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I’m working on reading submissions and getting things scheduled. Expect to see new pastas on the main page starting on February 8th, and please do visit Crappypasta if you’re really starving for new pastas! I’ve been updating it for about a week now, and I’m sure the authors would appreciate some constructive criticism. Remember, the more we can improve the community’s overall skill level, the easier it will be for me to find new main-site pastas! Most of the holdup right now comes from the simple fact that I have to get through roughly 50+ unpostable submissions to find one acceptable submission.… Read the rest

You wake up startled, gasping for air, as you recover from a nightmare. It’s the same nightmare that has been repeating itself for weeks now. Every night, you helplessly watch as the same damn scene unfolds right before your eyes. There are children running around in a playground, as a little girl climbs across the monkey bars. You get that nauseating feeling that something is about to happen, but you don’t know what. You try yelling for the girl to warn her, but the only thing that escapes from your throat is air. Now that you realize it’s too late, you attempt to block your eyes as the girl falls, causing a sickening crack to ring throughout your head.… Read the rest

DERPNOTE: Since the “This Man” post was seemingly well-received, I’m going to continue tossing in these sorts of posts every so often. They’re not actual pastas, but interesting things to read about “real life” paranormal events and experiences. My hope is that you will enjoy both learning about and discussing the events described in these sorts of posts, and maybe even glean some inspiration for future submissions.
With that said, what follows is the original text of a very famous eBay auction where a harried seller tried his best to unload a possibly cursed item: The Dibbuk Box.

All of the events that I am about to set forth in this listing are accurate and may be verified by the winning bidder with the copies of hospital records and sworn affidavits that I am including as part of the sale of the cabinet.… Read the rest

My mother, dead now these past eighteen months – may God rest her soul – was a fanatically superstitious woman. Her ancestry, a combination of strict Catholicism and Irish folklore, had resulted in a potent blend which caused her to view life as a series of potential transgression (some valid, some merely fanciful) which might culminate in any one of a million unwanted outcomes should she step over some mystical line.
It was a matter of good fortune for me that my father, although a virtuous man, was totally lacking the imaginative capacity to believe very much in either religion or superstition.… Read the rest

This is the first time I’ve ever shared the story I’m about to tell you. Sometimes, in the still of the night, it runs through my head on a loop – so I feel the time’s come to put it out there in the hope that certain demons can be laid to rest.

It all started with a dare – like many unspeakable things do. I mean, when Gemma and I initially took up the challenge to stay in the old Chantler house overnight, it’s not as though we hadn’t heard all the stories about the Scuttler – we just didn’t worry too much about them.… Read the rest

There once was a magical kingdom of sleep
Where children drifted to after counting their sheep
And it was ruled by blankets and pillows and beds
Who would send happy thoughts to little children’s heads.
But in this land of joy and bliss
There was on pillow who ran amiss
He had been fluffed and stuffed terribly wrong
And it is due to this pillow that we have this sad song.
For one day this cranky pillow got incredibly mad
And decided he wanted to do something extremely bad
So he devised a devilish scheme, an evil plan
And he went to the house of poor Gabby Furman
So he sat upon her bed and awaited his prey
Until she appeared, and onto her bed she did lay
And as she drifted into a soft snooze
He figured he had nothing else he could lose
So instead of coaxing the naïve blonde child
He let himself go crazy and his mouth went wild
He opened his jaws and took a fearsome bite
And he clamped his teeth upon her head quite tight
And she awoke with a gruesome, terrible scream
As she realized this nightmare was no mere dream
And she shook and fought and tried to escape
But the sinister pillow had already sealed her fate
An end was finally made to this bloody fight
As he finished her off with one final bite
And as the girl’s head fell freely to the ground
The screams came to a halt, there wasn’t a sound
The pillow walked away, laughing in spite
For the death of the girl had given him much delight
So he continues to haunt the houses of young teens
As he is a grouchy creature, and nothing but mean
So beware, everyone, of this deceptive foe
For this is the true story, of the murder pillow.… Read the rest

The wind brushing up against my face was common, but it never felt subtle to me. Never felt as if it was there to cool or comfort; only there to remind me of where I was. In my bed laid me – and in me laid my mind, which was a sanctuary where I reviewed the past events of life. Most nights, the same memories would flash across my mind – my temple. Occasionally, however, a past instance unbeknownst to me would arise in the inner confines of my brain. These instances were special. They proved to me that there was more than just the tangible memories.… Read the rest

Henry worked in an office. It was an ordinary office in an ordinary city where he was paid an ordinary wage to do ordinary things. For many this would have been tedious and frustrating, but not for Henry because he too was ordinary, and he enjoyed being so. Life was predictable; get up at 7:00 A.M., shower for 15 minutes, toast two pieces of wholemeal bread, poach an egg, eat with a minimum of fuss, watch ten minutes of morning television, listen to an audio-book on the train, get to work, sandwich for lunch, back to work, home, watch a little TV, read something light, go to sleep, and repeat day after day.… Read the rest

Finally, I’m home. After working a late night, I finally finished a project that my boss pushed on me. It was all worth it though, because I had a great day ahead of me. The part I was most excited for though, was seeing my son. I finally won the custody battle against my ex-wife, so now I actually get to see him. I fixed up my old spare bedroom for him, although it looked bland in all white. I figured we would have some spare time later and we could make any changes he wanted. I lumbered up the stairs, and when he finally heard I was here, he quickly called me into his room.… Read the rest

Some people might recall some momentary buzz caused a couple of years ago by a particularly odd Morrowind mod. The file name was jvk1166z.esp. It was never posted on any of the larger Elder Scrolls communities, usually just smaller boards and role-playing groups. I know in a few cases rather than being posted, it was sent via PM or email to a ‘chosen few.’ It was only up for a few days, to the best of my knowledge.

It caused a buzz because it was a virus, or seemed to be. If you tried to load the game with the mod active, it would hang at the initial load screen for a full hour and then crash to the desktop.… Read the rest

“Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host.

But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.”

– Maya Angelou


I know of an anecdote, one about a little girl named Madeline. Little Maddie was seven years old, with dark chestnut hair and wide blue eyes. Everyone thought she would grow up to become such a pretty woman, and a smart one at that. Maddie loved to read books, all kinds of books; fairy tales and history, fantasy and mystery. Her parents were so proud of her for being so smart and pretty and brave, they knew she was special.… Read the rest

In January 2006 in New York, the patient of a well-known psychiatrist draws the face of a man that has been repeatedly appearing in her dreams. In more than one occasion that man has given her advice on her private life. The woman swears she has never met the man in her life.

That portrait lies forgotten on the psychiatrist’s desk for a few days until one day another patient recognizes that face and says that the man has often visited him in his dreams. He also claims he has never seen that man in his waking life.

The psychiatrist decides to send the portrait to some of his colleagues that have patients with recurrent dreams.… Read the rest

The sound of footsteps was audible in the merchant’s square. People walked around buying food, supplies, and the occasional odd item. I was setting up my wares for the day-medicines for the sick and potions to cure pain. I loved helping the people of Florence. Everyone needs healing. No one should be sick. I sold little charms, trinkets for luck, fertility, good health, and many other human needs. I also sold little toys for children, for I felt sorry for them. Especially the poor, the orphans, and the homeless, who wandered the streets cold, hungry, and sad. I kept prices low, so that anyone could buy what they need.… Read the rest

“Another pint should put just the right color on the day,” I half-whispered to myself as I rationalized ordering another creation of Arthur Guinness’s brilliance.  As the pub’s barman slid my libation past the ashtrays and napkins, a sniveling, and seemingly inebriated, derelict skulked past my stool and leaned his filthy frame over the bar rail.

After a few moments the man placed his order, and to my amazement his voice was crisp and precise. I had expected to hear a number of words that ended with the ‘ish’ sound that drunkards make, but his English was fine.

After a few deep draws on his ale, his bloodshot eyes turned to mine.… Read the rest

I went to a remote prison in Pennsylvania for robbery in 1989. If you try and find it, you will be out of luck because its gone, erased from most memories because it wasn’t well known in the first place.

While the prison was standing, it had a very low escape rate, because of a story that circulated around within the walls. The story was told to me by a friend, and it won’t leave my memory anytime soon.

Harry Winslow was an inmate in the late 40’s, who was in the prison for life. He had been going mad in his prison because he always had said he’d been framed.… Read the rest


Did I get your attention? Good. For the sake of the main page, the rest of this post is under the ‘read more’ button – however, that does not mean that you can claim ignorance. If you’re considering submitting, make sure that you read this post.

Read the rest

Hello, my name is Mitch. I’m here to tell you guys about an experience I had. I don’t know if it was paranormal or whatever stupid words people use to describe supernatural phenomena, but after that thing visited me, I believe in that paranormal trash, now.

A week after I moved in with my brother, Edwin, after my house was foreclosed, I finished unpacking. Edwin liked the idea of me moving in, since we had not seen each other after 10 years, so I was excited, too. I soon fell asleep after I moved in. After that 1 week, I heard rustling noises coming from outside at about one in the morning.… Read the rest

Okay… erm… I don’t usually do this, but I guess I probably should just in case they ask for further evidence or something. My name is Graham Luciani. I’m 28 years old, living alone in my childhood home. I inherited it several years ago after both my mom and dad passed away. Separately of course. My mother died first, and a couple of years later, my father died and left the place to me. It can sometimes be quite difficult living there. I’m the youngest of 8 children, so you can imagine how big the house would have had to have been to accommodate that many people.… Read the rest

As many of you are aware, I use a blogging platform called WordPress to run this site. This means that I use an externally created plugin to process certain aspects of the site. For example: the rating system and submission forms are both operated by plugins.

The author of the plugin that we use for the submission and contact forms updated it today, and after that update was applied, the forms have completely disappeared. I wasn’t warned of this, so I’m more than moderately annoyed about this development, trust me.

I’m poking around the “new and improved” control panel of this plugin, and I’m having trouble actually creating a new form or getting anything to function at all.… Read the rest

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