The Quiet One

It's safer to be afraid of the light

It’s Safer To Be Afraid Of The Light

Richard removed the lightswitch to the basement stairwell. It wasn’t that he simply disabled it, no. He removed the entire thing. Plastic covering, screws, the switch box—all of it. Though, he had shut off the power to the basement for good measure, too. Every once in a while when a […]

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The town that could not point

The Town That Could Not Point

Everyone on the train was normal. Of course, Stuart didn’t care to notice that they were normal. When something is normal, the brain doesn’t pay it any mind. Why would it? It’s a waste of energy to notice the mundane. If it’s normal, it’s not a threat. It doesn’t need

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A message for all of us

A Message For All Of Us

Samantha again looked at the clock across the room from her desk. Five minutes until five. She figured that she’d get an early start on packing up for the day now and began collecting her things. Phone back in her purse, computer monitor logged out. The usual.“Bye Samantha, have a

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Tim hadn’t been to the town he was born in in years. His parents moved away from the small town in the Midwest when Tim was very young, after his father got a job offer at a major law firm in Chicago. Tim was sure proud of that man. He

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Faces in the pumpkins

Faces in the Pumpkins

“She was right again.” Old Farmer Bill threw one more load of hay in the trailer.“I thought I’d be able to finish it today. Agnes knew what she was talking about when she said I was overdoing myself. Almost fifty years of marriage and she’s been right every single time.”

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