Lavender Town as seen in Red and Green The Lavender Town Syndrome (also known as "Lavender Town Tone" or "Lavender Town Suicides") was a peak in suicides and illness of children between the ages of 7-12 shortly after the release of Pokémon Red and Green in Japan,...

From: ------ @ ------ .com Re: entries/information requested re: compiling psychological profile Written below are the journal entries of Christopher Young, brother of Daryl Young, found saved as individual files on his personal computer, with file names Prologue.doc, Ch1.doc, Ch2.doc, etc. Apart from being compiled into one document, they have not been altered in any way. --- Prologue Two weeks later, there was a sound. There was a humming. It came from that place on the carpet, the spot near the corner. His spot. Ch 1 I'm getting concerned. I guess I was a bit distracted before, but my mind is clear now. They're gone, and I am frankly growing more concerned by the minute. A chalk-white amorphous thing. A hideous, absolutely hideous thing. I saw it. I saw it on the rug, and it scared me. It looked at me, grinning with half-formed white eyes filmed over. It writhed towards me. A heat, some sort of sickening heat radiated from it, and it saw my disgust and thrived upon it. I had hoped it would live in one of the closets, but it was content to ooze about my home, leaving trails as it went. I am quite sure that if I had not put the towel under the bathroom door it would have tried to come in and join me while I bathed myself. Ch 2 Today it has appendages. I am not sure if they existed before, but now they most certainly do. It has two, with one on either side, and it crawls haphazardly along like some sort of horrid lopsided insect. It tried to follow me out through the door, but I kicked it and it did not try any longer. It thumps around as I try to sleep, dragging its body everywhere and leaving residue all over the house. I took my cat to Daryl's. The thing didn't follow me. I'm glad. It may get me, but it will not get my cat. Ch 3 It now has four appendages and is beginning to form a skull-like dome under its pulsing skin. It has a mouth, a crooked little mouth, and I am afraid it will begin to make sounds at me. Three of the appendages are longer than the fourth, so it mostly wobbles around in crooked little circles. It is getting bigger, and it never stops changing. I was hoping it would stay and become some sort of indiscernible monster, but now I am sure that it is becoming a person, or at the very least something similar. I would like to kill it. I wonder if I could. Ch 4 The appendages are even now. It's disgusting, with abhorrent little limbs forming perfectly. They're currently flippers and nubs, cartilage and bright blue veins under translucent white skin. It sits and stares at me as the cat did, but instead of curiosity it looks on with a hunger and a disquieting energy. Just as the cat's did, however, its eyes reflect the slightest light in the darkness. They're omnipresent and wide and green and yellow as I try to sleep. The eyes are not (yet?) the same size, which only serves to make the thing more unnerving. Ch 5 It sits at the top of the stairs, waiting for me, smiling down at me with crooked reflective eyes and a small mouth full of small black teeth. My bedroom is upstairs. I am afraid to go up. It also has hands and feet now; the nubs gave way to small, slender fingers and toes. It is beginning to walk and climb about, and there are small white hand prints smudged on all of the doorknobs. I think at this point towels will do me no good. Ch 6 It can open doors. I'm sure of it now. It's androgynous in anatomy, but for him I think it male. It still smiles at me and stares, but says nothing. A small mercy.

I. Well, I've finished my education and learned everything there is to learn about singing, and despite the difficulties, I've found myself at the heart of Music City and struggling to get my material out there. I haven't been able to meet with any labels and I'm barely surviving on gig money. I have an audition at a new place that's opening down by Broadway Street. It's a Vegas style night club, very yuppie. I can sing, but I also have to dance with the other girls. My first song will be "Moulin Rouge." They were impressed with my audition, and they may pay me for some choreography ideas. Maybe I can get some hours there. Regardless, times are hard for everyone right now. Any day that people hear me sing is a good day. My voice is lucky, and I'm so excited for the future that I simply had to start writing my feelings down in something other than song form. II. I learned to bartend and made some good tips this evening. I also sang with the band, and even though everyone there was drunk, I think they really liked me. The more I sing, the more I feel like I was put here on this earth to make people happy with the sound of my voice. I'm not trying to be conceited. I am forged through the sweat of my brow to make beautiful sound. I also make a pretty good vodka martini. III. My boss, Bobby, thinks he's Brett Michaels. He keeps going on and on about how he's going to make me a star and how much money Alleycats is going to make with me singing at the helm. People applauded after the girls worked through my dance today. I told Bobby that he should tie cat collars with rhinestones around our necks and buy us hair extensions to attract more clientele. He went for it. I'm excited. I've never been able to afford hair extensions before. The last song I sang before I went home this evening was amazing. I saw a table of drunks in the front row who appeared as if they were crying. That's the best feedback I could possibly ask for. IV. Some of my teachers came by today because it was my day off. They're quiet, mostly, but they expect what I promised them four years ago. I always thought I'd be able to get my education and disappear without going through with it, but they've found me. They want results, and I only have a month. Even though they paid my way and coddled me through learning the art of vocal performance, I don't think a piece of paper on the wall is worth this. It doesn't matter. I can't back out now, and I'm destined for the big time. V. Bobby is interested in more than helping me promote my career. I was flirting with a local blues singer in the lounge tonight after singing, and he flipped his shit. Said that I couldn't afford to have a boyfriend in this business and the only person I'd be hooking up with was him if I wanted to keep my job. I noticed that The Better Business Bureau is right across the street when I left today. I'll keep that in mind if he gets out of hand. VI. More teachers came to see me, except they came to the bar itself. I would have been ashamed, except they didn't talk to anyone, so no one knew that they were there for me. They wore the black robes in a night club in the middle of the city, so they obviously care little for outward appearances. They focused on me so intently when I was singing that I got scared. I did well, but they're giving me the message, loud and clear. I have to fulfill my part of the bargain or I'll lose my voice. If I lose my voice, I have no future. I'm scared.

Necronymous Forum Private Message Subject: Okay... Sent: Thu Jan 08, 6:36 pm From: Seraphine-Savior To: Centurion616 This is kind of random, but I notice your posts constantly mention this 'Thorvaldr' character. You always say it's watching something or waiting for something, but no one else has any idea who or what it is. I'm just curious... Who is Thorvaldr? :O Subject: Re: Okay... Sent: Fri Jan 09, 2:17 am From: Centurion616 To: Seraphine-Savior Thorvaldr? I'm almost glad you asked. He's just kind of there. A sort of presence, if you will. I can't really explain it properly without it sounding completely odd. By the way... he sees you. Subject: Re: Okay... Sent: Fri Jan 09, 12:01 pm From: Seraphine-Savior To: Centurion616 Uh... could you explain that a bit better? Sorry, I don't understand. I mean, is he a person, a ghost, a pet, or what? D: Subject:Re: Okay... Sent: Fri Jan 09, 5:20 pm From: Centurion616 To: Seraphine-Savior Thorvaldr is a warrior king. He is waiting for the moon to rise as of now... Subject: Re: Okay... Sent: Sat Jan 10, 4:14 pm From: Seraphine-Savior To: Centurion616 9_9 I'm sorry, that just raises more questions than it answers. Don't bother wasting my time by replying if you aren't going to say anything useful. I know I'm probably coming off a little bit harsh, but it doesn't seem like you're taking this seriously at all. I'd try to help you on the forum, seeing as everyone thinks you're a complete weirdo and I want to see if there's anything that could be explained to them so maybe you'll have an easier time. Subject: Re: Okay... Sent: Sun Jan 11, 8:43 pm From: Centurion616 To: Seraphine-Savior I almost considered just deleting that reply there and carrying on the way I have been, but I've a feeling you're not going to give up either way. If it's that important to you, I'll explain everything. To the best of my knowledge, Thorvaldr is something of an entity, and like I said before, he's just there. He doesn't even have a body, but somehow I'm able to know his every move and that he wants me to tell others about it. It's an impulse. If I don't tell everyone about Thorvaldr, he gets angry... He starts clouding my vision and everything gets dark and blurry, then I can't sleep at all because I'm just lying there shaking. I can almost hear his voice kind of, but he's not saying anything in particular, only these syllables and non-words that come out of nowhere right when I think everything's quiet. He's there, and he's always there. I can't get rid of him. I don't want to go to a shrink, because last time I did they just gave me these pills that only made everything worse. I started seeing Thorvaldr in my own reflection. Even though it was very vague and hard to make out, I could tell it was definitely him. I can't fight it. Can't fight a warrior king, especially when he's taken over my mind like this. I'm trying to remember what happened, but somehow my memory's been shot. Maybe Thorvaldr did it. I vaguely recall something about getting lost somewhere when I was in Norway, but that's it. I'd tell you more, but I fear he's trying to choke me as I type this... Subject: Re: Okay... Sent: Tues Jan 13, 11:00 am From: Seraphine-Savior To: Centurion616 Wow... that's really weird... Anyway, the reason why it kind of took me an extra day to reply is because when I read that message, I had pretty much no idea what to say. That is really really weird. Maybe he's just mad cause he doesn't have a body? lol Subject: Re: Okay... Sent: Tues Jan 13, 1:10 pm From: Centurion616 To: Seraphine-Savior Thorvaldr thinks that's a great idea. Thank you. Subject: Re: Okay... Sent: Tues Jan 13, 7:19 pm From: Seraphine-Savior To: Centurion616 What?