Scab Dog

Be aware of your surroundings, if you’re in the woodsy parts of Indiana or Illinois, taking a country road, or stopping anywhere off highways 50 and 231 between Louisville and St. Louis. There are many small towns nestled in broad tracts of dense forest, and these, above all, should be …

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We look up at the sky every day. Usually it’s blue or black; sometimes orange or yellow. Sometimes it’s not there at all. It happens about twice a month but it’s been more frequent lately. We’re not too worried about it though, it hasn’t harmed anyone yet- with the exception …

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“Mom…dad…is it over?” It was pitch black and silent for a moment after… “I don’t know, son.” Then woman’s voiced quivered… “Henry, how will we know?” It was then Henry switched on the lantern. He was a blinded momentarily and when his sight came too he saw his wife and …

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December 2013 Raffle: Creepy Christmas Edition [Winner Contacted]

You’ve probably noticed already that the fall rating pumpkins have given way to Christmas stars – and to get us even more in the holiday spirit, it’s time for a Christmas giveaway! I’ll admit it: I really like Christmas, so I got a little carried away and bought more stuff …

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December 2013 Discussion Post: Making Monsters

This month’s discussion post was suggested by YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE USERNAME! Humans have been making monsters seemingly from the dawn of our species. Every culture has their own army of bump-in-the-night creepies, terrifying mythological beasts, and fearsome folk tales. Some are part of oral history and creation legends, others …

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