so freaked out, I could sense more things about the psychology bones belonging to this guardian angel. I could hear them moving, but because they had hardened, they made more noise. I would call this a disturbed individual, but the rest of my elders called him a guardian angel, even though he had human psychology bones.

My mother’s jealousy then came out and she shouted as we were all in the living room with three other families, “Why aren’t we chosen!” and she shouted at me and my friend’s families and the other families were being nice and saying, “Leave the boy alone, we will all get chosen in time,” and my mother wiped her tears and my father supporting my mother, while looking down at me. My little brother wanted to go see him and go upstairs but was warned not to as this could make the guardian angel angry. We all had something to eat at my friend’s house and then we all went home. My friend kept me updated and they have a CCTV, they could see that when they are asleep the guardian angel comes out and takes some food from the fridge and watches telly and does some weird things like peeing on the floor and rubbing his body against a wall. I tried explaining to my friend that this guardian angel is disturbed. His parents think otherwise and they love him and they are growing more loving towards him.

Then one day my family get a call from my friend’s family and they say that my friend has been taken away from home. They could clearly see from the CCTV camera that the guardian angel went up to my friend as he was sleeping and he grabbed him and took him. He tried fighting back but was put into a choke hold and passed out.

The parents seemed so overjoyed and we went over to their house, and I could feel especially from the mother that she wanted to cry as well. I checked my friend’s room and the evidence of struggle can be seen and the parents did nothing except let the supposed guardian angel do what he had pleased. I could feel the vibrations that have been let off from the psychology bones from my friend and it was all over his room; his psychology bones had been broken in so many ways and I could even smell it in the air.

Then after an hour of my friend’s mother laughing and being so cheerful, all of a sudden in a quick change of emotions, she couldn’t hold it anymore and she let out, “My son, my son, I want my son back!” My friend’s mother cried and his father slapped her in the face extremely hard and told to stop crying. Everyone was kind of supporting her, but at the same time telling her off for being so extremely ungrateful and that my friend has been blessed and the guardian angel had taken him from this prison. It was horrible seeing my friend’s mother cry in such a way and she was a lovely woman at heart, she was silent after that. I and my friend were both 16 at the time and I am 18 now and I still think about him and I always wonder what the guardian angel had done with him. He was the only child as well and he had been taken away and inside my mind I was hoping that this guardian angel was actually a guardian angel and not just some stalker creep.

My little brother is 11 now and I have noticed recently that a stranger that I have never seen before wearing dark and messy and dirty clothes with his face covered, following me and my little brother said that this strange man had been following him. I could sense his psychology bones and it was exactly the same as the first supposed guardian angel. My little brother told my mother and father and they were both extremely happy and I was obviously not. My parent’s over the moon and celebrating and I wanted to say something, but it was hard to break the happy mood. I haven’t ever seen them so happy like this and they kept on saying how they are being blessed now by the guardian angel and that this guardian angel will free one of us. I couldn’t stand and not just keep my mouth closed and say nothing and when I opened my mouth and ruined the happy occasion I was slapped across the face by my mother. I could sense anger as her psychology bones were flexing heavily and I was shouted at all night. I really was hoping for a miracle for something else to distract the supposed guardian angel onto something else. I felt worried for my little brother the most and I wanted to go up to him and confront he stranger who has been following my family now.

I could just see that someone was getting kidnapped and I had a feeling my little brother was the pick out of everyone in my family, I had grown taller and so I would be harder to take. I don’t know but something in my just said they are not guardian angels and they are nothing special and I wanted to confront the strange guy.

I saw him the stalker just standing in front of my house now and I got out of my house and I shouted at him and I punched him in the face till he fell to the ground. My mother and father followed me and were shouting at me and they were angry, they started bowing down to the supposed guardian angel and asking for its forgiveness and I was taken inside the house. I was told off heavily and when they say that this guardian was still outside, they were quickly happy once again.

The next day, more men were staring at our house and my parents were happy once again as they thought more guardian angels had surrounded my house. We were blessed at our temple and we received presents and compliments from the people of the temple; I was not happy at all. I could feel all of the psychology bones from the supposed guardian angels all standing in front of my house and we got home, our door was broken into.

We could hear the four strangers walking upstairs and we had to be in the living room my parents told me and my brother. We invited other family members to have food and to listen to the ever so brilliant guardian angels upstairs in our house, my missing friend’s mother and father also came and she was also smiling. They were all so jealous that we had not one, but four guardian angels in our house and I wanted to go crazy and ballistic but I didn’t.

I looked at everyone in my household who belongs to this cult and they were all so happy and their psychology bones were actually gaining from this from the happiness they were receiving at thinking these stalkers were guardian angels. There were two vibes; downstairs was happy, positive vibes and upstairs were dark and negative vibes as I could sense two types of psychology bones at present. I looked at my little brother and I knew he was the one that was going to be targeted. I didn’t know what to do when I was one against many; I just started saying to myself that these strange men are actually guardian angels and that they are here to free us but this didn’t work. Sometimes I wish I was blind as it would have made things so much easier and much better to handle this situation. To know something and not know what to do about it is the worst feeling in the world. I wanted to go upstairs as I could hear the men upstairs; they were making obvious sounds and my parents telling me to come back to the living room.

When no more sounds could be heard and obviously they hid somewhere in our house in the upstairs rooms, everyone went home and we went to bed. Do you know what it feels like to be sleeping in a house knowing there are four strangers at present within the same house? Well, I do and it was one of the worst nights of my life. I couldn’t go to sleep and I could literally smell their psychology bones and how it has been changed by their minds and could hear them chatting and peeing on the wall and rubbing their bodies against the wall.

I could hear faint singing and this was just downright weird and creepy all at the same time. I wanted to get and go crazy and just do something, but I decided to fall asleep and somehow I managed to fall asleep and I checked on my little brother when I awoke and he was still in the house.

It was a ticking bomb and I knew any time something was going to happen and I kept saying to myself that these men are guardian angels and they are here to do nothing but all good work for my family and free our family and every time I had started to think like this, I felt something disgusting inside of my body. Then one night I fell asleep and I was startled when something grabbed my neck and was squeezing really hard and the other was holding me down and I passed out.

When I got back to consciousness, I got up straight away and I went to check on my little brother and he was gone. I fell to my knees and I was so angry with myself, thinking to myself as to why I didn’t do something earlier and I started to cry. It was early morning and I just didn’t know what to do and so many thoughts running through my head and I could feel my own psychology bones moving, bones moving and swaying, and some breaking and giving me a headache. My parents came into my little brother’s room and at first they were so happy, but I could sense anger and despair at the same time. All of the other families were invited and food was made and everyone was so happy and I could sense something weird coming from my mother.

Eventually she broke down and she started to cry in the middle of the party and she shouted and screamed “My baby!” and my father grabbed her and slapped her in the face and I did nothing as I thought she deserved a slap in the face. Everyone tried encouraging her and telling her that she should be grateful and that they at least have one son left which was me. I should have done something I knew something was wrong with their psychology bones and I knew I should have acted but I failed to act.


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