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This Man

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In January 2006 in New York, the patient of a well-known psychiatrist draws the face of a man that has been repeatedly appearing in her dreams. In more than one occasion that man has given her advice on her private life. The woman swears she has never met the man in her life.

That portrait lies forgotten on the psychiatrist’s desk for a few days until one day another patient recognizes that face and says that the man has often visited him in his dreams. He also claims he has never seen that man in his waking life.

The psychiatrist decides to send the portrait to some of his colleagues that have patients with recurrent dreams. Within a few months, four patients recognize the man as a frequent presence in their own dreams. All the patients refer to him as THIS MAN.

From January 2006 until today, at least 2000 people have claimed they have seen this man in their dreams, in many cities all over the world: Los Angeles, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Tehran, Beijing, Rome, Barcelona, Stockholm, Paris, New Delhi, Moskow etc.

At the moment there is no ascertained relation or common trait among the people that have dreamed of seeing this man. Moreover, no living man has ever been recognized as resembling the man of the portrait by the people who have seen this man in their dreams.


This Man


Please visit for the full story.

DERPNOTE: This isn’t a creepypasta proper, obviously. I stumbled onto this website tonight and found it very intriguing and, of course, creepy. Particularly because I’m totally falling for the feeling that I’ve seen him before, too! Anyhow, I thought you guys might enjoy reading about & discussing this enough to make it worth posting.

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196 thoughts on “This Man”

  1. I had a dream 2nights ago of this guy then my friend showed me this photo and I couldn’t believe my eye’s that it was him. He had been killed in my dream by thugs then returned as a ghost and needed my help to get revenge on his murders.weird dream

  2. I have read stories about this guy in the dream, and so I jokingly go to mom and show her the picture and ask “Have you ever dreamt about this man.” My mom just looks at me with just a weird expression on her face. “When I was a little girl I did. It was very vivid.” I laughed and brushed her off for a bit thinking she was just kidding.
    After I kept asking her saying “You’re kidding” she shook her head and went back to playing on her phone.
    After awhile I ask “What was it about?” She sighs and basically says she doesn’t want to talk about it.

  3. He always gave me advise I was playing gta when I couldn’t figure out a cheat. Frustrated I went to bed and he showed me the cheat in my dream ans it actually worked.

  4. I was 5 when he came into my dream and I never forgot him he’s been in around 40 of my dreams and just a few days ago I saw a creepy pasta and I freaked out but it realiefs me that I’m not the only one.

  5. I actually dreamed of this man a couple of times and finally Google ‘ever dream of this man’ and stumbled upon that sight a few years ago…..

  6. I’m Scared someone’s behind me all the time and also i’m scared to sleep tonight should i see ‘This Man’ (as I have not yet seen him in my dreams)

  7. To add to what YOO stated:
    “It was revealed that the website and meme were created by sociologist Andrea Natella, an advertising agency employee who specialized in hoax and viral marketing, and that the face used on the website appeared to have been produced through the software program Flash Face.”

  8. “The copypasta story is said to have originated from, a website launched in September 2009 by Italian viral marketing specialist Andrea Natella.”

    You guys, do some research. This isn’t “real”. Best to remove the tag.

  9. Anyone else get a really chilling feeling when they looked at his face? When I looked I got this chilling, shocking feeling in my chest had to scroll down.

  10. O.M.G I never seen this dude in mah whole life and I never saw dat dood in mah dreams but it looks like Mr.Waky Guy from Viki AYO WUSSUP?! that episode just made my day :D

  11. Is it just me or does “This Man” look like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory? Not only that, but eyebrow game strong…

  12. He reminds me of someone I’ve met in Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas. If anyone else know what I’m talking about please comment the characters name.

  13. At First I Wasn't Frightened

    FiretrUCK. I wouldn’t really mind it if not for other people mentioned the same feeling they get at their first sight of this man.

    Idk, but I got chill and teared up. Not as if I’m ‘that scared’ of him. Never saw him before. He looks somewhat artificially funny and just a bit creepy at the same time. (Though I really don’t expect him to appear in my dreams)

    The pic left such a FiretrUCKING mind effect on me. I’m not scared, just somewhat bothered by it’s sight. *calming down my heartbeat*

  14. I saw him the morning after I read this in sleep paralysis.
    It was mostly induced but enjoyable in an odd way. I felt him sucking my soul and I was trying to punch him but that was futile.

  15. Okay so… he looked KIND OF familiar but honestly i feel really really uncomfortable looking at his face, to the point that while i was on the website i actually used my hand to block it out. I don’t know why it creeps me out so much but I just can’t stand looking it at, it gives me this pit feeling in my gut.

  16. I didn’t want to sleep after i read the story, i was so terrified. i was praying to god that he would not appear in my dreams.

  17. The only creepy thing here is that he looks kinda like my cousin. D: Also INCEPTION become reality, hahaha.

  18. I’ve seen him before, or someone who looks like him.
    I showed this to my friend (she doesn’t read scary stories and stuff)and she said he appears in her dream, then I made her read the story and she freaked.

  19. You know how in some dreams you can control what happens and stuff because you know you’re dreaming? That’s called a Lucid Dream. Well I had one and that guy stepped out of the World Trade Center and waved at me, smiling as if he were my best friend. He creeped the frogs out of me so I tried to remove him. But instead of that happening, I woke up.

  20. you cannot see faces in dreams, or just disorted isn’t that right? if so this man makes no sense

    1. “Police detective, Mitchell, investigating the death of a victim of a Nazi concentration camp discovers a nightclubbing playboy who has strange powers over women and is seemingly ageless.”
      That sounds absolutely awful… adding it to my list of movies to watch. :P

  21. Wait a second!

    I just did what the above comments told me to do, and the left side of the face looked like Zachary Quinto!

    The face on the right I can’t recognize…

  22. Can’t say I recognize him, and I’ve never seen him in my dreams.

    What’s really weird is my mom dreamed of a man that kidnapped my sister.

    The next day? She sees the man, outside of our house.

    THAT really freaked me out.

    1. I go to school with a kid named Gunner… xDD Come to think of it, he kinda looks like this man… But not really.

  23. This Man reminds me of that one guy from The King’s Singers Choir… They both have that unibrow going on and that derpy eye look.

  24. Take a piece of paper or your finger and cover half his face then do it to the other side. You will hopefully notice that this picture as well done as it may be is two completely different faces mashed into one. Everything on the left side is more squished then the right side which appears elongated.

    1. Fuck me, I can’t look at him long enough to do that… :( He makes me want to throw my computer against the wall. He scares me :(((((((

  25. Look at the picture and hold something in front of one half of his face then the other. It’s two different pictures combined with enough of a similarity to look like one person.

  26. well….. wierd thing happend me some days ago! I dreamed as always but I was dreaming about slender….. long arms long legs skinny as hell but the apperence were more like a gorilla or something…… he walked on four legs but his face had more…… hair or whatever. anyway I wake upp before I see anything off it and I was wake! I was like alway “damn what a crazy dream!“ when I closed my eyes I see a picture i saw a white page and a face I didn’t understand what the hell happend! this was 1 week before I knew about this man. I didn’t see the face good enugh but it’s pretty much that face I claim I was seeing! BTW this man is based upon that when you know about him you dream about him and his face will look like something you have seen before not that I did see a face but a page whit a drawing. I like this one as a creppypasta because it’s not sure if it’s a good or a bad “creature“ oh BTW! if you know any creppypasta that could remind off the dream creature I had I would like to hear it! first thing I can thing off is seedeater……. (I think it wass seedeater not sure) but anyway I like this ^_^

  27. This is the first time I’ve seen this pic, and I realized I’ve seen him before. o.O He was in a nightmare. So weird…

  28. ConvenientUsername

    His face freaks me out. I can’t stand to look at it for more than it takes to scroll past him. And every time, some part of me jumps, like my subconscience knows to fear him or something.

  29. I hope this not real, just on how people can say “he looks familiar” or “I’ve seen him before” .-. Not sure if it true or not >.> never seen him before..but seeing that EXTREMELY CREEPY picture..I might dream about him :c

  30. his face is so “generic” .It’s actually amazing how his features would blend well being Asian,European ,or American.

    It’s like you’d see that kind of features on most 40 to 55 year old men.Like I said, his face is “generic”.

  31. I had recurring nightmares about this man skinning a little boy alive and I saw him once while I was awake. I know it sounds like bs but I’m totally serious. My nightmares stopped when I was 18 and a psychic told me he had killed me in a past life. Take it for what you want but in my nightmares he always was chasing me with a knife or killing the little boy. The nightmares were very lucid and I’m terrified of green vans to this day. He’s real!

  32. Due to the fact I have recurring dreams so often, and recognised this picture on sight… I am seriously debating wether to follow the link or not…

  33. I know a guy named Kenny who i have compared to this photo and they look identical. Its kind of creepy but its true… even the smile in one of his pictures looks just like him.

  34. Don’t think about it Don’t think about it
    Don’t think about it Don’t think about it
    Don’t think about it Don’t think about it
    Don’t think about it Don’t think about it
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    Don’t think about it Don’t think about it
    Don’t think about it Don’t think about it

  35. Nope. Never seen him. I felt nothing looking at the picture.
    Now if you show me a mall I’ll be properly freaked out, since I was about 7 I’ve been dreaming about the same mall.

  36. I’m not scared of him. He just looks like a middle-aged man, nothing to be scared of irrationally. Also, I don’t recognized him at all. He kind of looks like some sort of movie director, if anything.

  37. I think it’s impressive. Power of suggestion, baby >.< Went on the website and some dreamers say they've fallen in love with him 0.0 Suggestion = needs to be nerfed.

  38. This is a viral marketing campaign for that website. The man in the picture is designed with vague enough features that just about anyone can recognize him. The website is owned by an advertising company.

    Needless to say, 1/10.

  39. I’ve never seen him in my dreams and I hope I would never have to. I guess he looks familiar because his face gives off this creeper vibe?

  40. Why did I decide to read this just before I was getting ready to go to bed? :'( Now, I know I won’t be able to sleep.

  41. Its something about his mouth. That smile, although not quite inhuman, seems to stretch a bit farther than it should. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

    1. he has the lips of an african american male. another general characteristic that is meant to make his face seem familiar to a very wide variety of humans who have had dreams with strangers in them.

  42. I would’ve liked more detail derpy. I understand the reluctance to copy/paste, but there’s no harm in rewording stuff. :) Or.. copying and pasting.

    I have never had a helpful dream in my entire life. I would like to point out that this man has many very distinguished general facial characteristics of an average middle aged caucasian, or asian, possibly even mexican. since the picture doesn’t verify any race, other than being less than dark skinned, it could be very possible that people have seen a very similar “dream person” that looks like this particular general picture in some way or form. Since the dream person was, in fact, seen in a dream it is difficult to remember details, but very easy to remember (if ur capable of remembering dreams) general facial characteristics.

    I find that the use of a psychiatrist in the story is very ironic, since this story is, in and of itself, a psychological study.

    no im not smart. :D but can i has cookie for long comment?

  43. the author of this picture drew it in such a way that it would remind somebody of a man they had seen but just vaguely remember

  44. Ahahaha, he kinda looks like Andrew Lloyd Webber to me.

    Which is funny and slightly weird because I just recently got into Phantom of the Opera and ended up seeing ALW’s face for the first time.

  45. Alexendra Olafson

    I cried when I looked at him. There’s a sadness to him. I’m still crying. I”m glad to say I’ve never seen him in my dreams, but my body flooded with grief when I looked at his eyes…. his eyes are the scariest part. They hide something, even in the drawing.

  46. The longer I look at his face.. the more I realize I’ve seen This Man in many, MANY of my nightmares. – He always ended up killing me. – This is the first time I’ve ever read anything about him..

  47. I dreamed about this man last night. I had a nightmare. It was a weird dream too. It was sort of like a sick game that people were brought into and I was one of them. There were different levels But at each level you were told to walk down a different hallway. Each one was creepier than the last. some looked like hospital hallways with cob-webs and flickering lights. Others were just a long hallway with florescent lights. Anyway, there was me and I say about 6 other people. Now randomly, depending on the spot you stepped on, the floor would give out and if you fell thru the floor HE would get you. You could hear the cries of people that have already fallen thru and the screams filled your head. They were screaming for help and telling everyone how terrible he was. I remember not many people were left and the two people in front of me had fallen thru the floor, but this time he wasn’t below them. It had fallen dead silent. HE came around to corner with this maniac look on his face bout didn’t say one word. I lowered myself into a corner and held my hands close to my ears because the closer HE got the louder the screams from the other people got . Then he blinked twice and I woke up. I was crying and covered in sweat. I swear I haven’t read anything about this man till today and as soon as I saw his picture, a chill ran down my spine.

    1. I’m having the same feelings. I believe it is the mind playing tricks but that doesn’t make it any less creepy. I agree with other comments in how he looks familiar because his features are easy to change in the mind. Don’t want to look at this picture any longer though.


    Its the perfect image of familarity and vague-ness that all sends a chill down our spine. Perfect, really, any other slight detail may have ruined it. The Mind. Funny thing.

  49. This has been explained, memory is never perfect and is subject to change/Outside influences and since what you see in your dreams is just remembering such dream this man is just a change made by suggestion.

  50. I do not recognize the face, however unbelievably taken over with fear and sadness when looking at his face. I dare say this man has made a few appearances in real life as well as my dreams. I’d imagine the memories have been regressed, but I have never felt such an instantaneous feeling take over like that before. If he is roughly around 8 foot, I have definitely seen him. Someone get back to me if they know of if he fits that description and if they have any idea why i feel like this. Not exactly my first time on the site, but never had anything creep me out quite like that.

    1. Why do I always read these in the dark?:P

      I have no idea why, but as soon as I looked at that face I just felt absolutely terrified and didn’t wanna look at it at all any more. It didn’t seem familiar at first, but it’s starting to seem familiar to me the more I think about it. But that feeling when I looked at the picture…. It was pretty much indescribable. I showed it to my dad and he reacted the same way.

        1. Maybe I’m just a total pussy, but I actually started crying tears of terror as soon as I saw the face. I slowly scrolled down covering his face with my hand and then took my hand away and it felt like my fucking heart stopped. I only looked at it for like 0.25 seconds (I definitely don’t want to see it again) so I’m not really sure but he just seemed… inhuman? I’ve never seen him before in my life, dreams or anything but I’ve never felt more terrified in my entire life. This is pretty much the only thing on this site that has actually shaken me up, will definitely start reading more “Based on a true story” posts now!

        2. Nevermind, major overreaction. Looked at him again 12 hours later (when I wasn’t all sleep deprived and sitting in a dark room on my own) and he actually wasn’t that creepy at all, he just looked like a russian bar pervert. Anyway, I’m still enjoying the True Stories section!

  51. Funny, I actually just dreamed about him about a month ago. I was in a hospital (I guess as a detective?) because there were reports of a man dying in the hospital, and then, as a ghost, possessing his own body. He walked around the hospital at night, making baby sounds because he could not make real words. He looked like This Man. He attacked me, and I shot him in the head twice, and he then possessed me, which made my entire body itch. I was making these circles out of wax and salt, trying to get This Man’s words out of my head: “GO! GO! GO! JUST GO!”

  52. I know him…. I don’t know how but I know that face, and it nearly brought me to tears looking at it. I think I’ve dreamed about him, but I’m not sure when. He’s so familiar…

      1. YES. I swear to God, when I saw that I was just like Q.Q It’s my favorite song :3 So now I’m going to be singing that all day… <3 You made my day :D

        1. well after seeing your username, I know what song I’m going to have stuck in my head all day -.-

    1. Gfhdjfkdhk; never seen slingblade before, but I googled “Carl from slingblade.” the man I saw in my dreams looked more like him than this man, really. Kinda odd. But thanks. :3

  53. Pretty sure I’ve seen that guy in a dream before. His forehead definitely wasn’t that small though, his eyebrows weren’t as attached, but the lips are about right. That’s pretty awkward, actually.

    1. I’ve seen him b4 idk when or where but he really does look like Sicilian from the Princess Bride but I feel so confused… Is that normal?

  54. I’m just glad that after reading these comments, none of them had said “Ermahgerd! I like totally saw him in my dreams!”

    I kinda expected that’s how each comment would look.

    Read the comments section for any Japanese urban legend on and you will instantly lose your faith in humanity. Take any obviously fake story and EVERYONE will be crapping themselves believing it…

  55. Pretty unprofessional of the psychiatrist to leave a patient’s drawing out on his desk. Also this guy looks like Micheal J. Anderson.

  56. Hmm he looks vaguely familiar, but can’t place him. Oyea he said “wuzup bra cal meh Bob.” and I was like “oki dawg!”

  57. Im so glad a new tag is going to be here for true tales. I submitted alot of pastas about BEKs because i find them interesting… i think they are real evil. I think we will have fun w/ the new tag. ^o^ This is also a very creepy story. 0.0

    1. Stephan D. Harris

      That’s the way this hoax works. It started as a bunch of made up crap, but then once people read the story and the saw the face, they actually start to dream of him. Kind of brilliant actually.

    1. Fucking… AGH.
      Don’t read this at night.
      Screen on full brightness.
      Room in total darkness.
      Live alone (except for a cat).
      You can only imagine how fucking terrified I was to scroll across that photo. I dun wanna dream about This Man. ;-; it’s probably inevitable now…
      Good thing I have a stash of 5 hour energies!

  58. I’ve heard of this before. Apparently This Man isn’t really defined as a nice person, or indeed an evil one. Apparently he can lead people out of nightmares, or sometimes he takes on a more evil character, and murders the sleeper in their dream.

    1. That kinda goes along with what my mother says. I told her, “Hey mom, doesn’t this guy look oddly familiar?” She replies, “No.” I say, “Oh. Well I think he does, even though I don’t think I’ve seen him anywhere…” to which she replies, “That’s cause he looks like a pedophile.”

      1. I think he is the Grim Reaper, more or less. I feel he leads people on certain dream paths so when they wake up, they can either turn their life around or keep doing what they’re doing. I think he warns people in their dreams, showing what their future holds.

    2. I know him as “the soldier.” I’ve had a recurring nightmare since I was 5 and he’s not the one who kills me, but he helps the person who does. This actually really freaked me out.

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