The Pastel Man

Consider this a warning. In the event it ever comes to you during a moment of weakness, as it did me all those years ago, say no to the Pastel Man. It doesn’t matter how much you love the person that it promises to help, nothing is worth what it wants in return. I tell you this in hopes that you don’t make the same mistake I did that cold winter night, kneeling beside my father’s writhing body on the living room floor.

The Nail

“Time for sleep; the Nail is near. “But good children needn’t fear. “Close the left eye, then the right. “Now it’s time to say good night.” Until I was nine, I didn’t really think about it. Or if I thought about it at all, I thought it was just a …

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Murder is an incredibly human concept, when you think of it. All species kill; to protect their young, to cull those unfit, most often in order to stay alive- everyone needs to eat. And yet, in nature, all causes of death are natural. We exist simply for existence’ sake. All …

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The Nice Guy

Frank, Thomas, and Kirby enter the office break room at approximately 12:25 pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Each man holds various containers designed for holding food and drink, and as they lazily slump into the fiberglass chairs that were haphazardly pushed under the table after their previous uses, the room …

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Let me tell you all a story. It’s one which I think is interesting, but at the same time frustrating for me. You see, it’s not mine. And for that reason I can’t develop it myself or adapt it into a complete tale. It’s supposedly an experience someone actually had, …

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“Watch out for Sadie.” “What?” “Watch out for Sadie. She haunts the garage.” I searched the face of Carol, the woman who had been training me for the past week, waiting to see her wink or twitch the corners of her mouth into a mocking smile. Instead, I received a …

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Coal Mines

There isn’t much to do around Westbrook, our shitty little town in the Appalachian Mountains. The town itself only has a population of two thousand, and most of them work in the Davidson Coal Mine in the eastern half of town. My dad used to work there, before the accident. …

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Part I – It Begins My name is Abby. My sister Amber and I are identical twins, and spend most of our time together. Outwardly we look the same: same shoulder-length brown hair, same large brown eyes, same pale skin, same thin 5′ 8″ builds. Inside, though, we’re a bit …

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January 2014 Discussion Post: Mythological Entities

Last month, we talked about how to create good monsters. Some classic boogeyman from folklore and mythology were namedropped over the course of the discussion, which got me wondering – Which already established mythological entities are your absolute favorites? Unlike last month, please don’t limit yourself to just monsters or malignant …

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Bits and Pieces

If you are interested in the weird and wonderful, then you might already be familiar with the strange case of the Uist mummies. Discovered in 2001, the mummified remains of two ancient residents of the Scottish island of South Uist have perplexed and puzzled archaeologists ever since they were unearthed. …

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The Time Machine

First test of Space-time Manipulation Device “Time Machine” with Human Subject   Abstract: This paper documents the initial test of the Space-time Manipulation Device carrying a payload of a willing human subject. Using methods detailed in this paper, the SMD is sent 1 year into the future, remains for 10 …

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He liked to kill animals. It was a game he’d play during the longer drives. Jones wasn’t a bad guy entirely, he wasn’t particularly rotten, at least not to the core. He’d never kill a dog, for example, that would of course be wrong. Dogs were part of the family, …

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