Her name was Boppi. Boppi the Clown. I met her at my first carnival. Carnivals never held much appeal to me other than their rides and excessively sweet, fattening treats. Such limitation was probably for the best. However, my parents insisted on dragging me along knowing all too well that …

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As Her Air Ran Out

Ellie’s eyes fluttered open, only to be blasted by strong, white light. Her arm shot up and hid her face from the glare, as she slowly became able to see her surroundings. She was stuck in a Plexiglas cube, big enough for her 13-year-old self to stretch out her arms …

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The Soup

I had a son. His name was Tom. I remember just how much I loved him, and what for. The sweetest child anyone could possibly ever see, just a pure bundle of joy bursting with positive energy. But, along with the good memories, also come the bad ones. I still …

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The predator casually surveyed his hunting ground. His camouflage consisted of a dry cleaned white suit, matching silk shirt and a carefully chosen tie. His sleeves were rolled just enough to display a fake Rolex, and the greying hair at his temples had been darkened with very cheap, and very …

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Black Cab

Black Cab By Christopher Haynes When Shawn called me to hang, I still had no interest in eating—the wounds were still fresh in my mind like the first car accident you had or getting fired from a job when you knew it was not your fault. Amanda had taken what …

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